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Saimin no Jutsu chapter 13

Temari groaned as she woke up the next day. She wasn't as sore as she had been after her match with Tenten thanks to Hinata who had healed both contestant's wounds when they went to Naruto's home to rest and recover for the night. Temari lay in her borrowed bed contemplating her loss to the chocolate haired kunoichi and the bet she had lost in doing so.

Since the two of them had been so tired and sore it was decided that the conditions of their bet would take effect the next day. Though it would mean Temari would have to do whatever Tenten wanted for a half a day longer she didn't mind as long as she could rest beforehand. Plus, she got the chance to sleep in the most cozy bed ever. After accepting a bed for the night the group had had dinner made by Hinata and joined by Kurama. A woman Temari didn't recognize who boasted one of the biggest chests the Suna kunoichi had ever seen.

During the meal Hinata confirmed, much to Temari's embarrassment, that Naruto did indeed have a harem. The shy girl from the Chunin exam's snuggled up to him while boldly declaring it, and to prove her point even further, plopped herself down on his lap forcibly taking his fork from him and feeding him as he blushed. It would have been a cute sight had Temari not been sitting beside the couple and seen the Hyuuga's free hand rubbing against his crotch for the rest of the meal. Not to be left out the busty orange haired Kurama appeared behind the couple nearly engulfing Naruto's head between her breasts as she embraced him. His blush could be seen from Suna on a clear night, but he continued eating, though he did have a look on his face plainly saying he didn't want them doing something like this while they were entertaining a guest. Tenten, who sat across from the group, laughed outright at his pouty look.

After the meal and getting to know each other for a few hours while being shown around the estate Temari was shown to a room where she would spend the night. Tenten told her that it was usually her room right next to Naruto's, but she wouldn't be needing it tonight. The look on her face left no illusions about where she would be spending the night, but she squeezed Naruto's butt making him jump to make the point doubly clear. Temari bowed to hide her blush. Then quickly went to bed exhausted by the day's activities trying not to think about what was happening in the room next to hers.

However she was shortly awoken.


Temari's eyes fluttered open as she heard a muffled voice from close by. "T-that's… r-right there… hard… f-fast… uck me!" Along with the voice, a rhythmic thumping shook the wall behind her headboard knocking a decorative scroll off the wall onto the pillow next to her head.

The blond groaned and rubbed her eyes. She could barely make out one word in three, but her curiosity got the better of her. She slipped out of her bed holding the silken black robes she had been given to sleep in closed around her body as she slowly crept out to inspect the noise that obviously originated from her host's room. The door was ajar with a light shining out into the dark hallway. Temari could imagine Tenten and Naruto, too excited to even ensure their privacy before falling down on the bed.

Licking her lips and feeling dirty Temari stealthily made her way to the door and gasped quickly pressing a hand to her mouth. There in front of her was Naruto's fully erect eight inch cock sliding in between the asscheeks of Hinata who knelt ass in the air chest pressed into the carpeted bedroom floor naked, minus the black shirt with her family crest on the front that she had on today. He back arched as she moaned contently at the feel of the hot meaty flesh rubbing against her butt cheeks.

Temari couldn't help but gaze at it. She had never seen a real life dick before, but she had never imagined it would be as big or thick as the spectacle in front of her. Naruto's throbbing dick was even larger then she had imagined in the fantasy she'd had yesterday night.

Snapping herself out of her revery Temari noticed that she could hear moaning coming from another source in the room. Turning her gaze without daring to breath for fear it would make a sound she saw another Naruto, no doubt a shadow clone. The wind mistress couldn't help but stare at the clone Naruto's ass as wet sounds filled her ears. He was at the edge of the large bed thrusting into someone Temari could not make out, though she could see a mass or orange hair, including several tails and... was that a pair of fox ears? The hair color definitely pointed to Kurama who she had met but not spoken to earlier. A high yelp came from the woman as she came, fingers digging into the sheets as she shook with the pleasure.

Her gaze turned to the far left of the room and Temari couldn't help but gasp when she saw Tenten, the girl that had defeated Temari earlier that day, pressing her back against the wall of the room the Suna kunoichi had just been sleeping in with her legs wrapped around Naruto's waist, arms wrapped around his neck pulling him into a passionate kiss which he returned with equal enthusiasm. Naruto's hips pistoned into her at a pace Temari couldn't believe. His hard cock glistened with the wetness of several orgasms from both of the pair as it pistoned into the girl. Tenten broke the kiss to throw her head back in pleasure emitting a sound unlike anything Temari had ever heard as Naruto stiffened and let loose his load into the weapon mistress.

Temari's mind went blank for a moment before racing. How could the four of them be doing something so shameless? They were acting like animals in heat who had complete disregard for where and when they mated. The blond girl gulped. She was ashamed to admit it, but she was loving watching the group passionately make love without a second thought. No restrictions, no hang ups, just embracing whatever would bring them the most pleasure. The trust they must have with each other was astonishing.

As she lost herself in thought watching the scene unfold before her Temari's right hand slipped inside her silken robe to to quell the burning ache that was growing in her womanhood. A part of her was practically screaming at her, telling her to open the door and take one of the Narutos for herself. To let the others look on shocked as she lost her virginity in front of all of them, but despite her lust her mind was far too rational. Shaking her head clear Temari's hand jumped out of the robe as if burned covered in a thin sheen of liquid that Temari quickly wiped off on the robe. She turned from the orgy and prepared to quietly slink back to her room.

"H-harder N-Naruto-kun," Temari froze hearing Tenten's voice then looked back. After his release Naruto had picked back up the pace and the couple was once again reduced to panting and moaning. "Ahhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…I-if I had known this would be my reward for w-winning I-I would have asked for something more special…O-Oh Kami…" She had a playful smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around the blond boy's neck.

Tenten's eyes were tightly shut as more cum leaked from her womanhood, but the bucking of her hips said she still wanted more. They didn't even care that there cum was spilling onto the floor. With a shock Temari realized that they may expect her to clean it.

A sound caused Temari's head to turn nearly giving her whiplash as Hinata moaned and turned her head towards her harem sister wearing a similar smile. "A-at least you get…t-the real Naruto-kun" She sighed theatrically and smirked at the blond violating her womanhood. "T-this clone j-just doesn't do it for me."

The clone smirked right back then captured the lavender eyed teen's mouth in a passionate kiss as she bent back at an impossible angle. Then brought a hard slap down on her magnificently full ass with a crack that made the eavesdropping kunoichi wince bringing a hand to her mouth at the fresh red hand print.

Hinata's eyes shot open with a moan as she broke the kiss,"Oh k-kami, Yes, N-Naruto-kun…I-I have been a b-b-bad girl h-haven't I…? Hitting your chakra p-points…s-so you can't cum… I-I-I deserve to be punished don't I?"

The clone grinned foxily with that smirk that made the Temari blush even more as she found her hand sliding back into her robe. "That's right Hinata-chan, but don't worry. Once I'm done with you you'll be a good girl again." Hinata's laugh spread throughout the room all six occupants sharing the joke.

As she stopped laughing Hinata grinned and bent backwards as she resumed kissing the blond while he once again slapped her ass hard. After the party last week with Hinata saying she would like Naruto to be a little rougher with her they had sometimes been doing this sort of thing. While she wasn't as turned on by it as Sakura or even Ino it did have a certain excitement to it that made her want to cum on the spot. She never even had to do anything bad to encourage Naruto. Just a little dirty talk a little was enough to earn her a thorough spanking.

"Ahhhhh…ahhhh…" she moaned after two more slaps, one for each of her ample cheeks. "Ohhhhhhh... N-Naruto-sama I-I am sorry for s-saying you were not e-enough. P-p-please f-forgive MEEEEEEE…" another slap struck her ass making it quiver. Her moan filled the room turning into a purr when she felt a gentle hand roam her sore rump. The sweet feel of stinging pain mixed with pleasure made her transparent juices cover the blonds cock and run down her legs.

The clone grinned. "I don't think so…" he pulled out of her womanhood adjusting his cock to press against her tight asshole. He strained against it as he pushed forward barely getting the head in before stopping to allow them both time to adjust. Temari saw them both wince, but Hinata also shivered and moaned. "N-not until…your pretty little asshole…i-is sore, red, and overflowing with…m-my cum."

He suddenly thrust forward embedding his entire length in Hinata. Hinata grit her teeth and tears welled in her eyes, but she didn't respond beyond a hissing intake of breath. She was glad Naruto wasn't treating her like she was a fragile little girl anymore. After giving her a moment to adjust Naruto was gently rocking his hips. Hinata moaned as tears fell down her bright red blushing cheeks. Then begged him to go faster. To pound her asshole until she was ripped apart.

Temari's cheeks were a bright red as she gulped. She didn't want to admit it to herself but the rough treatment of the girl actually looked pretty hot to her. The way Hinata begged for it while at the blond's mercy. The trust that she must have for Naruto to engage in this type of play was daunting to think about. As the image of herself in the Hyuuga heiress' position popped into her head Temari's blush intensified even further. She would never give him the sama honorific in a million years no matter how good he was. Her fingers touched her slick pussy as she once again turned her gaze to Tenten and the real Naruto who seemed to be concerned for the couple behind him.

"That… I ordered that clone not to be rough, but he is making Hinata-chan cry…I know she likes it but still…how do you manage to make your clones listen to you so well Tenten-chan?" His chin was cupped by the chocolate haired girl and forcibly turned back towards her grinning face.

"Maybe its because I am more commanding, and I know how to take charge better than you, my love. For example…Naruto-kun!" He stood up straight and stopped thrusting for a moment. Temari almost laughed out loud as his toned arms held Tenten at the point where only the head of his member was inside of her back straight as a pole. "I order you to fuck me silly until every one of my holes has your cum in it."

He nodded and did a mock salute. "Aye aye, Tenten-chan!" He grinned relaxed his grip as he thrust forward embedding himself once again in the weapon mistress.

As he once again pressed her against the wall Tenten giggled and added, "…And just to be clear you'll be filling my mouth before my ass. I don't see how Sakura can enjoy that."

As Naruto pressed the weapon mistresses ass to the wall and resumed kissing her Temari couldn't stop herself from feeling jealous of the girl once again. She had to look away before letting the emotion overwhelm her.

The Naruto clone thrusting into the pussy of the Kurama on the bed grinned and grabbed her tail yanking hard. A high pitched yelp that turned quickly into a moan bellowed out of her mouth making the blond kunoichi turn her attention towards the pair.

"Ok Kurama-chan…" He said confirming the woman's identity to Temari as the busty woman just as she had thought. "…Why don't you say 'please Naruto-kun thrust harder into my soaking wet pussy?'" Temari heard her moan louder as Naruto gave her tail another jerk. Kurama must have been really into this cosplay thing if she was reacting to her tail being manhandled like that.

"N-n-never…I-I will never say s-something like t-t-that unless its to the r-real flesh a-a-and blood N-Naruto-kun." She responded defiantly while panting hotly into the bedsheets.

The clone sighed. "Ok, have it your way." He turned his head towards the real Naruto. "Hey boss, I'm gonna need three more clones over here." He asked still thrusting inside the foxgirl like all was normal.

The real Naruto groaned. "Sorry… but my hands… are full." He responded between kisses to Tenten's neck. One of his hands was massaging her slowly developing chest while the other rubbed against the weapon mistress' ass. The clone pouted. Hands full? Right, he just didn't want to take his hands away from were they rested his head then turned to clone on the other side of the room fucking Hinata. He looked like he was in pain. 'Being unable to release his cum must really hurt.' The clone thought then grinned wildly getting clones from this Naruto would absolutely be better.

"Hey number two, I need three clones over here. mind sparing a few seconds?" The addressed clone nodded with sweat running down his brow and did the hand sign quickly making the three clones appear. Each one looked to be in equal pain as their cocks throbbed hard and ready to burst but couldn't because of there sealed chakra points a technique Hinata was getting really good at now that clones were allowed to fuck her. It certainly extended the time a clone could stick around. "Thanks buddy, give Hinata-chan a good one for me."

A loud crack filled the room as the clones jogged over to the bed and fought for position at the bijuu's mouth. When one beat the others they frowned and positioned themselves to Kurama's sides. Before they could do anything Kurama was flipped onto her back with the clone's cock still in her pussy. He then grabbed her ass and lifted her lower body off the bed.

"One of you get underneath and fuck Kurama-chan's ass for me. The other, fuck her magnificent tits." The clones grinned and without a word split up taking their positions. Before Kurama could respond her mouth was was filled by the throbbing cock of one of the clone positioned at her mouth. Who wasted no time thrusting down her throat with enough force to make his balls smack into her face. The others took their time getting into position, but were soon thrusting away into the beautiful woman's body.

Temari stared silently wondering why she was still watching the unadulterated carnal pleasure, the positions, the love, and the trust Naruto clearly shared with each of the girls was intoxicating. He was unafraid to do what he wished with them, but they were also unafraid to tell him exactly what they wanted. Temari had never felt a heat like was running through her body right now. How in the world could she be feeling so hot watching her best friends rutting like animals? Unconsciously her fingers were working in her panties which were now pushed haphazardly down and caught around her knees awkwardly. Her juices were leaking onto the wooden floor of the halls without her realizing it. The silken robe was splayed open as her other hand massaged her breasts.

The clone inside Hinata was panting like a wild animal, his tongue lolling out of his mouth much like his lover who was trying her hardest not to drool. The look of pleasure on his face contorted into one of pain as his body once again tried to cum only to be stopped by his blocked chakra. "Hinata-chan…Please… I-I'm g-gonna burst!" He wailed, but didn't get a response so he smacked her ass for what felt like the hundredth time. She yelped and convulsed around him making his situation even worse.

Hinata's legs felt weak, as if they were made of rubber, and her mind was in a fog of pleasure the clone was no Naruto, however he delivered sexual bliss close to his, She felt her womanhood ache and stir. She was just about to cum again. This would be the fourth time with this one clone. 'Not bad, Naruto-kun.' she thought. He was really getting better at making her cum faster knowing that his clones could only last for one shot. She still wasn't satisfied, but she decided to cut this clone some slack.

"C-cumming now N-Naruto-k-kun." She quickly reached underneath herself between her legs and struck the chakra point at the base of the clone's penis. The clone didn't feel the slight sting from his pleasure filled high, but he certainly felt the pent up flow of cum rush through the core of his straining cock then fire directly into Hinata's tight asshole while the young Hyuuga came hard. Her cum splashed over her wrist and dribbled onto the floor. She moaned as her legs grew weaker and collapsed. Luckily Naruto had a death grip on her ass cheeks, fingernails digging in as he unloaded into her. His cum spilled out of her. Apparently her asshole couldn't even take a quarter of what the clone's increased metabolism could produce what with most of it being filled with his amazing cock so it managed to leek out while he was still inside and joined the growing puddle on the floor. When the clone popped a few moments later Hinata was left, face down, ass up, with a very satisfied smile on her lips, and a gaping asshole that slowly returned to its regular shape.

Tenten had just cum for the fifth time, but Naruto was still raring to go having only cum three times. She had no idea how he could hold out so long without having to stop once but she wasn't about to complain. She was loving every moment of it. Naruto stopped suddenly hips stiffening halfway inside of her.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" She panted worried. Normally he would never stop in the middle like this.

He chuckled at her nervously. "Sorry, Tenten-chan, but a big one is on the way." She blinked then looked over his shoulder at the white smoke that still lingered between the couple and Hinata who was still twitching from her own orgasm in the huge pool of cum. The weapon mistress chuckled as nervously as her lover.

"Ok Naruto-kun, I'm ready. Go for it." The blond grinned foxily then thrust madly into Tenten as he tried once again to bring her to orgasm as the experience he gained from the clone slowly invaded his mind. He hated cumming separately from his girls. He frowned internally at the treatment he had given Hinata, but couldn't stop the long moan as the orgasm ran through him making him shake. Naruto was really starting to dislike how his clones developed separate personalities sometimes.

