A/N: He looks like Marak from my story with Cathleen – yes I know I shouldn't be using that look more than once, but I just love it okay? Her name is Maya – called Mai – and is from our world, even though he first find out about that much later ;)

He: Cat eyes, cat tale and glowing eyes.

Her: Elfish with dark golden hair and blue/grey/green eyes.

This story is made out in little chapters - NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER - made out from words my friends gave me.

Here are som info you might want:

Maya is from our world and have always dreamed about magic and adventures, so when a man - playing with demonic magic, but she doesn't know that - offers her to be able to travel to another world she says yes after hours of persuation. And no, as the man made the deal with the demon, it doesn't have any consequences for her.

But in Maraks worlds she meets - big surprise! - Marak, who decides he wants her to be his bride, and she discovers she can't go back home, with the goblins magic holding her trapped. Too bad, huh?

But at least she doesn't have to feel bad because her family will be all worried. The man made her a substitute, who would take her place. It has her memories and stuff, but not her feelings, so it's not REALLY alive. It's just there to make sure nobody will start searching for her.

And lastly, then ni. It's not by accident she just HAPPENED to land in the goblins forest. The man/wizard sent her there on purpose, knowing what it would mean to her, but honestly? Why should he care about one little girls feelings? He does this, because the goblin kings extremely powerful magic. He wanted to persuave Maya into giving him her son, once she got pregnant, but as the goblins magic make it impossible for him to reach her, he can't even talk to her. That was a complete failure, huh?

Anyway, enjoy 3


He never forgot the first time she cried out in his arms. Afterwards she had looked at him with eyes filled with more pain and shame that he had ever seen. Pain over everything she had lost. Pain at the thought of her new life.

Shame that she had broken down before his eyes.

So he said nothing, knowing that anything he said would just make it worse. Instead he just ran his fingers through her hair and rocked her gently forth and back until her eyes finally closed and she fell asleep. He knew he had to do this for his people. He knew it was a necessary evil.

But all of this meant nothing at the sight of that pain, and he felt shame himself.

For the first time ever, he felt like a monster to bring such pain to such innocence.


He had never given much thought to flowers. They were just pretty, little things that the elves went crazy over. Ridiculous. But when he discovered her love for flowers they suddenly held a completely new interest for him. He brought her countless flowers to apologize for taking her, to comfort her in this land of stone and to make her smile. He loved her smile.

Later he learned that he got different reactions to the different kinds of flowers. Roses always made her a little sad. He never persuaded her into telling him why, and so he rarely chose them.

But sunflowers almost always made her happy and one specific time, when she was hit with homesickness, he filled their entire rooms with sunflowers. Just to make her smile.

He loved that smile. Especially when he was the cause of it.


When he forced her to drink the magical potion that would take away her words during their wedding, she was too confused, too overwhelmed to fight. Instead she had just looked at him as if she wasn't quite sure if this was really happening. So she didn't fight when he took away her words, when she was prepared for her wedding or when she was led to him. It was first when he picked up the two knives she truly comprehended what was about to happen.

But by then it was far too late.


When you look at her, you'd think of light. A glowing, golden light with her tanned skin and her dark golden halo of hair. Sometimes, especially when she's happy, it seemed as she almost radiate light. He, on the other hand, is darkness. Seeing them together you couldn't help but marvel at their difference. With his bronze coloured skin and black hair, not to mention black tail and cat ears, no one would ever say he radiated light. Even his red, glowing eyes seemed more to suck the light in than to radiate it out.

But yet they seemed oddly harmonic. Like they balanced each other out. True, they were an almost contradicting couple with his animalistic look and her almost unearthly beauty, but somehow they still seemed to fit together. Maybe it was because of look in his eyes, whenever they fell on her. Maybe it was the way she smiled every time he touched her ever so slightly.

But somehow her light just seemed to fit perfect with his darkness.


The more he got to know her, the stranger she seemed.

It was often as simple things as how she sat. Sometimes she would sit with her legs up the backrest and her head dangling at the beginning of the seat. Otherwise she would sometimes sit with her knees over one armrest and her back rested up at the others. Half the times she wouldn't even be sitting in a chair, but instead on the table despite there being a chair under five feet away. When she became happier for him she would sit on one of his armrests with her legs rested on the other.

