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A line of dissatisfaction found itself between the eldest Kuran's eyes; Hours he had sat in his study, which bared resemblance to his previous at Cross Academy, his eyes locked on a figure in his prized rose garden.

The inner garden had always been famous for it's tall strong rose bushes, even when he and Zero were absent it seemed that Juri had continued to care for their well being. Now though with the figure feigning sleep in the centre they looked more healthy and alive than ever before.

However no matter how glorious the garden looked, Kaname took little notice and instead captured himself in his thoughts of the silver haired figure.

As much as he disliked to realize it, it was true. Every word from the woman a few nights before continued to haunt his mental state. He knew very little about what was going on around him, and even more so of his lover's plans and opinion of it all. And that was very unsettling for someone who liked to live his life as absolutely as possible.

Kaname was a Pureblood, they always lived their lives with absolute rules and plans. Being the head of his family meant that he was to always be in control, no matter what their title equaled he was to have power over them. So his own mate, his meant to be equal, not being able to be read by his other half just didn't sit right with him.

Thinking back in to his thoughts he was almost ashamed that he had to be told and warned so many times just to see it, not just the woman but Zero too had left a decent amount of clues unknowingly.

His cold eyes. The bloodlust that shouldn't have held so much rein over his body. The sudden personality change even before the plan had commenced. And lastly, the constant look of defeat Zero now carried with him.

He had long since changed from the proud and strong Pureblood he had carried himself as before. It hurt particularly worse at how on guard he had become around him... Even to the point of keeping all these secrets.

All of this had been happening right under his nose for so long, in fact it was still happening now, the feeling of not knowing what he wanted the most left a bad taste in his mouth. He could only imagine how much more was actually happening.

Moving his eyes away from his feigning lover, he found his orbs locked on to a mahogany chess table. Strolling over to the fine piece of furniture, he observed the game that he had laid on to the chequered surface just after they had left the Academy and arrived at the family home.

Almost hesitating he brushed his fingers through the many pieces before finally arriving at the White Queen, she was seated diligently beside the White King. Just where she belonged. At the thought a heavy sigh left his lips, pinching his fingers he gripped the marbled piece, twirling it between his fingers.

"Not yet. Not yet... But soon he'll sit there again." Kaname muttered to himself, trying to calm his angered mind, as he placed the Queen back in to the original spot several places away from the king that it had held so long at Cross Academy.

Distancing himself away from the board in an attempt of thoughtlessly moving the piece back to where he wanted it, he slid in to his desk chair, yet again trying to go through the mind numbing process of figuring out his Lover. The sooner the better.

No matter how lively the roses appeared at their mother's return, they still didn't seem to be quite lively enough. That thought broke Juri's heart, as not only had their mother returned, he had also returned carrying a foul aura that she just couldn't quite place.

From where she sat with her husband (and sibling) at her side, she thought that she might be able to guess at the reason for their mother's troubling aura. Kaname's own aura dominated the house practically oppressing everyone else's own aura. There was so much power that was leaking out throughout the house, that she could barely feel her 'Okaa-san's' own aura, even though there was only a sheet of glass between them.

"Darling," Her partner cooed politely from beside her.

"Haruka." She replied with a wry smile.

"He will be alright, mother is strong," He tried to lift her mood before then adding, "And I don't need to remind you that Otou-san is watching over him."

"But you saw the way he looked when he re-!" She tried.

"Juri." Haruka spoke, trying to keep the noise level in the room at a low, he couldn't help but feel cautious of the spike in the aura surrounding them.

Juri's hands clenched in to small balls on her lap, she let out a breath of air before trying again. "But you saw the way he looked when he returned," This time it was far more hushed and carried the calmness that all Purebloods was known for. "It was worse than that time before..."

"There must surely be a good reason-"

"You know there is none!" His wife snapped at him.