He sighed deeply as the overwhelming part of the experience passed over him. It was probably something else he would have to work on in his training time. Even with hundreds of clones he was still exhausted each day after all the training in taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, kunai and shuriken throwing. His clones studying fuinjutsu left him mentally exhausted, and now he was facing the possibility of adding how to better take command of his own shadow clones. Even only training from six to noon each day he usually needed a nap in the middle of the day. Then there was the non training stuff like missions, dates, and sex that were all very fun, and there was nothing more he'd rather be doing, but it was all very exhausting. He needed to get some time off. He never thought he would hear himself think that. Maybe he could just lay off the training for a week and spend time with his girls. No physical stuff, just dates, but above all spending time with them without all of the kinky stuff getting in the way and distracting them.

His moment of clarity was interrupted as another wave of pleasure hit him. The blond bit his bottom lip gently. Everything that drove his clone crazy from having those certain pressure points struck that prevented it from cumming was now coming to him in less than ten seconds his eight inch cock throbbed inside the weapon mistress' pussy. He could feel the cum in his balls stir as he thrust wildly augmented by a trickle of Kurama's chakra harder and faster than the dispersed clone had with Hinata.

Tenten's athletic ass hit the wall repeatedly, flaking the paint and causing the wall to creak, but neither of them seemed to care. All Tenten cared about was that she and the blond shinobi she cared so passionately for were together and more in love than anyone else in this world.

Said blond panted hotly into her ear. "Tenten-chan…" Her eyes, currently closed as she tried to meet the thrusts with her own, opened slowly at hearing his voice and saw his mouth curved into his trademark smile. "I-I am gonna cu…UUUUUUM!"

He yelped as he felt his ass get slapped. Hard. He spasmed forward planting himself deep into his lover. As his cum was injected straight into his lover's womb the pain filled yelp turned into a pleasantly hot moan. The couple panted exhausted against the wall. Being unable to cum was painful, but when it was released it was one of the best sensations in the world.

Tenten recovered faster than Naruto who lay against her panting from the exertion. She smiled and held him closely their chests pressed against each other. Her brown eyes met pale white ones over his shoulder looking back at her. A grin adorning the owner's sweaty face.

"Hello, Hinata-chan. That was very rude smacking our dear Naruto-kun like that, but oh so nice at the same time." Tenten said with her own devilish grin.

Naruto gently placed the brown haired girl down as she released his neck and waist by unknotting her limbs. Her legs felt like rubber. but she endured it leaning against the wall in case she tipped over. The cum running down her legs ignored for the moment.

The Hyuuga heiress smiled wrapping an arm around Naruto's waist and pressing her bare chest against his back having lost her shirt during the short strut to the couple. Her other hand went to the red imprint on her lovers ass and gently glided her fingers over the skin as she purred.

"I couldn't help it Tenten-chan. I wanted my turn right now." Her hand moved around the blond teen's waist brushing Naruto's spent member before coming to rest atop her other hand. Naruto moaned as his cock came back to life instantly at the Hyuuga's magic touch. She purred and stroked it again for a few moments. His moans music to her ears.

Tenten smiled at the couple looking down at Hinata's strokes studying them. She would admit that Hinata was better than her when it came to acts like handjobs, but then again out of all the girls Hinata spent the most time with Naruto and therefore knew every possible way to pleasure him.

Her smile turned to a smirk. "Oh? And why do you want a turn with him so badly? You just got a bucket full of cum of your own, didn't you?" She leaned to the side to get a view of the Hyuuga's backside still bright red, jizm running down her legs.

"And what makes you think I am here for him?" Hinata licked her lips and abandoned Naruto's cock as he whimpered. She slid around his back breasts bouncing as they were released from their compressed state, and with a sway in her hips that made Tenten swallow. Hinata pressed her larger chest against Tenten's slowly developing one their faces mere inches away. "Naruto-kun can wait since he has already tasted the two of us tonight. Now it's my turn to reward the winner."

She leaned in close and kissed her best friend on the lips. Tenten didn't resist. She was more than used to it after making out with the indigo haired girl on multiple occasions. When Tenten had first joined Naruto's harem she had thought of herself as straight as a kunai but now she had to admit making out with girls also had its fun parts especially when it was Hinata or Ino. They each had their own unique way of doing things. Tenten once noticed that on a night when Naruto had been on a mission that he had vanished halfway through her fantasy as she masturbated.

Tenten smiled after they broke the kiss a minute later, a line of saliva connecting the corner of their mouths as they pulled away from one another. Hinata was still smiling at the brown haired girl but before she even had a chance to speak the indigo haired girl attacked her neck with passionate kisses, slowly going lower and lower down her body eliciting a moan. "Ohhhh…Hinata-chan…that feels nice."

Tenten gasped. As a medical ninja that was learning human physiology and from her own experience Hinata knew every weak spot of the female body, Tenten's eyes were wide with pleasure as Hinata licked and kissed those areas that regular people never thought about.

Hinata slowly sank to her knees. "You haven't seen anything yet." The Hyuuga heir's face disappeared into the valley of Tenten's thighs.

Tenten's moans could be heard from the top of the Hokage monument. Temari was sure of it.


Temari snapped out of her flashback and back into reality as she realized her traitorous hand had once again parted her robe to probe her depths. She moved her hand away from her womanhood ignoring the trickle of her own juices that emerged and sat up with a sigh. She wasn't eager to do this, but she had no choice in the matter. She got out of bed wearing the black robes she slept in and went to the place she knew Tenten had left something.

She had nearly been caught after watching the harem for two hours when the bun haired girl had left to fetch the bundle. Temari had pretended to be asleep as Tenten tiptoed into her room to leave it. Temari was sure it had to do with the agreement they had made about the fight.

As she approached the dresser it became obvious that the bundle was a set of clothes with a one page letter folded on top addressed to Temari. She read the single line on the outside of the note out loud.

"Temari-chan, look at your uniform before you read the next section." She put the letter down. "Uniform?"

She picked up the first item of clothing. It was one of a pair of long black stockings. The leggings would reach up to her mid thigh and there was a frilly lace trim at the top. For a moment she looked at it in disbelief before setting them aside trying not to think about them for the moment. She blushed when under the stockings she saw a black bra and panties set folded carefully. Both of the undergarments had a small blood red ribbon on the front and the straps of the bra as well as the sides of the panties were made from a thinner material that was practically transparent. Did Tenten honestly expect her to wear these? She was thankful for a clean pair of panties she could call her own after her last pair were soiled, but she had never worn anything so… sexy. Gulping the Suna Kunoichi decided would just have to bear with it on her honour as a kunoichi. She just wished she didn't get that thrill when she put the underwear on.

After putting on the underwear while still pointedly ignoring the long stockings Temari picked up the next article of clothing by the shoulders and held it before her. If the underwear had made her blush then this made her face about the temperature of the sun. Before her green eyes was a very sexy, and very short, maid uniform.

For a long moment she stared at the black and white uniform, barely noticing the pair of comfortable yet sleek shoes that had been set underneath it that had bows that matched the ones on her panties. The top of the uniform incorporated what looked like a corset that would press her budding breasts up and together, and the neckline was a wide semicircle that would show off a good deal of her collarbone, barely covering her shoulders at all, as well as an amount of cleavage that would have gotten a woman arrested in Suna for indecent exposure. The skirt flared out and it looked like it had been designed to show off the lace at the top of the thigh-highs, the patterns blending together.

Carefully putting the dress down on top of the dresser. Temari unfolded the letter to reveal the second passage which had a smiley face at the start. She continued reading aloud. "I really hope you like it. Ino-chan took forever remembering your sizes. The design for this beauty has been custom made especially for you. So feel free to take it home with you."

Temari blushed. Never in a million year would she dare take this… thing with her back to Suna. What if it was accidentally discovered by her brothers? Or a villager? It would be talked about for weeks or even years. No. When this was done and over with she was going to leave it here in Konoha. She unfolded the last section of the letter which seemed to be orders for the day.

"Your first orders are simple. First you will put on all articles of clothing given to you. Then you will get on your knees beside Naruto-kun's bed and wake Naruto-kun, Hinata-chan, Kurama-chan and I. You will address anyone in the estate as either master or with the -sama honorific." Temari took a moment to read that line over two more times as a thick vain pulsed on the side of her forehead. Regardless, she would do this. A deal was a deal after all. "After you wake us you are to make us breakfast and serve us wherever we decide to take it. Any additional orders we will give to you will be in person."

She sighed and put down the letter then looked down at the clothes with trepidation. She picked up one stocking with two fingers as if it was about to burn her before sighing and pulling it on. Temari was amazed at how sexy she felt in only the underwear and stockings. She hesitated then looked into the room's full length mirror. She almost didn't recognize herself. Her hair was still loose from her usual ponytails and hung loose around her shoulders. She winced at how messy it was but she couldn't deny she looked like the model from the front of a steamy novel who had just woken up from … She blushed.

Temari turned away from the mirror to put on the maid's outfit and was amazed at how easy it was to put on. She had assumed with all the laces it would take forever, but she just had to tighten it until it was comfortable then tie it off in what was, if she said so herself, a very cute bow. As she fixed her hair in the mirror Temari wondered at how perfectly the dress fit while trying to avoid looking at her exposed cleavage. Though from her few glances she could say she looked amazing. Taking one final look at herself she took a deep breath, blushed at how it made her chest heave, and walked out the door.

She sucked in another deep breath when her hand grasped the doorknob of the master bedroom mentally preparing herself for anything that may happen. She just prayed there wouldn't be any going into public. That everything would just take place on Naruto estate. With one last breath to steady herself she opened the door to the master bedroom. Silently she peeked in and saw the blond teen asleep the blankets bunched up around his navel. Temari blushed a bright red as she took a long uninterrupted look at his muscled chest and abdomen.

What made her blush even deeper was Hinata and Tenten on either side of him sleeping just as contentedly. Their heads resting on his chest with one hand each on his stomach. The blankets just low enough that she could see their bare chests pressing against Naruto. Kurama must have left after Temari had nearly been seen since she was nowhere to be found.

The golden haired kunoichi released a breath she didn't realize she was holding and forced the most convincing smile she could muster onto her face as she walked to the curtains and spread them open letting in the morning rays of the sun. Then she went to the side of the bed and gently fell to her knees. With a start she realized she was kneeling exactly in the spot where Hinata had last night as she was anally pleasured by Naruto and left in a pool of their juices. The couple had eventually cleaned up after their mess, but Temari still moved two feet to the side.

Swallowing the butterflies that had decided this was the moment to become embarrassed Temari looked at the sleeping genin.

"Excuse me…N-master its time to wake up." He grumbled in his sleep, but he wasn't coming around so she tried again. "N-Naruto-s-sama please wake up…it's morning." She said shyly her face burning at the humiliation.

His eyes fluttered gently as he began to wake then snapped open as his mind registered what was in front of him. He sat up, the sleeping girls to his sides miraculously staying asleep. Naruto blinked as his vision passed the open window his eyes not yet adjusted to the bright sunlight of the morning. When he could see again he turned his gaze down to the older teen that just called him 'Naruto-sama' her modest breasts putting on an impressive display of pale flesh as she knelt at the side of the bed.

"T-Temari-chan," he said with a yawn while rubbing his tired eyes, "w-what are you doing here?" He noticed that the blankets had fallen as he slept and then further as he sat up a few of his golden pubes poked out of the top of the blanket. He quickly adjusted it pretending to try to cover he chests of his lovers to not bring attention to it, but from the blush on the face of the maid for a day he figured he had failed.

Naruto coughed as he tried to hold down his own blush. He blinked as a piece of paper was thrust up at him from Temari. As he read the letter from Tenten he blinked at a few parts looked up taking in Temari's 'uniform.' It was beautiful on her. Naruto was glad for the blankets bunched around his waist as his manhood stirred from it's sleep. He blushed a bright red looking her up and down. She either didn't take notice or didn't mind him doing so as she continued to kneel without murdering him.

"You…y-you look very… nice." He struggled with what to say. How do you tell one of your best friend's sister that she's one of the hottest things you'd ever seen? While she was kneeling in front of him after he'd slept with three girls? Where was Kurama anyway? Anyway, he figured to say anything was better than what he was really thinking. Thank kami his lower waist was hidden from view, or he would have to explain himself to her.

Temari blushed a bright red. "D-don't patronize me…I just want to get this over with, ok?" Her blush intensified as she forced herself to look into his cerulean blue eyes then glanced at the two naked girls at his side. "Seems you were busy last night."

She tried to hide the fact that she knew exactly what he did to them good thing the blush already on her face hid the the one that would have appeared when she thought about the unrestrained sex she had witnessed last night.

Naruto blushed a little brighter as he looked at the naked girls and rubbed the back of his head "Ummmm…-y-yeah…t-this isn't what it looks like."

Temari raised an eyebrow. Was he really mad enough to think she would actually believe that?

Naruto sighed. "Ok it is." He chuckled nervously then looked around curiously. "Hey Temari-chan did you see Kurama anywhere? Maybe she already woke up and got breakfast started."

Before the blond kunoichi could respond her master for the day jerked, and a nervous smile formed on his lips. His hand went under the sheets and there his fears were confirmed. He felt slender skin, long hair and for a moment a smooth tongue brake away from his semi-erect cock to suck on his fingers before it went back to tend to his manhood. He had just found where Kurama was.

Temari looked on confused, not understanding what was happening to the blond. For a moment she thought he was in pain then she looked down towards his waist and noticed the sheets moving up and down in a slow rhythm. Her face must have looked like a tomato as slender fingers with orange painted nails grasped the top of the bedsheets and slowly pulled them down to reveal Kurama bobbing her head up and down on the blond genin's large pole. The suna kunoichi was in stunned into inaction and silence.

For few moments Naruto forgot that she was watching and moved his right hand to the top of the demon's head slowly guiding her down at a slightly faster pace. "Ohhhhhh…Kurama-chan…y-you're so good." He moaned.

Kurama turned her gaze to the female blond in the room and winked at her before she focused on the thick rod of hot flesh in her mouth "Mmmmm…yoush tasht sooooooo goood Narusho-kun." She attempted through his length bobbing up and down.

Naruto seemed to be in a world of his own now and seemed to have forgotten Temari was on her knees right next to his bed looking at the scene unable to take her eyes off his cock or the woman pleasuring it. Kurama took his length out of her mouth and licked the head of his cock then ran her tongue up the sides.

"You're so hard this morning Naruto-kun…" She took a moment to lick more of it like it was a lollipop she wanted to savour "…more than usual during your morning blowjob."

She cast another significant glance to Temari who blushed as she looked down which only reminded her how much skin she was showing. Her new panties were already damp as she thought about the possibility that her first real task of the day had been to prepare Naruto's penis for its morning blowjob.

The boy moaned contently and relaxed back on the bed into a more comfortable position rustling the two girls whose eyes were fluttering open at the movement of the bed and the moans of the man they loved.

"Mmmmmm…its because you're so good Kurama-chan." He moaned as Kurama gave an appreciative suck.

Both girls, now fully awake, smiled and lifted themselves up not even taking notice of the maid for a day beside their bed.

"Oh is she now, Naruto-kun?" Purred Hinata as she rested her head on his shoulder. "She doesn't even BEGIN to compare to me, right my precious Naru-kun?" She giggled and kissed his chest and neck.

Tenten giggled playfully and did the same. "Nonsense Hinata-chan, you should know by now Naruto-kun likes me more. You may be able to take the entire thing in your mouth, but at least I've got skill."

Hinata stopped and looked at her dear friend like she had been slapped by a glove and challenged to a duel. "Oh is that so, Tenten-chan?" An amused smile formed on her lips.

"Yes, it is, Hinata-chan." The same smile formed on the weapon mistress' face before they giggled gently then turned there gaze towards Kurama who looked up confused, cock still in her mouth.

"Whaat?" The two girls pounced on the cock with an animalistic desire and all three girls began licking and stroking the hot meat rod.

Naruto didn't think he had ever moaned so contently as the three different tongues licking his cock and balls did wonderful things to him. He could do nothing but relax with his hands behind his head and let the girls do the work. He could see Hinata and Tenten's asses clearly, as well as their inviting womanhoods. It would be so easy to move his hands and finger fuck the duo but he was so tired. He just wanted to take it easy for now.

His gaze turned to the left were he saw Temari in shock at what was happening before her eyes. He wanted to slap his head so hard he would leave a hand print, but he instead moaned as all three girls kissed the head of his cock simultaneously as if it were his lips. Hinata was stroking his shaft with her ever so small and gentle hands while Kurama and Tenten were fumbling competing to be the one fondling his balls.

