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"Get back here!" A silver femme yelled at the retreating sparklings. "If you don't, you won't get any time on the games!"

The two in question froze and turned to the angry femme. She had pitch black wings and a scowl on her face.

"Now, what made the two of you decide that you could take paint and create a picture of the final battle between Autobots and Decepticons on the med-bay wall?" She asked curtly.

The two flinched as if she had hit them, and she softened her scowl quite a bit. She had to remember that they were orphans of the war that had somehow survived until they made it to earth.

"Sorry Celestia…" The littlest one said. "But we thought that it would be appropriate for the anniversary of the final battle."

"We didn't know that it was against the rules." The obviously older one said.

Celestia sighed deeply; it still troubled her that the war had caused so much sorrow for those who were not old enough to even remember it. These two younglings had only been trying to celebrate the end of the war and the beginning of a new era for the Cybertronians. Including those still on Cybertron. She crouched down and placed a gentle hand on each of the youngling's heads.

"It's not necessarily against the rules. There are just certain guidelines that have to be followed. If you had asked permission we would have given you space to paint your tribute." She smiled then. "And you would have not had to steal the paints from Sunstreaker in order to paint it."

The sparklings gave her wide optics.

"You really mean we could?" The older one said.

"Then we could possibly be able to do other things as well?" The younger one asked.

Celestia blinked and then nodded slowly. "It depends on what the other things would be Redstreak. But yes, I'm sure we would find a way to allow you and Sunspot to create what you wish to show."

The younglings almost jumped with joy, which caused Celestia to smile gently. "Now, as long as you go and apologize to Ratchet, and explain your reasoning, I'm sure he won't punish you at all."

"You mean talk to the hatchet?" Sunspot squeaked in horror.

Celestia laughed at his and Redstreak's faces. "He's not as bad as he wants everyone to believe, after all, he put up with me for all those cycles. To tell you the truth, he's more of a petro cat than a petro bear."

The two stared at her wonderingly. "What do you mean by that Celestia?"

The older femme looked at the two younglings with a raised eye ridge. "I mean that I have known Ratchet since I was first sparked. In fact he was one of the ones to help deliver me and my sister."

Redstreak blinked. "So you're saying that he hasn't really reformatted anybody into a toaster?"

Celestia began laughing hard at the look on the youngling's faces. "No, that may be his favorite threat, but he hasn't ever reformatted any bot that I know. Especially into a toaster, in fact, we didn't even know what a toaster was before we came to Earth. So there is no way that he reformatted anybody into a toaster. You've been listening to Ironhide tell stories again, haven't you?"

They looked sheepish and nodded. "Jazz said the same thing." Sunspot giggled.

"Only he told Ironhide that Ratchet was going to do it to him for playing with his guns again." Redstreak made a show of stage-whispering this to Celestia.

Celestia raised her eye ridge again. "Oh, he has, has he? Well, I think it's time for another base-wide checkup again. Don't you?"

The two nodded enthusiastically, causing Celestia to laugh again. "Well, run along and apologize to Ratchet. I need to go talk to Optimus."

"Alright Celestia, we will!" The two said and ran back to the med bay.

Celestia smiled and shook her head at the two. They had been the only sparklings to survive the war as far as the Autobots knew, and this weighed heavily on the minds of the older Cybertronians. Arms grabbed the femme around the waist and caused her to let out a little shriek of surprise.

"Surprise Celestia, I'm back!" Sideswipe laughed behind her. This then caused her to turn around in the circle of his arms and smack his shoulder.

"You know better than to try and scare me like that! What if I had tried to attack you?" She asked through her laughing.

"Then I would have done this." And he laid his lips on hers causing both her laughing to stop and that little melting of her spark to begin.

"I missed you Celestia." He whispered once they parted, even though it had been only a few days, it had somehow felt like years.

"And I you, Sideswipe." She whispered back to the red twin. As her sparkmate, he knew that she had missed him so badly that it had been about to cause her slight pain. But it was always a good thing that they still voiced how they felt. "Did you already type up the report that Prowl will undoubtedly want."

"I finished it only a few minutes ago." He scowled at seemingly nothing. "There were of course no 'cons on that island, the locals there had only wanted to be in the presence of 'those from the stars'."

Celestia sighed again; it was common for the Autobots to be called out on supposed Decepticon sightings. The humans in that area would -of course- only want to meet the Autobots sent to investigate and cause some minor setbacks in their schedule. It was all good and well, but there were some things that the Autobots could do without… like the Hollywood stars wanting certain Autobots to show up at their parties on the premises of there being a Decepticon on the loose.

This usually led to the Autobot in question having to stay; otherwise they would step on a human in the process of trying to leave.

"At least it wasn't a celebrity party." Firestarter said from behind Sideswipe. She and Sunstreaker had been sent on this mission as well. The only reason that Celestia hadn't gone was because the humans had wanted both the Primes to be at the press conference that had taken only two days to end.

"You three look like you could use some down time to relax and get the sand out of your gears." Celestia said after looking her twin sister and Sunstreaker over. "And you could probably use some more paint, am I right Sunny?"

Sunstreaker nodded with the air of one who was too tired to talk.

"Well, unfortunately, the two younglings raided your paint stocks in order to paint a tribute to the last battle on the med-bay wall." Celestia said in a deadpan voice with a look of slight amusement on her face.

Sunstreaker's face went from tired to a scowl. "They better have done a good job on it. Otherwise they are going to be the ones to go get me more paint."

Celestia's faceplates lifted into a grin. "They did a very good job on the mural. It actually is pretty accurate to what happened. Only they put too many Decepticons into the picture."

"Ironhide must have been exaggerating again." Firestarter said with a smile.

"And Jazz apparently, I heard that those two have been keeping the two company while the three of you were gone and I was taking care of everyday problems." Celestia said with a smirk.

The smirk was copied by the other three and a small chuckle was heard behind the four. Celestia jumped and turned to the Autobot commander with a playful scowl.

"You know, dad, it does get slightly annoying when people don't announce their presence before they do something to get attention."

"I apologize, Celestia, but I couldn't help overhearing… the younglings painted a mural?" Optimus chuckled.

Celestia grinned and nodded. "They thought it was a wonderful idea. Ratchet now has a wall mural to keep him company in the med-bay."

"He must enjoy it." Optimus stated mischievously.

"Well, he would enjoy it more if they had given him prior warning." Celestia sighed.


The five turned to an approaching human.

"Sam? Where's Bumblebee?" Celestia asked.

"I thought you guys might know." Sam sighed. "He hasn't been at my house in two weeks."

Celestia's optics narrowed, then she went through the assignment list in her mind. Bumblebee had been sent on a 'vacation leave' for three weeks. He was supposed to have arrived at Sam's house two weeks ago.


The human boy looked up at Celestia.

"Are you sure Bumblebee hasn't been to your home?"

Sam nodded and alarm swept through Celestia. She glanced at Optimus, then at her team.

"He was sent on vacation leave two weeks ago. He was supposed to go to Sam's house…" Her optics widened. "Check for his signal… we might have a missing bot on our hands."

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