Haruka stilled all of his comments for a moment, watching the woman he loved walk across the room to the window, her hand caressing the glass below her finger tips. As much as everyone saw Juri as a kind and gentle woman, in their family she had always been considered a wild cannon. His father had even declared once that she was much like their mother in his stubborn ways. Being like that it made her tricky to calm, sometimes even more so for someone like Haruka who was rather docile in comparison. However he was not her husband for no reason.

Elegantly he rouse from the love seat, he had been comfortable in, making his way over to the window to join his wife in her worried stare. Raising his fingers he brushed through her long brown locks instead of the window that was getting his lover's attention. Enjoying the feeling of the silky strands through his fingers he lowered his head to be beside her ear, humming quietly to it.

"Mother can get through anything, Juri. He is strong. You know that, you saw everything he went through. Have a little more faith in him." Her bottom lip was capture between her teeth, hesitating.

She turned slowly, pulling away from the window and instead finding her comfort in Haruka's chest, he of course wrapped his arms around her to welcome the gesture.

"It'll be alright... It'll be alright..." He repetitively soothed, trying to decrease her worry as much as possible. But truthfully, as he looked up slightly he could only stare through the window at their mother laid in the garden, he did wonder if his words were even close to the truth.

'We can only hope that father knows what he's doing this time...' For a Pureblood as strong as Haruka, that was the only place he could put his hope now.

The garden was his sanctuary, it always had been, roses as beautiful as they were prickly. Many people had announced that the garden was much like Zero, with flowers pretty to look at but painful to touch, that comment had caused a whole chorus of laughter from a vampire ball many decades ago. Now however, Zero did not nearly feel the same way about the place.

A suffocating aura surrounding his sanctuary may have been the reason. It was that or the fact that the garden had been built in a small courtyard just outside of the house, that being said there were many rooms that over looked the garden. It was his only place to truly relax but he couldn't calm himself at all, not with the amount of eyes staring down at him. It was unnerving.

All he could think about was getting away from the house, away from all those eyes. He had never been cut out to a Pureblood. No matter how much grace or practice he carried himself with it was never enough for all those eyes surrounding him. This house was no different from on of those stupid Vampire gatherings, he constantly wanted to escape but never could. Or at least, not anymore.

Kaname had made it very clear when he had first awoke from his sleep, he was not allowed to leave their 'home', as the brunette had put it, without supervision and permission. Of course the small rose garden was an exception to the rule, but that was only because Kaname's favourite study happened to be one of the many rooms looking down on the gardens. That being said, Zero had translated Kaname's words in to him not being allowed to leave the dense aura almost choking him, not to mention some of the lower level staff members.

And now, in his only place of freedom he felt like a foreign object in his own sanctuary. The feeling couldn't help but have him consider how long it would really be 'his own sanctuary'? Let alone how long the house could even be considered in his possession. The thought made sleeping a near impossible task, so all he could do was lie there eyes closed hoping the eyes would take their leave.

He had been in all round worse situations than this current one, but that didn't mean he always managed to come out unscathed. Flesh wounds could heal, but a Pureblood having mental wounds? It was a recipe for disaster, but in the Vampire community it could only be seen as a possible cause for Madness.

All he could do in this situation was carry on and do what was best for the family. That was all his life was truly about, the family. Even if he felt that soon he wouldn't be considered a part of it, he had to do his bit. The Kuran's must renter power and stand in their rightful places at the top again. It didn't matter if he had to be left behind in the process, what was a few more tweaks to the plan for the greater good?

It was a cold thought. But even before Yuuki had come about it had become very clear to him, he was no longer needed at the White King's side. He was better on the field anyway, Kaname never had a problem with using him before.

'Never did he need to have a problem. If I have to, I'll take all of them with me to my grave.' Closing his eyes tightly he locked that thought away – It wasn't time to throw himself away yet, he still had time. When his time came he would accept it with his head held high. He was the current White's Queen after all.

"R-Ri... Rido!" She couldn't help but scream out as she took a step back.