The blond boy groaned trying to straighten his thoughts. "G-girls, s-stop T-T-Temari-chan i-is…"

He was cut off by another moan he couldn't hold in. He could feel it. He was about to cum. The girls had become too good at working together. He could barely hold it in as Tenten's face sunk on his pole until her lips met Hinata's soft hand Kurama having won their battle over his balls.

She popped up as his cock throbbed violently. The girls backed away with knowing smiles on their faces forming a circle, left breast of one girl touching the right breast of another surrounding the twitching cock. There were five seconds when Naruto valiantly tried to hold back the flow, but he couldn't hold back his release much longer no matter how much practice his shadow clones had. The thick creamy essence shot from the head of his cock like it was lava from a volcano.

The three girls looked at it intently as the gratuitous amount of their lover's cum shot into the air. Even Temari could see the spout past the wall of bodies and blushed nearly burying her face in her cleavage as she tried to avert her eyes when she realized what she had just witnessed. The creamy treat eventually succumbed to the power of gravity and rained down from above.

The triangle of girls bent back their heads as they opened their mouths wide with tongues hanging out catching it as best they could. A generous coating landing on their breasts as well. They leaned in to push all six soft pillows around the spurting cock. Kurama's huge chest trying to swallow the rod but the other girls pushed back refusing to give up. A good amount of the yummy cream made it past their breasts landing on their faces and outstretched tongues. They savored it, moaning as they swallowed it.

Kurama who would never have enough, was licking the other two girls to get what remained on their breasts and faces. She cleaned them in short licks like a fox cleaning it's fur. Both of the girls just giggled and commented on how much her tongue tickled not minding that she was hogging all the cum as they took big finger-fulls from her large chest into their own mouths.

Naruto smiled at the three fondly and chuckled. Remembering, he quickly turned to the female blond in the room apologetically. "S-s-sorry about that T-Temari-chan. I-I didn't mean for you to see any of th…"

He cut off as he noticed that her eyes were spinning darting from side to side as she calculated and analyzed in her own head, her jounin level intellect unable to comprehend what she had just seen. Naruto chuckled nervously. It was his own fault if she flew off the handle and attacked him. He had let it progress to the point it did, but kami, did these girls know how to make him forget about the present and focus only on them. He prepared himself to meet his maker if the worst should happen.

He turned to Tenten who was now helping Kurama hold Hinata down as they both licked the cum from her body. She was imitating the fox with short but many licks to Hinata's left breast as the indigo haired girl giggled at the ticking tongues. She was saying how the two of them were going to regret this later.

"Ummmmm, Tenten-chan, Temari-chan is here." She perked up at the name and looked to where the blond indicated, and for the first time since she woke up noticed the Suna kunoichi in the room. She looked very surprised that she was here. The weapon mistress had thought for sure it would be maybe an hour or more before the girl woke up and came into the room. Oh well, it didn't really effect her plans all that much. Though she hadn't intended on Temari taking part so blatantly in their sex lives.

The brown haired girl went to Temari's side and snapped her out of her stupor by snapping her fingers in front of her face before she helped the stunned girl to her feet. When she blushed a bright red and looked away from the bed Naruto realized that his lower waist was still fully exposed. He quickly rectified that by covering it with the bedsheets as he blushed.

The act earned an "Awwwwww…" from Hinata and Kurama followed by a girlish giggle as Hinata tackled the older woman and began returning the favor from earlier. As they played they also complimented Temari on her attire which she tried to ignore by staring straight ahead. Tenten took a seat on the side of the bed and looked the female blond up and down.

"I have to say Ino-chan certainly did a good job with the design and Yuna-chan managed to make it even more sexy." Temari ignored the complement as she stood before the naked teens. "So Temari-chan how do you feel? Is the uniform comfy enough for you?"

"A little too much…Tenten-ch…sama" She admitted, still a little disturbed that a girl she had zero direct interaction with knew her exact measurements. "Wh…what is your first order, Tenten-sama?" The honorific still left a bad taste in her mouth, but she didn't dislike Tenten because of it. It was her own fault for accepting the bet to begin with, and if she was honest with herself, Temari would have demanded the same thing had Tenten lost. She just wanted this day to end. Then she could treat it as if it was a bad hangover and ignore that it had ever happened.

Tenten looked at the girl long and hard trying to think of something. Then looked around the room hoping to get some inspiration. When she turned to Naruto hiding under his sheet still blushing a faint red a light bulb went off in her head.

She chuckled lightly as she turned to the female blond across from her. "Ok I've got an idea. For your first order of the day you are to dress my dearest Naruto-kun."

"E-Excuse me!?" Yelled the kunoichi.

"W-what!?" Yelled Naruto a second later.

Tenten chuckled again. "You heard me. Naruto-kun will pick out the clothes he wants today and you will dress him. Putting every article of clothing onto him. Buttoning every button. That includes his boxers." Both blonds blushed. "Oh…and speaking of boxers. You gotta be on your knees when you put them, his pants and sandals on. Is that understood?"

With a sigh Temari lowered her head. "Yes, Tenten-sama." She muttered.

"Good." She turned to Hinata and Kurama. "Come on girls, let's leave these two alone and find something to do till they're done."

The two looked at each other. They thought Tenten would want to watch her opponent's humiliation, but it seemed that wasn't the case. They got up and left to dress in their usual attire which was in their designated guest rooms. The brown haired girl closing the door behind them and leaving Naruto and the maid for a day alone together. In the hallway Hinata allowed a smile to grace beautiful face.

"You're being very lenient Tenten-chan…or is it because you have an ulterior motive planned out?" Hinata chuckled at her friend as she turned to her with a sigh.

"Nothing gets past you does it?" She chuckled to herself and continued down the hallway with her two friends. No doubt in her mind that her plans were already bearing fruit.

(With Naruto and Temari)

There was a long awkward moment between the two when Tenten and the others left. Naruto waited until he could no longer hear their footsteps before he smiled at her.

"I-its ok Temari-chan. They are gone so you don't have to do what she said. I will just say you did when she asks." He grinned at her, but she, to his surprise, shook her head.

"N-no that's ok." She said then turned to the wardrobe and looked in. He had several articles of clothing including a few spare black outfits like the one he had on yesterday, but she picked the orange and blue one he'd had on when they first met. The black looked a little too serious for someone as happy go lucky as him. She just hoped that he no longer wore the orange when he was out on missions.

Naruto smiled when he saw the outfit she had picked for him. For a little while he had thought he would never wear the outfit again, but it appeared at least one person, other than Kurama, preferred the orange and blue. She picked the selected clothes from the hanger and placed them neatly on the bed followed by a pair of blue sandals and finally a hastily selected pair of green boxers.

"C-come on, get up already." The blond boy folded his arms and stubbornly stayed in bed. "N-Naruto-sama?"

His hand grabbed the boxers and went under the covers as he began to dress himself. "Tenten-chan isn't around right now so there is no need for you to do what she says. Just let me do this and then we can…"

He stopped when Temari threw back the sheets and then grabbed the boxers he had just gotten around an ankle pulling them back off though Naruto kept a hold of them.

"I-I told Tenten…sama that I would follow her orders to the letter and that's exactly what I plan to do. On my honor as a kunoichi. Now let go so I can dress you already." Naruto frowned at her and pulled against her trying to loosen her grip so he could dress himself and spare her the humiliation.

"No, I WON'T!" He responded tugging on the strip of cloth.

"Yes, you WILL!" She countered gritting her teeth as she pulled against him.

"I WONT!" He yelled back matching her own tugging with a harder one to free his boxers from her grasp.

"YOU…WILL!" Temari's patience was growing thin. She was a kunoichi of her word. Even if Naruto didn't like it she was going to carry out her orders and keep her pride.

Their tug of war with the green boxers continued for another ten second before Naruto had had enough. He stopped holding back and yanked throwing his entire body into the effort. The elastic of his boxers strained and the force of it was so powerful that it pulled Temari off balance. She stumbled towards him and tripped over the side of the bed making her body fall right on top of his. Their faces rushed forward and in a sudden moment the pair's lips were locked together.

They lay still, frozen, for what felt like minutes. Neither took advantage of the incident. Both of them were too wide eyed in shock to tear their lips away from the other though. Once Naruto's mind began to reboot and realized he was kissing the sister of someone who, like himself, had a demon inside of him and also happened to be a good friend. He slowly began to panic sweating from every pore possible.

Temari was in a similar case when her mind rebooted only her reaction was a deep crimson blush. Not only was she kissing the boy she had been masturbating to for the past two days, but it also happened to be her first kiss. It may not be under the most romantic terms but it was a nice feeling. His lips felt good against hers. Better than how she had imagined them when she touched herself, but as much as it pained her she had to break away out of fear of her hormones going crazy and making her do something that she may enjoy yet very much regret.

She broke the kiss and backed off kneeling on the bed. Thinking fast Naruto pulled his boxers up hopefully hiding his semi-erect cock. Though to him at least the small tent seemed to make the situation worse. Both of them sat on the bed awkwardly for a few moments neither uttering a single word.

Eventually Temari got brave enough to speak. "W-was I good?"

Naruto looked at her dumb struck, but she just blushed with a stern look on her face.

"I-it was my first kiss." She grumbled. "I-I want to know...if it was ok…f-for future reference…w-when I have a boyfriend or whatever."

She looked away from him. A blush still gracing her cheeks. It was the first thing that came into her mind. Why, oh why, did she say that of all the infinite things she could have said in a situation like this?

The blond genin thought for a moment and thought back to the many kisses he experienced from Hinata, Tenten, Ino, Sakura, Kurama and all of the other girls but he had to admit Temari was the worst yet. Not because he didn't enjoy it or something silly like her lips not tasting very good. No, it was because she didn't put any heart or emotion into it. She just lay against him and did nothing. That was expected given the circumstances surrounding what happened though. He was sure given the right circumstances she would be an excellent kisser. However, he had to be painfully honest right now even if it was a kiss she didn't put any emotion into.

He rubbed the back of his head nervously trying his best to find the right words without sounding like a jerk. "W-well, um…i-it wasn't really that…good…if I am being honest." Her expression lowered a little the blush still strong on her beautiful face. "B-b-but I can tell you didn't…y-you know put any effort into it. It…it just happened, but…well your lips were very smooth."

She smiled lightly at that. Then faked a cough as suddenly an idea began to brew in her mind.

"Well…" she began, "…w-we could…do it again… Y-you could show me the proper way to kiss."

He blinked at her, eyes wide, making her frown and bringing about the return of her blush. Now that he was looking at her closely she looked very attractive with it. Just like Hinata back when he was oblivious to her feelings. Like every other time that he thought of that he wanted to smack himself for not at least talking to her back in the academy or getting to know her better. Shoving that out of his mind he focused back on Temari who looked very surprised by her own boldness.

"I-its just…if I ever get a b-boyfriend… It's so he won't…Well, so he won't be disappointed…o-or something…" She ended weakly disappointed at his lack of response.

Naruto gulped. What was the blond to do? He couldn't say no to such a cute blush or to a friend asking for help. At the same time he didn't want to be buried in a sand coffin the size of Konoha if Gaara ever found out about this, and who knew what her other brother Kankuro would do? He recalled Shino telling him something about being poisoned by the Suna nin.

He took a deep breath and responded. "Umm…O-ok. Just pleeeeease don't tell your brothers about this."

She thankfully nodded. He seemed more worried about this than the group blowjob that had happened in front of her. Didn't Naruto know she would never wish to tell her brothers anything about this day in a million years?

She moved closer to the blond boy still on her knees showing a good deal of thigh above her thigh high stockings, but she wasn't paying attention to that or the way her cleavage jiggled as she scooted forward. When she stopped they were inches apart from one another every breath causing the skin of her breasts above her dress to brush the skin of his chest.

"A-any advice?" She asked.

Naruto nodded snapping himself out of his distraction. He thought of how the other girls felt when they kissed him. "Just…relax your body until you're nice and calm."

She closed her eyes doing what she could to relax herself. Slowly her blush faded bringing her face to her normal healthy complexion.

The male genin nodded and smiled. "O-ok now lean in close. Don't open your eyes or try to aim just guide your lips to mine by feeling out their presence with small kisses."

She nodded aligning her lips with Naruto's and moved in close. As she landed her first kiss to the left of his lips she felt one hand going around her hips while the other stroked her cheek gently.

"W-what are you doing?" The blush appeared once more and her eyes snapped open.

"Sorry…" Naruto muttered lowly returning the kiss just off center of Temari's lips. "I-I can't really kiss that well if I am not into it as well."

Temari's eyes fluttered shut, and she nodded allowing him to continue stroking her cheek gently. It felt like she was already one of his lovers. Was this how Tenten and Hinata felt when the blond's strong yet gentle hands moved across their skin? It was another thing that Temari quickly became envious of. To experience this kind of touch every day from Naruto… She inched in closer to him pressing her chest against his. She could feel his breath on her lips. It made her entire body shiver in a good way.

"J-just…don't let your hands wander too far…o-or else." She warned almost releasing a moan as he drew her closer.

Naruto nodded his head. "Of course…Ok…now tilt your head a little to the right. So our noses don't smash into each other." She did so and he nodded with a smile. "Ok…now do what I said before…just relax and you will melt into it. Instincts should take over then."

She nodded gently puckering her lips. Slightly smiling he did the same and leaned in closer to her. Their lips came together perfectly in a warm embrace. Naruto could feel Temari put some effort into it her body relaxed and pressed even closer to his. Her breasts pushing against him. Her hands began to move on their own resting on his forearms Then moving up to his biceps then around to caress his back. Naruto had been right. Now that she was prepared for the kiss she was fantastic. She gently massaged his muscles before her hands wrapped around his neck pulling him in closer probing his lips uncertainly with her tongue.

Temari was surprised by her own boldness. At the same time she didn't seem to mind Naruto's, which surprised her even more. As she continued to kiss him she could feel Naruto's hands wander. She gasped during the kiss and her eyes shot open as a hand firmly massaged an ass cheek after moving under her skirt. Slowly Temari found herself pushing Naruto back down onto the bed. She could tell he had lost himself in the kiss and logical thought was out the window. He wasn't paying attention to what his hands were doing as they cupped her rear. She felt him start to reach for her womanhood but he stopped himself, and the kiss almost ended before he contented himself with massaging her cheeks.

The kiss was slowly, but surely becoming more passionate. How could she blame him for his wandering hands when her own were fondling his muscled back. Her chest pressed against his. The exposed mounds of her bosom seemed to burn where they came in contact with his bare chest.

Surprising herself Temari's knee came up and pushed Naruto back onto the bed. In a moment she was straddling his abdomen not even taking a moment to come up for air as she climbed atop the man from her dreams.

They remained in the bed for several minutes kissing passionately. Their minds no longer considering the consequences of their actions. Just on the person they were currently lip locked with, but eventually the feeling of their lungs begging for air that Naruto had gotten used to occurred and both teens slowly broke away from each other.

For the first time they noticed the position that they had ended up in Temari straddling Naruto while his hands massaged her rear. Naruto removed his hands from her bottom as if they had been burned and took the chance to adjust the erection that had grown and poked out of his boxers lifting up the back of Temari's skirt. He tucked himself back into his underwear while Temari adjusted her top blushing at how low the neckline had fallen as they writhed against each other. When they finished adjusting themselves they laughed at each other's blushes. Temari climbed off of Naruto and thankfully for him turned her back. He pulled up the blanket to hide his erection while it calmed down.

"How…h-how was it that time?" She asked trying to calm her own hormones. She reprimanded herself for soiling another pair of panties so quickly after putting them on.

"G-great. Amazing even." He smiled dreamily. "I'm…Well I have to say…I-I'm envious of your future boyfriend." He chuckled nervously trying to lighten the mood but he found that he meant what he said. The woman before him was beautiful, smart, and she seemed like a nice person if she dropped her tough exterior long enough for you to get to know her, but with her being a kunoichi from Suna Naruto had little hope that she would be interested in any offer he could make.

Temari blushed at the compliment and turned back around towards Naruto. "Well, let's get you dressed already." Her voice had an annoyed tone behind it but she was smiling at Naruto. "You already have your boxers on, but I'll do the rest. I will keep my word as a kunoichi. I'd think you'd understand that. Given what you said at the Chuunin exams," Naruto paused. He hadn't thought of the bet in those terms. "And… t-thank you…I appreciate your help… with this."

