CSI: Heavy Rain

Prologue of my new crossover story combining CSI with Heavy Rain, short but important, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI or Heavy Rain or any of their characters.


0.067 inches of rainfall

Vegas was at the beginning of a rainstorm, the rain began to fall; heavily and people sought to find shelter from the constant downpour. Within one car however, one man was not in a hurry. The man was aged around forty-five with short grey hair and hazel eyes. He was slightly overweight and was dressed in a pair of black pants, a white shirt, red and black striped tie, brown overcoat and smart black shoes. The man's name was Scott Shelby although he rarely used the name now, since his secret had been discovered. He was in fact a serial killer known as the Origami Killer, well known for kidnapping his victims, children aged between nine and thirteen who he held captive in wells that filled up with rainwater, drowning the victim after the well filled up. After death he would dump the body where it would be found, an orchid on their chest and an Origami figure in the right hand. As he drove he looked up at the rain and smiled, he had been in Vegas for almost a month, within that time he had already chosen his next victim and was waiting for the right weather.

Looks like it's time…Good,' He thought to himself, 'Of course, this is going to be different from the others, can't give the game away too soon.'

The differences in Scott's plan were in fact changes to his MO, his victims were usually boys and he challenged the Father to go through five devastating trials to rescue their son, however this time, mainly to throw any investigators off the scent, or write it up as a poor copycat, he intended to change the gender of his victim and abduct a girl and challenge the Mother.

'What was the name of the Family again?' He pondered, remembering his intended victim, 'Oh yeah, that's right, Grissom. The girl's name is Holly, her Mother, Sara.'

He continued to drive, ready to put his plan into action, the sooner he acted the longer the Mother would have to save her daughter, he wanted her to have a sporting chance after all.

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