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Two children leaned over a large bed towards a figure seated on the edge of so. They stared in amazement at the bundle in the figures arms, smiles soon made their way to their faces as the bundle started to fidget.

"Rido-kun, Haruka-kun, what do you think we should call her?" The figure spoke softly to the two children as it stretched forwards the bundle towards them.

For a sort while the children said nothing, they just reached forwards and stared at the bundle with curious eyes.

The slightly taller of the two children climbed up on to the bed and kneeled in front of the figure to get a better look at the child. Mismatch eyes seemed hesitant as the small child reached a hand and brushed through the brown locks of hair already on the bundles head.

The bundle started to coo up at the child, causing the other child, to climb rather difficultly on to the bed and stared down at the baby in the same amazement as his brother.

A chuckle came from the figures mouth as it watched the children with gentle eyes, pushing the bundle towards them slightly more, which caused the bundle to fidget again.

"So, what are we going to call her?" It pushed again, smiling as the children seemed to be more focused on their new little sister than her actual name.

"Neh... Rido-nii-sama, what should we call her?" The smaller of the two children called up to the older one, while never taking his eyes off the small bundle in front of him.

"Juri." Came the confident reply of the other boy, who was now grinning down at the bundle, not even bothering to look up at his brother or the figure for agreement.

"...Juri..." The smaller brother whispered under his breath as if trying out the name. He took a few more moments, before pushing himself forward on the bed and looked directly over the baby.

"Hi Juri! My names Haruka! And this is Rido-nii-sama! We'll be your big brothers from now on!" Haruka cheeped softly but cheerily to the bundle in front of him, earning many coo's and what seemed to be giggles from the baby as it stared up at the two in mild curiosity.

"Did you hear that Kaname, Juri..." A chuckle followed the sentence before the figure kept talking, "What a wonderful name, is it not?"

"Indeed it is, it is a wonderful name indeed." A figure appeared from the door way to the room and entered before leaning over the figure on the bed and kissing it gentle on the forehead before shifting his proud gaze towards the children, a small chuckle coming from his lips as the two boys were still staring at the small baby girl.

"It is indeed..."

The wind blew proudly through brown locks, as Kaname Kuran lead the night class proudly towards the tall gates leading to class. His eyes kept straight as the gates began to creak open, revealing the hoards of day class girls, one half being kept at bay, but the other well it was better than it used to be.

Sayori Wakaba was rather impressively pushing back the girls, although there was no doubt that the new prefect would soon give in to the constant pushing of the girls. But maybe, she would avoid being trampled like the previous prefect would be.

He felt a slightly tingerling on his arm, or rather a pulling, as a pair of warm arms circled his own. This did nothing to slow down their pace, it just made him flick a glance to the girl next to him, his own family relative who had recently turned in her perfect band and went fully in to the night class - Where she belonged.

As they walked through the gates he caught a rather bad vibe coming from a spot in the shade near by. He knew exactly the cause of the feeling of dread that seemed to fall over the entire row of girls on the side near the shade.

Quiet chuckles escaped his lips, as he looked over at that spot in the shade, to see a certain silver haired prefect glaring at everything and anything, but still did not move from his spot or look at anything exactly.

The chuckles seemed to caught the silvernette's attention, despite the fact that they were barely audible to those around him, and received the glare with full hatred at his very being - Although that just seemed to make him want to chuckle more, but he spared the prefect today and quietened his laughter.

His laughter hadn't gone unnoticed by the night class, who were staring at him with looks of confusion, he could even feel Yuuki's eyes on him from his side. But none of this bothered him, as he recomposed himself and walked past the girls and the prefects in a neutral style.

From behind him, he could briefly hear the girls still cowering as the silver haired prefect seemed to yell something about returning to their dorms. Another thing that greatly amused him, but now was not the time to show it, the fact that he had even chuckled at seemingly nothing was probably giving the others a heart attack. He would be merciful today and let their little hearts rest.

Zero Kiryu was trying his best not to chew off the inside of his cheek, as he bit down trying to calm himself, but today was just not a good day for him.

After rather firmly dismissing the left over girls, he walked in to the forest, barely aware of where he was going until the taste of his own blood slipped from his cheek to his tongue. Darn, today was just not his day.

Running his tongue rather gently along the wound, before starting to walk in the direction of the stable, he didn't bother to check if anyone was there - No one ever was.

When he reached the stable, he immediately set his sites on a while horse outside the old barn, looking in his direction with what seemed to be a frown on it's face. A groan slipped from his lips, as he continued to walk, the horse meeting him half way.

