Ethan woke up suddenly. He couldn't remember what he was dreaming, he wasn't even sure if he had even been dreaming anything. Perhaps he had woken up between dreams or something like that. Everything in the room was exactly the same as before he had gone to sleep Terra was still lying where she had been, the clock was still ticking and the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP of the heart monitor in the background. The only thing now was that Silkie had crawled off somewhere probably to find somewhere cosier and less scary. Despite the room looking the same Ethan saw why the Titans reserved this as some sort of infirmary. It was a cold and mechanical room that didn't breathe like a warm home and stank naturally of artificial chemicals. A chill run down Ethan's spine.

"Why does everything look so creepy at night?" Ethan asked Terra, he was half expecting her to say something to make him jump and break the awful eerie silence.

Ethan slipped of the bed. The sound of his shoes hitting the floor echoed through the whole tower and he thought her head someone jump "Azarath Metron Zinthos!" cried a female voice and the door burst open with a ranging darkness in the shape of a raven's claw. Ethan darted towards the window before he realised there was no way he could actually escape. The bird claw grabbed him by the ankle and he screamed falling to the floor. Terra just lay there, oblivious to the chaos around her. The sound of footsteps echoed through the infirmary.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the voice asked harshly, this was not a voice that you mess around with, this voice was serious.

Ethan squirmed to get a view of the girl. She was about his height, maybe a little taller or a little shorter, he couldn't tell. She wore a long hooded cloak that his her face. The only recognisable feature was her eyes flashing with dark intent in the shadows of her cloak. She took a few steps closer to him and took of her hood. She was pretty but pale, very pale and she reminded Ethan of some sort of spirit. Her eyes were an odd colour, dark but not black with the tiniest purple tint. Her smile was non-existent but Ethan saw in her eyes that she had the capability to laugh and to love. Her hair was short and a dark lilac and in the middle of her forehead was a small red diamond shaped mark that he seemed strangely drawn to look at.

"My name is Ethan." He replied "I came here looking for my brother but he isn't here and then…."

The girl raised an eyebrow "And then?" she asked tapping her foot impatiently as if she was bored and was slowly realising her interrogation of Ethan was wasting her time.

Ethan looked towards Terra "Then Slade attacked."

The girl followed the path of his eyes and when they rested on Terra she gasped and fell back to the floor. The claw of darkness that restrained Ethan seemed to shatter in synchronisation of her collapse and Ethan, nervously, came to help her up.

She accepted his help but seemed to be coping with the news far better "Now I wasn't expecting that today." She said unenthusiastically.

"You're Raven, right?" Ethan asked as he followed her to Terra's bedside "It's just my friend's a big fan of you guys so I sort of know little bit about you already. Which must be strange right? I mean, since you know nothing about me and all…"

'What am I saying?' Thought Ethan, 'What the hell am I saying? I must be making such a fool of myself… wait…. Why do I care?'

Raven broken his train of thought "I take it that they know she's here."

"Pardon?" asked Ethan not sure what she had just said, he couldn't seem to concentrate.

Raven gave him a look that could have sliced an iron bar in half "Do the others know that Terra is here?" she asked making sure Ethan heard every single word perfectly.

Ethan nodded, a little too scared to say anything. She had, after all, just attacked him and was now intensely interrogating him. He didn't seem to mind though which he thought was a little strange.

Raven look down at her old friend "That means… he must…" Raven looked back at Ethan sharply "Do you want to get something to eat?"

Ethan wasn't sure how to answer that question. He couldn't seem to speak or say anything and even if he was unsure if he could actually physically answer. She smiled, he knew she could smile, and it flooded the room with a sort of odd warmth.

"Sure." Ethan managed after a prolonged silence.

She walked out of the infirmary, Ethan following close behind. She turned left and walked down the corridor turned right then left again to the lift then up to the top floor walked down another corridor, turned right, straight down the corridor and into the next room. Ethan trailed behind slowly, his stomach making grumbling sounds as he went. He hadn't noticed before, perhaps that why Raven had asked him in he wanted to something to eat. For a second he had hoped there had been something more in her question. He stopped before he went through the door.

"More…" he whispered, and then he realised.

"Are you okay out there?" asked Raven quietly and Ethan looked up, realising he had just been standing there for about a minute staring into space, or had he been staring at her? Did it make a difference?

He followed her inside the room. It was massive; straight ahead was a large window looking out onto Jump City, one seemed to be slightly tinted like a giant computer screen. In front of it was a semi-circle couch with a circular coffee table and behind it on both sides was a sort of kitchen in two parts that seemed to mirror each other. One had a huge fridge, cooker and what looked like a newly purchased blender. The other side, instead of a fridge, cooker or blender, was covered with various magazines, books, pen, notebooks, CD's and a massive stereo. This was the hub of Titan's Tower.

Raven headed to the fridge and looked through it pulling out a loaf of bread, some cheese and some lettuce "This is all we have left, sorry about that. It was Starfire's turn to go shopping so we didn't end up with anything actually edible."

Ethan laughed, though he wasn't sure if she should as Raven show him another looked but it soon melted into a smiled "That's fine." He told her watching as she put the sandwich together in less than a minute.

Raven pulled a plate out of the cupboard, placed the sandwich on the plate and passed it to Ethan without engaging eye contact "Here we go." She said quickly before walking towards the door.

"Wait. How do I get back?" Ethan asked, she turned around again and gave yet another one of her 'what did you say?' looks.

"Just sleep in here. There should be a blanket over there somewhere." She walked out without looking back.

Ethan search around for a blanket and soon found it in the cupboard under the big stereo. He took his sandwich and laid down on the sofa, laying the itchy blanket over himself. He ate his sandwich quickly but it didn't seem to satisfy him. He was just sos tired. He had travelled a so far and his life had altered so much since the other day. He wondered if Naomi or Owen had made it to Jump City. They would be amazed when he told them everything. It would send Owen into a fit of jealously when he discovered that he had been saved by Cyborg, been greeted by Robin in Titan's Tower, met their beloved pet and mascot Silkie and even had a sandwich made by the mysterious Raven. Ah… Raven… beautiful Raven… Ethan snapped himself out of his infatuated trance but it wasn't long before she was back in her mind again. He knew there was something growing inside of him, a feeling of longing growing inside of him. Just the very thought of being near her made him smile. He could only dream of where it would lead.

"No, Ethan." He told himself "You'll probably be gone by morning. Another memory soon forgotten, and never revisited… you may remember her for the rest of your life but she will never remember you."