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A package had arrived at Akihiko's doorstep one morning.

The silver-haired author had his curiosity piqued. After all, it wasn't every day that a cardboard box almost the same size as him had managed to make its way on his doorstep. Though he was a famous author, his fan mail went to Marukawa's address, and Aikawa had made it her mission to drop off all of it once every few weeks (sans the holidays, where the flux of chocolates and flowers soared). He also rarely kept in contact with his family, and, well, he hadn't really been expecting anything from his father or his brother.

Reaching down, he managed to drag the item into his spacious flat. Within a few moments, there was the shuffling of plastic, and the opening of a cardboard box. Bubble wrap was pushed aside to reveal one single item packaged in the center.

The item was curled up in the center, with its arms bent protectively over its head. Smooth, pale skin covered the body. From its curled toes, to the shallow dip of the waist that revealed a lithe, tight torso, to its flawless face with moistened pink lips, it was naked in its entirety. A mop of dark chestnut hair covered the head.

For a few moments, Akihiko stood there, stunned.

He knew not what to make of the contents in the package that was freshly delivered this morning. His eyebrows furrowed, confused, when he spotted a piece of paper near the edge of the box.

He picked it up, and scanned the contents.


I met with one of my colleagues the other day, and I was talking about your newest series, you know, how you wanted to take the science fiction route. He told me that he actually had something that I might be interested in! And guess what, because Jin (my colleague) is a researcher of robotics, he gets to handle on the newest prototypes! He agreed to let me borrow one for a thirty-day trial. I thought it would be great inspiration for your book.

And hopefully push you to meet your deadlines! Sensei, hurry up!


Akihiko could only chuckle, smiling dryly at his editor's enthusiasm. He turned back to the package, specifically, at the "thing" that was inside of it. Crouching, the author stared, still somewhat mystified.

Well, for one thing, it didn't look like a robot. In fact, if he hadn't read Aikawa's letter, he would have been positive that the rising and falling of that chest belonged to a human. Another thing was though, he wasn't exactly sure whether it was a boy or a girl, as its facial features were very pretty to look at. However, from where he was, it seemed that it indeed was male…

Upon closer inspection, Akihiko confirmed his suspicions. He blinked, his purple eyes still roving the boy's body, when all of a sudden, the body stirred, eyelashes fluttered, and after a quiet exhale, the boy's eyes opened.

Akihiko could only stare at the unusual shade of the boy's eyes. They were a startling, vivid green.

For a few seconds, the two stared at one another. After a prolonged moment, the author cleared his throat. But right as he opened his mouth, the boy spoke.

"Hello. I am Misaki Takahashi. Are you my new owner?"

It took a while for Akihiko to respond, for he was still staring at those delicate pink lips at which the boy used to speak, and still marveling at his innocent voice, which sounded so sweetly in his ears. He grimaced a little at the wording, but eventually said, "I suppose you could say that."

Akihiko looked away uncomfortably, as those green eyes continued to stare at him earnestly. "Um… I have some clean clothes upstairs. Hold on." The silver-haired man ambled towards the staircase.

As soon as he reached the top of the staircase, Akihiko opened his cell phone. He never knew the day would come when it was him who would be the first to call his editor. It was always the other way around, with him having to dodge the annoying phone calls from his editor and him having to unplug those torturous devices as he failed to meet another deadline. Yet here he was.

Sighing, he waited patiently at the dial tone. Suddenly, the familiar, chirpy tone (Aikawa had two tones: one was the cheerful, friendly, tone she used for during the beginning of the draft; the second was the furious, agonized, frustrated tone she used near the end. Now was only the beginning of the cycle though). "Hello?"

"Aikawa, what are you doing?" The author said. Though the tone was bored, there was a certain tone of annoyance, as well as an understated layer of perplexity.

The editor immediately understood. "Ah, Sensei! You have to take care of him. The Senpai that I met told me that Misaki, despite being a robot, functions like any regular human! So remember to feed him three times a day, and let him use the bathroom as well. Wait, you did get him already, right?"

The author pinched his nose with his thumb and forefinger. "Aikawa," he said bluntly, "When have I ever asked for a robot? How will he help? It will just be a distraction, a nuisance, one more mouth to feed…"

"Ah, but that's the point, Sensei! In your newest novel, the protagonist finds a robot girl, and takes her in, right? The conditions are essentially the same! You'll feel the emotions, you'll get your muse! Huh? Oh, Chiemi, just place those folders away. Anyways, Sensei, I have to go now. Good luck with Misaki!"

