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It was night in Konoha. Darkness had descended upon the large village, and bathed it in the pale illumination of the moon. Posts lit up the streets. Not a single home had a light on save for two exceptions.

One was the Hokage building. Where the current Hokage dwelt signing forms and documents only she had the authority to make official. The other however held one Naruto Uzumaki, why were his lights on? Why was he not in bed asleep at this late hour? It was for two reasons.

The first was, of course, one of Konoha's most powerful ninja, Jiraiya the Toad Sennin, had decided to take him as his latest apprentice and teach him everything he knew. Soon they would be leaving for a two year trip outside the village. Naruto smiled as the memory of being told that he was being trained by the Sennin.

(Flashback Start)

"Really y-you still want to train me Ero-sennin? E-even after what I said about Sasuke?" Said Naruto, sitting up straight on the hospital bed as the man frowned at such ignorant disrespect towards him.

"That's right kid. I'll train you, but of course, it's going to come with a small sacrifice."

"What? I'll do anything!" The blond almost shouted knowing the only way he would get Sasuke back from Orochimaru was to become even more powerful than what he was now.

The perverted man had a serious look in his eyes. He knew the boys dream full well so the request may be difficult for him, but it was the only way he would be able to train him full time. So he could reach his full potential before the Akatsuki got him. "Naruto, as you may know I come in and out of Konoha so I can give information to Tsunade about anything I deem a potential risk to the village, and I can't do that if I have to stay here and train you so…"

"…you want me to go with you… and leave Konoha." Said the blond interrupting the man before he could continue. Jiraiya looked slightly impressed that Naruto figured that out on his own. "For how long?" The Gennin asked after a moment of silence.

"Two years. Maybe we could add in a month or two," Jiraiya answered honestly, "but after that I will bring you back here. Then me and your sensei will do our best to train you till the Akatsuki make their move."

"OK, I'll do it." Naruto said with a grin. "I'll get strong enough to bring Sasuke back to the village, then take down the Akatsuki!" The white haired man smiled with the boy, and offered out his hand.

"Well then once you get out of here we can begin your training, my apprentice." It felt so odd calling him that. It was the same feeling he got when he'd trained Minato, the fourth Hokage, all those years ago.

Naruto stretched out his un-bandaged left arm, and shook the white haired man's hand happily. "Right Ero…I-I mean Jiraiya-Sensei." Seems he was already learning.

(Flashback end)

Naruto stopped working as he took a moment to enjoy the memory, but as he did, the wrench in their plans that had appeared roughly an hour later as the sensei and apprentice were making plans on all the places they were going to visit also came to his mind.

(Flashback start)

"Jiraiya are you in here?" The aforementioned man looked past the curtain beside Naruto's bed to see his busty, blond teammate walking up to them from the doorway.

He smiled and waved warmly to her. "Hey there Tsunade. I was just offering Naruto here a once in a lifetime opportunity that he quickly accepted." Explained the old pervert as he patted the boy on the shoulder.

"Yeah Ero…" The pervert glared lightly towards the blond. "…I-I mean Jiraiya-sensei is going to train me for a few years outside of the village as his apprentice." He laughed nervously while rubbing the back of his head after he quickly corrected himself.

The female Hokage sighed at how bad their timing was. She hated to see Naruto hurt in anyway, but there was nothing she could do to avoid that now. Her hands were tied. "Jiraiya, a situation has come to my attention that may be a serious threat to the village if ignored for too long." Naruto had a worried look on his face as he suspected what this could mean.

The man looked at his friend. "Tsunade…I'm sure it can wait until Naruto's free to leave here tomorrow, and besides, do you really need me to go? I'm sure someone of Kakashi's calibre would be able to take care of this problem." Jiraiya tried his best to avoid letting the boy down by offering a substitute in his place, but the busty blond shook her head regretfully.

"I'm sorry Jiraiya, but I wouldn't be able to trust anyone else to get this mission done. Unless they had your reconnaissance skills, or your connections." She sighed lightly, she was definitely going to need a drink later. "This is non-negotiable, alright?" The white haired man sighed, and nodded in acceptance. "OK then, come to my office later, and we can go over the details of the mission. Be ready to leave in the afternoon." She closed the door, and left the two alone together.

Turning his head, Jiraiya saw the blond boy with his head facing his sheets with a clearly depressed look in his eyes. The toad sage smiled and clasped the boys shoulder gently. "It's ok Naruto, these reconnaissance missions usually last about three months. Especially if it's an S rank like I suspect it is."

Naruto looked up and smiled understanding the old pervert. "It's ok, I understand. Besides it's only for a few months. I can wait that long."

"That's the spirit kid, but I would hate to leave my apprentice empty handed with nothing to do for a few months. I'll leave you the scroll of one of my most powerful and easy to use jutsu. Maybe it'll keep you entertained for a few months." The white haired man let a perverted giggle escape his lips but Naruto didn't seem to notice. In fact he looked absolutely excited.

"That's awesome! How strong is it? Is it an A-rank jutsu like the Rasengan?" His face had the widest grin the old sage had ever seen. It brought him an amused chuckle before he answered his apprentice's questions.

