Of Drunken Revelations

Part 2

Prompt - Why?

Sandra turned to Christie again. "So, what do you want to know?"

Briefly Christie glanced at the form of her boyfriend, passed out and looking far from his usual, arrogant self. "Why is he such a jerk sometimes?" she asked, more to herself than to Sandra.

"Beats me." Sandra sat down on the bed Greta had just vacated. Despite it being late, and all the alcohol in her system, Sandra still managed to look incredibly graceful. Christie tripped over her own feet when she came to sit on the bed next to her friend. Sandra didn't pass comment though, just smiled as Chris sat cross legged on the bed.

"There must be some reason he's so cold," Chriss insisted.

"Yeah, it's probably genetic."

Christie frowned. "Are your parents…like you two then?" She tried to phrase her question as politely as possible, but she wasn't sure she managed it.

Sandra burst out laughing. "Mom and Dad? Not at all, they're the sweetest couple you'll ever meet."

Christie scratched her head. "I was always sure that your parents had done something to hurt him somehow. Didn't they even treat him too kindly because of his eye?"

Sandra shook her head. "Not in the least. After the accident they didn't change their attitude to him at all. He was treated just as harshly or as kindly as me. Mom and Dad aren't to blame for Matt's attitude, or for mine." She stuck out her tongue at Christie. "If anything we've become who we are despite them!"

Christie looked at her boyfriend lovingly. He was still snoring, but softly now. He hadn't looked this peaceful in a long time. He wouldn't normally look so vulnerable.

"He is so annoying," Sandra interrupted Christie's thoughts.

"There must be some other reason then, aside from his upbringing. Was he bullied at school?"

Raising an eyebrow his sister responded. "Chriss, he was a kid with one eye. Of course he was bullied."

"Then that's why?"

"I don't think so," Sandra responded. "Weren't you bullied?"

Christie looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I was bullied. A girl on my block used to come over for play dates. One time she took the scissors from the kitchen door and cut the hair from all of my dolls, and then she ran to my mother and told her how I'd done it."

Christie looked shocked.

"Oh it's alright, I learned to sew by making little head scarfs for each of the dolls. But nearly everybody is bullied at one time or another. Matt was never the sort to stand for people putting him down. He stood up to them; it made him a stronger person, not a bitter person."

Christie thought back to the girl in first grade who used to pull her pigtails and call her nasty names. It was true that at some point in their life most people were bullied, and in the anime community there were always a higher number of these people than in other areas of society, but that didn't make everyone as angry and distrustful of the world as Matt was.

"Then what is it?"

Matt rolled over in his sleep. Christie got up to throw a blanket over him, to stop him from catching a chill.

"You can't fix him, you know. This is just how he is."

"I know," Christie responded, and gently stroked Matt's hair away from his face. "I love him the way he is, faults and all."

"Then does the why matter?" Sandra asked.

Christie sensed that this was a test. She knew that Sandra adored her brother, and that right from the start she'd been probing Christie, testing to see if she really was the right girl for her brother.

"I suppose it doesn't matter."

Sandra grinned. "Good!" she proclaimed, bounding off the bed. "Then I think we better get some sleep, my dear. You'll need some energy for tomorrow; he's going to be even more of a jerk in the morning."

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