Keiichi's faith


By Pizzigri

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Rewind. Four minutes ago, Heaven side

Urd watches Lind disappear from the dais in a vortex of light, followed by her Valkyries and the Cherubs, in the first available Transfer Gate time slot.

"Transfer complete. Estimated transit time: 0,125 cycles. Gate ready for next transit in 0,981 cycles."

"Yggdrasil, synchronize and lock timestream with Military Operations Area's local time; switch all panels to local time units and grid refs."


"Chrono, perform all preflight checks for the Emergency Healing people and prepare to send them in when the next hardline slot becomes available; they will need a Class III containment unit and a strong healing team ready for a hasty CASEVAC, we've got no idea what to expect down there. As soon as Lind reports back, we're going to make adjustments, if necessary."

"Yes, Milady!", the redheaded Goddess Third Class, Management Limited license and prospective Valkyrie eagerly answers.

"Ere, status report on Goddess First Class, Commercial Limited Sinthgunt."

"Locked her on the grid, Milady, but I cannot establish any communication. I'll update as soon as I have a reliable carrier line available."

"Thank you, Ere."

As she relaxes somewhat after her draining effort in managing the crisis, Urd scans from her vantage point the immense hall, built in the shape and size of a small mountain valley around the prodigious size of Creation's Supercomputer's Tree Trunk, with sloping terraces incorporating the workstations, pausing to acknowledge all her colleagues at their terminals and feeling somewhat nostalgic.

She held this post for hundreds upon hundreds of years, the one and only second class Goddess to ever have held such responsibility. For a moment, Urd truly ponders the possibility to return to her post in Heaven as Yggdrasil Main System Administrator. Sighing, the silver haired Goddess closes her eyes in thought, knowing full well that, even if The Almighty should forgive her, she could never leave her sisters by themselves… and her adopted little brother, all alone, back on Earth.

Her arms crossed under her breast and cross legged, she leans smirking against her elaborate backseat, and actually takes the time to take a distracted glance to the holographic labels hovering on the main multidimensional strategic display.

The AO location – in Nekomi, Japan - makes her ponder, concerned at how sudden and radical the events had turned. Her mood darkens, thinking about Skuld's dream and the reason why she's in Heaven in the first place.

It's happening only a few clicks away from the Temple… I'm sure Bell's aware of what's going on. I really hope everything's okay…and that all this has nothing to do with Kei.

"Milady, Lind and her team are deploying. Materializing three hundred meters above objective… now."

"OK, Ex. Establish secure links and let's get a multichannel live feed as soon as possible."

"Yes, Milady", the pale lavender maned Goddess professionally answers, the coolness and control displayed by Urd calming most of the Yggdrasil Administration Team shift members.

Urd tenses and grimaces, the strain showing on her face.

"Hold on! I've got a reading!", Chrono voices loudly a moment later.

"Oh, Holy Father…", Urd whispers, squirming, sensing a great power shifting between reams, having no doubts as to whom it belongs to.

Chrono continues her report, "Milady, an 'Omnipotent' class Celestial Being is forcing itself through, materializing over the AO's coordinates!"

Urd shakes her head, standing up. "I know, Chrono, I felt it. It's Mother. I've got to go, apart from the Almighty, I'm the only being in Creation that may be able to stop her without risking losing half Midgard! Yggdrsil! Authorize Goddess Second class Urd, Norn of the past. Entrust Prime SysAdmin and access to root, to the slutty goddess over there!"

"Acknowledged and authorized. Transferring root access and SysAdmin privileges to Goddess First Class, Peorth."

As a Key appears in her hand, Peorth glares, incensed, in Urd's direction, both for the insult, and the fact that Yggdrasil actually identified her as… a slutty Goddess!

Then, watching Urd change her dress to a Combat Uniform and unfold her Black and White wings, hovering in the center of the hall, realizes that the Norn is preparing to use Forbidden power.