He smiled widely at her then stood up from the bed. His erection had gone down enough that he didn't stand straight out but Temari still blushed at the size of his bulge. She got town to her knees and picked up his pants which had fallen to the floor in their make out session. They both blushed as Temari dressed him especially when she got to his zipper and her fingers brushed his member through his underwear causing it to twitch against her. The entire process only took two minutes, less time than it had taken to lace up her dress.

Temari was cursing herself for her lack of self control the entire time and continued to do so as they walked down the halls to meet up with Tenten and the others. How could she have lost control of herself enough that she asked him to show her the proper way to kiss? Then she actually pushed him down onto the bed and made out for the better part of ten minutes. How would Tenten have reacted had she caught them? Would she have ended their friendship? Slapped her and told her to go away and never see either of them again?

The Suna kunoichi considered how close her hormones had been to switching off every rational thinking part of her mind and attempting to have passionate sex with the Konoha shinobi that had been on her mind for a while now while. She had been alone with him, nearly naked, on his bed. Would she be able to live with herself if she had taken the opportunity? Her gaze shifted over to his much shorter body as he walked a step in front of her leading her. She looked him up and down, a blush gracing her cheeks as images of what could have been invaded her normally pure mind.

"What's wrong, Temari-chan?" Asked Naruto noticing her distracted expression after a third failed attempt to strike up conversation.

She snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head dispelling the images that popped in from last night. Trying to fight down the hot blush that was threatening to roast her head she met his eyes. Which was a mistake.

"N-nothing." As he smiled looking into her green eyes a thought rose in the back of her mind. "I should have just done it."

Naruto's smile turned into a grin. "Well like I was trying to say when you zoned out. If Tenten makes you do any more stuff that involves us alone and naked don't hesitate to just tell me you don't want to do it. I'd be just as uncomfortable being bathed or something by someone else as they would be."

Temari blushed. She hadn't thought of anything like that happening. She definitely couldn't resist her hormones a second time if she actually had to bathe him. The kunoichi nodded at Naruto. If he would give her an out it may be the only way she could control herself. She just hoped that Tenten didn't ask in the first place.

They found the girls a few minutes later after spending a long time looking for them. Naruto even joked about putting tracking seals on them since he still couldn't find his way around his own home as well as they could. Temari was then led to the kitchen where she prepared a simple breakfast for the group and rejoined them as they ate. After eating the group continued walking around the estate.

Tenten was immediately on Temari as they began their walk curious about how she did at her assigned task. The blond lied through her teeth saying the order was embarrassing, but she did it as she was told after a short argument with Naruto about what to wear. The weapon mistress seemed to be in good humor after that especially at the wind mistresses blushing face as she whispered her incident with the zipper into Tenten's ear.

The estate was so large that Temari wondered how much had even been explored by the blond and his growing harem. They often seemed as impressed by the sights as she was. When she mentioned it they told her about how just last week they had discovered entrance to the mansion's basement that was filled with old unpacked boxes. On inspection of a random box they found photo albums, even some of his mother when she was a little girl growing up in Uzushiogakure before she was caught up in the wars of that era and eventually sent to Konoha where she soon enough enrolled into the academy and met her eventual lover and father of her only child, Minato.

They didn't say his name, they said 'his father,' but Temari knew who they were talking about. She once again thought about how the world would rock when Naruto's status was revealed. She understood why they didn't tell her as she was from a different village and could cause Konoha more trouble than the invasion during the Chuunin exams if she slipped up even once.

Looking up at the sky and seeing the sun's position Tenten immediately cracked the whip decided that Temari had had a lax morning and ordered the sun haired kunoichi to clean the mansion, set out some sandwiches for lunch and do the laundry until dinner or until she could come up with something else that needed done. The blond bowed and immediately got to work after being directed to the cleaning equipment by Naruto.

She decided that laundry was a good idea as it would allow her to wash her new but already soiled panties as well. She cleaned for an hour being very careful about where she bent down and who was around when she did as the undergarment dried. When she was once again fully clothed she breathed a sigh of relief and got to work in earnest. She scrubbed and cleaned the most frequented areas of the house and the hallways until they shown to her eyes. She wasn't about to do a half-assed job in anything.

There actually wasn't that much to do. When she commented on the lack of filth or even dust in the majority of the house Hinata told her that another girl she would remember from the chunin exam Sakura actually voluntarily did the same job as Temari was now being forced into at least three times a week, uniform and all. Though it usually involved being bent over the kitchen table by Naruto. Temari blushed at that last part, and at the idea that anyone would volunteer for this humiliation, but she guessed people came in all types. She wasn't surprised to find that the girl had given up on becoming a ninja, but the fact that she was in Naruto's harem while also considering marriage with another kunoichi was a shock.

It was just after noon, and Temari had just finished making a few sandwiches when Ino came to visit her friends during a short break in her training. She told the group about the designs that she and her cousin Yuna had been working on while munching on one of the sandwiches. Temari blushed as she knelt in the hallway cleaning the floors remembering how Tenten's note had said her own outfit was designed by the pair.

Tenten grinned as an idea sparked into life. She ordered Temari to go with Ino and try on the designs. A grin split the mind reader's face nearly as wide as Naruto's. She wasted no time in picking the Suna kunoichi up off the floor and leading her to her favorite guest room that she and Sakura usually shared when they stayed over where a closet full of new clothes awaited them.

The clothes the Suna ninja had to wear were uncomfortable. Not because they were tight or lose fitting, Ino carefully adjusted each one with a few pins before she would hand them to Temari, but because they were in no way her usual style. In fact they wouldn't be the usual style of any Suna woman because of the blazing hot desert and the constant sun. The wind mistress felt very uncomfortable stripping in font of the long haired blond at first. However her response was that they were all girls here so there was no need to worry or be so uptight.

Temari tried her best to ignore the woman's gentle moans when she removed the tight black shorts that barely reached her lower thigh with only useless pockets that had to be only decorative and yellow, almost transparent, shirt that actually revealed the upper part of the black bra underneath. Ino said it was designed to be worn with a black bra so the colors could contrast, but it made Temari feel scandalous.

While most of the clothes were demeaning, Temari had to admit she found a few that she actually liked quite a bit. There was one dress, a light purple one that covered most of her cleavage and fell to just above her heels. It had a long slit on the left side to allow for movement that exposed as much or as little of her leg as possible if she positioned herself at certain angles. The slitted sides had a wavy pattern that looked as if she was disturbing water with every step she took, and finally two ribbon like straps that went over her shoulders to support it. This dress hadn't required any pins. It hugged her body nicely as if made just for her.

She blushed as she looked at herself in the mirror wearing the dress. "Whoever designed this one has masterful taste." She nearly whispered.

Ino beamed with pride. "This one was done just for you by my cousin Yuna. I did the yellow one for you, to match your new underwear, but I guess she was right. A woman from Suna wouldn't show that much skin. You can keep both of them though. Just in case." Ino winked at that last bit Temari blushed wondering what occasion Ino thought would require the transparent yellow shirt that showed off her underwear.

Temari stuttered a thank you and they moved on continuing to play dress up for the mind reading kunoichi until another dress caught the eye of both teens. It was a black dress made of a very expensive silk. This one had a neckline that went down to the middle of her breasts stopping just an inch above where the strap of her bra would sit if it weren't for the primary feature of the dress. It exposed much of her upper back, and would have shown the the entire workings of the bra from the back. Two straps tied behind her neck to hold the top up.

Ino's solution was to remove the bra. The soft material felt exciting as it hid her breasts from the world though the slightest thought of excitement made her nipples poke out visibly. While this dress had no slit at the side to provide mobility like the previous dress it reached down to just below her knees giving her legs more room while still providing a little more modesty than the average dress that Ino had made her wear.

It was certainly a beautiful dress, but Ino cupped her chin before she could look into the mirror. What Temari didn't realize about herself was that she was beautiful. The envy of any other woman her age and a goddess in human flesh. Ino thought that this dress may actually make her realize this, but something felt wrong to her. Something obvious that would make the look perfect. A bolt of inspiration hit her as she smiled and undid the teens four pony tails making her golden blond hair fall to her shoulders. Temari protested, but Ino insisted on brushing the hair out so it would lie at least nearly straight.

When Temari saw herself in the full body mirror she actually gasped at her own appearance and instinctively turned to her sides and back to get better looks at herself. She even did some poses without being prompted. Ino had to call upon all her will to prevent her nose from turning into a fountain of blood as Temari bent down and blew a kiss at the mirror.

Temari wasn't used to this sort of thing. She was a kunoichi, true, and also true, physical appearance meant little to her on a day to day basis, but she had to admit, the longer she did this the more she was beginning to like it. She turned to Ino an honest smile gracing her lips.

Ino smiled back at the Suna kunoichi when she tried on outfits before she was even ordered to for nearly an hour. She glanced at a clock then sighed. "Well I better get back to my team now. Chouji's probably conscious again, and Shikamaru better be done staring at clouds. It was really nice hanging out with you, Temari-chan. I had a wonderful time." The younger blond then did the older's hair back into her usual four pony tails.

Temari smiled and nodded "I did as well Ino-chan I'm normally not into this kind of thing but it was surprisingly fun."

Ino looked at Temari. Her lips slowly forming a smile as she inched closer. "Hmmmmm…I just realized. You were supposed to call me 'Ino-sama' the entire time you had to obey my orders, but you just called me Ino-chan."

Temari blushed lightly remembering the important piece of information. Ino inched closer slowly making Temari back away until she was against the wall. However that didn't stop Ino from approaching closer and closer until her face was mere inches away.

"Now…how…do…you…make…it…up…to…me?" Every word had its own distinct moan as her lips inched closer. Temari was blushing a bright red, and her eyes were spinning in their sockets looking for a means of escape from the girl she had thought was so weak in the Chuunin exams.

The mind invading genin suddenly stopped. Her lips forming an amused smile. "Don't worry, Temari-chan. I'm only kidding." Temari tried to look like she knew all along, but it wasn't hard for Ino to tell she was lying when she spoke.

"I-I see… I k-knew you were joking." She smiled awkwardly. A red blush gracing her cheeks. She could do little under Ino's half lidded eyes.

"Feel free to keep the black dress as well, Temari-chan. Consider it a…trade between our two villages if you want." She winked and turned away with a noticeable sway in her hips.

"But…" Temari said when the younger blond grasped the handle of the door. "I…I-I didn't give you anything…How is that a trade?"

Ino stepped out of the room then turned to look at Temari over her shoulder looking Temari up and down with a half lidded eye. "Oh, but you did Temari-chan... I now have a more up to date idea of your measurements." She smirked seeing the Suna kunoichi blush then waved behind her. "Later Temari-chan. Don't be a stranger and remember…" She turned and winked. "Blonds have MUCH more fun."

Her giggling could be heard throughout the house as she skipped down the halls with a spring in her step unseen since she and Sakura had first made love with one another. Temari was left there with the biggest look of shock and disbelief one could imagine.

Snapping out of her stupor she dressed back into her maid uniform and brought her gifts to what she had begun thinking of as her room. Maybe she would try more of the clothes on later and see if there were any more that she could ask Ino for there were a few she had tried on that hadn't been too bad. She also decided to keep them here in her guest room at Naruto's home for safe keeping before she had to go back home.

It didn't even cross her mind that she should bring them back to Juu and Maru's home. Looking at the room's clock she saw that it was now half passed four in the afternoon. The perfect time to begin dinner. As per one of her orders. A smile formed on her lips. She was going to make sure this would be one dinner that they wouldn't soon forget.

(With Naruto and the Others)

"Pleeeeeeease tell me how it went?" Begged Tenten to her favorite blond with the cutest puppy dog eyes he had ever seen further amplified by Hinata and Kurama's pouts in the background, but Naruto grinned and closed his eyes so he wouldn't fall victim to woman's most powerful technique.

"I already did. She was embarrassed. I was embarrassed, but despite all that she still managed to dress me." His grin grew wider knowing the brown haired teen was now giving him her cutest pout while he stayed safe behind his eyelids.

She snuggled against him sitting on his lap on the sofa in what they had designated the main living room as Hinata and Kurama on either side of them giggled. "Come on. You've got to give me more details than that! It's part of the fun!"

He shook his head. "Sorry Tenten-chan, but you won't get another word out of me." She inched closer and kissed his neck softly, her hand rubbing against his chest. His eyes fluttered open, but he remained ready to snap them shut at a moment's notice. "Still…s-still not telling."

She put on a more stubborn attempt, but Naruto continued to use his impressive will to resist her efforts while still enjoying them immensely. He wasn't going to break his promise to Temari-chan any time soon. Even for one of his girls. A promise was a promise.

Eventually Tenten gave up, folding her arms across her chest and looking away with a deep frown. Naruto smiled kindly. He didn't like seeing her with a frown on her face so he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to his chest. She barely budged refusing to turn her head back towards him. He sighed and kissed her neck. She moaned a little which made him smile.

"Don't frown my lovely wife." She froze in his arms. For a second Naruto could feel her heart beating faster. She always did love when he called her his wife. "You know I hate it when you do. Tell you what. How about on our next date you choose where to go…and tonight I'll make the day you have been looking most forward to truly complete by allowing you to do whatever you want with me." He grinned. "You can order me around just like Temari-chan if you want."

She thought for a moment and grinned as her devious mind got to work. Her attitude took a one eighty and immediately she was hugging the blond while planting a big kiss on his cheek making Hinata and Kurama beside them smile.

Hinata smiled at her friend. "So what did you tell Temari to make for dinner?" She checked the time on a nearby clock. It was already five in the afternoon. It seemed time flew by in Konoha when you were having fun with your friends. Well, after the small annoyance that was daily training.

The brown haired genin shook her head with a smile. "Nothing, I didn't want to force her to make anything she didn't want to or didn't know how to so she has free reign over the menu tonight." Though Tenten was curious about what the Suna kunoichi would make. She forced herself not to peek in on the kitchen to save herself the surprise. Her breakfast and lunch had been very well made. Tenten figured that as long as it didn't have any rat poison in it she would like whatever it was.

The group talked for a good while, the girls taking turns pushing each other off Naruto's lap and taking the spot for themselves. Kurama had just won the coveted spot when suddenly she sniffed at the air. "Hmmm…what is that?" She said with a purr.

Her nose felt like it was on cloud nine as she stood from Naruto's lap and wandered towards the kitchen. She had only a few times in her long life sensed such a wonderful aroma belonging to only the most delicious of dishes humankind had produced. The three humans looked at her confused until their non-super human nose's eventually detected the lingering scent coming from the kitchen. Naruto, who had much less control over himself when it came to food, followed Kurama's example nearly floating towards the kitchen. The other two girls giggled and followed close behind the jinchuuriki and bijuu.

The four heads poked around the door frame in succession. First came Kurama approaching the door as if she had to sneak up on her prey or it may run away. Below her Naruto appeared in much the same way. Hinata appeared next trying not to ruin the look by breaking out into giggles. Tenten failed at that task as she peeked into the kitchen and saw Temari in front of the oven wearing a frilly apron that she had left for the kunoichi to wear while cooking.

After one glance at the heads poking into her kitchen Temari turned back to her stove test tasting the contents of one of the many pots. "Hmmmmm…needs a little more spice…" She muttered and once again turned to the harem whose mouth's were watering from the proximity to the delicious smell. "I will call you when dinner is ready, Naruto-sama, mistresses." Then went back to work on the food.

They were, of course, wondering what she could be making, but they decided to retreat back into the living room and await her call to dinner though Kurama had to be dragged away.

(one hour later)

"When's dinner readyyy?" Kurama groaned, her stomach rumbling more and more in anticipation of the heavenly food that she had smelled more than actual hunger. "This is taking forever! It has to be done by now."

Hinata sat beside her reading one of the many books she had found in the house. She had moved on from, "The Ninja Who Loved Me" to another called, "Worth a Thousand Words." It seemed to revolve around the protagonist being blackmailed, but the young Hyuuga said nothing beyond that, just in case any of her friends wished to read it after she was done. If there was one thing she hated more than harm coming to her precious Naruto-kun, it was spoilers to a good book especially when she accidentally gave them.

