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"What's wrong with him?"

Though she's totally in her car alone, Kelly West asks this question aloud. She's been seeing Clark Kent for nearly a month now and she can't quite figure him out. Of course, she doesn't want anything to be wrong with him. But she's sure there's something wrong with him; there's always something wrong with the ones who seem too good to be true. And Clark seems to be as good as it gets. He's hot, employed, and a complete gentleman; and not just any gentleman. A farm boy gentleman who knows how to treat a lady; he holds her door open for her, covers her with his jacket if she's cold, and he doesn't push her to do anything she doesn't want to do. It's been a month and he hasn't even kissed her full on the lips, let alone seen her with her shirt off! Now, she's not a floosy or anything, but she can't help but to wonder if he's just an extra patient man, or if he's just too nice tell her that he doesn't find her attractive enough.

She shakes her head at that last thought. Of course she's attractive enough; natural wavy blonde hair, legs from here to there, natural D cups, and full pouty lips. Boys have been checking her out since junior high.

"So what's with the sudden low self-esteem problem, Kelly Girl," she asks herself.

Maybe he's gay.

She scoffs at the idea. That's a little too much self-esteem. The whole "if there's nothing wrong with me, there's got to be something wrong with him" thing. She concludes that he's just an old fashioned gentleman and that's why he hasn't put the moves on her yet. He's not from here, the city. He's from a little town called Smallville. They grow 'em different on the farm, right?

She takes a deep breath as she pulls up into his apartment lot. This is her first time coming to his place. She sort of invited herself over for dinner a couple days ago. She couldn't help it. She's not as patient as he is; and hopefully he's not actually this patient. Hopefully, he just doesn't want to scare her off by being so forward. He's shy like that.

She quickly makes it to his door, Apartment number 303, and inhales deeply. God she's nervous. She's not used to the feeling. She's wealthy, sexy, and has never been intimidated by men; but this one, this Clark Kent...

She checks herself, making sure her clothes are still pressed and her makeup is still in place. There's not a single wrinkle in her pants or the slightest bit of lipstick out of place. Once she's satisfied and mentally ready, she knocks on the door.

She doesn't have to wait long. Clark answers almost immediately, and the sight of him makes her legs turn to jelly. He's so damn handsome. Her eyes are drawn to his mouth because he's talking to her, greeting her and inviting her inside of his home. She steps inside and lets him take her jacket. The feel of his fingertips on her skin make her shiver, even though he's just touching her shoulder.

Kelly pulls her mind away from those kinds of thoughts immediately. They'll only lead her to one place, wondering where his bedroom is; so she focuses on something else. Like the smell of his apartment. Chili. Chili and baked potatoes, though there's nothing fancy at all about it, it's her absolute favorite meal. She can't believe Clark remembered that. She told him that the very first time she met him, before they started dating; and that was over seven months ago! Could he be any more perfect? Seriously, there's got to be something wrong with him.

"Tell me you actually cooked this and didn't pay someone else to do it just to impress me," Kelly demands good-naturedly once she's directed to the table and gets a look at the meal. There's even a salad.

Clark smiles at her as he pulls out her chair for her.

"No, I didn't pay anyone. I cooked supper myself."


He really is old fashioned.

Kelly takes a bite of her chili and sighs. There's no way he made this. His mother made it using the secret recipe that her great-great grandmother thought up, for sure. It's that good.

"Okay, that was nice to hear; but you can tell me the truth this time. Who really cooked this meal?"

He grins back at her. "I did," he says simply.

Kelly can feel her stomach do somersaults. He's just too damn sexy. She wishes he wasn't such a gentleman. She wishes she could just jump across the table and tackle him. She wishes he'd just jump across this table right now, pull her into his bedroom and-

"Kelly, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she nearly squeaks. She absolutely mortified; like he just caught her masturbating her something.

She shoves more chili into her mouth and has a look around his apartment. That's when she spots them; pictures of another woman all over. How did she not notice before? They're everywhere. The woman is blonde, like her, but with a much shorter haircut. She's got green eyes and a grin that'll stop your heart…if you're a guy, or one of her parents. In most of the pictures, the woman is young, maybe high school young. There are a few pictures of her and Clark together, but mostly, the young woman is by herself. Kelly guesses they were high school sweethearts, the kind that got married right after graduation. Judging by the many photos of her, Kelly surmises that she's deceased.

That's what's wrong with Clark Kent. He's a widower.

She can deal with that. It even makes sense to her. Of course he's not going to just jump into a new relationship. He's probably feeling guilty about moving on; and he probably wants to take things slow because he's afraid of losing someone again.