"Urd wait! Don't do what I know you want to do, there's a mere thirty seconds left to the next available Gate time slot!"

"No time, and I don't need to use Bilrost. Stand back!"

A circle of black runes spreads from the tip of her feet, expanding wildly in an intricate pattern; then, in a huge flash of black light, Urd disappears in a vortex of runes, leaving behind a thunderclap and a shockwave that washes over everyone in the immense hall, leaving all Gods and Goddesses present speechless and scandalized at the display of Demonic power.

The first to talk, claiming the highest chair, is Peorth.

"All right, if we're all finished admiring the awesomeness de la fille de la Reine des Démons, maybe we should get back to work. Yggdrasil, trace… 'Goddess' Second Class Urd, Norn of the Past.

"Goddess Second Class Urd in unauthorized dimensional rift transit. ETA to Objective, twenty four local seconds"

Merde, merde, merde! Everyone in Heaven will know she used Demonic powers during MY shift!, Peorth thinks, grimacing. I can't avoid requesting it, any more.

"Yggdrasil authorize Goddess First Class, Peorth."


"Requesting complete Prescience of the next 24 hours."

"Request Denied."

"W-what? On what grounds?"

"Direct Almighty order."

Oh no. This is not good! The Almighty already knows everything. And is forcing us to take action without divination and future event knowledge!

Peorth sweats bullets, her fists clenched tight.

"Ere, SITREP please."

"Milady, Lind is engaging the Demon responsible for the aggression with her team securing the perimeter, and we have a 100% positive ID on Lady Hild approaching… correction, her position now overlaps Lind's on the same MOA. I've got Goddesses Belldandy and Skuld also present on the grid… We should have full feed just about… now."

Hild, Vali, Lind and her wing appear on the immense main monitor.

Silence reigns in the hall, as the voices of the Demons and the Valkyries down on Earth are the only sounds crisply audible. All divine beings in the Hall hear Vali's Rightful Vengeance claim.

"The nerve that Demon has. Hariasa, pull up records of the Great Truce, and retrieve all evidence and data on this case", Peorth exclaims crossly.

The Elder Second class Goddess silently nods.

On the secure link, Lind asks Peorth to check on the skirmish.

"Already working on it, we're sifting data, I'll be back in one."

Heaven's Supercomputer voice detachedly updates Urd's movements.

"Goddess Second Class Urd materialized in AO, LZ overlap with Goddess, First class Belldandy, Norn of the Present. Rapidly converging towards Lind and Lady Daimakaicho Hild's coords on grid."

As all relevant data flows in real time on the holographic panels, and the Rose Goddess relates the information to the Valkyrie Commander down in the field, Ere announces, "Mylady, I've managed to establish a vitals monitoring link with Sinthgunt, but something is preventing a full duplex tethering. Data streaming uplink… wait… ah, no, not this, please, no…", her voice toning down to an inaudible whisper.

Peorth, sensing the grief obvious in the younger Goddess' voice, orders sharply: "Ere, complete your report!"

"V-virus detected, corrupting basecode, S-Sinthgunt's body is rapidly decaying… She's been poisoned!"

"Merde! Ere, I want you to relay all stats to the MED TM, we've got the Gate open, send them in NOW!"

Another Goddess, at Peorth's far left, reports.

"Milady, Lady Daimakaicho Hild and the Demonic suspect have disappeared from all our monitors! I cannot detect any spacetime rift or any other macroevidence of dimensional interrealm transfer!"

"Lofn, try then to locate possible open Gates to Nifelheim, they may… "

Ere interrupts her supervisor. "Situation precipitating! Sinthgunt's earthly body corrupted beyond repair! I can't initiate an emergency containment spell; Flare Event Imminent, we're going to have a full matter to energy conversion of 100% of her physical mass in… 12 local seconds, now!"

"Suspend laws of physics in Nekomi!"

"Negative! Yggdrasil denies, realities are only 97.58 percent synchronized! No prediction as to the possible collaterals in that case!" Ex screams back.

