Author's Note: I have no idea what the evening culture at American cons are like… So if this is a little too British I am sorry! Also…I know nothing about alcohol (I'm not much of a drinker)…which is probably not a good thing, considering I worked behind a bar for a year already…

Part of my fanfic 100 attempt - This is going to be a two-shot, with a prompt for each chapter.

Of Drunken Revelations

Part 1

Prompt - Drink

The hotel bar had a wonderful atmosphere at convention time. It was a place where anime fans congregated to share pizza, have a quiet drink with friends, or maybe even have a very noisy drink with friends. Sandra, Christie and Matt had spent a large part of the evening at the hotel bar, and Matt had openly mocked a guy at a nearby table for getting drunk after only two drinks. Sandra had, as always, been the only one able to wind him up.

"I sense a pot and a kettle in this room," she said slyly.

Matt crossed his arms moodily. "I don't know who you are talking to, sister. I can hold by liquor perfectly well."

She simply snorted, slowly goading him into a response.

"I can match every drink you can!" he insisted.

"Sure you can, sweetie," she replied sarcastically, "just like you can remember everything that happened at your twenty first birthday."

Matt signalled the barman and raised two fingers. Two glasses appeared.

"You cannot be serious," Sandra muttered, raising both eyebrows.

"If you don't want to put your money where your mouth is, Sandra, I will totally understand. I know that you have to work tomorrow…"

Sandra grabbed a glass. "You are so going down."

"We shall see."

Christie worriedly sipped at her soft drink as she watched the two siblings squabble. This would not end well.

Christie never would have guessed that Matt was such a lightweight. It had taken barely thirty minutes before he was unable to walk in a straight line. Sandra, however, seemed perfectly composed, if a little more giggly than usual. Obviously the ability to hold one's drink didn't run in the family.

Together Chriss and Sandra half marched, half carried Matt back to their room. Greta was there, quietly reading a novel. She rolled her eyes when she saw the trio enter. "That was too cruel, Sandra," was all the comment she passed, before she put her nose back into her book.

Matt collapsed on the bed, mumbled something incoherent, and started snoring loudly. Sandra kicked him to make him quiet, but he didn't shut up.

"So," announced Sandra a little too loudly, "it looks like it's just us girls." She smirked at Christie in a particularly evil way.

"What're you planning?" Greta asked in a no nonsense tone, not looking up from her book.

Sandra pouted. "I'm just planning to reveal all of Matt's deep, dark secrets to Christie right here in front of him," she explained in a hurt tone. "I wouldn't do anything evil to Christie. I'm hurt, Greta!"

"Good," Greta replied. "I'm going to take a bath. Don't kill him while I'm gone, please."

And with that Greta shut the bathroom door behind her.

Sandra turned to Christie again. "So, what do you want to know?"

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