((There isn't really going to be a plot to this fic - it'll be a series of short moments illustrating my interpretation of the relationship between Kirei and his wife whose maiden name is Ortensia.

Updated whenever I feel like it.

I wonder if this will ever end...))

Their wedding was a quiet affair, done in a small local church with only their closest family and relatives present as guests. Neither bride nor groom had ever seen each other, so they went through their vows with apathetic sincerity.

She was still well enough, back then, to walk. The sparkle of the fancy silver and jade hairpin - green, to bring good fortune to the new family - that had been an early wedding gift from a member of her family brought out the life that still existed in her eyes. When she tried wearing it again a few months later, her head bowed under its weight. She smiled sadly and clung to his hand, as if to say, "It's alright, I have you now."

...The chapters get longer. They float around 250 words, on average.