The man shook his head. "Nope, it's an S-rank jutsu that I created, and I'm the only one that currently knows how to use it. I have also named it a forbidden jutsu because of how dangerous it would be if it fell into the wrong hands." Naruto was wide eyed at the fact he would be learning to use such a technique. He would have jumped for joy if his injuries hadn't stopped him.

"Awesome! I can't wait!" He exclaimed happily.

"Remember Naruto," said the toad sage gaining the blond's attention, "I'm trusting you with this to use as please, but be careful with it, and above all else DON'T LET TSUNADE FIND OUT! She would kill me if she knew I possessed the knowledge to use such a jutsu." Jiraiya had the most serious look on his face Naruto had ever seen. He must be positive he would be killed if Tsunade discovered he possessed the knowledge of such a jutsu. Naruto was honoured being given such trust from the sage. Yet at the same time frightened of the Hokage's wrath if she discovered he could use it too.

Naruto's face went from excited to serious after a few moments. "Don't worry Jiraiya-sensei I promise Baa-Chan will never hear a word of it." They both shook on it, and continued going over the places they were going to go while on their training trip after the Sannin finally got back.

(Flashback end)

The next day Naruto had found the scroll containing the jutsu on his bed when he got home. He silently began to work on it, not wanting to risk anyone discovering him working on a forbidden jutsu by celebrating the moment he got the scroll. So far one week has passed since Jiraiya left, and Naruto was getting the final touches on the technique complete so it would be ready for use.

As he worked on learning this new jutsu, all kinds of possibilities flew through his mind. The first thing he imagined was free ramen from Ichiraku's forever, then using this jutsu to finally make the love of his life, Sakura Haruno, love him, maybe using it to cause self-inflicted pranks on the people of the village, or perhaps it was the solution to ending his long torment. He could use this jutsu to make everyone back off. He could even get free stuff in shops, and have everyone respect him! The wild thought then came to him that he could become Hokage with it, but he quickly squashed that thought since the whole point of his dream was to have everyone respect him for his ninja skills, still the idea of making everyone stop hating him because of the Kyuubi was certainly something he would consider.

The young blond boy, after untold hours put into learning the new jutsu launched his fist into the air. "YES! I finally did it!" He said in a very loud voice. "Now I can do whatever I want…but I still need a guinea pig to test it out on. A human being…" As if kami had listened to his request, two men broke down Naruto's door like it was nothing. Naruto smiled inwardly as he examined the two men. Large, fat, and drunk both of them held a knife, and both of them were people Naruto recalled had attacked him in the past. He could not have asked for better test dummies.

"Okay demon brat, this is the end of you. No ANBU, or demon lovers are going to save you this time." The first man said in a clear voice that surprised Naruto a bit.

"Ye-eah b-brooo, lets makes him bleeds." Said the second man with a slur in his voice which meant he clearly had more to drink than his brother.

The blond just smiled at the two men as they brandished their knives. "I don't think so you idiots! My days of being hated, and being this village's punching bag are over!" Naruto declared as he raised his hands forming them into a familiar cross. He shouted out the name of his trademark jutsu. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" White smoke enveloped the boys apartment, as it slowly thinned out and disappeared, a second Naruto appeared standing beside the original in the same position. "Now you're mine..." Said both Naruto's as they raised their hands up, and put their middle and index fingers together on each hand, their tips touching the same finger on the other hand, then have his two thumbs touch each other till his finger formed a diamond shape, and arranged it so they were aiming for a brothers head. He then said the name of his new jutsu. "Saimin no Jutsu!"

The two intruders stood unmoving for a minute. Naruto was hesitant to approach, so he gave them a test question. "You," he pointed to the less drunk brother. "What's your name?"

"Alex Zane." He simply said, Naruto noted that all anger was gone from his voice and the man acted as if he was in a casual, if boring, conversation.

"Ok good. Let's see…Why did you and your brother attack me?" He asked feeling more relaxed and calm knowing his jutsu must have worked.

"Both of our wives were ninja, but they died twelve years ago fighting the Kyuubi. Just like everyone else, we attack you because we think it is the only way to get back at the fox." Naruto scowled at the excuse. You would have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that kind of crap. Especially since Naruto knew that he had never shown any signs of the fox's power taking control of him growing up, well maybe the enhanced healing, surviving life threatening beatings as a child, and the red chakra, but besides that nothing.(He swore!)

"Bastards…Listen, if I were to tell you that I did not cause the deaths of your wives, and said I am different from the fox, would you believe me and leave me alone?" Both men nodded dumbly. "Ok then, then let me just say that I am not the Kyuubi. We are separate from each other. We are not the same person!"

"Of course Naruto-sama, we understand." The men said in unison.

"Great. Now when you go home, go to bed and act as if this evening never happened…oh, and also I want you to treat me as if you would treat a normal ninja of Konoha." Naruto ordered thinking of how many times he may have to do this before everyone in Konoha treated him normally.

"Yes Naruto-sama." They responded without enthusiasm.

"Good. Now go home you two, and leave me alone." Both men turned around, and left the apartment, but before they could leave Naruto snapped his fingers and gave one last order when it came to mind. "Oh that's right, out of the kindness of your hearts, could you fix my front door once your hangover passes tomorrow?"

