Sequal to Dragon Officers and a Silver Knight

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The Return of the Silver Knight

Ch.1 The Dragon Knights/Reunited

Hana woke up in a forest, still holding on to Shizuka, her little sister. Shizuka had black hair and black eyes. She was wearing a red shirt with blue pants; matching her black shoes. She was only 11 years old. Hana didn't change, only her hair was longer. She still had saphire blue eyes and black hair. She was wearing a black trench coat that match her black shirt, pants and high knee boots. Shizuka woke up. "Where are we, sis?" Shizuka asked. Hana stood up and looked around. "I don't know...but stay close to me." Hana said. Shizuka nodded and stood by her. Hana was having a deja' vu moment, like she saw this place before. She suddenly heard yelling. "Shizuka, stay quiet." Hana whispered. Shizuka was clenching on to her arm. Hana peered behind a tree. There were three men. One had darkish green hair with brown eyes that had a scar on his face. The other had black hair with a partial white dye near his right eye with red eyes. The last one had long blonde hair with blue eyes. She suddenly saw a red creature sitting on top of the black haired boy's head.

The creature noticed Hana. He spreaded his wings and took off. "What is it, Fire?" The black haired boy. The creature perched on Hana's shoulder. Hana suddenly recognize the creature. "...Fire? Is that you?" Hana asked. He wagged his tail happly, making a happy chirp. "Miss Hana! You're back!" Fire said. He nuzzled the side of her face. She saw the three boys approaching her. "Who are you?" The blonde asked. She stares at him confused. "Have I seen you somewhere? I think I know you from somewhere, I just don't know where." Hana said. The blonde stares at her suprised. "You...are you Hana?" The blonde asked. She stares at him shocked. "R...Rune?" Hana asked. Rune smiled. She sighed in relief. "I thought I wouldn't see you again." Hana said. "Rune, you know her?" The green haired man asked. "She...knows Lord Lykouleon. She's the Silver Dragon Knight." Rune said. "Fire, is that why you know her?" The black haired man asked. Fire nodded. "She's fun to be with!" Fire said.

Shizuka was staying quiet. "Shizuka, it's okay. They are friends." Hana said. Fire perched on Shizuka's shoulder and nuzzled her. She started to giggled. Hana smiled. "What are you guys doing here?" Hana asked. "We...were suppose to bring back Nadil's head, but we lost it thanks to 'someone'. Now, we have to find it." Rune said. Hana nodded. "Do you want me and Shizuka to help?" Hana asked. Rune smiled. "Thank you." Rune said. "Hey, any friends of Lord Lykouleon is a friend of mine." Hana said. Fire went back to his master, Rath. Shizuka walked with the three dragon knights with Delte, the fortune teller that Rune knew, with Shizuka by her side During the search, Thatz, the earth dragon Knight, asked Hana something. "So, how did you become a knight again?" Thatz asked. Hana sighed. "Actually, Lord Lykouleon sented Silver to protect me while I was with the dragon officers." Hana said.

"You know the officers?" Rath asked. Hana smiled gently. "Yeah. They rescued me and one day by another, I bonded with all four of them. Tetheus teached me sword techniques. I help Alfeegi with his paper work every now and then. I even help Ruwalk and Kai-Stern to stay out of trouble. How are they doing by the way?" Hana asked. "Same as usual. Alfeegi nags alot, Tetheus stays quiet, and Ruwalk and Kai-Stern keep getting into hot water with Alfeegi." Thatz said while putting his hands behind his head. Hana sighed. "I have the ability to see other's past and I can show you." Hana said. She focused and used her powers.

It showed herself giving Crewger a bath outside. "You needed a bath, Crewger." Hana said. Crewger shook the water off of him then took off. "Crewger, get back here!" Hana said. She chased Crewger around the garden then caught him. They saw a pair of feet infron of her. It turned out to be Alfeegi. He stares at them both. "Hi." Hana said. "What are you doing?" Alfeegi asked. "I...was giving Crewger a bath, but he ran away from me. So, I had to chase him." Hana said. He sighed. He helped Hana up. "But his bath is over." Hana said. Crewger trotted away. "Did you finish the paperwork I gave you?" Alfeegi asked. Hana nodded. "It's in my room." Hana said. He nodded. He patted her head and headed inside. The memory then vanished. "I'm still working on this spell." Hana said. They continued walking.

Shizuka walked up to Shizuka. "I'm tired, sis." Shizuka said. Hana sighed. She lowered herself. "Get on." Hana said. Shizuka got on her back. Hana got a better grip of Shizuka's legs and started to walk. Shizuka fell asleep with her head resting on her shoulder. Hana smiled gently. She saw the fountain. She gently put Shizuka down. When they wished for something, they were attacked by a demon. "Shizuka! Run!" Hana yelled. Shizuka was hidning behind a bush. Hana tried to summon her sword, but it wasn't working. She then tried to focus her powers. She transformed into a white dragon. She almost killed the demon until she transformed back. Hana tried to transform back, but something was wrong. The demon slammed her to a tree. A sword suddenly flew beside her and hit the demon, killing it. The demon loosen it's grip around Hana. She fainted from the impact.

