Keiichi's faith


By Pizzigri

Author's notes.

This FF will deal with some drama and romance, and can be considered a continuation of the manga.

There's a small scene in the first chapter in which sex is implied, and it's really needed to support the plot, hence the T rating.

Some adult situations may be discussed in later chapters, but I promise it'll never fall within M rating.

I started writing this fanfiction since I've read Fujishima-san's Manga, and found it very enticing. I just LOVE the artwork. It's the first time I write something not related to the world of Urusei Yatsura…

My experience with the world and canon of Aa! Megami-sama! are limited to the manga and the movie (the one with Celestine), and I have never seen the OVA's and the Anime series.

However, I have read many good fanfictions on this site, and I have borrowed some ideas I liked, including liberally ransacking the Old Norse myths, please have mercy for that!

I am not a native English speaker, I am Italian, and as such, I find myself comfortable in writing in present tense (which I regularly mess up… oh, well).

I really hope you enjoy the story and do not forget to… REVIEW! PLEASE!

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One of the barren planets in Vanaheimr, long abandoned homeworld of the Vanir, now a neutral ground for the decisive Celestial Summit to negotiate a treaty aimed to end the conflict among the Gods.

Thousands upon thousands of Celestial beings stand in absolute silence as The Almighty closes with Hild, Queen of Niflheim , the agreement which will also enact the Doublet System, pairing every Celestial Being to an unknown counterpart in the opposite field.

It will not avoid Ragnarok, but it will delay it, or so it is hoped.

Time not measurable by human standards later, Hild gives birth in Niflheim to her daughter, named Urd, conceived with Divine blood; her part Divine origin notwithstanding, Urd is still subject to a Doublet binding with a young Deity.

Raised as a Demon, Urd must however fulfill an unforeseen destiny: to become one of the Norns.

In time, the Goddess Verthandi eventually is given birth in Heaven, and when later Skuld is birthed as well, Hild cannot oppose the Ultimate Force and is compelled to part with her only daughter.

Again on the immense plains of Vanaheimr's fourth planet, She personally surrenders her only daughter in the very hands of the Almighty.

He embraces the confused and terrified Demon child and kisses her forehead, awaking her Divine blood and turning her into a Goddess; her Demonic blood is then denied sustenance and power, while Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, establishes with her a permanent link.

Feeling the demonic connection fade, something deep inside the black core of the most evil of all Celestial beings breaks, and a very secret pain burns fiercely in Hild's heart.

Her violet eyes lock for one instant with her daughter's, shivering in fear in the arms of the Almighty, and the betrayal that the Daimakaicho reads in her child's gaze, for abandoning her, rouses impossibly powerful, but unknown and foreign feelings.

Hild watches the Almighty disappear with her, now divine, daughter in a shower of pure, blinding light.

The most powerful Demon in existence walks slowly to the spot where her only daughter stood only instants before. And then, with an unearthly scream, unleashes her full power, bringing forth Armageddon and instantly erasing this world from existence, before returning to Niflheim, sealing herself within the deepest and darkest room of her infernal dwelling, crying tears no one is allowed to see.

As the Almighty returns to Heaven with Urd, the change within her nature is instantly duly noted, and the binding that linked Urd to a Deity in the Doublet System is broken. But her double heritage, unique among all the Celestial Beings, of Demon and Deity now that her dormant Divine blood is awake, creates a critical error: it is impossible to reassign a doublet with a Demonic being since her Demon blood is also still awake, though now unable to draw power. Thus, Sinthgunt, Goddess Second Class, Limited License in training, slightly older than Urd, once her Doublet, is now free of any binding, as is Urd.


The Glitch

Nidhogg Supercomputer central processing hall.

Hundreds of Demons work relentlessly, apparently playing impossibly complex musical instruments which are really access nodes and consoles to the core of the immense computing structure,

managing the complexity of Hell's activities, both within Niflheim and on the infinite realities and dimensions in which its influence are felt; Nidhogg is partially mirrored by Heaven's much more powerful Yggdrasil Supercomputer, in charge of similar tasks and duties.