"Yes Naruto-sama" Both men once again nodded like idiots, and left the small apartment complex leaving behind Naruto who was smiling wildly at his possible greatest accomplishment.

"This is amazing!" he thought loudly "Now that I know how this works, I'll have a special surprise for Sakura-chan tomorrow, and have her fulfil all my dreams." The blond turned the lights off in his apartment, and went to bed. Staying up to three in the morning, and using a jutsu he wasn't familiar with really left him wasted.

It was now two in the evening, and Naruto was walking through the busy streets. It seemed to him that every adult in sight looked at him as if he was the devil in a child's skin, but the boy had long learned the ability to ignore such treatment by brushing it off like it was dirt on his clothes.

As he walked, he smiled when he noticed his favourite pink haired girl was walking towards the Hokage's building. Quickly catching up to her, he gave her one of the goofy smiles that he was oh so infamous for. "Hey Sakura-chan, since we don't have any training today how about we get lunch together or something? My treat." He offered, however, Sakura only turned her head away from him.

"Yeah right Naruto, you will probably just bring me to Ichiraku's, or forget your wallet and make me pay for your meal. Besides, I have an appointment with Tsunade-sensei, so I can't right now." Without even looking at the blond she stormed off at a faster pace. Shooting the blond down and not even caring. Sakura then stopped suddenly, and turned around raising Naruto's hopes. "And make sure to be at the training ground tomorrow on time. I swear if you arrive later than Kakashi-sensei again, I will beat you senseless." She turned around once again heading towards her destination. Leaving behind her depressed teammate.

Naruto sighed in a defeated fashion as he watched her walk through the large red building's doors. Stuffing his hands in his pockets he turned to leave. That was until he heard a weird squeaking noise. He looked around him, it came again as he looked in the direction of a nearby corner. He calmly walked over to it, and looked over it. Behind the corner he was surprised to see a blushing girl with lavender coloured eyes. His smile returned to his face as he recognised her as a girl he went to the academy with.

"Hello Hinata-chan, how are you today?" She jumped after hearing her name called by the blond.

She looked back at him nervous and fighting back the urge to faint. "O-Oh Naruto-k-kun, i-it's good to see you. I-I'm glad to see y-you back on your feet." Despite the blush appearing on her face, she forced herself to smile at the blond boy who she secretly loved with all her heart.

Naruto couldn't explain it, but he found himself blushing after the young Hyuuga heiress's face was covered with her own. During his time in the hospital the only people that visited him were his sensei, Kakashi, Tsunade along with her assistant Shizune, Sakura whenever she was working her rounds in the hospital, and on more than one occasion Teuchi Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame, who even closed down shop to visit him while he was bedridden, but no one visited him more than the indigo haired girl in front of him.

Every day she came to his assigned room with a bouquet of flowers. Every day there were different types. She even bought a vase and placed them on the drawer beside his bed. When they were near expiring Naruto trusted her with his apartment key, and she pressed them into pots for him and watered them, needless to say he was awestruck at the sight that awaited him on his balcony when her returned home. There were roses, lilacs, daffodils, lily's and many, many more potted and arranged beautifully.

Even when he was in the hospital her presence made it all comfortable. She told him stories of missions with her team. While he told her of how his match with Neji went since she had missed some of it, and how the chase to bring back Sasuke went in wonderful detail that left her blushing and begging the nurses to let her stay longer. When she finally was allowed to stay, she was given a blanket, and she slept on the chair next to Naruto's bed. The content look on her face was something that made the blond blush several shades of red remembering, and he never even knew the reason for it.

"So…are you doing OK? I haven't seen you since I was in the hospital." He asked inching closer to her, not noticing her blush growing with every inch he closed between them.

"O-Oh yeah, I'm doing alright. I've mostly b-been training with my f-family and my team. I-I've been pretty b-busy l-lately to be honest." Her nervous stutter was so obvious now that Hinata felt like she wanted to bury her head in her hands, and run off.

Naruto smiled at the indigo haired girl as he watched the blush on her face intensify. He wished she would stop it. He had to admit it was pretty cute, but if she was going to be a serious ninja she needed to stop the blushing, stuttering, acting so shy, and not be afraid of what people thought of her. If she just put her thoughts and opinions out there she would be an amazing ninja, but unfortunately there was nothing he could do for her…then he almost smacked himself when the obvious solution struck him.

"Um…Hinata-chan. I was just wondering if you doing anything right now?" he asked.

Her blush increased a bit more. That almost sounded like a line when you're asking someone out on a date. "N-No I-I'm free t-today N-Naruto-kun." She seriously had a hard time keeping a straight sentence right now, she was overwhelmed.

"Well would you like to…go training, or something? I'm not really doing anything myself." He rubbed his head nervously, for some reason he was getting embarrassed about being alone with the lavender eyed girl.

"Um…s-sure, H-How about my t-team's training ground? N-no one should be around right now s-since we have the day off." She answered with her usual stutter.

"Perfect, let's go." Not even thinking, Naruto grabbed the shy girl's hand, and led her to their destination, knowing exactly where to go. He glanced at her a few times. He expected her to be quiet, but instead she was giggling at the boy's antics, and held onto his hand like it was a lifeline.

