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Celestia was wary of this meeting, she rarely ever spoke with her Deceptifemme aunt… and she was unsure of how to even deal with the strangeness of this meeting. But she was going to go along with it… for some reason it felt important that she follow her aunt. However… Celestia suddenly realized that she had lost sight of her aunt…

Not good.

"You seem jumpy dear niece." A voice stated directly behind her, causing the young prime to jump, spin around, and level her gun in her aunt's face. "You do seem to have good reflexes…"

Celestia let out a sigh of relief and pointed her gun towards the sky. "That I do Darkmoon… why have you called me out here?"

"I thought for certain that Quicksilver had informed you of the prophecy… but I see that she has not." Darkmoon shook her head and stared up at the sky. "Therefore I will inform you of it."

Celestia paused, she remembered Quicksilver mentioning it at one point… but then they had started racing and had completely forgotten.

"The prophecy was made when the Femme's left Cybertron… long before you became Prime." The scarlet optics pinned Celestia in their gaze. "And now… it is time for you to learn it…

A prime, last of her line

Will return to her home.

A light, without a sign of fright

Will not let her go alone.

In the dark, to the beat of a spark

They shall find a throne.

Within the night, aware of their plight

A being will come.

A savior, a warrior

Unexpected yet welcome.

The throne destroyed, a sparkcase void

Never again will one see their home.

You will not understand what it is speaking of… until it happens. But it is important for you to know. Otherwise you will fail Primus… and we will all perish."

Celestia stared at Darkmoon, already memorizing the prophecy. She didn't understand it… why did she have to know this?

"If you fail, Primus will be destroyed… and all Cybertronians will die." Darkmoon pressed the fact. "Do you understand the gravity of your mission?"

Celestia nodded numbly… She was lost in thought.

"I hope you do my niece… because it is time for you to depart. The shuttle that we femmes brought when we landed is ready for you and your crew…" Darkmoon turned to walk away, but paused and looked at Celestia over her shoulder. "You remind me of a femme I once knew… only she was a Decepticon. They called her Blackstar, and she was the only femme to have ever become a gladiator and defeat Megatron in the ring."

And Darkmoon walked away without speaking any further of this femme. Leaving Celestia as confused as she had ever been. But it was time… time to leave Earth.

And return home.


Celestia watched as mechs and femmes alike boarded the ship. Dubbed 'Fleeting Hope' by those who had ridden on it to Earth, the name fit much more for the crew it was carrying now. Primus was in danger, and hope was certainly hard to come by.

"Mazi… will we see you again?" Redflame asked quietly. The femling had walked up to Celestia once she had heard that they were leaving.

"I will do my best to return to you little spark." Celestia replied, picking Redflame up and wrapping her in a tight embrace. "I will try to return to you, Sunspot, Breaksound, and Mirage Fire…"

"You have to return!" Sunspot said suddenly. He had been silent since he had heard that his adopted creators were leaving. "We don't want to lose our parents… now that we finally have them!"

Sideswipe knelt and wrapped the young mech in an embrace of his own. "I need you to be strong for your siblings, Sunspot. You're the oldest in the family right now… you have to protect them until we get back."


"No, listen to me Sunspot. You are the mech until I get back. They are going to need you to be strong." Sideswipe held Sunspot at arms-length and fixed him with a stern look. "I need you to be strong for your sisters and brother."

Sunspot stared at Sideswipe for several seconds and then nodded, though tears were beginning to leak from his optics. Celestia placed Redflame on the ground and kissed Sunspot on the top of his helm.

"Tears do not show weakness, my mech, they show strength. Do not be afraid to show your emotion." She whispered into his helm.

And he lost all hope of keeping the tears in. With a cry of sadness he dived into his Mazi's arms and sobbed against her chestplates. She only held him, fighting back tears of her own. She had only just gotten them… therefore she really didn't want to leave them.

A small tune suddenly enveloped the family unit, and Ratchet came forward followed by Torchlight. They were each holding a sparkling, Ratchet carried Breaksound and Torchlight had Mirage Fire. Celestia was singing a lullaby for her children, one that they could learn and sing for themselves. She had also made a sound file for them to play when they wanted to hear it in her voice.

"Hush, hush… little one

I am not so far away,

Look to the stars, and know I look at them as well.

You are my spark, you are my life

Without you, I have no hope, no love.

You show me the strength that I have,

You prove that I can care.

Know now that I will think of you

Every time I breathe

Whenever my spark beats

You are there.

I will return one day,

And we will be a family together again.

Hush, hush… little one.

And know that I love you,

Until the universe ends."

As the song faded, Celestia took first Mirage Fire in her arms and kissed the top of his helm, and then did the same with Breaksound. She was no longer holding back her tears, and she knew that there was no reason to do so. These were her creations… her children.

And she feared that she would not return to them… the prophecy had her fearful and worried.

The family unit pulled apart just as the last mechs and femmes climbed aboard. Sam was watching from the door to the Autobot base, he had recently become too weak to travel without a wheelchair… but he was living as best he could. He waved to her; a movement that she knew hurt him. She returned the wave, and turned to climb aboard.

"Celestial Prime…"

Celestia paused; she had thought she was the last to climb aboard. She turned and was met with the sight of Bluestreak.

"May I come with you, back to Cybertron?"

The young prime's optics widened, and she nodded. "On one condition; I want you to come, not as a follower of mine… but as my adviser."

Bluestreak stared at her for several seconds, and then gave a curt nod. He climbed up behind Celestia, and she looked out over the Autobot base on Earth one last time.

:: Firestarter, launch. :: -Celestial Prime

:: Launching… now. :: -Firestarter

:: Celestia, Firestarter… :: -Optimus Prime

:: Yes dad? :: -Celestial Prime, Firestarter

:: Be careful, my daughters. :: -Optimus Prime

Celestia paused, she remembered something like this. The first time she and her team had launched, and before they had been captured by the Decepticons…

:: You do the same, father. :: -Firestarter

Celestia thought about what she was going to say in return… and then it dawned on her.

:: If Primus sees it fitting for us to do so, father, then we will do so. I love you… dad. :: -Celestial Prime

And then they were out of range of the Earth Autobot's comm links.

Celestia stepped into the control room and her optics swept over the gathered bots. Her gaze rested first on Firestarter, then Sunstreaker, and finally Sideswipe. With a pang of regret that she hid from those bonded to her, she realized that she really didn't expect to return to Earth. The prophecy was condemning, and she was unsure of their future.

'Primus, protect us… as we protect you. Keep us safe, and we will do the same for you. Do not leave us now, because this is the time that we need you most.'

Her thoughts rang out into the matrix, but not to those she shared bonds with.

'Until all are one.'


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