Both Supercomputers are said to be physically connected in an inaccessible dimension on a different plane than the mere decadimensional reality in which both Hell and Heaven reside in, the deeply buried roots of Yggdrasil Tree being in fact the nest of Nidhogg's snakelike processing unit.

The Supercomputers also share a common data pool situated in the same dimensional plane, an infinite database accessed through what apparently seems to be a well, by the Ultimate Force to manifest itself in all planes of existence, execute its directives, fulfilling such tasks as demonic contracts and divine wishes; and, eventually, enforcing the Doublet System.

Vali, an old but powerful demon system administrator, once a celestial being that turned, eons ago, against the Almighty and lost in that ancient battle, resignedly types away at the ethereal multidimensional keyboard apparently made of shadows floating in front of him.

The demon looks deceptively young, his appearance is that of a very handsome man about thirty years old, with his fiercely red hair tied in a long braid resting on his back. He's dressed in a white and black robe, and his forehead and cheeks are marked with small red square sigils.

His job is deceptively simple, time consuming and mind bogglingly… boring.

Maintaining Niflheim's side of the doublet system's primary bindings is a tedious but absolutely necessary act, and only a First Class, Administrative Category, Unlimited License demon is allowed access. Of course, the system has a completely encrypted and locked out database, all data represented as series of runic ciphers and no one, short of the Daimakaicho or the Almighty himself can independently decipher and access it.

In the billions of billions of petabyte's worth of data, an almost insignificantly small inconsistency attracts Vali's attention.

A tiny, inconspicuous purple dot, at the end of a filename.

A file is still open!

But that's impossible, the demon thinks.

The system would immediately raise a flag and signal the inconsistency, unless…

Curiosity takes the best out of the demon. He accesses the still unencrypted file and as soon as his brain manages to believe what his eyes are reading, surprise gives way to glee, fueled by wicked hatred and malice.

A plan slowly form in his mind, a plan that will take years, maybe centuries to carry out, but nonetheless will allow the old demon a small measure of revenge.

Revenge… is a plate that is served cold. Very, very cold…



Tokio, one very cold winter night, many many years later.

Akeo Takeda tiredly rolls from over his wife Mikiru to her side, on top of their disheveled bed, still shivering and almost gasping for air. The young couple married only three months ago, and both strongly desire a baby.

Smiling to each other, Mikiru's softly speaks to her lover.

"Dearest, I'm sure this will be the time… I'm sure I will bear you a beautiful child."

"I… I love you, Miki-chan…"

Akeo's shyness had been a major obstacle for Mikiru to overcome, since he's always had somewhat of a worship problem with the college sweetheart that he finally managed to marry. Even now, in the intimacy of their bed, she has to be quite proactive, since the young man's almost too gentle in their lovemaking. But that's not a problem… Mikiru knows how deep his love for her is. And love overcomes everything.

A couple hours later, a dampened rustle wakes Akeo up. Donning a yukata, and taking good care not to disturb his young wife, he walks towards the kitchen of their tiny three room apartment.

Nothing. Uhm, I really must have imagined…

Akeo cannot continue his thought, completely surprised by the mirror image standing before him. Then, he feels himself losing consciousness, falling on the couch and plummeting into deep slumber.

Mikiru wakes up, as 'Akeo' lustfully kisses her square on the mouth, a deep kiss that leaves the young girl quite surprised.


"Shhh, child. Just enjoy…"

The man throws away the sheets and blankets, exposing her naked body. Shivering in the unexpected draft of cool night air, she tries to cover herself with a small cry of surprise.

His hands are incredibly warm, as they glide along her body, exploring her folds, stirring forbidden desires.

The thought that Akeo has never been this bold –or this skilled- slips completely off her mind, leaving her dazed and aroused, quivering in lustful anticipation.

With unusual strength Akeo grabs her hips, pulling her up, and takes her in a way and passion she never experienced before… her pupils dilate in bliss as a squeal escape her lips…



The demon falls to his knees before Hild.

