CSI: Heavy Rain

Epilogue of my CSI/Heavy Rain story, enjoy.


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Now onto the story.

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Sara sighed as she sat next to her daughter's hospital bed; Sara's injuries had received proper treatment so she was as well as she could be now. Due to what had happened Holly was lying back in bed, covered up to her chin in thick blankets to prevent hypothermia. Grissom sat on the other side of the bed, the three of them were smiling, relieved at being reunited. Finally Catherine, Nick, Ed, Lindsey, Sam, Tonya, Sharon and Susan arrived. The other kids were frantic and when they saw Holly they immediately rushed to her side.

"Hey guys, relax. I'm okay," Holly reassured them with a smile.

As the group all gathered around Holly's bed they were all smiling, talking happily, glad to have escaped the crisis they had just endured, relieved that things were finally back to normal.

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