The horse lowered it's head and nudged his hand rather forcibly, it didn't take long for the hand to do the job that the horse had set for it, stroking and patting gently on the neck and nose of the horse.

He let out a quiet hiss as the wound on his inner cheek had finally started to heal close, but it didn't seem to bother the horse as it contently stood lavishing in the pets and strokes.

White Lilly was the horses name, and she seemed to love him to hell and back, he didn't know what he had done exactly but this horse loved him more than anyone, or rather kicked him less than anyone. She hated the smell of vampires and yet he was here petting it, she hated the company or rather anyone that went near her, and yet went near him often just to get his attention.

Over all, this horse was weird, but she was his favourite horse.

Walking past White Lilly easily, he entered the barn and plopped down on a pile of clean hay, an arm resting gently over his eyes trying to block out any extra light that was still up and out at this time of day, or rather dusk now.

The mare settled a few stalls near him, doing a rather good job of blocking out the light from that direction as it started to graze on some of the hay.

A quiet sigh drifts from his lips as he thinks over everything. He was slowly breaking, he knew that, Lilly knew that, but no one else seemed to notice, to them he was the same old same old... Even those who knew what was a sham and what wasn't, didn't seem to notice the small cracks appearing in the mask.

Just how long could he keep this up.

"Remember, don't loose your self to the madness."

Maybe he should take his own advice. This was cracking and falling apart, he didn't even know if he could keep this up long enough for what the future plan was. But he had to... If he didn't, then he would surely loose himself more.

At first he had been fine, everything had been perfect, then he had seen things... Things that almost brought tears to his eyes - But no, those tears never fell, it would be too unbecoming.

That didn't stop his doubt though, it was constantly there, the possibilities and maybe everything would be a lot better if it went that way, then the tears came back at the very thought, the very pain that went through his system.

That was when he had first started to break, and he was starting to mix in to all the lies laid around him like hunting traps, set and ready to spring.

The way that girl had gripped to his arm, it was enough to spring one trap, and another slash over his already bleeding heart.

Fate was truly cruel to those who didn't deserve it. Or maybe he had done something, something that he would have to get on his hands and knees to beg, just for the possibility of fixing the wrong done.

But maybe he hadn't done anything, maybe it was just what he was. Yes. That had to be it, the God's were punishing him for being him. It was the only way possible.

He was pushed out of his thoughts by breath on his face, looking up he noticed White Lilly now directly in front of him nudging his cheek gently with her nose.

Raising his hand carefully to his cheek, he touched the skin now smelling the overpowering scent of salt in the air and the wetness on his cheeks.

Now he had truly broken.

Kaname sat back on his chair, he couldn't quite help but feel the slight feeling of wrong in the air.

His eyes glanced over to the ones in the night class, they seemed to be boredly sitting around some dotting down random notes of doodling, but nothing was off.

Turning his gaze over to Yuuki he noticed that the poor girl was blushing beside him, she was a poor girl indeed. It didn't matter how much she touched him or looked at him, he would never be able to love her in the way that she was hoping him to. As an elder brother maybe, but never as a lover.

It was probably time to stop the foolish lies soon, but it wasn't time yet, he was waiting for something. Something that had been unsettling and slowly falling after all these years, and now it was beginning to wake, but as something he had to stop.

Of course not on his own, he knew who exactly who was to join him and he knew that, that person backed him all the way.

Then after all was sorted and done, they could finally slip off in to the life they used to leave, a long, long time ago. And Yuuki would truly know the truth, she already knew that he was related to her, but not how she thought, hopefully that at least would put her off, and maybe she could find someone she truly loved and they could love her back.

That was the perfect dream, that he and his partner had formed up. After all these years of waiting, they could move soon, and when they did then maybe things would turn out far better than he even originally wrote in the plan.

He would make no room for errors, that was for sure. Because Kaname Kuran was a pureblood and a pureblood always get what they want in the end.

Yuuki Kuran looked up at her crush through her fringe, a faint blush not helping to keep her gandering a secret from those around her and the said crush himself.

She knew that he was related to her, a cousin or something she thought. She also knew that her parents had heard of the name and seemed quite shocked when she had told them, but they refused to tell her anything about him other than that he was a relative - Not that that really helped, the young girl had already guessed from his surname.

The fact that he was related to her didn't bother her at all, after all her parents were siblings and they were married and loved each other dearly. Even if she hadn't lived with them her whole life she knew that they were in love, the way they looked at each other from the times that she had finally met them.

