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Clark's dating Kelly again. Well, he didn't come out and say it, but Chloe's sure of it. He's been talking to her over the phone, a lot; and they meet for "lunch" quite a few times out of the week. He's even got a date with her tonight.

Chloe sighs deeply as she gets dressed. She's happy for him. She really and truly is; but she's sadder for herself. She too has a date tonight. Date number freakin' three. By all means, she shouldn't go. She nearly died on the first two. First when Walter ran the red light trying to buckle her back in; then when William decided to use her as bait so that he could meet The Blur. But she's going. She promised Lois she'd do two more. This is one out of two. She just hopes she doesn't lose another damn phone.

She checks herself in her mirror and smiles satisfactorily. Jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of white sneakers. Hey, the t-shirt is formfitting, as are the jeans; and her Nikes are spotless. Though she doesn't want to go on this date, she did make a little effort; but at the same time she's prepared. If she has to run from someone again, she'll have a better chance in sneakers than in heels. Plus, rather than having her date pick her up, she's meeting him at Blue's Corner; a cozy little jazz restaurant not even a block away. That way, she can walk there and back. No need to waste her gas. She doesn't have any high hopes for this date despite the fact that Lois has told her this one might just be "the one;" third time being a charm and all.

Chloe checks her watch and notes that it's time for her to go. She drags her feet, turning off lights, checking locks, and doing a lot of other things she doesn't usually bother with. Her actions are testament to the fact that though it's been a month since her date with William, she's not ready to meet Sblue86. Especially because her user name on the site is Surlygirl86. It makes her feel like the site matched them up just because their user names have five characters in common. And based on the last two dates, that wouldn't surprise her at all. In fact, it'd be an improvement. No matter how this guy turned out. At least they'd actually have something in common.

She just hopes they don't have too much in common; like certain parts of their anatomy. Wouldn't it just be peachy if Sblue86 turned out to be a woman? She wouldn't put that past the stupid site.

One more deep breath later, she's out the door and locking up. She repeatedly reminds herself that after this date she's only got one more to go as she walks over to Blue's Corner.

It should've taken her two minutes; but she took her time. There were a lot of pauses as she had to force herself to keep moving forward and to not turn around and go home. Then suddenly, she's at the door of the restaurant, and she's being ushered inside by a man who's gentleman enough to open it for her. It's not like she can just let him hold the door open for her forever, so she walks inside.

Immediately she sees a familiar face, and it puts her in a better mood. If Clark's here, her date can't go wrong at all. He'll take care of her. This is something she knows, but will never admit out loud.

She walks over to him, prepared to say a quick hello, just to let him know she's here. He may be all alone now, but she's sure his date is either in the bathroom or on her way. She doesn't want to be a problem.

Before she can sneak up behind him and tap his shoulder, she sees his head cock to the side a bit before he turns around and spots her. She shakes her head a little. What made her think she could sneak up on Clark?

He grins back at her and she wishes he was her date. Sure, he's an alien and he's a bit clueless at times, but he's the best man she knows. Plus, she'd be in no danger whatsoever tonight.

"Waiting for your date?" Chloe asks once she's standing right beside him.

"Yeah, but I don't know if she's coming. I was supposed to meet her here at eight," he says a bit sadly.

Chloe really hates seeing him even the slightest bit sad. He's like a lost, and blind, newborn puppy. So she rolls her eyes at him before giving him a piece of wisdom. "It's only five minutes after eight, Clark. She's not that late."

But Clark's not convinced. He lowers his eyes to the table. "Yeah, but who shows up late to a blind date? Clearly someone who doesn't want to be there."

Chloe scoffs. She would show up late to a blind date. In fact, she tried her best to, but despite her efforts she's only a few minutes late. Which reminds her, she should be looking for her blind date. And at the thought of the words "blind date" she realizes there's something fishy about what Clark just said. He's waiting for a blind date. "Kelly can't be considered a blind date."

Though she was talking to herself, Clark answers her. "I'm not meeting Kelly. I'm supposed to be meeting Surlygirl86."

Chloe blinks a few times. Something is supposed to click in her brain, but it doesn't. Not for a whole eight seconds. Then she realizes what it is that's supposed to click. She's Surlygirl86. That means Clark is…

"You're Sblue86?" Chloe gasps.

Clark narrows his eyes at her. "How'd you know?" he blushes, seemingly embarrassed to be caught using a dating service. Then she watches him come to the same conclusion as she did. "You're Surlygirl86, aren't you?"

She nods her head in response. They're supposed to be on a date with each other.

Clark stands, and as if it's a cue for them to go home, Chloe turns to leave. She expects him to be right beside her. She just knows that he's gonna wanna go home and talk about what a waste of time this date was.

"Chloe." She turns, and sees Clark holding her chair out for her. "Have a seat."

She gives him a slight frown, but when she sees the way he's grinning at her, she can't help but to smile back. Maybe he's right. They might as well enjoy a night out together. It's not like they've never done it before.