Then the door opens, and Kelly hears the voices of two women. They're talking about another woman, Lucy. That's how much Kelly gathers from the conversation before she stops listening. She has just stepped into the dining room; the woman in the picture, followed by Lois Lane.

Clark clears his throat and the two women get silent immediately.

Clark walks around the table and stands next to Kelly as he introduces the women to each other.

"Lois you know Kelly,"

"Yeah," Lois says, but she doesn't make an attempt to shake Kelly's hand. There's no need. They don't exactly like each other so much. So, Lois goes into the kitchen and fixes herself a bit of Kelly and Clark's "date" food.

How rude. But it's not like Kelly expects anything less from Lois Lane.

"Chloe, this is Kelly. Kelly," Clark turns a little to face his date. "This is my roommate, Chloe Sullivan."

"I'm so sorry, Clark. I forgot you said you were bringing your date today," Chloe apologizes before holding her hand out to Kelly.

Clark shrugs, like it's no big deal. Kelly decides that it is a big deal. She's more than convinced that this Chloe tried to sabotage his date on purpose. She must be in love with Clark herself and doesn't want him to date anyone else. Seriously, what woman would put a million pictures of herself up in an apartment that she shares with a man? It's simple. A woman who's marking her territory, one who wants every other female that walks in here to know that she exists.

Kelly takes Chloe's hand in hers and shakes it firmly. "You two have been friends for a long time, haven't you," she smiles sweetly, putting an emphasis on the word long. She stares Chloe in the eyes, those innocent-looking green orbs, and hopes she gets the message she's subtly implying. She hopes Chloe can understand that what she's trying to say is, "You've known Clark this long and you two still aren't dating. If he wanted you, he'd have had you by now, so get over yourself and start searching for a new man."

Chloe's eyebrows dip slightly; like she's confused.

Fat chance.

Kelly looks up and around, gesturing at all those photos and bluntly unconfusing her.

Chloe looks up at all the photos too and groans. "Clark! I told you to take these before your date!" She doesn't excuse herself as she briskly walks over to the nearest photo and pulls it down off of the wall. She goes down a little further, snatching up every picture she can reach. Clark's behind her within seconds and is taking the photos from her. She lets him until she turns around and notices that he's putting them back exactly where he had them.

"Clark!" she yells exasperatedly.

"What? I like them there. They're good memories," he answers stubbornly.

"You don't need memories of me, Clark. I'm right here!"

"Yeah, but you're not exactly fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen anymore," he rebuttals as he gestures toward the pictures taken during their high school years.

Kelly can hear Lois snort unlady-like behind her, and she ignores her. She keeps watching Clark and Chloe's stupid little argument. She sees Chloe's eyes narrow, as if she's angry. What could she possibly be angry about?

"Are you calling me fat?"

"What? No! how'd you get fat out of that?" he answers, taking a step forward; towards Chloe.

"Oh please, Smallville. I got fat out of that."

"Shut up, Lois!" Clark answers in a panic when Lois's words seem to make the other blonde angrier. Kelly scowls and works her jaw from side to side. Chloe has no right to be angry. Chloe crashed her date; and Chloe's not being ignored in favor of a stupid little argument that doesn't even make any sense!

Chloe raises her eyebrows and folds her arms over her chest, waiting for an explanation.

Clark takes another step toward Chloe. "I was just saying that you're not as young as you used to be."

Lois bursts out laughing. She knows what's coming. Even Kelly knows what's going to come out of Chloe's mouth next.

"So now you're calling me old?" She fixes him with an unforgiving and icy glare.

"Sure did, Cuz," Lois interjects in between her laughter.

Clark runs a hand through his hair, a sign that he's frustrated. "Shut. Up. Lois!"

"Whatever," Chloe says haughtily before walking past him and heading down a narrow hallway. Kelly can only assume she's going to her room, and she's more than okay with that until Clark follows her. He actually follows her.

Chloe shuts the door and Clark starts knocking. Lois moves so that she's standing at the end of the hallway, watching the show. Instead of popcorn, she's got a bowl of chili to accompany her.

Kelly watches Lois shake her head and laugh at Clark's many pleas for Chloe to open the door, and Chloe's constant "go aways!"

Two minutes later, Kelly's had enough. She sneaks out the apartment. Is it still sneaking if no one will even notice or care about your disappearance? No, it's not. So, she just leaves; but at least she knows it's not her. At least she knows what's wrong with Clark Kent.

He's totally in love with his roommate.


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