"Then slow down time flow in the AO, dilate it one to a thousand!"

"Negative! No Time Domain Interference allowed, since all Norns are present in the affected dimension/reality!"

"Six local seconds to Flare Event!", a panicked Goddess in the background screams.

Peorth hears a muffled cry: "Holy Father, Keiichi!"

"What? Chrono, what was that!"

"Peo… Milady, Mr. Keiichi is three feet from Sinthgunt! He… he's…"

"Move over! Switch it to the Main Strategic Display!"

A cold silence falls among all the Goddesses, each furiously plucking the strings of their workstations.

It's all useless.

The ambient radiance almost imperceptibly darkens for an instant, and all the workstation panels blank momentarily.

Then, Yggdrasil serenely states.

"Aegis class emergency containment spell access request, priority Alpha; purpose, Divine Energy transfer: Granted. Link established. Incoming…

Complete. 99.998 % of all energy accounted for."

A distant thunder rumble can be heard in the background.

Peorth, Ere, Ex and Chrono pale visibly, aghast and shocked, knowing perfectly what happened. For the first time since the Great War, a Demon succeeded in terminating the life of a Divine being.

After a few moments of absolute silence and stillness, a quiet sobbing attracts the attention of many Deities.

Hlìn, all but forgotten Supervisor of the Goddess Relief Office, hides her face in the nook of her arms, sprawled on a low table in front of which she was seated.

Peorth swallows her tears and tries to regain control.

"Y-Yggdrasil, status report on Goddess First Class Sinthgunt."

"Goddess First Class, Commercial License, Limited Sinthgunt presently reverted to distributed natural energy state. License and account indefinitely suspended; Divine Soul Essence, permanently dissolved."

There's an instant of quiet. Then, the Supercomputer voice detachedly adds:

"May the Ultimate Force welcome Her in Her journey to the Beyond."

Surprise greets the remarkable comment voiced by the otherwise always emotionless Life Tree Supercomputer.

Many Goddesses fight back tears. A few weep outright.

"M… Milady… Yggdrasil did not mention Sinthgunt's Angel…"

"Yes… right. Chrono, check on Keiichi, I believe he's got something to do with that. Ex, I need damage assessment; Ere, establish a comlink with Urd and Belldandy, and order our teams to organize a perimeter around Ground Zero. Lofn, still waiting on the bastard and his master's position, my orders are still standing."

"Milady… The mortal Morisato Keiichi is reported as deceased. He passed… Excuse me. I…"

Chrono's voice breaks, and after a moment continues her report.

"Mr. Morisato passed from a lethal exposure to hard radiation from Sinthgunt's mass to energy conversion. I will update as soon as I have new info."

Ex starts her own report.

"Milady, Yggdrasil reports 37 present casualties from the Gamma Ray Burst, increasing. There are at least another eighty three hundred mortals that are terminally affected in half a click radius that will pass on in the next thirty local days."

"Thank the Almighty, Japan islands still exist! Ex, continue your report!"

"The Aegis spell has been deployed by Sinthgunt's Angel, Archlight; it was three seconds late to contain the initial flow of gamma rays from Sinthgunt's body decomposition, but has successfully contained the following flare."

"That is not possible. An Angel cannot execute such a spell connected with her Host; she would cease to exist with her host's flare, therefore the spell would collapse before containment", Ere counters.

"I've got the answer to that," Chrono interlopes. "Kei… Mr. Morisato acted as host to Archlight, and called the spell. Yggdrasil reports Archlight access to Sinthgunt's permalink thru Morisato's soul energy; she's the one that protected him from the initial radiation excursion, otherwise he'd be instantly incinerated, buying him just enough time to call her forth and initiate the Aegis spell."

"But, how can…"

"Punaise! You'll all have eternity to speculate; I still don't have a report on Hild!"

Peorth glares her operators, fire in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Milady. I have no update; Lady Hild totally vanished, we cannot trace her. I can confirm, however, that she is NOT on Earth, except for a semidormant representative fragment in Nekomi, of which we never lost confirmed lock on."