Smiling at the boy as they ran, Hinata wasn't surprised to see people looking at the blond she loved so much with hate in their eyes. She had seen this many times herself when she was younger, for some reason everyone would glare at the boy like he was a plague they wanted to be rid of. She never told anyone this, but she was disgusted by that behaviour. Sure, he pulled pranks on people in his search for attention, but no one, to her knowledge anyway, ever got hurt from it. Naruto was the kindest and sweetest boy she had ever met. It didn't seem right for him to be treated this way. Amazingly he wasn't hateful in any way. She wished by some miracle she could be just like him, and shrug off her responsibility's as the Hyuuga heiress like he does with the adults hating his guts, but she couldn't do that. She wished by some miracle she could, but she was too self-conscious to be just like the blond boy.

Stopping in the middle of the training field Naruto smiled at the girl. "Ohhh that's right Hinata-Chan, I forgot to tell you. I learned a new jutsu, but I haven't really tested it yet. Could you maybe help me out pleeessse?" He nearly begged, pretending to have no experience with his new technique.

"Um…s-sure Naruto kun, w-what do you want me t-to do?" The boy's smile spread from ear to ear as he looked for a good place to use and sure enough, he found a good spot in front of a nearby tree. He walked over till he was in front of it, and motioned for Hinata to come to him. Nodding she walked over, and stopped in front of him.

"Ok Hinata-chan, now I'm very secretive about this jutsu, and I will only let you see it. So could you use your Byakugan to make sure no one's around?" Said the blond who really didn't want anyone to know about the jutsu, and so took precautions to keep the secret safe.

Nodding slowly at the request she activated her bloodline. "Byakugan!" She searched, and was happy to see no one was in sight to see the secretive jutsu. Hinata turned her jutsu off, and gave him the good news. "W-Were clear Naruto-kun, n-no one's around." She smiled happily, maybe she could use the opportunity alone to tell him how she felt about him. She shook her head at the thought. Once again it would take a miracle for her to overcome her shyness, and do something so bold, daring, and embarrassing.

Smiling even more now, Naruto moved his hands, and fingers then put them in the right positions. Then he called the technique as he aimed for the unsuspecting girls head. "Saimin no Jutsu!" Hinata began to feel odd. Her arms fell to her sides, and she looked into Naruto's eyes without breaking contact. Her body began to relax. Her heart that was racing a few moments ago, calmed down, and her face returned to its usual pale self as her blush slowly vanished. Naruto was surprised when he caught himself blushing again. He had never seen the girl without her trademark blush, and to his surprise he thought something a moment ago he thought he would never say about her. "Wow, she's even cuter than Sakura-chan."

Like the two guys from last night, Hinata gave her favourite blond a vacant stare. She didn't move an inch. She just waited for her orders.

"Hinata-chan can you hear me?" She nodded. "Do you feel OK?" She nodded a second time. "Do you know what the jutsu I just used is?" This time she answered after she shook her head slowly.

"No Naruto-sama." She said clearly with no emotion. Naruto blushed at being called by the 'sama' honorific by a girl, but quickly shook his head and got back to business.

"You see Hinata-chan this jutsu is a new one I just recently learned called the Saimin no Jutsu. Any command I give you while you're in this hypnotized state you will obey without question." She nodded dumbly just as the men from last night indicating she was now fully under his command. He coughed and gave his orders. "Good. Now I have noticed that your shyness would be a real problem if you were on a mission. So for your first order, don't be shy or stutter so much like you always do, and also don't blush unless it's a really extreme case, or something you're really, seriously, embarrassed about." She nodded at the command.

"Yes Naruto-sama. I will not act as shy as I normally do, and not stutter as much as I normally do. I will also not blush unless it's an extreme case." she said obediently making Naruto smile.

The blond went over what else he could do to improve Hinata's performance. He knew from Kiba that she trained very seriously so he couldn't do that. Then he remembered the Hyuuga heiress was never confidant in her ability's, always undermining herself, and thinking she couldn't do anything right. She had even told him once when she visited him. It was best to get rid of such negative emotions. Since she was now under the hypnosis jutsu it was possible. "Okay Hinata-chan, here are your next orders. From this day forward you will always be confidant in your ability's, not in an arrogant way, in thinking you can do anything, but in a way that will allow you to always fight at your best without underestimating your own abilities. Also I want you to be confidant about anything you put your mind to, never hesitate, just do what you want to do. Be the person you want to be without fear of what others will think." She nodded at the orders which, once again, brought a smile to his face. "Okay then, when I snap my fingers you will be free from the control of the jutsu, but you will obey every order to the letter, and you won't remember me using this jutsu on you." He snapped his fingers, not waiting for her response and looked on for a reaction.

