Of course it was Sirius. It was always Sirius.

The handsome boy stood before her and ran a hand through his thick black hair, grinning sheepishly. Jess was speechless. She couldn't believe he had done so much for her. It was so romantic.

"Um, Jess?" Sirius said after a minute of silence. "Say something?"

"I…" She gulped, unsure of how to continue. She didn't want her bubble to burst. So instead of talking she strode forward until she was within inches of the 6 foot beater and, wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed their mouths together.

Although initially startled by this development, Sirius wasted no time in melting their mouths together and wrapping his arms possessively around her waist.

A series of whoops broke their embrace. The couple turned to see James being smacked – again – by a fiery red head.

"Idiot." She hissed before winking at Jess.

Sirius just laughed before capturing Jess's lips once again and pulling her around the tree so they were hidden from prying eyes.

Phoebe leaned into Remus's side and they became caught up in their own private bubble while James, in signature James style, raised his eyebrows at Lily who, in signature Lily style, proceeded to swipe at James.

"It'll never last." Sneered Olivia Crowley as she watched Jess tuck herself beside Sirius on the sofa in the common room that evening.

"Well he did so much for her – he never did that for a girl before…Those girls have stolen two of the best looking boys in our year! There's only James left now – and he's been crushing on Lily since third year!" Her friend Sophie whispered as they eyed the couples around the room.

"Everyone's got a boyfriend – even Frank Longbottom has snagged Alice Chambers – I never thought he'd get a girlfriend." Whined Olivia.

"Well Sirius is probably only with her for the action." Sophie suggested. "You know? She's probably really good in the sack or something. Why else would he go for her over one of us?"

"Well I'll be here to comfort him when it ends, though." Olivia laughed maliciously.

"Good morning, beautiful." Sirius whispered to Jess as she floated down the stairs on Sunday. "I have bought you breakfast." Jess smiled as she was offered a plate full of pastries.

"They're my favourite!" She exclaimed before grabbing a cinnamon whirl.

"I know – it's thanks to you that we found the kitchens, actually!" Sirius laughed, helping himself to a croissant.


"Well I was bored one night in second year and I borrowed James' invisibility cloak, whoops you didn't know about the cloak – there's no cloak ok?" Sirius chuckled, not caring now what Jess knew, after all - she was no angel herself. "So I was strolling aimlessly through a corridor on the third floor and who should I come upon but a little girl sneaking around? Well I thought to myself – what would she be doing out so late? I was suddenly struck by the thought that you might be working on a prank so of course I followed you and your little excursion lead me right under the great hall. Well I waited until you had left, of course – right little feast you had didn't you? Then of course the elves were so happy to find that they had another student to fill up. I shared the secret with the others of course…at least after a few months of private evening snacks with you."

"You were there? The entire time you were there? So that's how you always seemed to know what foods I liked." Jess smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm more observant than you give me credit for!" Sirius moved his head so that their mouths collided. "In fact," he continued as they broke apart, "I know all about your secret love of firewhisky, how you ensure that the spinach is always situated as far away from your plate as possible and how you crave chocolate when it's that time of the month."

"How do you know about that? I never mentioned it to the house elves!" Jess stepped back, shocked.

"Well every month, for about a week, you would go to the kitchens at about 10ish and ask for chocolate. Honestly, Jess, anyone with a calendar could've worked it out." Jess just blushed and decided the subject needed changing.

"We have to do something about Lily and James." She said adamantly.

"You're right about that – I'm tired of dealing with a moping James every time Lily ignores him. He's gotten used to the rejection now, but every time she's upset it makes him upset that he can't comfort her." Sirius put the food down.

"Somehow I don't think plastering Lily with roses won't help the cause." Jess grinned at the memory. They sat together for a while, lost in thought before giving that up and becoming lost in each other.

"I don't suppose Snape's influence helps my cause." James commented to the gang – minus Lily – later that day.

"Well Lily doesn't like you picking on him, and while I can't really see the attraction he is her friend. Maybe you should leave him alone for a while – at least when Lily is around." Phoebe suggested. James just pursed his lips and tossed his stolen snitch around.

"Speak of the Devil…" Jess groaned as Severus Snape appeared beside the lake, his nose buried in a book.

"Be careful of that book, Snivellus – you'll get grease marks in it if you hold it any closer!" James shouted. Phoebe sighed.

"Maybe if you were a nicer person then Lily would date you. Oh I forgot – what did she say to me? Never in a million years would I agree to date such an arrogant, pig headed loser." Snape shot back.

The group could see the pain that flashed across James' face, but it was quickly hidden underneath a mask of anger. Within seconds his wand was raised.

"Levicorpus!" Snape was hoisted into the air by his ankles. "Take that back, scum."

"POTTER!" Shrieked a very irate Lily. "Put him down! NOW!"

"But he was…" James' excuse was left hanging. At the expression on Lily's face he dropped Snape unceremoniously at his feet.

"Mr. Potter, tell me when suspending students by their ankles became part of the curriculum, because I was not informed?" Professor McGonagall appeared out of thin air. James groaned.

"Detention. Next Friday, my office, 8 o'clock."

As McGonagall disappeared Lily was attempted to help Snape off the ground.

"I don't need help from you – filthy mudblood." He spat.

"Take that back!" James had his wand out again. On seeing Lily's crushed expression Snape attempted to backtrack.

"Lily, I…"

"Save it, Snivellus. You call everyone else that so why make exception for me? I really don't know why we're friends anymore." Lily spat back with venom before turning on her heel and running in the opposite direction. She had to get away before they saw her tears.