"thank you, Lofn. Ere, I want to talk to either Urd or Belldandy, do you have an open channel?"

"Working on it. The dimensional shockwave is forcing us to resync everything all over again."

Sitting down with a very tired expression, her brow knitted and eyes closed, Peorth presses her palm on her forehead.

Zut! Quel désastre…

All deities present on the floor turn their attention to their supervisor, lost in her thoughts.

The Goddess stands again, clenching her fists.

"We still can solve the situation. It's too late for our beloved sister, but for everything else we can plead the Almighty a Divine Intervention. Ere, give me a status on the passed mortal's souls."

"Yggdrasil reports a 98,4% suspended state on all souls, basically there's only one missing, excluding standing Nifelheim contracts."

"Good, leave it at that. If we're granted a Divine Intervention, we can effectively return everything as it was, including the lives of all the mortals affected. Call Judge Advocate offices and request an Official Dogma clearance on the grounds of Overt Demonic Interference in Mortal Affairs."

Immediate aftermath

The gate abruptly appears in the evening sky, a brightly glowing circle surrounded by a continuously shifting intricate pattern of runic formulas. A second concentric circle expands in the center of the gate, allowing passage to the Emergency Extraction Team, followed by a Special Duty Valkyrie wing, riding winged steed and wielding glittering pole arms, streaming through the magical passageway with a speed that belies imagination.

The EET operators rush towards their objective, instantly slowing to a complete stop as they behold the scene before them.

Three Goddesses, the Norns, illuminate with their presence the scorched and smoldering ruins of a building, in the center of what accounts to be a circle of destruction that leveled a good portion of a city block.

There's no sign of the wounded Goddess Sinthgunt, while Commander Lind's Emergency First Response Team hovers, circling slowly in utter silence above the Norns, securing a perimeter.

An exceptionally fine greyish-white ash covers all the surfaces, as if the heat of a thousand suns flooded the neighborhood for but a moment; incredibly, the damage of the surrounding buildings seem quite limited.

The surprise last mere instants, as every Celestial being emerging from the gate receives a full update of events through their link with Yggdrasil.

Goddess First Class Belldandy, Norn of the Present, kneels in front of the charred spoils of a mortal, resting prone among the scorched rubble and ashes on the remains of a tiled floor; both her sisters stand at her side, speechless and motionless.

In the distant horizon, the sun is setting, painting the cloudy sky of deep orange, blood red and purple, while the temperature cools. The air is unnaturally still and an eerie silence saturates everything.

Reverently, a Healer God approaches the Norns, then silently kneels next to Belldandy, apparently frozen in time and totally oblivious of his presence. He extends his hand towards her head, as a soft glow shimmer around them, then turns his attention to the burnt corpse lying before them.

Keiichi's blackened face is turned to the side, eyes closed, lips curled in a thin smile, with an expression of peace and serenity, despite the black blood slowly pooling beneath him. Suddenly, two glowing Archangels flutter above the small group, their ethereal wings displacing no air, finally landing in a silence that could only be compared to the vacuum of interplanetary space, on both sides of his burnt hand, where a tiny egg with two small wings fell out of the mauled palm.

With incredible care and tenderness, both Celestial beings lift the Angel egg off the ground, levitating it and wrapping their hands around it. Then, they both lift off, carrying away their precious load, fully spreading their immense wings and finally disappearing in the open portal of the Gate.

Belldandy has not moved since she fell on her knees before Keiichi's lifeless husk, not even bothering to retract her wings, now unevenly spread at her sides, shocked beyond belief, her mind in turmoil as incredibly painful images flood her conscience… Keiichi's last moments, rendered by her Divine ability to replay recent events.

His pain, agony in sustaining the Aegis spell to protect other's life, and supreme decision to at least save Sinthgunt's Angel once aware of his fate, loop constantly in her mind.