Hinata kept her head down. She seemed to be alright, but she wasn't moving. That certainly wasn't a good sign to Naruto. He leaned in closer to see if anything was wrong. Once he did however, her head quickly shot up making him move his own back. He took the opportunity to look deeply into her pale lavender eyes. Many things were different about her at that moment. Most noticeable was that unlike the rare times Naruto got to look at her eyes she didn't turn away quickly, they were hardened, unmoving, and half lidded, as opposed to their usual shakiness. She also showed no signs of turning away. The second thing Naruto noticed was the lack of a blush forming on her face, as usually did whenever she looked at the blond, now he could see her face clearly without it. He blushed just as he had when she was hypnotized. Finally, there was a big smile on her face where normally a nervous expression adorned her face. All these things together sent an odd tingle down his spine, and for reasons he didn't understand his heart rate increased slightly.

She swayed towards him slowly which made him back away with a light blush still on his face. "Naruto-kun…come here please." She said without a stutter with her always gentle voice, but the blond merely shook his head

"Ummm…N-no that's o-oka…" Before he could finish, Hinata was in front of him. Thanks to her unrestrained speed Naruto barely sensed her movement, her smiling face but an inch from his. He quickly jumped back across the open field away from her, his heart throbbing like crazy. He was about to speak up again till he saw her strutting towards him as if nothing happened. He backed away once again till he hit a tree. He wished he could just run away but his legs quivered and refused to move an inch. Naruto never in his life, had felt this way before, it certainly wasn't fear. It was something more alien than that.

After a moment, she reached him and placed her left hand to his forearm, and had it travel up to his abs, and gave them a gentle squeeze. Hinata released a light moan which confused the heavily breathing blond. She then moved her hand upward till it reached his cheek, and gently caressed it. She leaned in closer, as her right hand did the same. "Don't worry Naruto-kun, I promise you won't be disappointed." She leaned in closer till their lips met in what would be the Hyuuga heiress's first kiss. Naruto, not able to register what was happening, did nothing, but Hinata however entered her tongue into the blond's mouth, and deepened the kiss to a passionate level. After a few moments every muscle in Naruto's body calmed down as she broke the kiss to whisper gentle words in his ear. Words she had wanted to say for the longest time "I love you, Naruto-kun."

He was stunned to hear those words leave her mouth, his only response was the unthinkable…he fainted.

Seeing the boy flat on his back, Hinata's giggled lightly at their reversed positions. Finally calming down she lifted the blond up, and activated her Byakugan. She quickly carried him out of the training field and through Konoha without being seen by anyone till she successfully reached her destination…the blond's apartment.

Finding his keys in his pocket, she opened his now fixed door, and quickly led him to the bed. Not even taking in her surrounding's, she removed his jacket, and lay him on the bed. Sitting on his bed next to him, Hinata watched him sleep, and stroked his whiskered cheek. "Oh Naruto-kun, you're so handsome right now. I hope you will wake up soon so I can show you how much I love you, and how much you mean to me."

As if hearing her, Naruto stirred in his sleep with a smile on his face. "Hinata-chan, I-I had no idea." She smiled back at his sleeping body, then grinned wildly. A grin that could almost match the whisker cheeked boys. Reaching for the zipper of her cream coloured jacket, she pulled it down, and threw it on top of the orange and blue one, then lay on the bed beside the blond on her side. Her right arm wrapped around his neck, and boldly enough, her right leg over his thigh. Hinata then rested her head on his chest all while wearing that bright grin.

"How many times have I dreamt of doing this?" She thought to herself. "I have no idea what's happened to me, but…I like it. I feel like I can act how I've always wanted to act without a care in the world, or what my father or the clan think." She smiled lightly. "I hope I can stay like this forever, but…why can't I shake the feeling this is somehow all because of Naruto-kun?" She snuggled closer with that thought in mind.


After half an hour Naruto finally awoke. He groaned and rolled to his right side. Opening his eyes, he saw the sleeping form of Hinata Hyuuga. Naruto's first reaction was to blush a bright red. Second was to silently freak out about what happened, and how he got in this situation. Then he remembered what she said…she said she loved him and she kissed him. His heart throbbed like it did before, something inside him wished to experience that kiss again, a kiss with Hinata. Gulping, he inched closer, but stopped when a smile suddenly formed on the supposedly sleeping girls face.

"Naughty boy." Opening her eyes, Hinata quickly moved on top of the blond before he could react, and restrained his arms to the sides of the bed by the wrist using her own hands, then lowered her head till they were inches away. "My precious Naruto-kun, if you are so eager to kiss me again you should have just asked me, I wouldn't have minded." She leaned in closer to him, going for another kiss which made Naruto freak out.

"W-W-Wait H-Hinata-chan, you got to stop. You're not yourself right now." She stopped her descent then pulled back till her face was in full view with the kindest of smiles.

"Oh I know there is something wrong Naruto-kun. For the first time in my life I am living the way I want to. I have finally shed that shy persona, and thrown caution to the wind. Now I can be the strong, and confidant Hinata Hyuuga I have always dreamt of being." She inched closer, once again both of them were looking into each other's eyes clearly. "And you had something to do with it. Didn't you Naruto-kun?"

He didn't look away, instead he just nodded "Y-Yeah…" He sighed. She figured that much out on her own so he may as well come clean. "I-I used a special hypnotic jutsu on you, and gave you orders. Orders like you wouldn't be so shy anymore and instead act the way you always wished to. Then I-I made you forget the jutsu, but remember your orders." Naruto blushed as he said it. He was expecting her to get angry, or slap him, something, but instead she stayed in place with a gentle smile on her face.