The Hyuuga turned her gaze to her demon in human form who was flipping through her own book, another of Jiraiya's, but Hinata was sure she hadn't gotten anything read in half an hour. "Be patient Kurama-chan. I am sure Temari is putting the finishing touches on our meals now."

The fox girl sighed and put her book down and impatiently waited by kicking her feet, slapping her thighs or whistling a catchy tune from decades ago switching between them every few seconds. For someone who spent a little less than half their life in one seal or another she seemed to lack the virtue that was patience. Still she made her friends laugh, so it was ok.

Naruto's ears perked, as did Kurama's, at the sound of plates being taken down from one of the cupboards. He smiled at the demon girl. "Looks like dinner will be served in about five minutes."

The orange haired bombshell was jumping up and down in her seat with the happiest of grins plastered across her face. Naruto smiled at her, happy that the girl could still be so excited at the fact that she would get to eat her favorite food with her own hands. Sometimes she made him forget that this woman was really a powerful demon that could level his home if she so wished. The one that had robbed him of a happy childhood at no fault of her own. None of that mattered now. He only had to care about the present and future, not the past.

After another minute Temari looked in to where the four lovers were sitting. Kurama hopped up and down even more violently in anticipation. Temari had a nervous look on her face, but she tried her best to smile as she bowed her head low.

"Tenten-sama, Naruto-sama, Hinata-sama, Kurama-sama, your dinner is ready." Her face was beat red. It seemed she still wasn't used to the 'maid for a day' thing Tenten had forced upon her, but still Naruto had to admire how dedicated she was at keeping up her end of the bet. He respected that about her. She had her own Nindou. Just like him.

The four walked into the dining room in the order they were called while Kurama grumbled about being last, or at least they would have, had Tenten not stopped abruptly after entering making the three individuals behind her bump into her then each other. Her eyes bulged as she turned towards the table not in shock but certainly mild disbelief. Her mouth was slightly agape and Naruto's attempts to wave his hand in her face was met with no response. When he pushed his way past her and saw what she was looking at his facial expressions mirrored her own. Hinata and Kurama looked at each other curiously and poked their heads between Naruto and the door frame to either side to see what the duo were looking at that would leave them in a state of shock. Needless to say when their eyes spotted the table they followed them into their stunned silence.

The table was decorated well enough to match any fancy restaurant with silver candlesticks that provided the only light in the room and a pure white tablecloth. On the table were five meals that looked as complex and layered as those most of them had only seen in pictures. Two of them were large bowls of ramen Undoubtedly for Naruto and Kurama. After all Temari had seen how well they enjoyed the treat yesterday. The noodles and slices of meat were layered with vibrant colored vegetables which stood out even in the dim light, and it was topped with an egg yolk separated masterfully from the white and placed where it would stand out. Both ramen lovers gulped and wished there brains would register commands to run straight at it and devour the food

Tenten's eyes were locked on a plate with fried rice on one side and a hot curry sauce with bits of chicken and vegetables mixed in on the other. The curry was topped with a sprinkling of some green herb that made the red-orange of the curry seem even more colorful. As she watched Tenten saw the curry bubble slightly on the plate as if it had just come off the stove moments before. She just prayed it wasn't like the curry of life that her teammate Rock Lee was so fond of.

At first Hinata was confused as to which plate was hers as she stared at the dishes that belonged to her companions. Then her eyes landed on a plate of extraordinarily well cut and arranged sushi. It alone should have taken well over an hour for an amateur chef. There were also several dipping sauces arranged in the center of the plate surrounded by the the sushi presented on a leafy green vegetable. Hinata was no stranger to eating the raw fish. She'd had many different kinds at Hibiki's restaurant with her family. Her mother had occasionally made sushi just for her. Hinata had to admit she had never seen some of the kinds of fish Temari had used. So she was immediately hoping that was hers.

Temari was enjoying watching the group as she stood behind the table next to the last plate of food, kung pao tofu with many stir fried fresh vegetables. Strong yellows and reds taunting her to take a bite, but even the chef had to wait to eat. She hadn't realized how hungry she had gotten throughout the day of rigorous cleaning then constantly trying on different outfits. She was starving after all the preparation and special attention she had given to each of the five dishes.

In the center of the table there were some smaller plates with sides and even a dessert plate in the center of the table. There were cinnamon buns which Hinata was certainly glad to see, but she doubted they could contend with her mother's special recipe. Around the edge of the plate were five sticks of dango, one for everyone attending the dinner.

Snapping everyone out of their hunger induced stupor Temari quickly guided them to their seats. She pulled out their respective chairs as each person reached the table. Naruto, of course, was seated at the head of the table with Tenten and Hinata at either side of him. Beside Tenten would sit Kurama. While Temari would be sitting next to Hinata. However as a thank you for the wonderful looking dinner Hinata switched places with the Suna kunoichi so she was sitting right next to Naruto and across from Tenten. The fact that it put her closer to the cinnamon rolls was a complete coincidence. The young woman didn't seem to mind if the tiny blush on her cheeks was any indication. The weapon mistress and the Hyuuga heiress smiled to themselves seemingly the only ones to notice it in the flickering candlelight.

Everyone besides Temari, who was nervously awaiting approval of her cooking, dug into their respective meals. Needless to say Naruto and Kurama were devouring every noodle and drop of broth they could find with no regard to how fancy the presentation was. However their enjoyment was plain on their faced as they complemented the fan using genin on her excellent cooking skills. Tenten and Hinata after eating a few bites in a much more reserved fashion showed a much greater interest.

"This is amazing Temari-chan." Complemented her rival from across the table. "How did you get so good at cooking like this?"

Temari blushed a little at the praise and picked up a piece of tofu and put it in her mouth to give herself some time before she answered the brown haired teen. "Growing up as the Kazekage's daughter I was given a lot of special treatment… Someone was always there to make my bed, get me dressed for the day's activities, make all my meals and take me to wherever I wanted to go." She chuckled gently before she continued. "Even when I was that young I didn't like depending on others for everything so I asked the people who took care of me to teach me how to cook. Well, ordered them really. They were shocked when I asked. I really began to enjoy it, and I guess I kept learning even when they had nothing else to teach me."

Tenten ate a piece of curry dipped chicken and sighed as the flavour exploded in her mouth. It was almost like her mother's. Though there was something extra to it. She would never tell but it was probably even better. "This curry is the great."

Temari smiled and nodded gently. "It should be. It's your mothers recipe, though I added a few things. She gave it to me while we were on the road together. I fell in love with it when I had it, and she told me you always seemed to enjoy it. So I decided to try my hand at it for dinner…Sorry if it's lacking your mother's touch. There were a few ingredients I wasn't very familiar with." Admitted the blond Suna kunoichi.

Her rival just shook her head and smiled. "I have to say its very good. My mother is normally very protective of her recipes. She hasn't shared it with anyone besides me and my father that I know of. It took me about three years of practice before I could get it to be even comparable to her's. You're amazing Temari-chan."

The girl blushed at the praise. She got much of it as a ninja and usually didn't bat an eyelash, but she rarely ever got praised for her cooking because she usually only got to cook for her brothers who were either emotionless or insensitive. She was shocked at how good it felt.

Hinata picked up a piece of sushi before her. "I've never seen this kind of fish before…It has a very fresh flavor and really gives the nori a little extra taste. What is it?"

Temari's face took on a very calm expression as she recalled the information. "It's a very rare fish called the auroshi that swims only in a small lake on one of the southern islands of the land of water. It's a very peculiar fish because the older it gets the better its taste becomes. However when it dies in the water it quickly begins to decompose making it sour to the point of being inedible. The fish is in very short supply right now and fishermen are forbidden from even attempting to catch them. I was very surprised when I saw one in the freezer…"

The female blond turned her gaze towards the kitchen door where she had created the magnificent meals. "…one of a few ingredients that you can't get anywhere anymore that I found. How did you come across them, Naruto-kun?" She asked turning her head towards the blond who had a mouthful of noodles.

He suddenly turned nervous as he quickly slurped the noodles. He couldn't even taste them at that moment. "Ummmm…w-well…the place is kind of… I r-recently inherited it…and the food was all a-already here when I got the place…and it looked fine so I…I-I didn't throw it out." He grinned sheepishly as he struggled with how to explain the time seal the house had been under without revealing too much.

Temari already knew about who he inherited the place from after overhearing it from Tenten and Naruto while they were making out. Still it was very amusing to watch Naruto try and cover his tracks. It made him look even cuter. If the food really was here when he gained ownership of the complex the fourth must have done something to keep the food edible or else it would have expired years ago.

As she had another piece of tofu she asked, "I see…well, I am very sorry to hear about your loss…If you don't mind me asking was it your parents?" He nodded, and she decided to probe for a little information hoping that they would trust her with the truth. "Were their deaths recent? W-was it the invasion?"

Naruto lowered his gaze, and Temari instantly regretted the questions. The Suna ninja didn't want to upset the boy, but she also didn't want them to think she already knew about his parents. The village was obviously trying to keep it a secret from the other villages for as long as they could.

"A-Actually," the blond began, his eating remarkably slowing down to a snail's pace, "they…they died around when I was born. I never even knew them. I grew up in an orphanage, but I only recently got their inheritance when I came of age and became a capable shinobi as was their wills instructed… I only found out about it a little while ago." He was clearly putting up a brave face even though it was difficult talking about the parents he would never meet and saying even soft lies about them made it all the more difficult, but he was ordered by Tsunade to keep it a secret to any outsiders he may come in contact with. The other villages would eventually find out on their own, but for now it was best for them to keep it to themselves for the village's own benefit as it slowly began to grow back to what it once was.

"Oh…" Temari began feigning the shock in in her sad voice "…I-I am sorry to hear that." To her disbelief the young genin had a smile on his face.

He quickly shoved noodles in his mouth to take his mind off the sad thoughts. As he swallowed he grinned at her. "Hey it's ok. It was a shock at first, but everything is alright now. There is no need to feel sorry for me, but I bet your family is pretty close, right? With big dinners like this everyday, how could you not be, right?"

It was Temari's turn to lower her gaze which immediately made Naruto feel like he just did something wrong. Which instantly made him feel like the world's biggest jerk. He was surprised when she looked up with a smile.

"Actually," she began after a long ten seconds, "it's because of you, Naruto-kun, that I have recently been able to do just that." She turned her gaze towards her food which she pushed around with her chopsticks. "When I was younger…my dad…the former Kazekage I mean…never had any chance to be with us. It was always his duties and the village that came first."

She sighed at the memory of her recently deceased father and continued. "My brother Kankuro…he, like me, was scared of our younger brother Gaara and didn't like father because of the lack of attention he gave us. So he dedicated himself to studying and improving his puppet techniques hoping that as a valuable ninja he would receive father's attention. As a result he shut me out as well…but I can't say I ever really made an attempt to be close to him myself. I was kind of doing the same thing he did." She sighed sadly as her red haired brother's face appeared in her mind back when he was a psychopath with that terrible look always smoldering in his eyes. "As for Gaara, I guess you already know what he was like."

Tenten looked at the girl sadly. She couldn't imagine living a life like Temari or Naruto. She had always had her family's support and love. Temari had been through so much for so long. "What about your mother?" Tenten immediately regretted asking the question. She had no business asking about Temari's family life unless Temari told her. It took the girl a good half minute to answer.

"My mother…S-she died…When Gaara was born." Naruto lowered his gaze, remembering Gaara telling him about it some time before the finals. When he had tried to kill Rock Lee in the hospital. Back then the red haired boy didn't seem to care about it, but it was clear that before him now Temari certainly missed her mother. She was older after all, and had time to spend with the woman before her death. No one would want their parents to die. Even though Naruto knew little about his own he wished they were with him right now.

The weapon mistress, feeling like a complete fool, stammered out, "I-I'm sorry Temari-chan I-I didn't mean…" but the older blond shook her head gently.

"I-its ok…You didn't know." She took a deep breath to force the tears that were forming in her eyes under control before they fell down her cheeks. She didn't want to appear weak before the four lovers. Once the welling in her eyes stopped, she continued.

She turned to Naruto smiling. "But as I said…it's thanks to you, Naruto-kun, that our family has been able to become close once more. It may only be me and my brothers now, but because you changed Gaara he is more interested in me and Kankuro. He wants to get to know us, and the best way to get Kankuro to sit down and actually open up is over the dinner table. So lately I have been cooking for my brothers. So…thank you Naruto-kun."

Naruto blushed and rubbed the back of his head nervously at the praise. He certainly didn't expect it when he had fought Garra. His only intention was to save his village and perhaps try to become friends with the only person in the world he had met who was just like him. He didn't expect to also repair a family in the process.

The blond boy grinned at the elder blond after a few moments. "It was my pleasure, Temari-chan. I'm glad I could help. Even if it was a little unintentional."

Temari smiled back at him. She truly was very grateful to him for what he had done for her family. Her hormones sometimes seemed to be the only ones she listened too, but she really did feel a growing affection for the Konoha shinobi. She could never repay the boy's kindness no matter what she did for him. She would be his maid whenever he asked for giving her back her family.

It was several minutes of much less serious conversation later that the four shinobi and single demon finished their meals. Hinata even left a cinnamon roll for each of them, though she took three for herself. They didn't hesitate to praise the chef as they cleaned their plates. Temari was as amazing in the kitchen as she was on the battlefield as far as those in attendance were concerned.

The maid for a day stood up and took all empty plates from the table to hide her blush. When she returned she found that everyone had stayed at the table to talk to one another long after the meal was done, leaving the dishes forgotten in the sink.

The talk had a casual friendly air. As if it was only natural to sit around the table and talk about how their ninja training was going that day or something their teammates had done in the past. By the knowing smiles that passed between the Konoha shinobi Temari could tell that some of the stories were often told tales that they were now sharing with her. Not having many friends growing up it felt odd but strangely exhilarating to Temari. Temari felt bad that she didn't really have much to say seeing as all she really could talk about was her family and even then only what she was authorized to say. She told them a little about Suna as it tried to sort everything out after the loss of their Kazekage, but she couldn't say much. Though she did seem excited to tell them that the academy was finally full after years of tiny classes. She was only sad that it came because of the decimation of their ninja forces.

Kurama mostly focused on talking about Naruto and stories from his childhood that made him blush and hide his face. Being a demon that was sealed up in him for the past decade of human history she wasn't used to the outside world enough to talk about more current events, and she knew how important it was to keep her status as the nine tailed fox a secret for now. Especially before a foreigner. So she had to avoid saying anything about her own life or else she may accidentally tip Temari off. The demon woman realized this young kunoichi was smart enough to see through anything if she was given a few clues. As it was she laughed riotously at Naruto's antics.

After nearly an hour of conversation Tenten suddenly had a thought come to mind which made her smile devilishly. "Hey Temari-chan, I am curious what would you have made me do if you won our bet yesterday?"

The female blond was taken by surprise by the sudden question. Her laughter from Kurama's latest story died in her throat. Her face turned a light red as her mind registered the weapon mistress' question. Of course she knew what she had wanted, but could she actually say it before these girls? With Naruto sitting at her side with a curious look on his face? However she was a kunoichi of her word, and she took that seriously. She had made a deal with Tenten that she would do whatever Tenten asked today, and that also meant answering the most embarrassing questions.

She sighed softly turning her gaze gently down towards her lap so she didn't have to see their faces when they heard. "There were a few vague thoughts I had, but there was one thing I was sure of. I…" she began "I-I was going to ask if I could have your permission to go on a date with Naruto-kun."

Though she prepared for the worst the three girls were unfazed by what Temari had wished. Naruto on the other hand, who had no suspicions at all about the wind mistress's slowly growing affection towards him, was looking at her mouth slightly agape in disbelief.

She nearly giggled when she saw his baffled look, but then Temari looked at Tenten nervously. "I wanted your permission of course, and Hinata and Kurama's if I had known they were involved. If any of you were against it then I wouldn't push any further. I'm not heartless, b-but since I lost there is no point now. Just another funny story to laugh at."

