01:34 am

When Gregory Clarkson entered the old hideout he couldn't believe his eyes. When he had been told it what it was like down here he hadn't believed a word they had said. He'd brushed off the rumours of unearthly creatures in the darkness and monsters stalking the dank dark corridors. He discarded the stories of the disappearances and the cold statues of ice that were there one minute and gone the next.

"Shit." That was all he could say as he helped his accomplices down the old secret ladder entrance.

"Is that the only word that is in your vocabulary?" asked Rasheedah Pamengo as she reached the bottom of the ladder brushing away his helping hand, she was a tall and graceful woman with long dark brown hair and captivating emerald eyes, apparently she had trained to be an acrobat to represent Belize in the Olympics.

He just smiled a charming smile "Well, there's 'Wanna go for a drink?' and 'How about dinner?' but they haven't been as successful in getting your attention."

Rasheedah rolled her eyes, smacking the light stick she had pulled from her utility belt against his head and as the light stick began to glow before willingly walking into the dark, the light slowly breaking the blackness that cut her off from the other explorers.

Chico Martinez jumped from the third step on the ladder and laughed heartily, although no-one was sure of the reason "That's because she's not interested, pal. You need to wake up a smell the failure!" The Mexican thre back his head and laughed again, his shoulder length black hair flying back a few seconds after his head as if it was delayed somehow.

Alice Westwood was the last down the ladder, her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and bobbed up and down as she walked "Professionalism people, please? We were all sent here to do a job and we will do the job no matter what emotion ties connect us, separate us or in any other way relate to one another. Now everyone quiet."

The trio caught up with Rasheedah soon enough, each with a light stick in one hand, and soon they were deep into the catacombs. The walls were metal and cold, spiders webs and rat hovels lined the sides of the walls and the group stayed as far into the centre as they could. It had been a long time since anyone had entered into this dark dungeon of danger. A cold wind blew past them, carrying a few spiders with them but none of them screamed just brushed the sticky cloak of web off a kept walking into darkness.

"This must continue to go on all underParis!" exclaimedChicoin an attempt to make conversation.

"QuietChico," whisperedAlice"Remember, professionalism."

Suddenly a door came in their sights up ahead "We've found it!" cried Rasheedah running towards the door, she stopped halfway to it.

"What is it?" asked Gregory

Aliceedged forward "Sheedah?"

Rasheedah looked as if she was frozen solid, like a statue. Alice turned to Chico and nodded and the Mexican headed back the way they came. Alice pulled on Gregory's arm nodding back to the small speck of light that was Chico, his running footsteps were the only sound in the old hideaway and their echo stayed with them like ghost of his presence.

"No, we can't just leave her." protested Gregory.

"She's been flash frozen, like everyone else who came in here,"Alicelooked back and could no longer seeChico"We have to go Greg."

Gregory walked towards Rasheedah, his heart pounding like a drum, "She can't be gone forever. How could she be gone?"

"There is no way we can help her here."Alicereplied, her voice getting quieter.

It was then the sound of machinery whirled into motion and a large cog fells in front of Gregory, nearly squashing him from a falling hive of wasps along with the wall they had been living in. Suddenly the whole place was falling around them.

"The machine's dead!"Aliceshouted but Gregory could still not hear her "Sheedah was the last one, it's out of juice now, the whole place is done for! The whole place is falling part!"

The walls collapsed into on them and the ceiling fell down. The rumbled covered them like a blanket of snow. That night there was an earthquake in Paris as the lair of The Brotherhood of Evil collapsed.