After a moment she leaned in closer, and finally kissed his lips again, not as passionately as she did before, but gentle and controlled. Naruto couldn't help but close his eyes and kiss her back. This time she broke the kiss slowly, making their lips part once more. "I love you Naruto-kun, I have for the longest time."

"You don't mean that." He said, turning his head away with an upset look on his face. "Something happened with the jutsu that made you think you love me." He closed his eyes, and sighed thinking, "It was created by Ero-Sannin after all." Hinata frowned at his words, and released his arms then looked away.

"Do…Do you really think that Naruto-kun?" Her eyes began to water. Naruto turned to face her to say something, but stopped as he felt his heart ache at the sight of tears rolling down her eyes. He looked away again.

"How can someone possible love me? I was lucky enough to have friends like you. People to care about me like Iruka-sensai…but love me…how can anyone possibly love someone like me?" Unconsciously, he moved his hand over his stomach to his seal, the seal that held the Kyuubi in his body. After a moment he felt Hinata's gentle hand place itself on top of his.

She smiled at him as she uttered her next words. "I know about the Kyuubi inside your body Naruto-kun." His eyes widened at hearing that.

Naruto turned back to see her smiling face. "w-what…H-How long?" He whispered, but she heard him clearly.

"Since you failed the Genin exam a few months ago. When everyone was looking for you after you stole that scroll. Many Hyuuga's searched for you, and I was told to stay inside. Once I heard who they were looking for I defied my father, and sneaked out of the Hyuuga estate. Eventually I found you working on the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. I wanted to, many times, go up to you and ask you why you had done what you did, but when I finally worked up the courage, Iruka-sensei, and Mizuki showed up. I heard everything, how you were tricked into stealing the scroll, how the Kyuubi was sealed within you…and why the adults have hurt you, and treated you like a monster for so long." Naruto didn't say anything as Hinata explained herself. He honestly could not believe what he was hearing.

"Y-You know all that, and you still…love me?" She nodded slowly, still smiling.

"Yes, I loved you long before then, for your warm, and kind personality, your handsome looks, your caring nature, your will to never give up, and so much more. One demon sealed within your body means nothing to me. It doesn't change who you are or the reasons I love you with all my heart." Naruto was taken aback by her words. He had never in his life been told this before, and to be honest, he never expected anyone to utter those words to him. Not even in his wildest dreams would he have imagined Sakura saying them to him, and yet here Hinata was saying it instead. He was left speechless.

He looked away again once he realised something. "Hinata-chan, thank you, but…I-I don't know if I can say the same…and mean it like you do…I-I don't know if I love you, or not. T-This is just all too new, too fast to me." He admitted. If he hadn't before, he certainly expected to be slapped in the face by the new confidant Hinata now. Yet no injury to his face came, instead she continued to smile on top of him.

"It's okay Naruto-kun." She said calmly, much to his surprise. "I know you don't love me and maybe you never will, but…even so, my heart and soul will always belong to you." She moved her hands to her shirt, and lifted it over her head then threw it to the ground revealing her lavender coloured bra and her large B-cup chest. The blond boy blushed madly at the sight of her. Hinata's half lidded eyes did little to help him. "With that in mind, please accept my body, and make me your woman. Even if you don't love me I will always be yours."

Naruto was taken aback again. Here Hinata was, on top of him with the only thing covering her upper body her bra, and she wished to give herself to him. She even wanted him to make her a woman, taking her virginity. Gulping, he sat up till his mouth was next to her ear. "I-I don't love you Hinata-chan, but…if you will let me, I-I would like to get to know you better. Maybe say it to you, and mean it with all my heart one day." She nodded, happy to hear him say those words. The blond boy looked away nervously with a light blush gracing his whiskered cheeks. "A-Are you sure you want this?" Hinata smiled and removed her bra, revealing her breasts to him. Which made him blush even more, with a river of blood threatening to leave his nose.

"I'm very sure Naruto-kun." She said, grabbing his right hand and bringing it to her left chest. "Grope it." She whispered. Nodding, Naruto did just that, and earned a gentle moan from the Hyuuga heiress that was easy on his ears. She smiled once she felt something poke her crotch, teasingly, she rocked on the poking object which earned a moan from the blond this time around. Grabbing his left hand, she brought it to her right ass cheek, and like before she moaned again which only served to excite the blond, and make his manhood grow, further poking the indigo haired girl. Grinning lightly, she moved her right hand along her breast, and down her stomach till it stopped on the zipper of her pants which she teasingly pulled down till it reached the bottom. "You want me Naruto-kun?"

He nodded dumbly. "Y-Yes I do." Smiling, she lowered herself onto him, and kissed his neck, and earn more delightful moans from the blond Genin, she lifted her head up till her lips were at his ear.

"Be a good lover and take my pants and panties off please." Gulping he brought his hand to the top of her pants, and placed his thumb under the clothing. Slowly pulling them down as she went back to kissing his neck. Once every layer of clothing was removed from her body, Naruto's hand went back up her leg, caressing the thigh and finally landing on her ass cheek. She grinned suddenly much to his surprise. "Good boy, now it's my turn." The Hyuuga heiress quickly reversed her position so she was looking right at his clothed lower half while he was looking directly at her already, slightly wet, womanhood.