Tenten smiled, already figuring her new friend was harboring some feelings for her lover given how she was acting around him. The small blushes, the interest in all of their stories about him, the fact that she hadn't run screaming from the house after all she'd seen today. Which meant the plan she had cooked up earlier may actually work. Now that she had conformation of Temari's affections though this meant she would have to make the small sacrifice of not having her maid for the evening, but if it was for Naruto she could do anything.

The weapon mistress smiled kindly at Temari. "Well if that's all you were going to make me do, then by all means you can go out with him all you want."

Temari blinked in surprise which amused her rival greatly. With a grin Tenten stood up and walked behind Naruto wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her chin on his head. Seeing what she wanted to do Hinata and Kurama followed suit both of them standing from the table and going to his sides. They wrapped their arms around his neck and joined Tenten in leaning their chins on Naruto's head. The boy blushed, but he made no effort to stop them. His hands touched them lovingly as they embraced him.

Not taking her gaze off of Temari, Tenten smiled. "We all love Naruto, Temari-chan, but we don't mind if he dates other women. As long as they understand we aren't going to be going anywhere. More than anything we just want him to be happy after everything he has been through. We love him. "

Naruto was still in a stunned silence but a grin formed on his lips as Tenten once again reaffirmed the group's love for him. He turned around in the chair and gave her a small kiss.

Temari was shocked. They were happily going to let her have a chance with the genin they loved? It made her wonder if this harem was larger than she had first thought, and if that was the case how many lovers did Naruto have? How could it be possible they were all ok with him expanding his circle of lovers? She doubted it was merely going up to them and saying, 'want to help me restore my clans?' or else he would have many permanent slap marks on his face. Could he really be such an amazing and loving guy that these girls would be happy being with him along with other women? If he went through the same life as her brother had she found it difficult to believe, but then again she herself was seriously considering joining them.

"So…I can…" began Temari, but her rival nodded her head before she could finish asking the question. Temari didn't even realize the smile was forming on her own lips. "But…what about all this then?" She gestured to her maid uniform knowing that if she did go on a date with Naruto she wouldn't be Tenten's maid any longer.

Tenten smiled and removed herself from the impromptu group hug focusing her attention on her maid for the day. "I think I've had my fun for today. Besides after that wonderful curry I can't bring myself to embarrass you any more. So as my last order of the day you are to go on a date with Naruto-kun." The weapon mistress grinned happily as she watched the wind mistress's smile grow.

Temari wasn't sure what she was happier about. That she could finally ditch this degrading uniform, though she was getting used to it, or that her request had been accepted despite losing the bet. Though now she felt embarrassed that she'd thought she had to win a bet to ask Naruto out when she could have asked him any time.

The following half hour was a chaotic period for Temari as she was dragged away from the table by Tenten and Hinata. They assured her that they would see if they had anything that would fit the blond and knock Naruto's socks off. It took Temari several minutes to get out that she had some ideas thinking of her few new outfits from Ino. Hiding the black and yellow outfit from them she modeled both the purple and black dresses for the girls. Though she was leaning towards the more modest purple dress both girls insisted that the black dress was amazing, and that she had to wear it tonight. The matter was settled when Hinata assured her that Naruto would find her irresistible in the dress and winked suggestively. With a blush the purple dress was hung back up in Temari's bare closet.

(Meanwhile with Naruto)

Naruto was sitting on the couch in the main sitting room with Kurama by his side though she wasn't pressed against him like she would when they were normally sitting alone as she sensed his depression. Worried she asked, "what's wrong, Naruto-kun?" With concern clear in her sensual voice.

The blond sighed and turned his gaze towards the orange haired woman. Face to face now she could see he looked more upset than she had originally thought. Given the situation she expected him to be running up the walls at the thought of going out with the attractive older teen. Perhaps even another lover.

"I really am an idiot. Aren't I, Kurama-chan?" She raised an eyebrow, surprised by the sudden insult towards himself.

"What makes you say that?" She inched closer to him. her hand resting on his holding it in a comforting way. She had the kindest smile he had ever seen on her face. "Come on, tell Kurama-obasan what's got you so down in the dumps."

Naruto sighed before he forced a smile on his face glad he had someone like the fox girl to comfort him. "I-it's just…it's just that once again I have shown how much of a complete idiot I can be by not noticing a girl has feelings for me." His gaze lowered and he sighed again. "First Hinata-chan, then Tenten-chan, and now Temari-chan…When it comes to understanding other people's feelings I am hopeless."

Kurama still had a kind smile on her lips even though Naruto's tone broke her heart. Her hand reached around his shoulders pulling the depressed boy's head from it's slumped state into the woman's breast in a hug. Naruto wrapped his arms around her and a few tears leaked out of his eyes while he enjoyed the warmth and love he felt in her arms.

"None of that." She whispered. "We both know the reason why that is. It's because for so long you have been alone and had little interaction with anyone your own age. Let alone anyone that you could call a true friend. You don't know love from friendship." He nodded gently and let the woman continue. "Hinata was the most obvious and the first, but even so, with little to no interaction with her, even less than you had with Kiba, Shikamaru, and Chouji who I would say are becoming friends, there was no way you could identify her feelings towards you when you didn't even know what love looked like. Then there's Tenten. You've only known her for a few months now and before you became a couple you could count your interactions with her after the Chunin exam with one hand."

Naruto nodded again wiping the wetness from his eyes as he pulled himself out of Kurama's embrace to think. "…and of course with Temari, who lives in an entirely different village this is the first time you have met her since the Chunin exam right? Where she tried to kill you and the entire village?" He nodded once more an honest smile made its way to his lips. "What were you supposed to think?"

Naruto stood up and grabbed Kurama into a large hug lifting her off of the sofa. "Thank you, Kurama-chan." He whispered into her ear, and got a short lick to his own in return.

When the other girls were away on their own business Naruto could always count on Kurama to be there for him and lift his spirits with her wisdom and her playfulness. He was happy at the thought that when he and Jiraiya began traveling on his training trip Kurama would be with him every step of the way. While the others would have to await his return in Konoha. She was the only thing that would make the two year experience bearable. He just hoped his new sensei wouldn't bother her like the super pervert he was or spy on them making love to get 'research material' for his books, but given his own knowledge of the fox demon and the respect she gave the pervert's books she may volunteer to be researched so she could make a cameo.

Kurama snuggled closer into him resting her chin on the top of his head. "You have gotten better at identifying a person's feelings since you have so many friends now, but you still have a long way to go before you can identify the feelings of a person who is practically unknown to you. So please don't let it bother you, ok? I am sure you will figure out the next one on your own." She grinned a foxy grin at her loveable blond who returned the same.

"Thank you, Kurama-chan." He stood up tall and kissed her lips softly. Both of them knew Temari and the others could be coming down stairs at any time so nothing more came of it, though both couldn't deny they very much wanted it to. Most heart to heart sessions between the two escalated into that kind of thing.

They sat back down and held each other close talking of less consequential things. Before too long Temari entered the living room wearing the black dress she had received from Ino with her hair down and brushed so it fell around her shoulders. Hinata and Tenten were at her sides smiling happily at Naruto's reaction. When he had heard the three approaching he had stood and turned to face the door. He was still three fourths of the way through that turn as he had caught sight of Temari and his mouth had fallen open.

He hadn't seen a metamorphosis so stunning since Tenten had let her hair down and wore a dress he had originally thought she would never wear given her tomboy attitude. The girl's rival pulled off the same transformation marvelously. Her feminine strength was still on display in the way she held herself, but she also wore a hint of make-up applied expertly, and the skin that she showed was lean and toned by years of hard work while maintaining a layer of softness. The beauty of her caused his mouth to dry and he had to gulp which caused his three lovers to laugh. He looked down at his own orange and blue outfit and realized he was seriously under dressed. He blushed and muttered an apology before frantically running up to his room to change leaving the girls to laugh at his antics and complement Temari on the reaction she had gotten.

He returned five minutes later dressed in the outfit that Hinata had made sure to buy numerous copies of that he wore when he went on more formal dates. It was Temari's turn to be reduced to stunned silence as she watched him descend the stairs. She had never imagined in a million years that the genin who was still a few years her junior could look so hot by simply changing his clothes. He had gained an aura around him, one of confidence further amplified by his foxy grin and surprisingly handsome face which was brought to the forefront by his new clothes.

The blond walked over to the Suna kunoichi and took her hand into his not even noticing her state of shock. His eyes locked onto hers, and Temari could feel her heart beating in her chest. It was a feeling she still had to get used to but it was one she was slowly beginning to become familiar with since the first time she had masturbated to thoughts of Naruto. He just had this attraction that made her unable to resist. Whether it was her delayed teenage hormones blinding her or true love, the Suna kunoichi soon decided she didn't care. She just went along with her feelings without any resistance.

Smiling Naruto uttered some very simple words. "You ready, Temari-chan?"

Still a little dumbfounded she nodded her head slowly before they left the estate waving at the girls left in the house.

(Six hours later)

It was past midnight and the two were very tired from the extended date. Naruto was positive it was the single longest date he had ever been on, but after seeing a person who recognized the female blond as a Suna kunoichi and gave her a nasty glare, Naruto was determined to make it an experience she would not soon forget. If for no other reason than to show her that Konoha wasn't all people like that.

He started by showing her around the village since she had yet to get a proper tour. It was all very peaceful. Barely anyone looked at Temari at all without her Suna forehead protector and her trademark hairdo. To nearly everyone she was just another Konoha civilian who had snagged a date with the increasingly popular son of their fourth Hokage. They received little hassle as they explored especially when Naruto was right next to her.

They visited all of Naruto's favorite places including the academy where he introduced her to Iruka, the park where he pushed her on the swings much to her embarrassment and pleasure, the top of the Hokage tower which had the second best view in Konoha, and the Hokage monument, which was of course the best. They went anywhere Naruto could think of that would show Konoha's culture that wasn't tainted by bad memories, while also making sure his date was entertained.

The couple had been atop the heads of the Hokage monument sitting on the former leaders of the village for about an hour talking about there respective villages. Despite Naruto hearing that Sunagakure was nothing but sand and stone Temari somehow made it sound like something much grander and more beautiful than he could believe. Then he remembered how he thought about his own village even with its flaws and it was it was obvious to him that her village was precious to her just like Konoha was to him. It was one of the things many things he learned that night that made him like Temari more than he already had.

Walking through the quiet streets after midnight was also an experience. Nearly the entire village had gone to sleep leaving Naruto and Temari to own the streets. They walked holding each other close until they saw the lights of a business still open. A movie theater that was about to seat its last showing. The two agreed that a movie would be the perfect way to end their date especially since the show was a romantic one that Temari had heard good things about. Temari found a nice empty spot for them in the already lightly populated screening room right at the back, away from wandering eyes.

The movie started off fine, but soon devolved into the same lovey-dovey stuff of most romantic movies where the two main characters find each other then a bunch of stuff happened that tried to break them apart. It only caught Naruto's attention for a few minutes before his eyes glazed over and he wasn't paying attention at all to the movie. Temari bit her thumbnail looking slightly disappointed. She had heard it was a good movie, but it was turning out to be pretty bad especially given Naruto's reaction. Her stomach tied into knots dreading the movie ruining their date.

It was thirty minutes into the dreadful show when Naruto made his move. Despite his dating experience he used the old, 'pretend you're tired and stretch your arm over the girl's shoulder" tactic this may be new territory to the wind mistress, but she had seen enough romance movies to recognize the age old dating move. She didn't stop him however. She enjoyed having him touch her bare shoulder. A content smile on her lips, she sighed and lowered her head onto his shoulder. Naruto wasn't complaining. It made the movie much more tolerable.

As the movie went on the two teens noticed more and more people leave the screening room to escape the appalling movie. Most had been couples that finally realized they could be doing better things with their time. Eventually the new couple were the only ones in the room watching the movie. Temari gulped, this wasn't the first time they had been alone together since the kissing incident earlier that day, but the moment felt oddly similar. The memory of it still very fresh in her mind, as it should be as it was her first kiss, but somehow being alone with him in the darkened room felt exciting. She couldn't forget how she'd felt when her lips made contact with his. Her heart beat faster and the places where her skin met Naruto's felt so hot. Every part of her body felt good slowly burning up from her very core.

Temari looked up at the blond. Noticing the movement Naruto turned down to her ignoring the movie. Her green eyes shone in the reflected light from the screen. As their eyes met a smile automatically formed on his lip,s a gentle and comforting one that was different from his trademark grin. She almost didn't even realize she was leaning upwards until her lips pressed against his. He was surprised at first, but he put up no resistance and just went with it. He was never one to refuse a kiss.

She moaned and purred into the kiss as Naruto's arm around her shoulder caressed her bare back. Temari hadn't realized how much she was already missing his kiss. She felt so safe and beautiful as he lost himself to the kiss. She didn't even care if his hands wandered around her body this time. Her own right hand was caressing his chest through his clothes so she had no room to argue. Unlike her first real kiss this time she felt something very different. In her mouth was a wet, fleshy, and above all strong intruder, and it was rubbing against her own tongue. It didn't take the blond kunoichi long to realize it was the young jinchuuriki's tongue that had entered her mouth. She was moaning at the new sensation.

The tongue wasn't playful or dancing with hers like Naruto would do with most girls. Instead he figured that to complement her strong and confident personality as not only a kunoichi but as a woman Temari would enjoy being a little dominated by her more experienced partner. His observations seemed to be accurate as the wind mistress wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned hotly almost begging for more without a single word. Of course she would never actually speak the words it just wasn't her style. She let her body do the talking.

Without breaking the kiss Temari slowly pushed closer to the blond until her chest was pressed against his. Then she swung her leg over the arm rest that separated them. Suddenly she was sitting on Naruto's lap both legs resting on the arm rest on the other side of Naruto. She felt so wonderful right now, so free. Before she had come to Konoha Temari hadn't thought she would ever do this kind of thing losing control of herself and sitting on a man's lap, but the feeling right now was so right, and it only got stronger and stronger the more time she spent with Naruto.

Temari couldn't deny it anymore even to herself. She wanted this boy desperately. She wanted him to be the one to make her a woman. She wanted to spend her life with him. She realized it would mean sharing him with who knew how many woman, but she had already become good friends with Tenten, Hinata, Ino, and Kurama. She figured she would also be alright with Sakura and the other girls. Who knew she may even be willing to join them when they have sex at the same time like she had seen last night. The thoughts of that made her panties slowly grow wet once more. How could she be thinking of sex in such a public place? It was so unbecoming of someone like her. She blamed it on the fact that she could feel every inch of Naruto's growing erection beneath her.

The lights in the room suddenly turned on as the movie ended. The cleaning staff stood at the bottom of the theater looking right at them, their pimply faces giggling. Temari quickly jumped off of the blond a blush bright on her face. She quickly fixed her dress making sure Naruto's hands hadn't uncovered her breasts as they caressed her and smoothing out her skirt that had ridden up as she slipped onto Naruto's lap. Both of them looked at each other for a long moment as the cleaning staff looked on. They were both smiling showing they both had a clear conscience about what they had just done. Taking the blond boy's hand Temari led him out of the closed theater. They headed back to Naruto's home laughing at the looks on the teenage staff's faces as the lights turned on.

When they arrived home Hinata and Tenten were still up and asked a barrage of questions about where they went and what they had talked about. They had been worried at how long the couple had been out, but at the same time knew nothing could have bothered the two powerful shinobi. The wind mistress was surprised that when she mentioned the fierce lip locking session in the cinema they didn't seem to mind at all beyond asking for details. All in all they were happy she had such a good time. As they shared a laugh about being caught by the cleaning staff Hinata had to say her goodbyes for the night since she had promised her sister that she would help train her that day and she would only be getting a few hours sleep as it was. She gave Naruto a passionate kiss then left waving her goodbye to the others and calling back to Temari that she hoped she could have dinner with her again, though without the maid uniform this time.

With a smile on the blond's face she nodded and called back that it would be her pleasure.

Tenten had already sent a shadow clone to her parents saying she would be staying at a friend's house again along with Temari. Her parents could easily man the shop without her, and if she needed to she could always send a shadow clone that could do her job just as effectively as if she was there in the flesh. It would also be nice to spend time with her family again after their long trip.

Eventually the group decided that if any of them were looking to do any early morning training tomorrow now would be the time to go to bed. Temari went to her own room and stripped off the dress before hanging it in the closet. She slipped into the silken sleeping robe, glad to at least have a pair of panties tonight.

