I'm in an awesome mood today! So here's a little humor to share my awesome mood with you. :D

Coming back from a successful hunt of setting a spirit to rest, Dean sat on the edge of his own bed facing Sam on the other bed, feeling a little too perky right now.

"Man! that was awesome!" Dean said happily.

"It was just another hunt, Dean. I don't get what you're so happy about," Sam replied nonchalantly.

"Come on, Sam! Can't we celebrate a little?" Dean asked, then grinned ear-to-ear by holding up a fist.

"Fist bump?" Sam asked, raising his eyebrows incredulously.

Dean nodded like a happy toddler, the grin still on his face.

Sam rolled his eyes and sighed, before giving his brother's fist a bump.

Just in time, Castiel appeared, tilting his head as Sam hit his brother's fist. He had never seen the brothers do it, and it seemed kind of...interesting.

"Why are you hitting your brother's fist?" Castiel asked in confusion.

"It's called fist bump, kinda like a victory gesture or something," Sam explained to the confused angel.

"How do you do that?" Castiel asked curiously. Dean had to laugh at that slightly, because it was pretty simple.

The angel sat beside Dean.

Dean scowled. "Uh — personal space, Cas?" he said flatly.

"Right, I apologize." The angel moved away slightly.

He sighed and instructed. "Make a fist."

Castiel curled his fingers and moved it in front of Dean's.

"Now bump my fist."

Castiel nodded and then...

Very lightly bumped his fist.

"Dude, harder? you're doing it like a chick."

He punched a little harder.

Dean sighed in frustration. "You need to do it like a man, dude."