His hot breaths reached her sensitive pussy, which made her release a series of moans that excited the blond even more. Naruto gulped once again, unsure of how to ask his next question. "Umm H-Hinata-chan…c-can I touch it?" She smiled back kindly at the boy.

"Of course Naruto-kun, you can do whatever you want to my body, but why settle for a simple touch?" She lowered her waist till her pussy was literally against his nose, flooding his nostrils with the smell of her juices. "Lick it. Use that tongue of yours." Not waiting for further invitation the blond Genin did what was asked of him licking the girl's womanhood. The tip of his tongue moved across the lips, and eventually penetrated them. Hinata could feel herself get wetter and wetter. In a bold move, she rocked her hips, which both teens seemed to be enjoying. Finally snapping out of pleasure filled daze, her eyes moved to the zipper of the blond's pants. She gleefully pulled it down with her teeth, and threw the pants to the ground after she pulled them off his lower half.

The only article of clothing that remained were his boxers, for the first time since this whole thing started, she blushed lightly as she pulled down the boxers to reveal the boy's fully erect eight inch manhood. Hinata's lavender tinted eyes were the size of dish plates. She certainly didn't expect this. Hinata was surprised to catch herself gulping and licking her lips slowly in an almost hungrily, savoury manner. The blond boy moaned lightly, feeling her hot breaths touch his throbbing length. For a moment he stopped licking her pussy and looked down at her.

"Lick it. Use that tongue of yours." He said with a grin, copying the advice she had just given him moments ago. Giggling, a bright smile formed on Hinata's lips.

"Why Naruto-kun, how daring of you." She gave the erect appendage a few strokes with her right hand, making him moan loudly before continuing. "I'm glad to see you're finally getting into this. So, I will reward you." She licked the tip of the blonds surprisingly large manhood teasingly, which made Naruto moan even louder. He quickly went back to licking her soft pussy to stop himself from moaning loudly enough for people outside his apartment to hear him. "Hmmmm, I wonder if I can fit it all inside my mouth." Hinata thought to herself while stroking and licking the large cock. Smiling, she wrapped her mouth around the tip and pushed down. She could only get five inches in her mouth. Frowning, or as well as you can with something like that in your mouth, she pushed down as hard as she could till she reached seven inches. Breathing heavily at what the indigo haired girl was doing, Naruto forcibly grabbed her bare rear with both hands and pulled her down further, more afraid than ever his loud moans would draw unnecessary attention to his apartment, but even more so because he enjoyed the way the young Hyuuga girl tasted. Hinata had to admit she felt the same once drops of pre-cum went down her throat.

Finally after some struggle, she finally swallowed the full eight inches. Because of their current position her nose was literally touching his balls, but not for long as she bobbed her head up and down his length as fast as she could. Finding it now surprisingly easier to get in, and out, the movement seemed to have the effect of Naruto licking the insides of her pussy faster and even twirling his tongue around inside her making her release muffled moans.

"O-Oh kami i-if h-he/s-she keeps doing that…I'll…'ll…" They both thought at the same time. A moment later Hinata was the first to give out. Squirming, she released her juices inside Naruto's mouth. Her eyes literally rolled to the back of her head from the pleasure the release gave her, but she was brought back down to earth when the blond's own pent up cum shot into her mouth without warning. It went down her throat. The warm essence of the ninja she loved felt so hot it was almost overwhelming. She gave the still hard cock a few gentle strokes to milking out the few remaining drops into her welcoming mouth. Naruto was more, or less the same, moving his tongue frantically for any excess cum still around her pussy.

"Hinata…chan…that was amazing." Naruto barely managed to say with wet lips thanks to Hinata. The pale girl turned around and sat up with her knees at his thighs and looked down at the blond with a smirk gracing her lips.

"Naruto-kun, may I…use your phone…please?" She panted, looking at the dusty black house phone on the nightstand beside his bed. Although confused, he nodded smiling kindly. Hinata reached over to it, and held it to her ear entering a series of numbers. Naruto chuckled to himself, this was probably the first time the thing had a use since no one had ever called him before, but it begged the question who Hinata was calling? Especially in their current state.

"Hello? Who is this?" Said a male voice from the communication device.

Hinata smiled wildly before she answered. "Hello Oto-sama its Hinata." Naruto gulped at hearing her say that. Naruto knew her father was Hiashi Hyuuga, the head of the main branch. He had also heard many rumours on the street about him, none were all that pleasant. If he were to find out what Naruto was doing to his daughter heads, more precisely Naruto's, would roll. He had also, on a more pleasant note, heard most Hyuuga's weren't biased about him because of the demon that was caged within him, but neither would they help him or risk having their good name tarnished because of a few good deeds. As far as Naruto stood Hinata, and her cousin Neji were probably the only ones he could probably stand. Naruto was taken out of his thoughts as he listened to Hinata's conversation with her father. "I just called to tell you I will not be home tonight. I will be staying at a friend's to get some extra…training done."

