So this is the last Chapter, i hope you've enjoyed and that you'll keep your eye out for the others in the fairy tale series when i get around to writing them. i know ot's short but it was always intended to be short, but i hope you enjoyed none the less.

Phoenix xx

Chapter 6

Harry panted as he reached his home once more. "Father" he called as he enter the kitchen where he found his mother Lilly washing the dishes from dinner.

"Harry my dear whatever's the matter?" she asked as she took in her son's ragged appearance and worried tone.

"where's father?" he asked his mother and Lilly replied he was in the living room.

The boy left and she had no choice but to follow.

"Father" Harry said as he walked into the room,

"Ah Harry my boy, did Hermione make it home safely?" he asked and Harry hung his head.

"No father, Hermione has betrayed me" he said sadly.

"Surely not" Lily gasped she would never have taken Hermione for the type of girl to betray anyone, let alone her Harry, the pair had been friends since birth and had fallen in love over the years, surely the girl would be so stupid as to throw that away.

"Your mother is right Harry, Hermione is a smart girl, and she would never betray you" James said sternly.

"But father I saw her with my own eyes!" Harry exclaimed. "She veered off the path into the woods, there is a cabin, with a man, she embraced the man when she entered" Harry said. This had both his parents listening. "She called him Love, and he asked her when she would tell him she was with child, she's betrayed me with this beast" he said holding back a sob.

"I'll admit she may have betrayed you boy, but the man is hardly a beast" Lily said, she would not have her son speaking I'll of anybody, even the man Hermione had betrayed him with.

"No mother you don't understand, the man, transformed into a wolf, she's betrayed me with a fifthly werewolf!" Harry roared and Lilly gasped in horror, James went to his wife and comforted her.

"Your sure about this boy?" James asked and Harry nodded.

"I saw it with my own eyes"

James turned and threw some floo power into the fire. "Sirius, get your Dagger, there a wolf hunt!" James called into the man's fire, he did the same with Severus, Arthur and the other men of the village, soon enough they were gathered in the southern square with daggers, swords and sliver tipped arrows.

"Tonight, we kill the wolf, and rescue the girl her had captured!" James shouted to the men and they cheered as he and Harry lead the band into the woods.

The two wolves stopped as the herd, smelt and felt, a crowd enter the woods. The sandy coloured wolf ran off, leaving his mate to hide in the shrubs, he came back minute later with the red hood and draped it over her as she melted back into human form, the hood covering her. She kept herself on the ground as Reamus took stance in front of her as the men of the southern Village surrounded them.

"Hermione Harry called taking a step towards her but Reamus lunged and snapped at him shying away from the silver dagger he brandished.

"Let her go, Wolf" James shouted, taking a swipe at Reamus with his sword, slashing his muzzle. Reamus whimpered and then growled at the man lunging once more. As Hermione stayed on the ground she knew she had to think of her pup as well, and knew letting Reamus take the fight was the best thing.

"Hermione, come on it's okay, come to me, I'll save you" Harry said lightly holding out his free hand as Reamus, advance on the other men, who all backed away.

As Reamus pushed the others away from him it gave Harry a chance to get closer, but Reamus spotted him and knocked him down from the side, growing in his face as he dug his claws into the boy's face. Harry yelled as he pushed Reamus off him and plunged the dagger into his side, causing Reamus to howl in pain. Hermione watched in Horror as her mate's movements slowed and he struggled to stand, and walked a few steps to her. Harry had stood up by this point and grabbed a Cross bow off someone.

"Die Wolf" Harry said as he shot an arrow at the beast and watched it fall, steps from where Hermione lay. Hermione Cried out as her Mate fell and crawled to him, they locked eyes and ne nudged her cheek with his muzzle before his head fell to the ground and she knew that her Mate was gone, she bowed her head over his body and let the tears fall.

"Your safe now Hermione" Harry said taking a step towards her, her head snapped up and Harry's eye's went wide as he looked into her bright yellow eyes, she allowed the hood to fall from her body, and looked up at the moon, before looking back at the men, uncaring about her naked form.

"Never trust a Woman in Red" she growled before she ran at them, and jumped shifting in mid air, landing on Harry, as she mauled him to death, leaving nothing but tattered skin on his face. The men tired to attack her but fleeted when she rounded on them, she mauled another four before they gave up, she was the closest any of them had ever been to a wolf and they weren't full enough to get as close as the Potter boy had, they ran and left her to her mourning.

Once they were gone Hermione shifted and mourned the loss of her mate.

Years later the villagers would occasionally see Her at market, with her two children, a boy always in a shirt of red and her daughter with a hood like her own. They would give them a wide breath, and every full moon they would leave meat, furs and fruits at the place where her mate had been killed, as penance for what the Potter boy had done, to her. She of course accepted and stayed away from the villagers as much as she could, and knew that when it came time for her children to take mates, the villagers would be lining up their children in order to keep themselves safe, but she warned them that as long as they stayed on the path, no harm would befall the pathetic humans.