"Vali … It has come to my attention that one of my Incubus has impregnated a human woman with your seed, tonight… in a small town just outside Tokio, without my consent. Care to explain yourself…?"

The Queen of Hell speaks almost casually, with a bored tone, sitting –almost lying- sideways across her throne, her left elbow propped on the huge armrests with her hand holding her head, the white mane of hair flowing across her body, her glaring violet eyes a stark contrast to the sweet smile she wears.

A drop of sweat rolls off the old Demon's brow, his voice not sounding as poised as he'd want.

"M-My Queen, it's an experiment. I-I selected a young Mortal couple that could be regarded as a reference standard for love, purity and integrity. The mortal woman was already impregnated, with her husband's seed, it happened mere hours before my experiment; what I did, is mix my seed to the Mortal's, so that instead of a single child, the human female will bear a couple of identical twins…"

Vali pauses, nervousness drying his throat.

Hild shifts on her throne, her gaze boring a hole through the demon's body.


"Ah! Yes my Queen, the experiment's purpose is to generate a closed loop system, in which one of the twins siphons all evil from the other so to artificially create a thoroughly evil human opposed to an, otherwise identical, thoroughly pure one. The evil siphoning link is absolutely undetectable to divine means, as it is totally built in the mortal plane, using ancient Faere magic code exclusive to the human world. Moreover, even if part of my blood runs in one of the twins, they remain completely and thoroughly human. My aim is to use these mortal children as decoys for the divine line, imagine what use could such-"

Hild interrupts, purring lustfully.

"Ahhh, my old friend… your experiment amuses me, so I will not indulge in dropping you into the fire-spider pits… yet."

After a long sigh, Hild smiles, her eyes glow as space around her warps and darkens.

"On the other hand, though... have you a reasonable excuse for not begging for my prior authorization?"

The Ruler of Hell's almost whispered last sentence reaches every corner of the infinitely high and deep Throne hall, and cracks appear on the pale stone walls and on the bridge that connects the only exit to the Throne suspended over nothingness . The power barely contained by the being in front of the old demon is unimaginable, and the pressure exerted by the whispered words is unbearable.

Vali almost loses consciousness under the strain, before abjectedly falling with his forehead to the pavement, trembling in utter fear.

"My Queen! Forgive me! I! I intended to tell you as soon as I achieved success, so that maybe, just maybe, your punishment could be mitigated by the advantages the experiment yielded! I beg you to accept all I've attained!"

Hild looks smirking at the groveling demon in front of her.

"You silly little thing… you cannot give me what is rightfully mine to begin with. Of course you'll be punished… however, you are right in that the extent of the punishment will be decided by the measure of your success. Of which, of course, you'll update me regularly…You may leave."

The old demon disappears immediately in a pillar of black fire.


In his chambers, unable to stand still and walking nervously in circles, Vali very privately swears.

That was near, too much so for my liking. Telling as much truth as possible saved my ass this time, but it's going to be almost impossible to keep the Daimakaichoko's involvement concealed once the twins reach maturity… But, I must go on. Revenge comes before anything, including loyalty to the Daimakaicho's blood!


Since Vali's confrontation with Hild, twenty years pass on Earth.

Many things happen in this lapse of time, especially in the second half; among them, a young mortal, Keiichi Morisato, wishes for a Goddess to remain at his side forever, and Verthandi, one of the Norns, complies. Urd and Skuld soon join their sister on Earth at the mortal's side, sharing many adventures, and learning many things about the Human world and people.

Under Vali's subconscious guidance, Shin and Hayato Takeda grow up, the first constantly committing cruelty and abuse over the other, until one day Vali decides the times are ripe: Hayato has become a perfect candidate for a Heavenly wish, and Shin the perfect tool to carry out his vengeance.

But Vali is very aware of the Norns presence on Earth, and their association with the young mortal.

