A Woman In A Hood Of Red

Hey there so this is the first chapter of the first story of a series that i'm going to write based on some of my favorite childhood stories. so i hope you enjoy.

Phoenix oxo

Chapter 1

Hermione looked out the kitchen window of Grimmald Place watching Ron leave and sighed, the moon would be full tonight, and she knew that Mrs Weasley, would have the doors locked and barred as soon as the sun set so the red headed boy had had to lave, for everyone, even the muggles feared the full moon, where the wolves roamed free and fierce.

"Looking at the moon Mione?" her best friend Harry asked as he came into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

"Yes, it's pretty don't you think?" she asked turning to face him.

"Cursed more like" Harry grunted and Hermione shook her head, she knew that Harry's parents and his god father had been fooled by a wolf in their youth, they had thought the wolf their friend until one full moon where Lily's friend Severus Snape had stumbled upon the man changing in a shack just off the school grounds in their six year.

The four had since hated werewolves, and vowed never to be fooled again. They forced Harry to carry a silver dagger about with him, in case he ever is faced with one of the creatures. Hermione herself carried a dagger of course, and her mother made sure that she only ever worse silver jewellery.

Hermione finished the dishes and turned to her friend once more. "I'd best be going, mother will be fretting that I'm not back before moon rise" she said rolling her eyes. At sixteen she had begun to question the fear everyone had for the wolves, the moon was enchanting to her and she often wondered if the wolves were really all that fearsome.

"Yea, mum's said I've just to stay here for the night. She doesn't want me risking the walk home" Harry said with a shrug.

"Oh please there still plenty time before the sun sets your mother worries too much" Hermione scoffed as she tugged on her jacket.

"Hermione" Harry said sternly as she wrapped her scarf about her neck. "You know my parents are just being cautious because of that traitor they met in school" he said as she pecked her lips, she sighed into the kiss and wondered not for the first time why they hadn't told Ron about their relationship, after all she'd herd Sirius mention that James was talking about marriage once the pair came of age and left school.

"You want me to walk with you?" He asked as they pulled apart.

"And have you walking so close to sun set? Disobeying your mother?" Hermione asked with a smirk as he rolled his eyes. "Never"

"Fine, but stay on the path when you go through the woods and keep your dagger to hand" Harry said and she nodded, she would do as he asked, even if she thought the fears were unfounded. After all there had never been a wolf sitting in the village of Godric's hollow before, so why should this moon be any different.

"I will, now go amuse your godfather and leave me to my walking" she giggled and he grabbed her and tickled her some, before letting her go and pushing her towards the door.

"Go love and be swift"

She left and pulled her hat onto her head, as she felt the leaves crunch under her feet, she weaved through the streets of the south side of the village before she made her way into the woods, she stayed to the long winding path of the small woods that separated the north, muggle part of the village from the south wizarding part, she was almost in the north of the village before the realised she'd forgotten her wand.

"Drat" she muttered as she patted down her pockets to make sure she'd forgotten it. She flicked her eyes to the now setting sun, she'd have time to go back to Grimmald and through the woods before the moon rose, if she was quick.

Nodding to herself she took off running, through the woods and streets until she was wrapping on the back door again.

Sirius answered with a surprised look. "Hermione, the sun's nearly set, what are you doing back here!" he hissed pulling her inside.

"I forgot my wand, you know dad would kill me if I left it" she said panting slightly. Sirius looked around and spotted it on the kitchen table, he picked it up and shoved it into her hand, before glancing out the window.

"you'll never have time to make it home before moon rise, you'll have to phone your parents and tell them your staying here" he sighed rubbing his chin with his hand.

"No, mama will never left me stay here when Harry's here" Hermione said shaking her head. "I'll have time to get through the woods if I run" she insisted.

"No Hermione, I'd rather you stay here" Sirius said, and Hermione frowned.

"Sirius, you know my Papa's rules, he lets Harry and I be together so long as I come home every night, I'll be fine if I run" she pressed.

"and you won't tae a broom?" he asked hoping that she'd at least be somewhat sensible about returning home.

"No. I'll run. I'll be fine" she insisted before she made for the door, if she wasted anymore time, she wouldn't be fine, the moon had already made it's way into the sky, but she wasn't about to say that to Sirius.

"Good, night Sirius" and with that she once again began her journey home, her feet hitting the ground hard as she ran with all her might.