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Said turtle sighed and got ready for a little brother attack but this time Mikey used the brakes right in time before crashing in to Leo but he was still hugged by Mikey.

"What is it this time? Did you super glue Raph?"

"Yes he did!"

Donatello stood at the door way looking a little annoyed, "Mikey thought it would be fun to glue Raph's sais on the wall and then run the shell out of there" He said, Leo blinked several times before looking at Mikey, who was looking back with his 'puppy' eyes.

"Do not think you are getting saved once I get Raph free" Leo said and went to Raph's room to help, he found him trying to prey them off but had no luck "Help me out here Leo! Since your swords can cut through anything on this planet!" Leo chuckled and unsheathed his katanas "Move so I don't hurt you and that's the last thing I want to do" Raph nodded and moved to the door way.

Two fast cuts and the wall and two holes in it...And the sais was still stuck "Now you only have to crack then like a nut shell...Just don't use your own fists for it please" Leo said and watched Raph trying to brake the rocks that still held his sais...With no luck "Want me to..." "YES! The faster I get the off the better I can kill Mikey with them!" Leo rolled his eyes picked up one and tossed it in the wall...

Where it shattered and the sai fell in the floor with a clang, Raph's jaw had also hit the floor and he tried to replay the sight in his head "How do you do that? You're able to throw Hun through a wall and now you can...Ah! My head hurts!"

Leo sat down at the desk and sighed "I don't know and I didn't ask to be that strong...And I'm always scared that I could hurt one of you guys...I-I almost hurt you at the practice today and..." "Hey I'm fine...You didn't use your full force and I only got a little banged up...Like I always get on patrol...And I know that you wouldn't hurt us, I try as hard as I can not to hurt your during our fights...But I always fail and..."

Raph sat down beside Leo, who tried to hold his tears back, Raph knew that Leo wanted to keep them safe and if he caused one tiny mark on his family members...He would go nuts and blame him self until one of his brothers send and real hard fist to knock him back to reality...Usually it was a right-straight fist that only Raph could manage, Leo tried to calm down but the more the tried the more he failed to keep the tears at bay.

"You don't have to be strong in front of everyone...You can let it out sometimes and let people know what's on your mind...You don't have to listen to what ever Splinter says since it will make you feel worse then you already do now, you always say that it would help to talk about it and for once...I listen to that but...Not when you try to boss me around...I'm not eight anymore, nor are Mikey or Donnie!"

"So what if we have grow older? Leo can still keep an eye on us!" Mikey ran in and stopt when he saw Leo's eyes, "Leo? You okay?" Donnie stood in the door way and watched, it was rare to see Leo lose it and when he did...It made the others sad as well "What's wrong?"

Leo shaked his head and got up, Raph followed him to the TV-area and saw Mikey run to make some tea that might help Leo to calm down, Leo sat down and tried to breath calmly but the tears still fell, "Leo you didn't hurt me! We're all fine..."

"But I could have hurt you! If Mikey hadn't yell I could have make you brake your arm or..." "LEO! I didn't get hurt! You're just not used to that sort of straight yet...We don't blame you..."

"Like we could! Only thing is that you get creepy when you use full force so it's both awesome and creepy at the same time" Donnie said and sat down beside Leo, who had almost reached the braking point, Mikey appeared with the tea and in front of them all with him arms crossed over Leo's legs, Raph held Leo's right shoulder and Donnie the left so that Leo would calm down a little.

"Why and what brought this up? Sure, we know that the leader ship is hard and that you almost fall apart cause of it but you can't hold it all in...If you feel that it's to much then just dump some pressure on Raph! He may not get the leader ship but he's second in command right? So it can't be that hard?" Mikey said and looked up at Leo.

His eyes were light red and he could see that he struggled to stay calm, Mikey smiled and took one of Leo's hands "We'll help you if you want...Brothers stick together right? That's what you always told us!"

Mikey wasn't ready for the tea cup to shatter at the floor when Leo got them all in a hug and broke down, but they didn't complain...They had planed this, "We'll help you when you need it...Just try to keep that in mind" Raph said and lied a arm around Leo's shoulders.

Mikey hugged Leo and Donnie tried to breath through the death hug..."We'll always be there...No matter what it is that get trowed at us" He whispered.

Leo's sad face finally reviled a smile and nodded.

Splinter exited his room and the sight before him broke the dam in his eyes, the sofa held nothing but a pile of turtles, Leo covered by his brothers like always since he was their pillow, Splinter covered them with a blanket and went to the kitchen, preying that his sons would stay together as long as they could.

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