There was the sound of loud voices in the background. Akihiko could hear the words "deadline" and "couldn't make it". Then, the phone was dead.

Akihiko sighed, before continuing to his bedroom and opening his closet. Despite his haggard appearance, the bedroom was surprisingly clean. There were also an enormous number of stuffed animals lying around everywhere. In fact, if one counted, there were exactly thirty-two bears in the room.

Akihiko opened the closet and frowned. With the boy's small frame, even his smallest clothes wouldn't be able to fit him (Besides, they were almost all tuxedos and suits; even in the house the author wore formal clothes). Plus, there was the question of undergarments…

The author felt the sudden urge to bang his head against the hall. He glanced towards the hallway when he heard doorbell rang. Eyes furrowing, he began to walk down the stairs.

Then he heard a gargled scream. Eyes widening, Akihiko sprinted downstairs, to find a most unusual sight.

Before him were two men, one naked, and one fully clothed. The mailman was staring at the naked boy in front of him, then alarmingly staring down there, then staring back up at the boy's face. Misaki, however, only looked concerned. "Are you alright?" he asked, looking confused.

In long strides, the author quickly stepped in front of the naked boy, accepting the package from the stumbling mailman. "Here you go," Akihiko said coolly, giving his signature with a flourish before closing the door.

Akihiko turned to the boy. "Next time, don't open the door unless you're fully clothed," he spoke. The boy had a faint blush on his cheeks, and nodded. Then, the boy motioned towards the box.

Akihiko looked down, skimming through the sticker that was attached to the side. "Ah, clothes," the author spoke, unwrapping the second box. Indeed, as he had opened the box, he found layers of shirts and pants, and even underwear folded neatly inside a cardboard box. He picked up a random pair of clothes and thrust it into the naked boy's hand. "Here, put these on. The shower is upstairs, the second door on the left."

Emerald eyes blinked twice. "Shower?" the boy repeated.

Akihiko nodded. "Once you're finished, put your old clothes in the room next to it. I will be in the study if you need anything." The silver haired man stood up, staring down at the cardboard mess he had made in the living room. Shaking his head, the author made a note to clean it up later.

In long strides, the author had walked up the stairs and disappeared into his office, his amethyst eyes betraying the smallest hint of emotion. Once inside, he had sat down on his chair, his hands clasped together on his desk. He closed his eyes for a moment.

Although Aikawa had had some crazy ideas before, this was absolutely insane. To bring in a human robot…a male human robot, at that…to his precious sanctuary in which previously he had only inhabited was completely absurd.

He was some one who loved solitude, after all. He hated social gatherings of all sorts, and openly ditched his own award parties. He disliked travelling to the actual publishing agency itself, where people always seemed to be arguing over something. Instead, he preferred being alone. Then again, this boy was a machine. Just like a toaster or a dishwasher, Akihiko rationed. Except that the boy looked uncannily human, and incredibly attractive…unconsciously, Akihiko licked his lips, remembering that ravishing body he had uncovered. The boy, with pale flawless skin, looked utterly delectable.

Akihiko's rational perspective had kicked back once more. No, he had to think of what to do with this boy. He frowned, a crease appearing on his forehead. Was he going to keep him? Akihiko paused for a moment. After a moment of careful deliberation, he had reached his conclusion.

The silver-haired author sighed, rubbing his fingers. It was really going to be a long day. He got up from his desk and wandered down to his kitchen, fixing himself up a nice cup of black coffee. He pondered.

Originally, Akihiko's flat was incredibly spacious, with many rooms both upstairs and downstairs. However, over the years the author had filled his room with toys and knick-knacks, objects redolent of his childhood. Thus, every room in his suite, save for his office and his bedroom, was virtually inhabitable.

Akihiko sighed. No, this was no good. He walked upstairs once more, sipping his coffee as he went.

He supposed he could put away some of his stuff and clear a room for the boy. Speaking of which, Akihiko glanced worriedly at the bathroom door. The boy had been gone for quite a while now, without a single peep.

Cautiously, Akihiko neared the door, pausing as he stood outside. Oddly enough, the room appeared to be strangely silent. Reaching forward, he gave the door a brief rap.

There was a brief silence, and then the boy's clear voice was heard, albeit somewhat muffled. "Come in!"

Akihiko turned open the door.

And was completely unprepared for the sight that greeted him.

So yep, there you go! My first Junjou Romantica fan fiction. The secret is out of the box (you see what I did there...har har), Misaki is a robot that is owned by Usagi.

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