There was silence on the other end. There were a few things Hiashi was wondering at that moment, like why was Hinata talking without a stutter, why was she telling him this when she had never done anything like stay at a friend's house before, and it also didn't sound like she was asking for permission. Like she was going to stay there no matter what he said. Which was another oddity since she was normally so obedient. "Um…Alright Hinata, do as you wish…" She smiled, and moved her hand up, and down the blond boy's manhood, making him quickly cover his mouth before he moaned. "But remember you have your match against Hanabi tomorrow. Be sure you are there, and try to put on at least a bearable performance." She frowned at hearing that.

"Don't worry Oto-sama. I'll make you proud, but make sure you have a stretcher and some medical ninja's on standby. Because Hanabi is going to need it when I am done with her." She hung up before another word could be said.

(With Hiashi)

In his office, Hiashi slowly put the phone down with a confused expression on his normally calm and collected face. "That's was…odd." He thought to himself. He eventually smiled lightly and went back to work. "I wonder what has gotten into Hinata to inspire such a…change in her personality." He leaned back on the chair. "Maybe she is finally growing up. I guess." A smile still on his face, he went back to work.

(With Naruto and Hinata)

As Hiashi finished his thoughts, he was blissfully unaware that his normally shy daughter Hinata was riding Naruto as hard as she could the moment the connection was cut. "Oh kami! That was so hot…Naruto-kun!" She admitted, talking back to her father for the first time in her life, while naked, and on top of the blond ninja she had loved for so long, lit a bright, passionate fire in her body that would not be extinguished anytime soon.

"He'll…kill me i-if…he finds out!" Naruto panted, his hands on her hips pushing her in and out, timing it perfectly with her. Even though it was true he didn't care, at the moment he could die happy as he gave into the passion of the situation.

Hinata bent down flush against his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him passionately. Their tongues fought for dominance of the other as Naruto continued to thrust inside her pussy. She eventually broke the kiss and spoke while panting "Then…i-it will be our…D-DIRTY SECRET!…O-oh kami yes! That feels so good, go harder! Faster! NARUTO-KUN!" She moaned loudly, not caring if she was heard on the outside anymore, Naruto honestly didn't care either, and moaned as well.

Naruto held her tightly and rolled on the bed so Hinata was on the bottom. Grinning down at her, he held her arms to the bed by the wrist, mimicking what happened when he woke up on the bed before this whole thing started. "I got you now Hinata-chan." He grinned wider while attacking her neck with kisses, the result left her giggling.

"Oh Naruto-kun…have mercy…please." She giggled, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist then moaned when he trust once inside her.

Still kissing her neck, he slowly moved upwards till his lips were an inch from her ear. "Say you love me, and I will." She smiled, and whispered back into his ear.

"I love you Naruto-kun…now and forever." With a smile on his face, he released her arms. Hinata answered with a bright smile of her own. She wrapped her arms around his neck, the palm of her right hand going to the back of his head, and pulled him towards her, bringing them into a passionate kiss. The fingers of her other hand travelled through his spiky hair. Naruto's hands moved to her waist, and he began trusting inside of her once again, much to her pleasure, if her muffled moans and the way she tightened her grip on his waist with her legs was any indication.

She broke the kiss for a moment to yell. "AH…AH…AH…SO CLOSE! AH…OH KAMI! I'M GOING TO CUM!" The blond kissed the indigo haired girls neck, making her moan more.

"OH MAN HINATA-CHAN! YOU'RE TOO MUCH! I-I CANT TAKE MUCH MORE!" He yelled, trusting harder than ever inside her.

"AH…AH…LET'S…AH…CUM TOGETHER…AH…NARUTO-KUN!" He nodded at that, with one final, powerful thrust forward he came inside her, and she did the same once she felt his cum shoot inside her. Neither seemed to pay attention to the blood that dripped from her pussy, indicating the female Hyuuga's release from her virginity.

For hours upon hours they continued. Once it was all over the both smiled happily as Naruto pulled out. Naruto suddenly snuggled between her sweat covered breasts making her giggle. "Sorry…the saimin no jutsu takes a lot out of me, even with just one use a day, and after what we just did…I'm really tired." She smiled, and moved her fingers through his blond locks.

"It's alright my love. I'm pretty tired myself. No one else has your level of stamina after all." They both smiled and laughed at that. It was true after all, on a good day Hinata probably wouldn't be able to walk for a week. "Naruto-kun…is there something I can ask you? Then this time together would truly be perfect." He looked up at her and smiled.

"Sure Hinata-chan, what do you want?" He was surprised to see her face go a little red, no doubt her request was going to be an embarrassing one.

"Can…Can I sleep on your chest tonight, please?" He found the strength to move up the bed and lay on his back with his head resting comfortably on a pillow. Hinata rested her head on his bare, toned, and sweaty chest, and grabbed the covers pulling them up to her neck, Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist, while she did the same to his chest. With satisfied smiles on their faces, they shut their eyes. "Naruto-kun…thank you for freeing me."

He kissed her forehead. "No problem Hinata-chan, anything for a friend like you." Smiling, they both fell asleep in the other's arms. The formerly shy Hyuuga heiress, with the love of her life's steady heartbeat as a lullaby, didn't even last a minute.

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