Belldandy doesn't realize that tears slowly moist her perfect face. Her hand, open in Keiichi's direction, almost imperceptibly shivers, as if trying to reach something that's long gone.


A dark, almost bronze hand gently touches her shoulder.

"Belldandy... Please, look at me."

The Goddess of the Present slowly turns up towards her older sister, tearing with immense effort her eyes off the broken body on the floor. She answers, distraughtly, "Yes?"

"Please… come with me. Let's go home, there's much to do."

Belldandy's voice is dull, washed of all emotion. Just stating a fact.

"He's gone, Urd. His immortal soul… it's as if it never existed, totally erased from existence. I can't find him."

Behind this dam of apparent indifference, a supernova of pain and grief must be waiting to explode, the older Norn thinks.


Urd's voice breaks, tears welling up in her purple eyes, finally streaking her cheeks. The older Goddess draws her sister in a desperate hug, abruptly pulling her up from the ground and making her flap a couple of times her still extended wings to regain balance.

Urd whispers into Belldandy's ear.

"I know, Bell. Kei's no longer on this plane. It's normal, he's been collected. He's piped in for judgment like any other mortal. That… that…" - she turns to take a last glance of the body on the ground, - "shell…isn't Keiichi any more. Those are… just ashes."

Pulling back, and facing her younger sister, Urd wipes her eyes and, holding Belldandy's shoulders, hints a pale smile.

"I know it hurts, Bell… but, not all is lost! There's hope! We could… ask The Almighty to fix things. We could plead granting a Divine Intervention!"

Belldandy waves her head slowly.

"Our Lord will never grant us… me, such a concession… I am not worthy of…"

The Bronze goddess shakes her younger sister, her smile faltering only a bit. "Nonsense! Look around you! I feel… death and grief, many have suffered unnecessarily because of Mother! If this is not Demonic Interference, I don't know what is! Hope, Bell! Have faith!"

The Goddess of the Past again pulls her younger sister close.

"Don't lose hope. He wouldn't want it. Please, come with me."

Belldandy silently allows her sister to tug her away, idly walking by her, hand in hand.

Lind and four Valkyries silently coast the two Goddesses, followed by a totally shellshocked Skuld, forming an escort to the now reunited three Norns.


The silent voice directly travels along Yggdrasil's Permalink interface, reaching the Goddess deep inside her mind.

Startled, Urd replies telepathically.

"Peorth? What… what are you doing?"

"Damn your Mother, Urd! What the HELL, and mind you, it's not a coincidence I'm choosing these words, are YOU doing! Merde! Do you understand that you've used Demonic powers in the Sancta Sanctorum of Heaven? You understand what the consequences could be?"

"Peorth, I don't care! Keiichi's dead, Bell's having a serious breakdown, she could become unstable and after what happened with…"

"Shutup! I could have Lind arrest you! The Council could Seal you up and separate you from your sisters forever!"

"Peorth!" Urd screams, startling her escort and both her sisters. The Goddess of the Past nervously glances around her and replies again using Yggdrasil's Permalink.

"Peorth. Do not dare lecture me. We both know who I am, and you, of all people also should know exactly WHAT I can do. My family is hurt, and I am not going to discuss this further. Only two beings in Creation can tell me what I can and cannot do, and it is still up to me whether or not humor them. Is this clear?"


"Good. I will escort my Sisters home, at the Temple. I am sure you're already requesting a Divine Intervention, on the grounds of Demonic Interference in the Mortal Domain, right?"

"Overt Demonic Interference in Mortal Affairs."

"Whatever. Just be sure that we get Keiichi back. By the way, give Hlìn my condolences for her pupil's demise."

"You must be joking."

"No, I am not. I am still a Goddess, you know."

Peorth cuts the link, scowling. Hlìn never hid her distaste at Urd's arrival in Heaven, never lost an occasion to insult the Norn because of her half Demon heritage and ultimately voicing rather loudly her opposition at Urd's appopintment as Yggdrasil System Administrator, causing the Almighty Himself to intervene. Urd herself never could stand the older Goddess presence.

