Kyle storms in the caves, trying to catch up with his breath. He's been running and his muscles are numb, but that won't stop him. His voice are calling out for her and it sounds like he hasn't been speaking for days. His heart pumps as he hears a small answer. Not bothering to pick up one can of corn he dropped on the way, he accelerates. Soon he finds her.

He's missed her of course, but most of him was worried about her. He had left her in a storm. What if she can't be fixed? What if she isn't ok? Kyle studies her up and down. She is still as tiny as he remembered, but maybe even a little skinnier? He told himself to get her to eat more. But she seemed happy and healthy. Her cheeks were clear red and a bright smile was filling up her lips. Her posture was straight and secure.

Not wanting to wait any longer, he grabs her, spinning her around. Her laugh fills the room and when he puts her down he finds himself beaming down at her. She rolls her eyes.
''Hi,'' she smiles as she gives him a playful punch.
''Missed me?'' he says with a cocky grin. Then she just laughs and shakes her head.
''Seems it's been the other way around,'' she defends herself before backing away, returning to stay side by side with Marvel, leaning against him.

Kyle can't stop smiling while looking at her. He's happy. Happy because she's finally made it with that Marvel guy. Even though he and Marvel had some difficulties, he was happy she wasn't hurt or morning the soul anymore. She was free. Marvel makes a comment on how Ivy needs to get some food in her and Kyle says he will join them as soon as he's finished with packing up his stuff. Marvel seemed good to her and she was safe.

As Kyle looks down at his knuckles he is stunned to see them almost white from the pressure he is putting on them. His fists are hurting, but he can't seem to find a way to stop it. Why you might ask. But thing is, Kyle doesn't know either. He doesn't recognize this feeling building up in him. It's something different and… new. It frightens him, because he was sure nothing in this world would surprise or take him off guard anymore.

Finally he can feel the frustration and anger overthrow this new feeling, winning and taking him over. He feels himself raise from his table and storm out. Not knowing where he is going, his thoughts are trying to find the source of all this mess. Frowning, he can't seem to remember or find it. As he walks down the corridor, he finds himself falling into his bed exhausted. Maybe when he wakes up everything will feel better. One thing was certain. The new feeling building up inside him he did not like having inside him.

Ivy wakes up in the middle of the night, shaking with tearstained cheeks crying uncontrollably. She can feel her whole body shaking, hating herself for feeling weak and broken. Before she can fully realize it was only a dream she feels two strong arms wrap around her.
''Shhhhh. It's all going to be okay, I promise,'' Marvel assures while his hands trace up and down Ivys sides. It makes her relax a little, but she is still shaking and crying her heart out. He plants a kiss on her shoulder trying to calm her down.
''Calm down little flower. Go back to bed okay? I would never let anything hurt you, ever.''

Ivy wakes the next morning still safe and warm in his arms. Kyle on the other hand wakes up with a scream and sweat covering his body. There is pretty obvious something is wrong with him, but he still doesn't know what. He thinks maybe he is just freaked out by the soul they brought with them to make human again. He was sure he would be calm again as soon as the soul was hundred percent and that parasite soul was out of his caves.

He walks down to the kitchen and is greeted by Maggie with a soft smile. She is always glad when they bring in new supplies. Especially when Kyle goes on the raids, because let's face it, he is awesome at doing it and always brings back the goodies. She hand him a plate filled with bacon, toast and some weird looking pills.

''What the hell Mags? Trying to drug me?'' He laughs. Even though Maggie says he needs to stop acting like a child and goofing off he knows she enjoys the small tricks he's came up with their time together.
''No, it's just that now when we have the access to health and medicine, we are going to use it. And don't worry it's just vitamins and minerals. Nothing you couldn't handle.'' Then Kyle just shrugs and goes to eat his meal. He is a little frustrated that the tablets have strawberry and cherry flavors, but scoops down a glass of water and forgets it soon enough.

On his way to his work duties Brandt pulls him off and to his surprise he is moved to the fields. He usually don't work there- Kyle works building out the cave system or carrying heavy stuff. But not today he guess. Reaching the fields his eyes fall on Ivy as she is working side by side with the Marvel guy, laughing and goofing off with him. This work might not be that boring now that Ivy was here he though and headed her way.

She greet him with a smile and a good morning. He just rolls his eyes and gets to work, but staying close. Most of the people work in silence, but now and then small conversations pop up, and Kyle wanted to be included if Ivy started one. The time pass quickly and it's time for lunch. Marvel garbs Ivy's waist, pulling her close and nuzzles her neck, whispering something into her ear making her laugh and then playfully pulling away from him. But she still keeps close to him, grabbing his hand and leading him out of the fields.

Kyle is surprised by this behavior now that he can finally see it. He's been gone for what..? Five weeks? And everything about Ivy has changed drastically. She was still herself of course, but there was something… She was in high spirits. Happy. It didn't take long until Kyle noticed it was around him it all happened. Every time she leaned into him, every time he said a joke… It was all thanks to him.

He should be happy for her. Finally she has landed and is conferrable and stable in life. Shouldn't Kyle thank the guy? Shouldn't they be friends? His head spins and he feels sick when he feels that horrible feeling building up this time. Now, the feeling is stronger. The comeback is too strong – its more aggressive and almost indestructible. Why isn't Kyle happy for Ivy? Why does he feel this way?

Kyle joins them at lunch as they sit with Jamie, Wes and Lily. Kyle tries to ignore Marvel and his funny comments making Ivy laugh. He tries to ignore the way they almost always seem to touch each other. Finally it's all over and Ivy and Marvel stands up, ready to go. Kyle stays put with still some food on his plate. Ivy tells him a ironic joke and he laughs at her, even though he hadn't heard her joke.

All he is focusing on his hers and Marvels hand, knitted together. How Marvels thumb gently strokes her hands skin, making her give him a nervous smile, blushing. This feeling inside him… He didn't want it. He didn't like it. He hated it. And didn't everyone?

Kyle mentally punched himself for feeling this way. Why couldn't he just accept the fact and move on? Let her be happy. But as he saw her walk away with Marvels hand around her waist pain filled his stomach. Why the hell was wrong with him? Why now? Why feel jealousy?