Once she's seated, Clark steps behind her and pushes her in. There isn't the slightest bit of struggle on his part. In fact, he doesn't seem to be exerting a tenth of his strength. The push is very gentle, gentle enough to caress her arms as he goes, but still strong enough to move her whole body and a wooden chair. It's one thing to be super strong, but knowing how to be gentle at the same time is a skill Clark has perfected. She always wondered why he was afraid to sleep with women. Despite his fears, she always doubted he'd actually hurt one.

"Shall we order?" Clark asks, pulling her thoughts away from direction they were headed; which happened to be the dirtiest gutter she could think up.

"Yeah," she answers a bit too brightly.

He laughs at her. It makes her frown. "What?" she scowls.

"You were just thinking of something dirty, weren't you?" he teases.

"No, I was about to think of something dirty," Chloe shoots back, making him laugh even harder. Then she realizes how ridiculous that sounded and she can't help but to laugh with him.

"So, what was it?" Clark asks when their laughter has subsided.

Chloe shakes her head. "Not in front of the waiter," she winks before ordering salmon on a bed of white rice. No alcohol. She won't need it. Clark orders the steak with yellow rice. She's definitely gonna try some of that when it gets here.

"The waiter's gone," Clark announces unnecessarily.

Chloe snorts and shakes her head. There's no way she's actually telling him she was about to start thinking about the two of them in bed together. He's being easy going right now, but he'd totally freak and get all weird around her. She's sure of it.

"That's okay, keep your secrets," Clark grins. "But if you were thinking about that guy over there, I feel the need to remind you that I'm your date, not him. You're supposed to be thinking about me."

Chloe knows Clark's just joking, but she feels a blush coming on so she turns to get a look at who Clark doesn't want her to be thinking about. He's handsome; really handsome if Chloe's being fair; but it seems as if he's taken by a very beautiful brunette, and an even cuter and smaller version of the two of them. He's a family man; but even if he was single, Chloe wouldn't give him a second glance. Not while she's here with Clark. He can't compare.

Suddenly, Clark stands. Chloe turns around quickly. She's a little startled by the abrupt noise his chair made, but she's not the least bit worried. He probably has to use the bathroom, which is code for "someone's in danger and he needs to go be The Blur."

But Clark's not on his way to the bathroom. He's standing next to her; offering his hand. "Dance with me," he says. It's technically a command, but it's a really soft one. She can say no if she wants to. If she wants to.

"Come on Chloe, I wanna dance with my date. We won't be the only ones," Clark tells her as he grabs her hand and pulls her to her feet. Apparently, Chloe took too long to answer; and apparently it was a stronger command than she originally thought. Not that she was gonna say no anyway.

There's a small dance area, not floor, in front of the live entertainment and Clark pulls her to the very center. There are maybe five or six couples dancing around them, but they don't seem to notice Chloe and Clark. They all seem to be so in love, so deeply absorbed by one another, that no one else in the world seems to exist. Even the handsome man is out here with his wife and daughter. It's beautiful the way they're all dancing together.

Chloe tries to show Clark, but he takes her hand in his and pulls her close to him. So Close that she can feel that he has an erection. "Don't point. It's rude," he whispers in her ear as he places his other hand on her hip.

She raises her eyebrows, but she doesn't look up at him. He's gonna teach her manners now? And besides, not all pointing is rude. He's doing a bit of pointing too, right at her belly. She's sure he knows it and she expects him to suggest they sit down.

He doesn't. He doesn't say anything. So, she feels this need to bring it to his attention. She doesn't know what for. As soon as she says something, he's gonna get all weird on her; but she's the master at stating the obvious.

"Uh, Clark? Your"-

"I can't help it sometimes. It just happens," he cuts her off.

Ouch. That hurt her pride a bit, but she can't be mad at him. It's their friendship that's to blame. If they weren't so close, he wouldn't tell her so matter-of-factly that he's hard because he can't help it. He'd be embarrassed, probably even refuse to be anywhere near her until he calmed down.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Clark asks when Chloe's been quiet to long. It's only been about twenty seconds, but that's a long time for Chloe.

Chloe shakes her head. She's not uncomfortable per se. She's just…She doesn't really know how she feels. Sad, she guesses. But she doesn't exactly know why.

"Foods here!" Clark announces suddenly with a grin before rushing her over to their table.

Chloe laughs at him and lets him pull her chair out for her. Just like that, he's managed to cheer her up.

Their meals are delicious. Chloe helps herself to a bit of Clark's steak, and Clark helps himself to all of her rice. She didn't say he could have it, but she doesn't fight him when he takes it. She's having too much fun to care. They have about three dozen "remember when" and "guess who I saw" moments. And none of them are ever boring. Hey, they lived in Smallville. For such a small town, they had an extremely eventful childhood; so eventful that they're the last couple in to leave the restaurant. Not that they were the ones to notice. They were told by the owner that Blue's Corner was closing for the night.

