A/N: Here is another story for you to enjoy. I have been working on another one (and I still am), but this idea came to mind and wouldn't let me go until I wrote it. Actually, it almost wrote itself, all I did was type it. Hope you enjoy, and like everyone else I am not lucky enough to own Hawai'i Five-0 or any of these wonderful characters that you recognize. Thanks for reading




Chapter 1

"You guys have a good flight," Chin calls as Steve and Danny climb aboard the small 5-seater airplane.

"We will, we'll call you when we get back," Steve calls before shutting the door. Steve is seated in the front beside the pilot and Danny is seated in the back, directly behind the pilot.

"Buckle up boys, it's time to fly," their pilot calls as he finishes his pre-flight checks. Minutes later they are in the air and headed to the beautiful island of Lana'i.

"I sure hope this isn't a waste of time,"Steve tells Danny over the headphones.

"Yeah, me too, but I can understand Mrs. Alani not wanting to be seen talking to us considering what her son does to those he thinks betray him," Danny answers. After landing at the airport on Lana'i, Steve and Danny borrow a jeep for the fifteen mile drive down Kaupili Road to the meeting location. "It always amazes me how green Hawai'i is," Danny comments as they travel deeper into the forests.

"I know, Hawai'i really is beautiful," Steve agrees. After another ten minutes, Steve pulls into a secluded camping area when they are supposed to meet Mrs. Alani. "Let's scout around a bit since we are a little early," he suggests. Quickly and quietly Steve and Danny do a thorough search of the area and are satisfied that they are alone. However they do not have to wait very much longer for Mrs. Alani to show up. "Mrs. Alani," Steve greets as she steps out of her vehicle. "I'm Commander McGarrett, this is Detective Williams," he introduces.
"Commander, Detective, thank you for meeting me here like this. I hate what my son has turned into and for the sake of my granddaughter I want him off the streets," she tells them. "My granddaughter is just an infant right now, but soon enough she will be affected by the trash that he deals if he is not stopped. I have written down two addresses," she continues, handing Steve a piece of paper. "One is a friend's house where he hides out and the other is a warehouse where I am sure he keeps some of the drugs. I really hope you can take him down without killing him, but I don't know if he will give you that chance," she finishes sadly.

"We will do our best Mrs. Alani," Danny tells her. "Thank you for agreeing to help us. The offer of protection still stands if you change your mind."

"I know Detective, and I thank you, but as long as he doesn't find out I helped you, and I don't see how he will, then I will be fine. Now if you will excuse me, I do need to get back home."

"Thank you," Steve tells her as they each climb into their own vehicles. Steve and Danny discuss the case on the way back to the airport. "That warehouse address looks to be north of Honolulu," Steve comments. Why don't you call Chin and Kono with those addresses and they can have the info on them by the time we get back," Steve suggests.

"Okay," Danny answers, pulling the sat phone from his pocket.

By the time Danny has updated Chin and Kono they are back at the airport. After returning their jeep they meet with the pilot and board the plane for the trip home. Shortly after take-off Danny is admiring the stunning waterfalls cascading through the lush green forests far below when suddenly there is a loud thump and the plane begins to shudder.

"What's happening?" Steve asks over the headset.

"I don't know, we just suddenly lost power," the pilot responds, reaching for the radio controls to call for help. Steve and Danny remain silent as the pilot calls in the mayday and their approximate position. Any response that might have come from the tower was lost as the small plane slips into the trees, the screeching of metal and the breaking of branches drowning out all other sounds as the plane thunders through the forest. The plane crashes to a sudden stop as it slides sideways into a large tree.