A/N: This is set right before the next new episode. I can't say off the top of my head when it is, but I think it's next week. For those of you who didn't know…. *SPOLIER ALERT* Ziva and Tony are going to Colombia. Not a big spoiler, but still. Please R&R

. . .

I sat at my desk, terribly bored. The past week has been unbelievably slow. Sure, there were cases, but they were all open and shut cases. No work involved whatsoever. Everybody, including me, was fatigued and sleepy, especially today of all days. Today was dreaded. Today was evil. Today was 'finish all your paperwork or you're going to hell' day. Well, it was until three o' clock when Gibbs walked into the bullpen. At that point, McGee had been gone for an hour doing who-knows-what. Damn Overachiever. It had been just me and Tony at this point, and we'd been talking back and forth to pass time and avoid falling asleep.

"DiNozzo, David," he greeted us gruffly. We both look up innocent, as if we weren't just cracking jokes about the previous case of a possible burglary. It was a cat making all the noise. We really couldn't get over that one, it was beneath us. "Pack your bags, you two are en route to Colombia as of zero-seven-hundred."

I widened my eyes in disbelief. "What?" The words came out a little more high pitched than normal. I looked at tony, who was equally surprised. We had eye contact for just a moment, and I could only see one thing: liquid excitement. This excited feeling was at an extreme level. Last time we went anywhere together—alone, was Paris.

Gibbs smirked at our reactions, "You heard me. Navy Commander Maria Castro has gone missing. Neither of you come home without her." Before either of us could protest or question him, Gibbs was gone as fast as he came.

I stared at the space where my boss just stood in awe. I glanced back to my smiling partner and gave him a dirty look. "Why are you smiling?"

His smile broadened and he raises and eyebrow. "Game on, Zee-Vah," he said brightly.

"What?" I asked with eyes wide.

"The battle of who gets the bed of course," Tony replied as if it was obvious. He waggled his eyebrows at me in the challenge.

I grinned, remembering our last 'battle' in Paris. We tied and shared the bed. "Alright, 'game-one' as you say. For me, though, it's 'I win.'" I tease as I blew him a kiss and winked at his face of mock-terror. Oh, yes, the game was on, but I don't think we're going to find a winner. Again. We'll just share.