In the past few years the Demon worriedly monitored every crisis that the Divine entities faced, the Lord of Terror, the Angel Eater… fearing every time Urd's nature fluctuated from divine to demonic, as that could mean that the system error in the Doublet System would fix itself, repairing the broken binding, and rendering totally futile all his efforts.

And then, Hagall's rebellion and complete, utter defeat, at the hands of that very mortal blessed with the love of the dreaded Norns, this time absurdly at the service of the Daimakaicho! He actually carried within his puny, frail soul part of the essence of the Daimakaicho, without being tainted with her presence, an utterly impossible paradox, as if Hild-sama actually respected the human, and outrageously restricted herself to preserve the purity of his soul!

But that's secondary. The Daimakaichoko Urd turned Demonic, of her own free will, for the first time accepting her birthright. The few eye witnesses, utterly awed at the memories, recounted of a Star mark on her forehead, sigil of Hild's blood and symbol of immense power. Of course, the Celestial Being lost her sanity, intoxicated by the sheer amount of power saturating her all of a sudden.

Vali watched in horror his terminal's screen, as the file started blinking, a window opened with the runes for "Binding in progress…" and a bar slowly filling underneath it.

Then, Urd regained her Deity status, having spent her energy controlling the blast of Skuld's Antiproton bomb… and the file remained open!

Vali exhaled the breath he was holding in great relief. Revenge is still possible! So concentrated in his quest for vengeance, the Demon never realized how near his end and that of most of the Netherworld had been, if Urd did not contain and totally suppress the detonation.

With the Norns back on Earth and Hild still concentrated in clearing up Hagall's mess, Vali decides to commit to his plan.



The beginning of the End.

A shrill chime echoes throughout Nidhogg Supercomputer central processing hall.

It's time for one of the rare breaks the System Operators get, and most of the Demons leave for some rest. Only a handful of workstations are manned, and it is the perfect moment for Vali to lay the trap.

So concentrated that the Demon doesn't even wipe the sweat off his forehead, Vali winces visibly at the hand that brushes softly on his shoulder, immediately followed by a purring voice.

"Vali, my old friend. Doing overtime? Your shift ended a Reaper's Cycle ago… how about we go for a drink?"

The demon looks up to his female friend, Astarti.

"Uhhh, not tonight. Sorry… I really have to finish this. You know, leave early your post once… bribe an unjustified absence twice… and then, before you know it, you find yourself frozen in time sealed in one of the tulips in the detention field."

"What are you doing so important you can't let go? I thought you ran the Doublet bindings, that stuff actually runs itself anyway-"

"Would you mind your own business? I have to catch up, I've been a bit… lazy, lately."

"Hey, hey, sor-ry. Don't get so worked up, anyway. See you around, then."

The green haired demon walks away, slightly miffed.

Vali tensely returns to his workstation, reopening the window of the 3270 mainframe terminal emulation with the archaic looking green Runic text (a proof that those things DO HAVE a Demonic origin), uplinked to Yggdrasil. Using the debug data found within Urd's Doublet open file, Vali manages to hack into the low security Goddess Relief Office Operator's schedule. Surely, his intrusion will be noticed by Heaven's SysOps, but hopefully by then it'll be too late.

Vali's target is the Goddess that should have shared the binding with a "Demonic" Urd.

She's a First Class operator at the Agency's field branch, the Goddess Technical Helpline: her name is Sinthgunt.

The Demon queries the roster of the active operators, and traces Sinthgunt's phone number.

Typing furiously at the terminal, Vali uses all of his section's computing power to reroute the first call to Sinthgunt, at the same time synchronizing the call from a young man of great virtue and terrible misfortune… namely, Hayato Takeda.

Some distance away, another Demon stands up from his seat, puzzled. He turns towards Vali, narrowing his eyes; he picks up a phone handset, dials a number and speaks softly.

Unfazed, Vali concentrates, mentally pulling a string and connecting to the small part of his own blood residing on Earth. The old Demon smiles at the reply, there's nothing that can be done now… he can't be stopped anymore.

The trap has sprung.


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