Okay.... I'm going to write this chapter... I think it's 19.... yeah probably... anywho! Thank you Wiccan Moonlight Faery for that grammer correction thingy (just so all you know that was my first class during the school year last year.... so I slept.... come to think of it it's been my first class during the day for a few years), but yeah thanx thank gawd someone actually pays attention! Anyway... this is your chapter! Oh before I begin keep in mind I was listening to A LOT of Orgy, Kittie, Jack Off Jill, The Vines, and Oasis when I wrote this and I was in the middle of some sort of nervous breakdown, so if I like have someone abruptly die... don't kill me! And oh yeah I kinda got stuck at the whole hospital cuz I hate hospitals and the whole labor process... just freaks me out at this moment cuz on this show my gram is watching this lady had a c-section so of course they have to do a big close up on this thing, so yeah.

Chapter 19 Aurora's POV- I sat on the couch with Jesse. Letty and Dom were fighting about something again, I have no idea what though. Suddenly I felt a pain and felt water draining out of me. "Holy shit,"I muttered.

"Huh?"Jesse looked at me.

"I think the baby,"I began to stand,"Is coming."

Jesse began to yell for everyone. Celeste was calling colleges about applications so of course she came walking out of the kitchen looking as pissed as ever. Jesse pointed to me and she nodded and gave the rest of her information. She hung up the phone and about hit Dom with the phone, personally I thought it would have done him some good if it did hit him but that's my opinion.

The Hospital- I was in labor for 16 hours and I don't think I'm going to go into detail about that. I never saw Jesse so happy. Like we said we would we named her Anael Lynn.

Epilogue Mia's POV- Aurora and Jesse decided to wait to have more children, they still aren't married yet they just don't know if they're ready.

Brian and I are now married. We have two wonderful children Celeste Quinn and Sasha Whitney.

Letty and Dom... well, they're still themselves, no marriage, no kids. Maybe it has to do with Dom cheating on Letty AGAIN. Even though he's my brother I don't know why she puts up with it.

Isa and V, they broke up, Isabelle decided to go to college in Florida, she missed a lot of her friends down there I guess.

Celeste decided to go to college in Portland and towards the end of her first year she died of an over-dose on heroin. Leon was very torn, but he found a woman named Diana. We're all proud of him since it took him about 3 years.

Besides that we're all doing pretty well and we're still in the whole street racing circuit, fixing cars, selling groceries. Finally they stopped hijacking semis, so life to me is almost perfect.

A/N- Okay I thought that was a shitty ending, but I REALLY wanted to finish this story and I had basically zero inspiration so yeah. Now I am on my 1 to 3 month 'I Refuse To Write Anything' type thing because well, I don't know. Have a good day, week, month, year, and whatever the hell else.