Both of them are embarrassed and apologize, but the owner, who introduced himself as Blue, waved their apologies away. "It's no problem. You two make a beautiful couple, you know," he tells them as he begins to collect the plates off their table.

Chloe's about to tell Blue that she and Clark aren't a couple but Clark speaks first. "It's out first date," he beams proudly before taking her hand in his.

"Is that right?" Blue says a little distractedly. "Well you two are gonna have to pick out a ring soon."

Again, Chloe's about to disagree with Blue; and again Clark speaks up first. "You think so?"

"Oh, I know so. Old Blue has been losing his sight slowly over the years, but that don't mean he can't see," Blue winks.

Clark grins back, and thanks Blue before leading a confused Chloe out of the restaurant.

Once outside, Chloe stops Clark with a tug of his hand. He gives her his full attention. "What was that? Why'd you let him think we're dating?"

Clark frowns back at her. "You are my date, Chloe."

"Yeah, but this isn't a real date."

"Why not? Aren't you a real girl?" Clark smirks.

"Finally noticed?" Chloe shoots back. She did not mean to say that, but since it's out she makes an effort to keep a smile so that he knows she meant no harm.

He cocks his head a little, considering her. "Trust me. I noticed long before tonight." And before Chloe can wonder what that's supposed to mean, Clark grabs her hand. "Shall I walk you home, Miss Sullivan?"

Chloe smiles back. "Of course, Mr. Kent."

Two minutes. That's how long they walk together, hand in hand, until they're at their front door. Chloe pulls out her key and stands in front of the door, blocking it and facing Clark at the same time. He cocks an eyebrow at her, wondering what she's about to do or say.

"So, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna kiss me goodnight, or tell me goodnight before turning around and heading towards your car?"

Clark grins at Chloe. She's joking around, making light of their date and ready to transform back into friends now that it's over; but still having fun with this little game of theirs. What she doesn't know, is that Clark took the date very serious. He's not playing a game. He takes a few steps toward her, getting as close to her as he can without poking her. "How about you let me in," he grins wickedly.

Chloe's smile widens. Of course he'd choose option C. He lives here too after all. But why make it easy on him. So she teases him a little more. "Sorry, Mr. Kent; I don't sleep with men on the first date."

His eyes widen and Chloe thinks that maybe she went a little too far, until she notices the expression on his face. It's the face he makes when he's about to say, "Wanna bet?"

Then his lips are on hers, and she knows he'd win that bet. She would definitely sleep with Clark after a first date. She opens her mouth, prepared to tell him he was right, she was wrong, but Clark doesn't let up. He's still kissing her! They're kissing, really kissing. Not just exchanging friendly goodbye, or "I'm so glad you didn't get killed by your psychotic date," kisses.

Clark runs his hand down Chloe's arm until he finds her keys. He takes them from her and unlocks the door. Not once does he remove his lips from hers during that whole exchange. When he does stop kissing Chloe, it's to ask her one question. Chloe assumes he's gonna ask her if she's sure she wants to be with him, but he surprises her. "Your room or mine?" he barely gets out as he slams the front door behind him and starts kissing her again. If she was gonna answer, he didn't really give her chance. Which is okay anyway, it's as if he's read her mind because he lifts her up and takes her into his bedroom. That's where she was gonna say she wanted to go if she had been able to answer. His room is the closest.


In a dark alley, not even five miles away from Chloe and Clark's apartment, Lois holds a very important meeting.

"Congratulations," she practically sings as she hands Thug 1, Thug 2, and Thug 5 a twenty and a six pack. Thug 3 and Thug 4 get a twenty and a pack of Newports. They're not exactly old enough to drink yet, just old enough to scare the life out of people.

They say thanks and walk away. It was easy money.

To the cook, Lois hands over fifty dollars. She wants more than that, her reputation was on the line for serving that brown salad. Lois rolls her eyes and hands her an extra 5. This makes the overweight woman frown, but Lois could care less. "That's all I'm giving you," Lois says firmly. The cook mumbles a few swear words under her breath but leaves all the same.

"Here ya go Hank," she smiles brightly as she hands the officer a Benjamin.

He grins back at her before walking away. "Nice doing business with ya, Lane" he calls over his shoulder.

Lois miles after him before turning on the last two. She holds three one hundred dollar bills to each of them. "Here you go Walter, William."

"How many times do I have to tell you my name is Jack, Lois." William says. Lois shrugs. She's never gonna remember that. She hired him to be William. He'll always be William to her.

"And my name is Bob, d"-

"If you call me "dear" Walter, I'll kick your bald ass. Just take the money, say thank you, and leave."

Bob and Jack, or William and Walter, scowl back at Lois before taking the money and turning their backs on her.

They forget to say thank you, but that's okay.

"Thank you for being complete assholes," Lois calls after them. If they hadn't been, Chloe Smallville would've never gotten together.

They owe her big time. But that's okay too. She'll make Smallville pay. Chloe already did. She walks to her car, thinking up how many different ways she can make Clark pay her back.