She felt someone stroking her hair lightly. She was laying down on something. She opened her eyes and saw familiar gentle blue eyes. It turned to Lord Lykouleon. He didn't changed alot from the last time she last saw him. "L...Lykouleon?" Hana asked. He smiled gently and stroked her hair lightly. "It's been awhile, Hana." Lord Lykouleon said. Hana hugged him lightly. She felt him returning the hug. "It's okay, Hana. I'm here." Lykouleon whispered. Hana pulled away and stared at him. "Can you move?" Lykouleon asked. Hana tried to move, but she was still soar from the impact. She felt a cloak around her shoulder, then suddenly felt herself being picked up. Lykouleon was carrying her. "Let's go home." Lykouleon said. "Where's Shizuka?" Hana asked. He smiled gently. "She's safe. Silver took her back to the castle." Lykouleon said. She sighed in relief. She was trying to stay awake. "Get some sleep, Hana. It will be awhile until we get back to the castle." Lykouleon said. Hana leaned her head against his shoulder and fell asleep. He smiled gently and walked back to the castle, with the three dragon knights following him.

Hana wakes up and see Lord Lykouleon smiling gently at her. She sat up. "It's okay. We're at a Inn for now. You're safe." Lykouleon said. Hana then realized what happened. "How...come I couldn't use any of my powers like I did last time? I couldn't stay in the transformation form long and I couldn't summon my sword." Hana asked. He sighed. " were gone for a long period of time. It will take time for you to regain your power. But with the right training, you will be fine." Lykouleon said while smiling gently. He noticed the charms that he gave her and the officers gave her. He suddenly felt arms around his shoulder. He smiled and returned the hug. "...I really missed you...'dad'. Hana whispered. He smiled once more and tighten the hug. "...I missed you too, Hana. So do the officers." Lykouleon whispered. She pulled away and stared at Lykouleon. He stroked her cheek slightly. She then thought about Shizuka. "I just hope that Shizuka is okay..." Hana said. "She will be fine. The officers will look after her until you return." Lykouleon said. She was a little excited to see them again. She missed them so much. Lykouleon was stroking her hair. "Get some sleep, Hana. We'll be at the castle tomorrow." Lykouleon said in a gentle voice. Hana laid back down and closed her eyes. She felt the blanket covering her to her shoulders. She soon fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Silver just now arrived to the dragon castle with Shizuka asleep, still on his back. Alfeegi, the white dragon officer noticed Silver returned. "What was it, Silver?" Alfeegi asked. Silvewr stared at his back. "Can you take this girl inside? She was going through alot. I tried to explain it to her so she can understand." Silver said. Alfeegi was carrying Shizuka. "Who is she?" Alfeegi asked. Silver transformed back to his smaller form. "This is Shizuka. Hana's little sister. Master has returned. She is with Lykouleon and three knights right now. She will be here tomorrow." Silver said. Alfeegi smiled gently. "I'll see if I can find a room for her." Alfeegi said. Shizuka then started to wake up. She saw Alfeegi. "Who...are you?" Shizuka asked. Alfeegi smiled. "It's okay. I know your sister, Hana. We're friends." Alfeegi said. Shizuka then fell back asleep. He sighed and carried her to Hana's room.

He gently laid Shizuka down on the bed and covering her with a blanket to her chin. He turned off the lights, letting Shizuka sleep, with Silver sleeping right beside her. Alfeegi closed the door lightly. "What is it, Alfeegi?" A voice asked, startling Alfeegi. It turned out to be Tetheus. "Oh, it's just you. Anyway, I was informed from Silver that Hana is with Lord Lykouleon and the three knights. Silver was ordered to take Hana's little sister here, so she could rest. She was taking it hard." Alfeegi said. Tetheus nods, understanding the situation. "When will they be here?" Tetheus asked. "Silver said until tomorrow." Alfeegi said. Tetheus sighed. "Alright. I better finished my routine." Tetheus said while walking past Alfeegi. Alfeegi returned to his own office, finishing paperwork. He then gazed at the picture of Hana, himself, and the other three officers together. He smiled. "The others can't wait to see you, Hana. I can't wait either..." Alfeegi said to himself. He then contineud his paperwork.

Shizuka wakes up and saw Silver asleep beside her. She stroked it lightly. Silver woke up and saw Shizuka awake. He let out a chirp. Shizuka got out of the bed and walked up to the door. Silver perched on her shoulder. Shizuka looked outside her bedroom and walked in the hallways. Silver let out a yawn. She was in the garden. Shizuka was amazed from the view. She suddenly heard a bark from a dog, startling her. It was Snow Crewger. He wagged his tail happily, nuzzling her hand. Shizuka stroked the top of Crewger's head. "There you are, Crewger." A voice said. She turned around and saw Kai-Stern. He was wearing a white shirt and pants, wearing black gloves and wearing his glasses. "Oh, you must be Hana's little sister." Kai-Stern said. Shizuka was shy. He smiled. "My name is Kai-Stern." Kai-Stern said. "...Sh-Shizuka." Shizuka said quietly. Kai-Stern smiled and kneeled infront of her. "It's nice to meet you, Shizuka." Kai-Stern said while stroking her hair lightly. "Wh-Where's my sister?" Shizuka asked. "Don't worry. She'll be here today." Kai-Stern said. She goes with Hana anywhere. She was scared of being by herself. Kai-Stern saw a tear ran down her cheek. He sighed. "Hey, it's okay. She'll be here. I promise..." Kai-Stern said. He felt her hugging him tightly. He sighed once more and returned the hug. She wanted to be with her sister. This was now the beginning of the adventure of Shizuka and Silver Dragon Knight Hana.

Ch.2 Up soon