There before her, stood a tall pureblood, redish hair in the dark stages of brown, one eyes blue while the other one a redish Kuran brown, he wore a simple dress shirt and dress trousers that were ruffled slightly and had probably been carelessly thrown on... But then again it looked more like he slept in them. His mismatched eyes just stared forwards at her seeming to be missing something that he had last time she had seen him.

Staggering back she opened her mouth to try and speak again, but her words were trapped in her throat when a ruggish hand was forced over her lips.

"Quiet." The Pureblood hissed, effectively silencing her of all sound but a pitiful whimper. "Walk." Rido ordered, guiding her roughly to one of the many bedroom occupying this hall way.

"N- no! Pl- Please!" She helplessly cried out as she was thrown carelessly on to a neatly made bed.

"Be silent!" He raised his voice as she scrambled backwards while he advanced towards her.

"I'm so- sorry! Ple- Please don't!" She cried out.

A back hand to her cheek had tears streaming from her eyes, she started to sob as she felt a dip in the matress before she was grabbed at the collar and pulled to eye level.

"Listen you little brat," He growled in to her face, watching as her eyes widened further, "you deserve a lot more than what I just did. If you don't get a grip on yourself then I'm going to do more than that." She flinched away from him, a blubbering mess.

She was dropped back on to the bed, just hiccuping and sobbing apologies. After a long while of no more rough grabbing she looked up slowly, still sniffling, to see the man sitting in an arm chair a good few metres away from the bed.

"What!" He snapped out, watching her shrink back, "Did you really think I'd want anything to do with such an undeveloped body! Or maybe you thought I'd drain you of all your blood and keep your body as a priceless doll?" The sarcastic questions came out as a snarl, his head tilting at an angle as her eyes widened staring at him in more shock. Honestly, she didn't know what she expected him to do to her.

"I'm much more sane that what you saw on the roof of that school." He sneered. "You however are a much different story." He didn't lose any bite from the sentence, even though it did seem a bit softer.

"W-Whh- What?" Was the only thing she could blubber out.

"My bratty little niece, do you not see what is happening?" The voice had lost almost all sneer and instead turned in to... amusement? What was so funny about the situation? She really didn't see it...

"I...I-..I-" She tried to explain.

"You really don't?" He... Chuckled? She really didn't know what she found more scary, the fact that he was angry at her or the fact he was laughing at her.

She could only stare at him shaking, she didn't understand this at all... It was almost as if he was telling her that they were the same... She wasn't like him at all! Was she...?

"The little voice telling you to do things?" There was no hiding it, he was laughing this time. She knew it.

She couldn't reply and just sat there her eyes wide.

"How pathetic..." He spoke aloud, "To think you are really the child of my little siblings." He sneered at her.

"You better get a hold of that madness... If you don't I'll give you far more than just a back hand. You've already hurt my Okaa-san, if he and your parents didn't love you even a little bit less than they do, I wouldn't have cared to give you a warning. I would have already dealt with the problem." He growled to her, his anger from earlier awakening again in his eyes at mentioning Zero's name.

She couldn't keep the shocked sob she had built up from echoing around the room.

"You're just lucky they care and love you too much." He grumbled, crossing his arms annoyed.

"If you step out of line like that again, I wont even care how much they love you, I'll be setting that bratty attitude of yours straight. Understand?" He was met with silence.

"Understand!" He grinded out again, receiving a hiccuped echo of the word.

There was silence in the room for a long time after that, Yuuki's hiccups and sobs slowly dwindled down to sniffles, while Rido glared around the room.

"H-..." The silence was broken as Rido met her eyes.

"H- how... How are y- you here?" Yuuki finally got the courage to whimper out.

"How am I here...!" Rido repeated the question in first person. His eyes dilated slightly and flickered the colour of crimson. "This is and always has been my home. For longer than you have lived, I have lived in this home." He replied slowly, a growl hiding behind his words.

"Bu- But you were!... On th- the roof! They-! Juri!" Yuki tried to assemble her thoughts in to sentences.