Urd grabs both her sisters in a group hug, beaming.

"See, Bell? I told you, that everything's going to be all right; good ol' Peorth's has it covered! I've just had confirmation she's requesting a Divine Intervention. Everything will be restored, including Keiichi!"

Without a word, Belldandy buries her face in the quite generous breast of her older sister, crying tears of relief.

"Everything is going to be allright. Come on, now. No need to be subtle anymore."

An incredibly complex Mandala appears beneath the three Goddesses and in a flash of blue light they are gone.

Lind leads the group of remaining Divine Beings towards the Gate, having also received Peorth's update regarding a possible Divine Intervention and her new orders.

"Everyone except my VCSAR team, move it. I want the grid free within the next six local!"

The Valkyrie commander turns to her Cherubs.

"You guys too. There's good chance a DI operation will be carried out shortly; can't have anyone below Third Class down here when that hits."

Prelude to Divine Intervention

"Peorth, dear."

Following the soft words, heard by everyone as if they were whispered directly in each one's ear, a Goddess appears hovering midair in a crown of light, clad in a shockingly white toga, her long, glittering gold mane in a braid falling back all the way to her naked feet. An immense Angel glides behind her, gliding with her wings spread wide and her arms stretched in front, allowing the Goddess to rest against the Angel's hands.

Peorth watches the impressive display of serene and relaxed power, immediately standing in attention from her command chair.

"Yes, Milady Freyja?"

The Goddess' voice is laced with steel and authority.

"It is The Allmighty's wish to entrust you, Child, to be His Hand and Will, granting temporary release of all your Divine bonds and limiters, thereby allowing You to express the fullest extent of Your power and potential in the restoration of all damages and mortal lives lost on the surface of Earth in the aftermath of our daughter's Sinthgunt's passing."

Peorth wavers under the weight of the Older Goddess' words, an immense honor and at the same time the passing of His judgment upon her.

"Peorth, Goddess first class, first category unlimited, do You accept to be His Hand and Will in His Divine Intervention?"

It is simply a formality. There's no choice in the matter, but the illusion of Free Will in Heaven must be satisfied.

Peorth bows her head.

"Yes, Milady. I do."

Freyja's voice returns to be a mere whisper, this time to be heard only by Peorth's ears.

"That's a good girl. Hon, once you're back, come by to enjoy some homemade Mead and pastry with us, you're always welcome; it does not have to be an official visit every time, to see each other."

"Y… yes, auntie."

In an anticlimactic display, Freyja just disappears, leaving an afterimage slowly collapsing into fine mist perfumed of apples and mint.

Peorth slowly sits back in her chair. Around her, all the Deities tending Yggdrasil turn their eyes to the Goddess, in awe for the immense honor of becoming His Hand.

In silence, Peorth ponders over Freyja's message, 'reading between the lines'.

I- I've been found wanting. Guilty of allowing Urd to handle the emergency in my place… permitting her to use Forbidden powers in the sancta sanctorum of Heaven, and once bequeathed power to her, letting her abandon helm of Yggdrasil in a crucial moment.

Sure, she's good at what she does. Maybe the toll would have been worse if Urd hadn't helped - no one else would have been able to pull back up Yggdrasil in such short timeframe.

But still, I'm now at fault.

So He deems an appropriate punishment granting to express Ultimate Power on Earth to me, allowing me to become His Hand and Will. The highest honor a Divine being could aspire to… only, in my case, it's to fix the mess I've helped create because of my incompetency.

Peorth hides her face with her hands, a bitter tear gliding slowly over her cheek. Her eyes snap open, glowing. Rising, she holds her arms high, and thunderously claims the Power. All her jewelry and clothing disappear, before her body vanishes turning into the Light of Creation.

