"This has got to stop!", growled Ren."I can't have you chasing my woman for the rest of my life!"

"The same goes for you Tsuruga.",drawled sho. "Any ideas how we can settle this once and for all?".

Ren thought for a few minutes and then it hit him! "I have an idea Fuwa .So listen carefully…"

Sho listened to Ren's idea and nodded ."Perfect! I have to hand it to you Tsuruga. You do manage to come up with a few good ideas after all."

"So next week, Sunday, at the President's guest house at 6 p.m sharp .I'll make the necessary arrangements.", said Ren.

As Sho started to walk away Ren called after him,"And I'm warning you ,Fuwa, if you are even a second late or try any foul play, the deal's off! "

Sho rolled his eyes as he walked over to his car. Does he seriously think he's got a chance? "Cancel that interview on Sunday Shoko. I have more important plans that evening . Shoko raised her eyebrows. Since when did the self centered singer bring himself to cancel an interview? Sho told her of his plans for Sunday evening as they drove off.

"Well?",Yashiro asked Ren excitedly. "How did it go?". Ren grinned at him."He totally bought it!"


The guest house was gorgeously decorated. An audience stand had been put up . Mr. yahsiro,Shoko,Mr. Sawara, members of bridgerock, the cast of Dark Moon,Box'r' and Sho fuwa's band took their seats and waited patiently for the show to begin.

Soon the lights dimmed and Maria stepped into the spotlight looking adorable in her new pink frock complete with fairy wings , a wand and a crown.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WELCOME TO …..'THE KYOKO FACTOR!' ,an amazing game show where two men fight for the hand oftheir lady love! Now let me introduce our 2 contestants-Ren tsuruga and Sho fuwa!"

The two men were greeted with a thunderous applause. Once the cheering had died down, maria continued," Now the rules are simple. Each of you will be given a chance to perform a series of challenges set up by me. The winner of the game gets a chance to win Kyoko!" This was followed by cheering from the audience.

"Remember you two, you can't back out of a challenge without being disqualified. If I ask you to kiss each other in front of the audience(catcalls and whistles from the audience), you have to do it! "

Ren shuddered at the very thought of kissing Fuwa ."Sooo guys, are you ready for your first challenge?".

Ren and Sho nodded and a loud gong was sounded to mark the beginning of the 'KYOKO FACTOR'.