With a smile on her face she turned off the lights and lowered her head to the soft pillow. Today was no doubt the best day of her life. Despite the embarrassment of that morning. All in all it was wonderful. Especially the date, and the kiss in the cinema was, of course, the highlight of the evening. She closed her eyes softly and allowed herself to fall asleep.

(Scene break)

An hour and a half later Temari's eyes opened slowly as the sound of voices floated through her back wall once again, though without the loud banging this time. The young wind mistress recognized the moans as Naruto and Tenten. No doubt they were going at it tonight just like they had last night with Hinata and Kurama. Though this time she could only hear the two voices. She found herself listening intently at the creaking of bed springs, Tenten's moaning, the hot panting of Naruto's breath. Before long she was whimpering pathetically as she felt her hormones rise to another boiling point. Thoughts of her and Naruto doing those things invaded her mind. Her right hand reached into the robes and massaged her womanhood dampening her new panties more than they had become at the cinema earlier that night.

Before too long Temari couldn't take just listening anymore. She got out of bed and crept to Naruto's bedroom. She couldn't explain it. Their passionate love making was a siren's song leading her to her destruction. In a few moments Temari was in front of the once again cracked open door. For a moment she considered just knocking on the door and asking if she could cut in. Just like asking someone if you could dance with their partner. A tap on the shoulder then jumping right into it.

Instead she peered through the crack in the doorway and watched them. Naruto was laying on the bed a content smile on his face and his hands on Tenten's hips while she was sitting astride him riding his well endowed manhood expertly. Both of them were sweating like they were in a sauna but they smiled at each other in the sweetest way. Temari could see their love in those looks.

It was easy for Temari to imagine herself in Tenten's place, riding Naruto with her own smile bright on her face. Bouncing up and down on his large manhood after adjusting to it. It seemed like the perfect way to lose her virginity. The thought made her grow red and her panties were once again wet. She raised her left hand to her mouth and bit down slightly on the length of one of her fingers as a makeshift gag to muffle her moans and pants as she massaged her womanhood with her right. Thrusting into herself with two fingers Temari watched the couple. When Naruto's hands moved to Tenten's breasts Temari did the same with her right hand simulating the feeling. She pinched her nipples slightly as she heard a sudden long moan from Tenten.

Why did this boy make her feel like this? She had never once had these thoughts before about anyone. Then she saw Tenten masturbate the other day and her mind had been foggy ever since. She was a proud and strong Suna kunoichi but he she was crouching in a hallway touching herself for a boy she barely knew, but kami damn it he was everything she could want in a lover maybe…just maybe…

"You look like you're having fun."

Temari jumped at the whispered voice to her right. Thankfully biting her finger prevented any kind of squeal or yelp escaping her lips. She whipped her head to the side and saw Kurama smiling down at her. Though she didn't act like Temari's current position was anything that wasn't perfectly natural.

Kurama leaned over the blond and peaked in at the couple going at it like animals the smile still on her lips. "This is the second time now you have spied on them. Do you like voyeurism?"

The wind mistress gulped, her face growing even redder.

"Y-you know? H-how?" The blond barely managed to say.

Kurama turned to her, a foxy grin on her face. "Who do you think removed the silence seal on your wall? And kept leaving the door open for you to peep through? Also, I can be a pretty good sensor when I want to be, besides it's not like you didn't leave a trail to follow. I could track you by scent from ten miles." She looked down meaningfully towards the hand in that had been in Temari's panties.

The girl instantly caught on to what the orange haired bombshell was saying and felt a flash of anger that was instantly quieted as a moan came from the room and distracted her. Neither helped in any way the reddening of her face.

Temari wiped her watering eyes with the back of her hand. "I-I can't help it…N-Naruto-kun…h-he is always on my mind. I-I cant stop thinking about him." She whimpered. It seemed that now Naruto, everything about him that made him such a wonderful person, was running through her mind all the time and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Kurama had helped push it along, but it had been happening before last night.

Kurama looked down at the blond and with one hand guided her up from the ground. Standing before the demon Temari's face was inches from her clothed breasts.

"And you know the reason for that right? It should be obvious by now, no matter how much you may try to deny it." She still had a kind smile on her lips though it had a touch of amusement after seeing the blond squirm and whimper. It was always a cute when a human did those kinds of things before the fox demon.

Temari nodded forehead nearly touching Kurama's chest. "I-I know…and I haven't been denying it…it's…i-it's just… I don't understand how I can feel so strongly for him… s-so soon after meeting him."

She really was at a loss. No matter what her feelings for him may have been she could not understand or comprehend what had made those feelings increase so dramatically. However, Kurama had a small smile on her lips she rose her hand and gently ruffled the blond girl's hair.

"I know the reason." Temari looked up at Kurama's assertion very curious about what this woman thought she knew. "I am older than you think, and I have seen a situation just like yours before. You're a girl that takes her shinobi duties very seriously." Temari nodded her head that much should be obvious to anyone. "You come from an important, but very broken, family and you have little to no friends. So you have had little interaction with people your own age and only speak with a few people, if any, when not on a mission or training."

Temari hated to admit it, but the woman was right again. It was even more true before Naruto had helped Garra. She nodded once more.

"You had no real childhood Temari. You were raised only to think of your duty, and because of it you were denied the life of an ordinary teenage girl. You've felt nothing like love or sexual attraction because your dedication to your shinobi life was absolute. You fought down any and all unwanted feelings that wouldn't help you in your career." Kurama stroked Temari's hair as she talked describing Temari's situation in exact detail.

Temari looked on amazed. She had no idea Kurama could be so sagely and wise. She felt bad now for her initial reaction to the busty woman. She had thought her soft in body and mind when she found out that the woman wasn't and had never been a ninja. Her large breasts laid back attitude hadn't helped the opinion grow, but now Temari looked at Kurama in a new light.

"How…do you know so much about me?" She asked curiously wiping her eyes again.

Kurama grinned foxily and hugged Temari to her breast. "Like I said, I have been around for a while and seen a few examples of kunoichi like you, but your eyes give away the most important detail. You love him."

Temari yelped, but it was muffled by the older woman's chest. Kurama continued to pet her head which she found oddly comforting. Temari was surprised to find herself smiling as she pulled back from the embrace.

"Now believe me when I say this Temari-chan. I can understand what you are feeling right now, including the doubt and the fear, but you have to ignore all of your hesitation and take the plunge on this." The blond looked at her surprised then averted her gaze towards an empty corner of the floor blushing and ashamed at her own cowardice.

Kurama gently took hold of her chin and turned Temari to face her again. "If you don't then when you go back to Suna he will still be always on your mind. You will regret your hesitation and berate yourself even more thinking about what could have been. Even if you find someone else he will always be in the back of your mind and you will once again hesitate, and if you're really unlucky it will distract you enough on a mission that you'll make an amateur mistake and get yourself killed."

The thought shocked Temari, but she didn't even once think it was impossible. No one could tell the future, and there was a look in Kurama's eyes that said she had seen that very thing happen. "S-so what should I do…? S-sleep with him? It's… much too soon. We only just recently met each other, and we've only gone on one date"

Kurama shook her head cursing the stupid rules of engagement that humans followed even when it was clearly hurting them and holding them back.

"There is no such thing as 'too soon' Temari-chan. That is just something huma…people say thinking that if they follow some non-existent rules of love that everything will work out for the better, but look in your heart. Do you feel that you could EVER love anyone more than Naruto?" Temari shook her head gently. "You have been all around the world including at least two ninja villages. In your sixteen years of life have you ever met someone as kind, handsome, and loving as Naruto-kun?" Once again Temari shook her head a smile slowly forming on her lips as Kurama continued playfully. "Then there you go. No man could ever be as good for you as Naruto-kun. So why hold yourself back and not do with him what you would eventually do someday with someone inferior?"

Temari nodded her head understanding what the woman meant, but still she was unsure. "But…what about how Naruto-kun feels…? I-I don't want my first time to just be empty sex for either of us." She almost jumped when she felt Kurama's hand caress her cheek. Much more gently than when she had just moments ago. Her hand was soft, like silk. She almost didn't want it to part with her skin. She looked towards the fox girl who was smiling kindly at her.

"I think you know him better than that." Temari lowered her gaze the sincerity in Kurama's voice making her feel almost ashamed at asking the question. "Most men would abuse having more than one lover like Naruto-kun, but it has barely even entered his mind. He shares his love with everyone and spreads it out equally among his women. I don't think he understands how to have sex without there being at least some love in there as well. I've watched him, and his love only gets stronger and stronger as time goes on. Surely you know what kind of life Naruto has lived. Especially knowing your brother." The blond wind mistress nodded her head knowing far to well. She had heard the end of his tearful conversation with Garra and deduced that the boy was a Jinchuuriki.

"Naruto's experience could be considered even worse. He had no one there for him, not even an uncle or a brother and sister for a long time. Even when some people did accept him it was a select few, and he certainly had no way to defend himself from his abuse like Garra had his sand. Yet he endured it with a will of fire unlike any I have seen. He should have been bitter and resentful like your brother, but instead he came out a wonderful person who will do anything and everything for his fellow man because it is the right thing to do. He is the most amazing person on this planet." Kurama said it with such conviction that Temari nodded her head. "He has already shown signs that he cares about you multiple times, but is up to you to make that blossom into the kind of love he has for me, Tenten-chan, Hinata-chan and all the others."

"Y-yeah…" Temari said in a low voice looking down at the ground once again.

Unimpressed, Kurama grabbed her shoulders making the blond look into her eyes. "Now tell me. Who do you love?"

"N-Naruto-kun." She said raising her voice enough to barely breaking through the sounds of intense sex in the other room.

"Who? I cant hear you Temari-chan." Kurama taunted. It worked as Temari's face grew more resolute and confident.

"I love Naruto-kun!" Her voice was louder now much to the fox girls glee.

"Once more, Temari-chan! Say the name of who you want, and what you want from him!" Kurama encouraged.

For a moment Temari resembled a steaming hot kettle with a bright red face, but thanks to Kurama's prying she could finally say what she wanted. "I…I LOVE NARUTO-KUN AND WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM!" She covered her mouth realizing that she had just yelled and remembering exactly where she was. The sounds of sex stopped, and Naruto popped his head out the door to see Temari's back and a foxily grinning Kurama.

"W-what's going on out here?" He asked with a blush after hearing what the wind mistress said quite clearly even over Tenten's climax.

Kurama, who was still grinning, grabbed Temari's shoulders and gently turned her around revealing a red face and an open nightgown exposing the entire length of cleavage between Temari's breasts and her panties that had been pushed aside to allow the girl access to her womanhood. Both girls met the blond boy's eyes, but Kurama was the one to finally speak up. "Naruto-kun…I would like you to meet your new lover."

Temari was surprised that they didn't have sex right away. For her it was an awkward ten minutes as she was brought into the room by Kurama guided past Naruto. Who despite being naked as the day he was born didn't even try to cover up like he had that morning. He had a stunned but ecstatic look on his face. Tenten was also there sitting on the bed with a smile on her lips clearly happy at the blond's declaration from the hallway.

She had been expecting Naruto to follow her to the bed and take her virginity, but instead he came over and hugged her. His member pressed into her stomach covered with another girl's juices, but Temari melted into the hug. When he pulled away he told her that he was glad she wanted to join his harem, but he admitted he wasn't sure if he loved her yet. Behind his back Kurama rolled her eyes and grinned that grin that Temari was beginning to understand meant she knew more about how people were feeling then they themselves. The wind mistress reassured him that she was okay with that and understood that love would take time. They talked for a few minutes until Temari was perfectly unable to hold herself back. She turned the hug into a passionate kiss which ended up with the two laying on the bed, Naruto on top.

Naruto was moving his tongue in her mouth dominating her like he had in the movie theater, and she was loving it. Her own tongue put up token resistance but gave up easily and allowed him to have his way with her mouth. Never before did she fell so weak and helpless, at someone's mercy like this. Hearing her pleased moans Naruto's cock twitched. He was proud that he had realized what kind of things Temari would enjoy without help or guidance. His hands moved along her body instinctively under her robe. One hand groped her ass while the other wrapped around her waist and pressing her body closer to his. The wind mistress moaned contently not minding his wandering hands.

With her own hands Temari was trying to remove her sleeping robe so she could be as naked as the boy she was making out with. Her perky nipples finally pressed against his chest which made him moan. Soon the robe was on the floor next to Naruto's date outfit and Tenten's clothes leaving Temari in nothing but her soaked panties.

Naruto separated from the kiss and sat back to look at her. He blushed as he took in Temari's beautiful body. Her chest was just slightly bigger than Tenten's which she hid well under her clothes. She had less of an athletic form than Tenten possessed but made up for it with more curves. Her hair was still down and splayed out behind her on the bed.

With a light blush gracing her cheeks the female blond removed her hands from her breasts, where they had instinctively gone to hide her breasts having no bra to cover up, exposing her breasts to a man for the first time. She was glad to see that Naruto didn't stare for very long focusing on her face more than anything else. She proceeded to remove and throw away her panties knowing she wouldn't be needing them anytime soon, She nervously asked Naruto to lay at the head of the bed so they could begin.

She straddled him intending to fulfill her most recent fantasy. It also helped that this way she could control how she lost her virginity. She didn't scream when her hymen was shredded by Naruto's mighty cock, but she did bite her lip.

A few minutes later, here she was fulfilling her fantasy bouncing up and down on Naruto's lap. "Ohhhhhh…N-Naruto-kun…y-you feel so good!" She moaned contently going slow at first so she didn't hurt herself. Blood and pre-cum trailed down the shaft of Naruto's member. It had been almost unbearable at first, possibly the worst pain Temari had ever felt, but she wasn't about to let that stop her from enjoying this. Once the pain began to dull she sped up taking the entire cock into her core as she bounced up and down. Naruto had his hands on her waist giving her some support as his counter thrusts met her every time she slammed back down onto his lap.

Temari could feel the cock strike her womb, hard. She almost lost her balance each time. Naruto's hands the only things keeping her upright. She placed her hands on the blond's chest to steady herself. It was an amazing feeling. She had never imagined her first time would be quite like this especially not with someone about the same age as her younger brother, but Kami did he feel amazing. He made her feel perfect and complete as he whispered his affection to her. She thanked Kurama silently, knowing that the woman had been right. Nothing could have held a candle to this.

Naruto struggled not to grin. He hadn't realized Temari would be so tight around his cock's impressive girth, and he worried about hurting her, but it felt so damn good. "Y-you ok…T-Temari-chan?"

She didn't respond beyond slamming herself down onto Naruto's cock. She was lost in her own world now. No sound besides content moans left her mouth. Clearly she was enjoying herself. Naruto let his grin out. He was always relived when his girl's first time got to be something special thanks to him. Something they would always remember, but he still worried.

Being inside Temari felt amazing and Naruto couldn't take it any more. He griped the woman's hips hard surprising her. Then he forced her up and down his cock at his own pace. Temari's face was a bright red but made no movement to stop him. In fact her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she lost herself to the pleasure. She could feel his manhood twitching inside her. Remembering last night it could only mean one thing. The thought of him cumming inside of her made her take back control of the encounter riding Naruto even faster than he had been forcing her to go.

The blond boy panted heavily. Tenten had already worn him out a great deal before they had been interrupted by Temari, and he was still functioning on only an hour or two of sleep after their celebration of Tenten's victory last night. He had only a little stamina left now even though Temari was doing most of the work, and he was more than happy to lay back and let her, only matching her thrusts with small motions of his hips.

As his head came to rest on the sweat soaked pillow he heard a moan and turned to face it. At the end of the bed Kurama was sitting with her legs spread just far enough to allow Tenten access. She moaned happily while the weapon mistress was on her knees and licking the fox girl's womanhood. Naruto chuckled at the thought of Kurama with her tails out wagging happily like they usually did when she was eaten out. It was one of his favorite sights.

Temari moaned at his laugh and her hands trailed down his chest caressing his abs. "C-can't last much…longer…t-t-too good!" She could barely feel her legs anymore. Naruto responded with a foxy grin and picked up the pace again. Temari was sure he couldn't be any more fierce inside of her right now. It was as if he was a wild animal. Her moan this time came from deep in her throat, nearly a growl.