The true power of the Gods

The last glimmering of the sunset gently subsides, leaving a deep red glow outlining the silhouette of the mountains in the background. The dark sky has cleared in the last fifteen minutes, the menacing clouds simply disappearing, leaving a starry purple black dome above a completely dark Nekomi city, all lights off because of a massive blackout.

Police cars and ambulance sirens whine in the distance, blue and red flashing lights speed along the dusky and deserted streets, converging to Ground Zero. No aircrafts yet fly above the area.

A ghastly sight welcomes the first to enter the roughly half kilometer radius around Ground Zero: all buildings perfectly standing with many people lying in the streets, or staggering weakly, about to die from terminal radiation sickness.

The gamma ray blast and Electro Magnetic pulse disabled every electric and electronic device in a twenty five square kilometer area; military satellites of the Planet's superpowers detected the pulse and the initial hard radiation excursion, and some also recorded the UV light emission, identifying it as a nuclear reaction, even if no double flash had been observed.

The world's Governments are in turmoil. Most of the world's armies started preparing for the unknown; combat crafts patrolling the skies, submarines preparing their SLBM's and nuclear arsenals readied, while the civilian population simply lives on, unaware.

In a room within Torikihongan Temple, Belldandy waits, frozen in a Seiza posture. Her eyes stare the infinite, her body locked. Not even a breath disturbs her perfect stillness.

Urd and Skuld peek behind the shoji door at their sister.

"U-Urd… I've a bad feeling over this. Very bad…", the youngest Norn whispers.

"Shh! Let's move outside."

In the garden, Urd silently proceeds to draw a complex pentacle on the ground. Black wisps move about as if alive, drawing even more complex patterns around them.

"There. Now it should be safe to talk, I've used Higher Demonic powers to draw this warding."

"D-d-d-demonic? S-s-s-safe? Me? Standing in a Demonic ward?"

"Oh, shut up Squirt! I've done the Ward, and You're family, come on!"

Urd grabs the smaller Goddess' hand and pulls her inside the circle.

"Ok, now tell me what's going on."

Skuld starts shivering, obviously uncomfortable inside the Demonic warding.

"I-I don't know, Urd. My Prescience has been blocked in the wake of… of the Flare, Yggdrasil put a seal on my powers. I only have… hints, sensations…"


"I'm telling the truth! I swear! Yggdrasil has priority on our domains, since we relinquished them, once the supercomputer went online! You know that! And if Yggdrasil blocks our domains, either we abide to its ruling, or… or…"

"Yeah. Ok. Tell me about your 'bad feelings' then."

"I… still remember what my first dream about Keiichi was about… and there's something… wrong with what is happening now. It's… it's not happening right, not how it should!"

Almost on the verge of tears, Skuld clasps her hands in front of her, falling to her knees before her older sister, scared of the Bronze Goddess' eyes, now glowing and slitted like a cat's.

"Oh, Lord, Urd you know I cannot tell you more, even if I wanted it with all my strength!"

Realizing her behavior is frightening the sniffing Goddess, Urd lifts her up, hugging her.

"That's OK, kid, you've told me enough. I didn't mean to scare you. Come on, we'd better get back in, Divine Intervention should be starting any moment, now."

Right on cue, a Permalink announcement approved by both Yggdrasil and Nidhogg supercomputers, reaches every Celestial being, both Divine and Demonic, alerting of the impending Almighty's Act.

Urd and Skuld lightly knock at Belldandy's door. They both silently slide inside, and sit beside the Norn of the Present, a halo of azure light enveloping the Three Norns.

Somewhere else in Nekomi, Mara and Hild's fragment sit in front of each other, a red aura crackling around them. Many other Demons, Gods, and Celestial beings prepare themselves in the same way.

Minutes later, twilight turns to dawn, as an all-encompassing light shines on the horizon; a million suns erupt from the Heavens, and Peorth manifests Herself as the Hand of the Almighty.

An energy and power far beyond the comprehension of mere three dimensional mortal beings submerges everything, drowning the whole Planet in its unstoppable tide.


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