He surely wasn't about to complain.


When she was forced to marry a monster she felt fear.

When she thought of her old life she felt grief.

When he told her it was for his people she felt anger.

When she looked at the lines in her hands she felt desperation.

When she looked at the Queens Charm wrapped around her arms she felt trapped.

But when he held her closer and murmured that he loved her, she felt joy.


Despite her fear for them it was clear, even to her, that the goblins adored her. They dressed like her, acted like her and brought her countless presents. She remembered one specific goblin, whose mother had been a very religious human. She had found her comfort in God, and hoping Maya could do the same, he had brought her a bible.

Later that day Marak found her reading it and when he asked her what she thought, she answered that it seemed as the most contradicting book she had ever read – but maybe that was just because she was an atheist. Confused he asked her what she meant, and when he finally understood he was far more shocked that she would ever have thought.

"You really don't believe in God? Any God at all?"

She had just shrugged. "Not really. I've always thought everything had a logical explanation." She cast a glance at her unusual husband. "Okay, maybe not everything, but I do not believe in God."

"Then who do you think created you? What do you think will happen when you die?"

She had tried to explain the theory of evolution. How humans were nothing more but an evolution from apes. He had never heard anything as ridiculous, but figured she was allowed to believe what she chose – not matter how absurd it sounded. But the other question bothered him.

"Don't you believe in Heaven? Don't you believe in a life after death? Do you really think that when you die, there's just… nothing?" He had never even heard of anyone thinking like that and he found the thought depressing to say the least.

She considered it. She didn't use to, but then again. She didn't use to believe en magic either.

"Maybe not the traditional picture of Heaven, but I'll admit there might be more after this life has ended. Maybe. There's obviously more between heaven and earth than I first thought." She looked her husband over again. "I suppose it would be stubborn of me to say anything else, married to the goblin king."

He grinned at her. "I'll make you believe in life after death," he swore. "I will not let my wife goes through life thinking it's all pointless and without meaning.

He caught the sight of the hint of a smile on her lips. "And in return I'll make you believe in evolution," she promised. "Maybe later then we can discuss Big Bang."

"Big Bang?" he repeated.

"Later." The hint of a smile grew. "You're not quite ready for that one. Yet."


Sometimes she found the formal dresses rather tiring. Okay, maybe she found them tiring rather often.

But they seemed to be expected of her. That is, by anyone beside Marak. While the goblins did everything they could to make her wear them, he let it be her decision what to wear. He even had pants and skirts made for her at her request. Without meaning to she couldn't help being slightly touched by his acceptance.

He never told her it was as much because he loved her in all of it. True, he thought she looked beautiful in a formal dress. But he also thought she looked cute in a pair of pants and an oversized shirt. Especially if it was his oversized shirt. And when she wore a little skirt and a top he had a hard time focusing on anything but her. Though he had to ask her to stop dressing in that for court. There he needed to be able to think of something besides how she might look naked.


The first time he brought her to the library was the first time she smiled in his kingdom. It wasn't at him, but at this point it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she smiled.

"You like to read?" he had asked her. He already knew, of course. She read almost anything he had brought her back when she still refused to leave their rooms. But he wanted her to talk to him and more importantly he wanted her to talk to him about her. It seemed as she was almost scared to let him know anything about her past life.

"I love it," she admitted. "I'm kind of a nerd." She looked around in wonder. "I've never seen so many books in my life!"

He just smiled, knowing exactly how impressive the library was. Instead he wondered what in the heavens name a nerd was?


She had odd eating habits. There was no denying it and Marak surely didn't. Instead he teased her mercilessly with it. Who in their right mind put meat in pancakes, ice in their cocoa and whip cream on their strawberries?

She told him it was quite normal where she was from, but he was still amused. She did however talk him into trying it and as he found out as he loved most of it as well, he couldn't tease her quite as much anymore. Not that he stopped altogether. He just admitted they might not be that bad. Especially when he persuaded her into feeding him the whip cream covered strawberries with her mouth.