Yuuki grew up away from her parents for her own safety, pureblood vampires were worshipped and treasured but at the same time manipulated, a young pureblood child was a perfect target for that type of thing. That was why she grew up with a former hunter - Kaien Cross.

It wasn't until many years later, just before Cross Academy was founded that Zero a level E vampire and teenager around her age moved in with them. This was also around the time that she first met Kaname, he seemed so perfect, being so young but so strong and just happened to walk in to have business with Kaien and stumbled upon her and Zero.

Though she must say at the time what had caught her interest the most had been Zero's reaction. He had always been so ridged and pleasant enough to her (Meaning that he didn't yell at her, but still scrowled a lot), being careful about what he said or what he did around her - As if he was being cautious - But suddenly Kaname comes along and he's acting without a care at all for those around him.

She guessed that something must of happened though, because Zero, even though he looked quite a bit older than her (She guessed it came from his personality being so glum and annoyed) started acting childish, constantly throwing insults at Kaname at every chance he got. It was like that quiet scrowling brother had been abducted and replaced with this loud, growling boy.

Now that she thought about it she had seen Kaname and Zero walk out to talk at one point, after that they seemed to be at each others throats - Or rather Zero at Kaname's, while the brunette seemed amused by his antics.

Pondering about her brother like figure, she had noticed that he had seemed a bit off recently. Maybe she should ask him what's wrong? After all, it may be that he's falling to level E and that would break Yuuki's heart if that happened, she never wanted to see him like that.

Then again, she hadn't really seen a lot of him recently, she wasn't really bothered by it she was just curious. After all, Zero would be like her older brother no matter what, they would always be beside each other, even if she planned to get married to Kaname, she would leave a small part of her time for Zero of course.

Looking down at her book she started humming as she doodled a large heart with the letters "Y+K" In the very centre, every now and then she glanced up at Kaname smiling sweetly.

She suddenly paused in mid pencil stroke, to feel a shudder pass over her, she felt frozen stiff as if someone had poured ice down her back, but there was no cold burning sensation, only a feeling of never ending dread. Something was going to happen, she could feel it in her bones.

And her bones did not like that something.

Zero shot up in a cold sweat, it had only been about an hour before he managed to finally get to sleep, with the careful guard of White Lilly. To be honest, he did not know what had awakened him from a peaceful sleep, he was beginning to enjoy the dream he was having, and was happy to fade away from all his sorrow temporally. It was only when a shiver shot down his spin that his body had jolted awake.

What caused the shiver? The silvenette could only guess. But still he had a small idea that maybe the thing sleeping, maybe it had finally awakened and it would soon be time to move.

To protect Yuuki, that was all that mattered at the moment, as much as it hurt to be around her sometimes, being constantly reminded of what was happening and what he was, he still loved her like a little sister.

He would be damned if anything happened to her.

At least he would be able to follow what was set out quietly, after all he did not matter and he was beginning to doubt that he would ever matter again. Not any time soon, that was for sure.

A scrowl finally fixed itself to his face as the sun peaked slightly through the barn he had been sleeping in. He never knew that he had slept that long. Groaning came from him as he lifted an arm to give his eyes some sort of shield from the bright light on his groggy eyes.

Turning he saw that the spot White Lilly had been originally was now empty, this brang more discomfort to him as a beam of light shot straight to his face from the area.

His eyes flickered around the barn before spotting White Lilly looking surprisingly... smug, was it? He shot a short glare at the horse, knowing full well that she probably had done it on purpose.

Grumbles trailed from his lips, as the horse seemed to get annoyed and lowered her head slightly. He raised one hand and waved off her attack like a toddler having a sulk, before making his way to the barn door and shifting the door open.

Throwing one final glance at the horse, seemingly to be a good bye, he carried on in to the forest, hissing quietly as the sun shot straight to him. He ran a hand over now closed eyes giving them a bit of a rub, before walking off towards where the classes was. The silvenette doubted that anyone would care if he was late for class, after all he didn't attend half the time.

As he kept walking he could help but feel surprisingly refreshed after shedding those tears the night before, maybe he had kept them locked up so long that it was a little bit less work to shoulder if he didn't feel on the edge of sorrow.

But of course, none of this meant that he was perfectly fine, he never would be, or at least not for a long while to come.

That was just how it was for the Silvenette and he would had doubt with it for many years now and he would deal with it for as long as it takes from now and on. He would ruin everything just because he was too weak to take a little bit of emotional damage - Besides what the plan was, the out come worked just fine for him.

It had to... Or he would of already given up by now.

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