Hey guys so this is the end of the tale. again i appologise about the wait i just have so much going on right now i haven't had the time to update, for that i appologise, but here it is, i might post another story but i won't post it untill i have the whole thing written, or i might not it depends on how i feel, becasue i also have my own novels to write and they take uo quite a bit of my time.


A New Beginning

Harri stepped out of the Portal and looked around the empty great hall, with the tables and candle still intact, it was hard for her to believe that just moments ago she was standing in this very spot, having just fought the greatest battle of her life. Sighing and shaking her head she about turned and made her way up to the raven claw tower.

She quietly made her way up to the dorms only to stop as she saw Azalea, slumbering rather uncomfortably on the couch. Rolling her eyes she made her sister more comfortable and paced a blanket over her, kissing her forehead lightly so as not to wake her.

She then made her way up to the boy's dorm and found her brother's bed, like her sister Jamie was sleeping soundly, his arm wrapped tightly around a young redheaded witch by the name Of Victoria Weasley. She chuckled silently at the sight but and left without a sound.

She breathed in a lungful of the crisp night air as she made her way out into the school grounds. As she descended the main steps the saw a brown and black wolf bounding towards the forest underneath the light of the full moon, three brown and black pups followed the two elder wolves yapping loudly to one another.

She grinned to herself at the sight she'd just witnessed as she walked past the greenhouses towards the apparition point, she glanced inside one of the greenhouses and saw Neville using his wands to do tests on the plants, whilst a heavily pregnant Renae takes notes on the results, her free hand resting on her belly.

Once at the appreation point she imagines herself at the burrow and finds herself starring in at the large family from their kitchen window all sitting chatting happily around the kitchen table, Fleur had a young boy on her knee and Charlie, held a baby girl, whilst Fred held another baby boy.

Deciding to take a walk across the hill Harri is surprised when she sees Luna and Ashling lying on the grass beside the creek, staring up at the stars, Ashling had her head on Luna' chest and Luna bent down to kiss the other girl, only to roll them over and continue in a more heated fashion.

"Well I'll never" Harri muttered to herself as she apparated away.

She find herself standing outside Draco's apartment and watches from the street. Pansy was sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of wine and watching her son and Draco playing with wooden blocks on the floor.

"So I'm and aunt now am I?" Harri asked thin air and she smiles to herself.

Her next stop was spinners end and she sees Hermione and Severus, brewing some sort of potion from the kitchen window, the pair were laughing and enjoying each other company and looked very much in love with one another.

She them decided to go and see Tom and Narcissa who lived out in a cottage in the country, from the garden she could see into what looked to be a nursery and Narcissa was sitting on a bed, reading to two three year old boys, Tom stood in the doorway quietly watching his family and Harri had no doubt that Narcissa didn't know he was there. Tom looked towards the window and spots Harri standing there, he gives her a simple nod before going over to his wife and children. Harri nods back and disparate back to the manor.

Walking silently into the manor she laughs lightly at the sight of her sister terrorising the elves.

"Shh Lucy" she said lifting the girl up into her arms, allowing the younger girl to hug her neck.

"Where have you been?" Lucy whispered.

"Around" Harri answered taking the child up stairs and stops outside the door to their parents room. "Now keep what happened to yourself alright?" she said and satisfied at her sister's nod she let the little girl into the room. Smiling as the child as she climbed in between their parents. Lucius woke up and wrapped his arms around his youngest.

"Couldn't sleep love?" Harry asked sleepily.

"No Daddy" Lucy whispered back snuggling into Lucius. Harri silently closed the door and made her way to her own room.

She silently undressed and slipped into bed, sighing as she felt two warm arms wrap around her middle.

"Where have you been?" the girl hummed opening her hazel brown eyes. Harri ran her fingers through the mass of untameable black locks and smiled.

"Your too inquisitive Aria, go back to sleep Love, I'm here now " the other girl hummed happily and snuggled into her shoulder. She closed her eyes knowing that when she awoke in the morning she would have no memory of what had happened.

The sun shawn in the manor windows, as Harri, Aria, Lucy Harri and Lucius ate breakfast. Harri's owl, Destiny cam and dropped a letter on her lap.

"Who's that from Love?" Aria asked wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Azalea, she had a history of magic lesson yesterday, about the prophecy child, said she was up all night trying to find out the girls name" Harri said with a shrug.

"God your sister always was inquisitive" Aria giggled.

"Yes she is that" Lucius said before sharing a look with his husband, they knew their daughter would not remember what she had done as she had had a different life, but they remembered her coming and saving them all. Their child, the prophecy child.

The End