"Ah... Child. This explains too much... You do not know of the Pureblood curse, therefore you do not understand." He almost purred out, a smirk climbing on to his lips as he cupped his cheek with one hand, chuckling at her reaction.

"C- Cu – Curse?!" She stuttered flinching back a little.

"The Curse of Pureblood madness. Be careful little brat, once you enter the stages they say you never return." His smirk grew, before his softening slightly and adding, "If it wasn't for Okaa-san, then I may have not returned at all..." Almost sighing to himself before looking at Yuuki and his lips twisting in to an expression of disgust.

"Mother has done far too much for this family. You are included in to it. You should give him the respect he deserves. Any less can be considered a violation of the family code." Rido's voice though it carried a softer edge now it still held the authority and power of someone far beyond Yuuki's time.

"I really don't see why he went through so much trouble to protect you. You're almost a disgrace to the Kuran name." Rido sneered, looking at Yuuki as if he was inspecting her.

"P- Protect me?" She questioned, her eyes widening.

"Oh pathetic little niece. How dense are you to still carry the Kuran name?" Rido muttered, "Tell me, what age did you meet my Okaa-san?"

"Fourteen... B-but.."

"Now you know who he is, don't you see it as strange?" He watched her stare blankly at him before gritting his teeth and saying, "He looks far older than when he first met you...But this was the way he looked before he want to where you were. He certainly didn't look as old as he does now then. Correct?" He watched her nod to his words.

Yuuki's eyes clouded slightly and her tear stained face screwed together. She didn't understand.

"Think!" He snapped suddenly, making her jolt to look up at him, "How can someone... Even if they were a Pureblood, look as if he was in his late teens then arrive at a place in the form as a mere child, only to then age up to appear a teen again. All of this, without once dropping a year of age from his being, only changing in appearance." Rido's teeth gritted together, to think he had to explain so much to this child. His hand shifted to his chin as she, yet again, didn't seem to understand it.

"You should give him respect, he went through a lot just to go to that pitiful place and look after his pitiful granddaughter, all under such a tiring pretense of being a falling level D." Rido leaned backwards taking great joy when a spark of realization finally showed in her eyes.

"He... He's been there... but..."

"So you finally see it? From the moment you were conceived it was him that protected you, and it was him that started plans to keep you safe."

"B-but what about Kaname? He- He must have done something too?...Right?" Rido's brow creased at the way his father was addressed, before then creasing further at the subject around her question.

"Father... He did do somethings and did help with your safety... But while you were in the womb, mother is the only one you can thank for you being here today." He would have taken great pleasure at witnessing the helplessness in her eyes had it been a different subject causing the look.

"W- What do you mean?!" Yuuki yelled out, trying to defend Kaname, not wanting to believe what the ex-madman had claimed. Kaname must have cared about her... Even before her entrance in to the world...?... right? The voice did not answer her this time.

"We'll talk no more. Stop your pitiful ways, it has no place in the world you have returned to. I will not be the only one opposing such a ridiculous thing. If anything I will be the least painful one to go against you. Think about this carefully." He growled out before pushing himself up from the arm chair, "I will take my leave now, my oblivious niece." With that he was gone, leaving Yuuki alone to come to terms with all that had been spoken.

It had rained heavily on his journey. The horses up front were tired and had to take a break, he was getting so agitated by it that he almost considered going there on foot. Of course the wetness of his surroundings put him off the thought, and instead had him seated inside his carriage waiting.

Silver hair swung from left to right as a small breeze came from a small open window, his bell chimed along with the silver strands fluttering beside a long ribbon.

He was anything but patient at the moment, he had left in a hurry as soon as he had received news from the house. Even so it appeared that during his journey to the house things had only worsen. It had him want to hurry there as quickly as possible... but of course the horses could only travel so far so fast.

The horses couldn't be blamed though, they had to work much harder than they first had planned to, as it wasn't even in the plan at all to visit the house this soon... But when she had returned with news of the affairs happening in the house, he had set off almost immediately.

Any longer apart from his dear brother while he was in such a state could only lead to dangerous consequences.

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