"Even though I survive the horror back in Racoon City….. The nightmares really don't go away"

-Leon S. Kennedy

Chapter 1

Takashi stared across the rooftops wondering what had happened last year and remembering what Rei promised him "pinky, pinky swear…. What kind of bullshit is that" he groaned just then he heard someone strumming a guitar.

"You know Takashi you should move on forget what happened last year" Heike Suzaku said as he tune his guitar with such skill "you might go crazy with that I tell you" he played a tune of Alesana's Apology with such skill that even birds sang with the tune.

"Heike you should go back to the classroom, lunchtime is already over" Takashi looked towards the sky then saw something that changed his life.

"What the hell is wrong with this guy?" A teacher was already pissed off at the stranger who kept banging at the school gate he pulled the stranger on by the collar but what shocked is that the stranger looked like he was in a trance like he'd been sleepwalking as he pumelled the stranger in the bars it opened its mouth then bit off the teacher's wrist, he couldn't do anything but whimper and screeched "Gahhh! Help me! Get this thing off me!" He yelped backing and wrenching his hand off he stumbled back whimpering and ranting.

"What the hell is going on?" Heike and Takashi both said as they saw the horror at the gate it was gruesome to watch "Rei!" Takashi said as he rushed out towards the hallway of the school, the horror has just begun, Heike thought to himself as they ran across the hallway towards their classroom, as they ran Heike slung his guitar at his back just to keep it safe.

"we had a code red in Japan" Painter said as he look at Pierce who was also looking at the red marked map of Japan "so Brian send us the code red there" Gray said "I want you to investigate the place if the Guild is responsible for this..." As Gray was about to go out "... And Agent Pierce" Gray turn around then replied "I know" he walked out of the door leaving Painter.

At first Eric thought he must be dreaming, it should be Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers who will be going with him on this mission instead he was with a blond royalty and a retired merc, not a bad team, Eric sighed his life was getting more and more bitchy.

"I think we just made an expo of one of our best Intelligence agencies" Pres. Adam Benford said as he observed the military camps "it's only the right thing to do sir" Painter said as he chaperoned the president on the camp.

this is chapter 1 hope you like it