He moaned in return feeling the pressure that was building up pounding at his resolve. "M-me too…I-in or out?" He asked curiously. It didn't really matter what she chose since she had used the birth control jutsu. but he was curious as to what Temari would choose.

"I-I-IN!" She yelled with an involuntary buck of her hips. The young Uzumaki grinned and matched her pace. The room soon resonated with their incoherent moans and the smell of their sex. With a few final thrusts Naruto released the contents of his balls just outside the walls of Temari's womb bathing it in the creamy fluid covering his manhood with a mixture of their fluids.

Temari's waist buck and spasmed as she came along with him and as Naruto looked up at her she had almost the most out of it expression Naruto had ever seen, second only to Sakura's 'incident.' Her eyes were facing the ceiling, and she was panting hard. Her brilliant mind unable to comprehend everything that had just happened inside of her. Her back buckled and on instinct all strength went to her arms that still braced her against Naruto's chest, in an attempt to keep herself upright, not slumped onto him. Temari had never been driven to this kind of exhaustion no matter how hard she trained. She noticed that Naruto had not gotten any softer inside of her. Suddenly remembering how long Naruto had lasted last night a determined look appeared on her face. She wasn't about to throw in the towel just yet, first time or not.

Naruto was smiling up at Temari as she tried to move once more but her hips refused. He pulled her down to his chest in at embrace.

"You were amazing, Temari-chan." He whispered into her ear.

She really was. Temari was extremely tight, as expected of a virgin, and very enthusiastic. Her rhythm was off at times, but that was understandable. If they kept doing it she would no doubt perfect this skill just like she had with her ninjutsu. It also helped that she had one of the cutest moans he had ever heard. She truly was an amazing woman. She was exhausted, but the way she writhed against him told Naruto she was determined to continue

"You alright Temari-chan?" He asked. He was glad to see her nod her head against his chest, but she clearly looked like she would require a minute or more before she could continue.

Meanwhile Kurama groaned contently as she came onto Tenten's face. Turning her head she saw the cum ooze down the four inches or so that was revealed of Naruto's cock. The rest was still buried in the Suna kunoichi who was catching her breath on his chest. The cum had started leaking down the sides of his waist and down his balls to ruin the bed sheets beneath them. What a waste. Kurama could not let such a crime occur in front of her. Giving Tenten a kiss on the forehead and a foxy grin She turned over and crawled on the bed towards Temari's round and glistening posterior and licked the exposed portions of Naruto's dick and balls clean.

Feeling the movement behind her followed by the brushing of Kurama's hair against her womanhood and ass Temari jumped nearly losing Naruto's dick entirely. She looked over her shoulder frantically to see the fox girl licking the cock happily despite some of the blood from her broken hymen, but the fox girl didn't really care. When she had been free all those years ago she had drank her fair share of human blood in her giant fox form, though usually in self defense. So this wasn't new to her. However it was the first time she'd had virgin blood in this exact manner though.

When all of the blood was gone Tenten joined the sexy vixen in licking her favorite blond's dick, but she was mostly focusing on sucking on one of his balls. Temari turned her green gaze back to Naruto who had a very content look on his face as he lay back against the pillow. With a gulp she contemplated joining the two women since her new lover was enjoying the stimulation of there tongues so much. She ultimately decided that it was as good a time as any to start learning how to suck his manhood, and after all it felt good in her pussy. It may feel just as good in her mouth.

The two girls saw the female blond lift herself off the length then move to join them so they made some space between them straddling Naruto's legs so Temari could fit comfortably. She was the lady of the hour after all. It only made sense that she get the best position. She was visibly nervous at first as was expected seeing as she had never even dreamed of doing something like this until a few days ago. She stared at the two tongues cleaning her blood and cum from Naruto for a long five minutes before she nervously lowered her mouth down to the tip of the large obelisk. Seeing the movement the two girls smiled and moved away from the cock instead each focused on one of his balls giving the entire meaty rod to their new harem sister.

The wind mistress gulped nervously once again as she was now faced with the full member all by herself. It looked bigger up close than she had thought possible. This thing had been in her? Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined herself in such a position. The daughter of the fourth Kazekage, willingly on her knees before the son of the fourth Hokage ready to lick his manhood.

She took several calming breaths to relax her nerves then finally took the plunge. The tip of her tongue touched the hot flesh probing softly a few seconds. More of the organ glided along the shaft once she heard the spiky haired blond moan. Temari inched her head closer so her tongue could lick up and down the length causing Naruto to bring a hand to the back of her head to tangle in her hair while the other grabbed a handful of the sheets. With her confidence at an all time high it wasn't long before she was kissing the tip of his cock and taking it into her mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down the length Temari managed to go down an impressive five inches on her first try before gagging and pulling back learning her current limit.

The lucky shinobi moaned happily. He had never expected Temari to be this good with her mouth She was very hesitant at first as expected of an amateur, but she was already much better than the majority of his fangirls which was impressive since most of them practiced how to pleasure their dark idol Sasuke before Naruto had met them, and now actively practiced on their new idol and his shadow clones every week at the meetings he still attended.

The three girls began to work together after Temari found her rhythm. While Temari sucked and licked as much of Naruto's member as she could Tenten and Kurama focused on licking and kissing the space between Temari's mouth and the hilt of there favourite blonds large cock while all three's hands fondled his balls. After several minutes Naruto's manhood began to throb in Temari's mouth making her moan happily clearly enjoying the feeling of power she had over him right now.

"Y-You three are a…" It was Naruto's turn to moan uncontrollably. He could feel his cock begging to release its pent up cum, but through sheer force of will the blond genin fought it down. "…f-force to be reckoned with." He finished before he was reduced to pants while the three girls moaned softly and continued even more determined to reduce him to the state he often left them in.

When they felt Naruto nearing his limit the two more experienced girls moved down towards Temari's breasts latching on to a nipple each. The elder blond released a muffled moan but didn't resist. Instead it made her redouble her efforts much to Naruto's moaning and panting glee. His left hand snaked to the back of Temari's head to meet his right and gently pushed her further down his large rod with no resistance from her until they hit her gag point. Even still she tried to stay down as long as possible the pulsating of her throat sending him to new heights. When she signaled she wanted back up Naruto stopped forcing her down, but she just took a breath then dived back down. With the help she managed five and a half inches.

Naruto's fingers curled in Temari's hair as did his toes. They were the telltale signs of Naruto being about to cum that the two breast sucking girls recognized after dozens of experiences. Temari, who had her eyes closed as she bobbed up and down the length since Naruto had stopped forcing her down, could not see it, but she felt the blond twitching as he neared his climax.

She increased her efforts making him moan happily. "T-T-Temari-chan…g-gonna CUM!"

Temari wasn't prepared for the large volume of thick cream that entered her mouth. Her eyes went wide and in less than a second her mouth was three quarters full with cock and cum. She instinctively swallowed the creamy essence, and her throat inflated slightly as she took one big gulp after another as it just continued to come. It was like trying to swallow a whole pitcher of liquid at a time. She wanted to moan at the feeling of the hot cream warming her throat and belly. Sure, it had a sour taste to it that she didn't particularly like, but that was quickly replaced by the warmth it gave her body.

Once it was all down in her stomach, a few drops running down the corners of her mouth, Temari broke away from the cock with a soft popping sound. Her eyes were noticeably glazed as her mind processed what had just happened as she she sucked in oxygen after only being able to use her nose for the past few minutes. She looked at Naruto with a soft smile on her face.

Tenten and Kurama finished sucking on her still developing breasts and hugged her close. "That wasn't so bad now was it?" Asked Kurama with a very Naruto like grin on her face.

"Admit it, Temari-chan. You like sucking cock don't you?" Teased Tenten trying to match her friend's grin. A faint blush formed on Temari's cheeks as she faked a cough covering her mouth and turned her gaze downwards.

"I-it wasn't…as bad as I thought it would be." She admitted. Though she wanted to say much more. She didn't want to appear weak or easy to the girls or Naruto. She still wasn't sure how she should be acting in this situation. Seeing the blond quickly recover and sit up grinning down at the embracing girls, his cum covered cock not going down even a little, she moaned and thought of her once again drenched womanhood.

Naruto thought for a moment on what they could do next. He didn't want to be with anyone but Temari himself tonight, but there was still Kurama and Tenten to think about. Of course, a light bulb of inspiration appeared above his head. "Ok girls since we've gotten this far I think it's about time for me to bring out the big guns."

All three girls recognized the blond's trademark cross sign, but only Temari physically shook at what it meant. Did he honestly expect her to preform with shadow clones? Remembering them from last night she knew they were too much for her right now even if the two girls on either side of her would handle the majority.

Tenten quickly took note of the friend in her arms' discomfort and immediately realized what the problem was. A smirk slowly formed on her lips as she once again locked eyes with her lover. "What's the matter Naruto-kun? Can you not handle the three of us by yourself? You have to use shadow clones?"

Naruto looked at her puzzled, and annoyed, that Tenten would say something like that. Kurama was confused herself she knew the weapon mistress has seen Naruto handle, herself, Hinata, Ino and three fangirls at once before so this would be nothing for him to do alone. Then she took note of the shaking girl in her arms, and she realized why Tenten was really taunting him. The human was concerned for Temari since this was her first time. She didn't want things to get too out of hand and scare her away. Kurama sighed wanting some shadow clones to play with, but this was Temari's night so it was best to go with what she was comfortable with.

"I agree with Tenten-chan, Naruto-kun." The fox girl spoke up earning the blond boy's attention. "It HAS been a while, for the last few days all you have ever been doing is throwing shadow clones at us. Why don't you try to take us all with just your real body every once in a while?" Naruto's hands lowered and a smile formed on his lips easily taking the bait the two girls had given much to Temari's relief. Kurama smirked at the boy and turned her back to him getting on all fours with a wiggle in her hips her impressive ass wiggling slightly. "Well then, come on then big boy, me next."

Naruto didn't have to be invited twice. He followed his dick as if it was a divining rod and was inside of Kurama in seconds. Being more than used to Naruto's impressive manhood Kurama's womanhood accepted it with little difficulty. Naruto mounted her just like he had many times in the past. It only got easier each time as they got to know each other's rhythms. Through he was sad that this time he didn't have any tails to grab onto for leverage like he usually did with Kurama.

He thrust inside her slowly enjoying the wet sounds of his cock rubbing against her inner walls stuffing her almost completely. Temari, who had been right beside the demon fox in human form, was laying on her belly looking only at the two lovers as they easily coupled. The former virgin blushed at how easily the large rod of flesh penetrated her new friend as she remembered her own fumbling with Naruto's manhood, and the pain that had followed as she had lost her virginity. She watched as Kurama arched her back like a cat as she moaned and gripped the bedsheets hard.

So entranced in the couple's lovemaking the wind mistress almost jumped in her spot when Tenten wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her neck softly.

"W-what are you…" The Suna kunoichi tried to say before she moaned against her will as Tenten found a spot on her neck that made her stiffen.

"Shhhhh…" Tenten said softly into Temari's ear making her jump again as the breath tickled her ear. "If you're going to be part of his harem you have to be comfortable pleasuring us as well as Naruto-kun."

When Temari turned to look at Tenten the girl was ready, and kissed her lips while slipping a hand into Temari's still messy lower lips. The blond moaned as delicate fingers entered her. Temari's eyes were wide once she realized what was happening. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined kissing a girl. Especially someone that she just had and such a epic battle with, but regardless she had come this far already.

She glanced at Kurama remembering what she had said about the non-existent 'rules' of love, and how she had to forget them. If she was honest with herself Temari would say Tenten was attractive. She had been thinking of her often since she caught her masturbating, but she had always shifted focus to Naruto because she refused to admit how much the sight had aroused her all by itself. She decided that she wanted Tenten. Maybe as much as she had wanted Naruto, but she had no idea how to go about it. She swallowed and nodded at the weapon mistress then caught her in a hesitant kiss.

Tenten moaned into the kiss and turned Temari in her arms so they were pressed chest to chest. She quickly noticed that the maid for a day was allowing Tenten to lead her, and correctly assumed it was because the weapon mistress had much more experience. Regardless of the reason she was up for teaching her rival and possible harem sister the joys of lesbian sex.

As the kiss deepened Tenten's hands reached all across the elder teen's body just like Naruto's hands when he kissed. They wandered to places that made Temari moan. Her back was rubbed with a single hand and with the other had taken a long hard grope of an ass cheek grinding their pelvises together forcefully. The blond broke the kiss and gasped for air then moaned and placed her own arms around Tenten's waist pulling her closer, but without the confidence to let her hands wander. The chocolate haired kunoichi had been surprised the girl had such a cute moan, but it sounded different when she was the one that caused it, more thrilling.

For the first time since they began Tenten got a good look at Temari's face. It seemed she was as nervous about this new experience as she had been was when Naruto took her virginity. Tenten was more than willing to make sure that this would be just as memorable. She really hoped Temari would join the blond jinchuuriki's growing harem. She didn't know how they would handle the fact that they lived in different villages, but she didn't worry about it right now.

She smiled at the panting girl groping her ass with both hands now. "You're enjoying yourself. Aren't you Temari-chan?"

The girl didn't respond right away but soon enough she moaned a response. "Y-yes, Tenten-sama."

As the grin broke over Tenten's face Temari caught what she had said. She had meant to say '-chan' but her reflexes from earlier in the day had taken over. She blushed furiously and tried to hide her face. Unfortunately the only place to do so was Tenten's chest. Temari pressed her burning face into the soft pillows anyway hiding her eyes from the laughing brunette's.

Tenten ran a hand through Temari's golden hair and cooed, "Don't worry, Tenten-sama understands. EEP!"

She jumped as Temari took a bite of her soft flesh it pinched between her teeth and extended elastically before sliding out of the Suna kunoichi's mouth and rebounded leaving a bright red mark on her jiggling flesh. Temari's grin matched Tenten's earlier one as she pulled away.

"Oh, I'm going to have to punish you for that Temari-chan!" Tenten said hotly her hands returning to their groping of Temari.

Temari moaned, but continued in a playful voice. "What are you going to do? Spank me?"

She wasn't prepared for the crack of Tenten's hand against her left butt cheek and jumped. She was surprised how the unexpected impact had made her aware of her dripping womanhood. She growled and tried to pin down the weapon mistress, but they just ended up tumbling around in circles on the bed. When they stopped Tenten was straddling Temari's waist and her hands had hold of both of Temari's wrists pinning them above her head.

"I win again, Temari-chan." Tenten said leaning down close to the girl's face.

Temari grinned. "Who says I don't have you right where I want you?" Her head shot forward and she caught the weapon mistress in a kiss.

Tenten moaned into the kiss and the exchange was quickly forgiven on both sides. Tenten's hands found Temari's breasts tweaking a nipple in retaliation for the love bite Temari had left on her breast. The girl moaned beneath her and she finally got the courage to grope back in earnest. Her hands massaged Tenten's firm backside. They continued for at least an hour kissing and groping each other. More love bites formed on Tenten's breasts as Temari got more and more bold in her movements.

Finally Tenten trailed kisses down Temari's body and ended up at Temari's snatch. She inhaled deeply enjoying the girls' scent before diving in with her tongue.

As Temari moaned at the new wondered what women Tenten could have practiced on to become this good at pleasuring a woman, Hinata? Perhaps Kurama, she was obviously wild enough. Ino seemed to be more lesbian than the three women put together. Temari was sure she could teach her a thing or two. No matter who it was, it didn't alter the fact that every kiss, ever touch, and every lick made her feel amazing. Every fiber of her being from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head was getting hotter and hotter while Tenten worked between her thighs.

When she came covering Tenten with her juices she pulled the girl up to her face and forcefully kissed her with as much passion as she could muster. Tenten was dazed as Temari sank down to return the favor in her own inexperienced way. None of the lovers got any sleep that night as they made love until the sun rose over Konoha.

Temari saw the sun rise out the window as she lay sweaty and naked on Naruto's chest. She nuzzled into Naruto's neck as Tenten rode him giving him a kiss on his collarbone. Kurama was beckoning Temari to eat her out after she had been filled with Naruto's cum, but Temari was too tired. She had never felt so much peace and belonging as she did at that moment. She fell asleep listening to Naruto's panting breath and Tenten's tired moans.

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