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Primal Instincts

Chapter 3

She reported back to Dumbledore. He was pleased by the turn of events.

"So you said she was drawn to you."

"We were pulled to each other. Sir she had a…well she was um male is some aspects. That was unexpected. Do you know how that happened?"

"So Nymphadora has informed me. I don't have an explanation Miss Granger. I have never heard of such a thing but primals are unique in nature. It looks like you have a research project in your future."

"Sir, the pull…it was mutual. I wasn't thinking any longer."

"That's for sure. She was just walking up to the most dangerous witch in the world." Tonks grumbled.

"That is the power of their bond. She will come back again to see you Miss Granger. We will make sure you are ready for her. You must let her know that she will have safety here. You will not be able to stay away from each other now. You must be strong Miss Granger. Once you have her, bring her to me. Might I suggest taking some of your potion."

"Yes Headmaster." She bid him goodbye and walked out.

"Oi! Granger wait up." Tonks ran up next to her. "You are really ok with him ordering you to spread your legs and bring that witch back here."

"It isn't a question of being ok. I want Bellatrix. He was right, the pull is so strong. Fuck Tonks. I have never felt anything like that before. I know she will return to me and I will be with her."

"This is completely fucked!"

"Don't I know it!"



"Potter's little friend. The mudblood." Dolohov smirked. He wasn't a fan of Bella's and the new information was hopefully enough to seal her fate. He didn't know how wrong he was.

"Is the true Bellatrix?"

"Yes My Lord."

"You were supposed to stay hidden, is it true you exposed yourself?"

"Yes My Lord but she came to me. She was almost in my grasp when that bitch interfered."

"Crucio! Now Dumbledore will know who his primal is. Yaxley, send for Severus. You started this witch now you will have to find a way get her without her chaperones. I want her in my ranks Bellatrix."

He lifted the curse.

"What!" Dolohov was dumbfounded by his proclamation and forgot himself, "She is a mudblood! You want to give a filthy mudblood the mark?"

"Crucio!" The man was curled before him screaming as Voldemort held the curse. "She is a primal therefore her blood is primal. Even better…she is the boy's closest friend. I don't care what you have to do Bella. Seduce her, rape her….whatever it takes. I want her with my mark."

"Yes My Lord." She smiled at the man still curled on the floor. All she wanted was to be inside the witch and she had just gotten approval from the one true obstacle. Dolohov suffering was like icing on a wonderful cake.

Now she just needed a way to get the girl.


Hermione filled in Ron and Harry that night. They were as confused as she was and Ron being his usual mature self, spent most of the conversation making gagging noises. The next morning Hermione headed down to the library. She spent the morning searching through every book she could on primal powers and on animagi.

She couldn't find anything. She went through magical creatures and got nowhere. As it got closer to lunch she gave up and decided to ask an expert. She headed down to Hagrid's hut. He knew more about animals than anyone she knew.

Ron and Harry caught her on her way.

"Oi! Hermione where have you been?" Ron called out.

"The library. I couldn't figure out what she was. I thought Hagrid might know."

"Only if whatever it is, it is really really dangerous." Harry laughed.

"It is Bellatrix Lestrange, of course it's dangerous." Ron answered.

The two made wagers as they walked down to Hagrid's hut. Hermione would have to find a way to question the half giant without tipping him to why. She knew he was dense but he would still pick it up if she was too obvious.

They caught up with the gamekeeper and talked a little about the problems with Voldemort. Hermione started to ease into the subject of animals by asking Hagrid what he was raising. She started to engage him in a conversation about different creatures and breeding techniques.

"Hagrid. I am doing an essay on various animals. Do you know which animals have eyes that glow?"

"There are quite a few creatures. Ashwinder's eyes glow, several types of dragons. What color?"

"Greenish? It was dark where sh...it was standing."

"If they glow in moonlight or partial light it could be lots of creatures. Tapetum lucidium. That's what they call it. Helps with night vision, it does. Light is reflecting off their eyes which is why they look like they are glowing. It could be lots of animals, might even be a dog or a cat. Hmmmm tell me more."

"Will this I never heard of. Females that have um...male parts."

"You don't mean? Hermione Granger I can't be discussing such things with you." He looked to Harry and Ron who just shrugged.

"Please Hagrid! It is for my paper."

"I can think of one with that trait...but it actually isn't male. They are actually...I can't talk about it with you Hermione. It is not a proper thing to discuss. I just don't feel comfortable. Muggle creatures. Hyenas."

"Thank you Hagrid." She got up to leave but Ron stopped for a second.

"Off chance they are dangerous?" he asked.

"Extremely. They can eat almost anything. Even bone. You wouldn't want to be messin' with one of those but they are most dangerous in packs."

They ran back up to the castle. Harry handed Ron a galleon. He shouldn't have taken the bet. It was Bellatrix Lestrange. Of course her animagus was dangerous and of course Hagrid knew what the super dangerous animal was.

Hermione had a start. She dragged them to the muggle studies section in the library and found a few books on zoology. She finally found a section on hyenas.

Based on what Hermione saw, there was no question Bellatrix was a spotted hyena. The species was fascinating. Even though they looked like dogs, they were actually more closely related to cats. They roamed in matriarchal led packs called clans. She smirked when she read that the females dominated the males in the species and were far more aggressive. That described Bellatrix Lestrange perfectly.

The laugh the hyena was so well known for wasn't a laugh at all it was the way the animal communicated. The laugh came out during nervous excitement. It would explain why Bellatrix could always be heard cackling during battle. It was her primal asserting itself.

She had to admit it was a little unnerving to find out the mortal enemy of the spotted hyena was the lion. Of course after their last meeting it didn't look like that was a concern in this case.

She also found her answer as to what she had seen. Spotted hyena's were thought to be hermaphroditic when they were first studied. The female spotted hyena's genitalia was completely unique. It closely resembled that of their male counterparts. The clitoris was elongated, could achieve an erection and the primary distinguishing feature from the male's was it was thicker.

Hermione cringed and now both Harry and Ron were making gagging sounds as she read about the mating and birthing process. If Bellatrix had control issues it would explain why she wouldn't have children. Hermione was curious as to how the primal magic affected her for those sorts of things. With magic she might be able to change the process.

"So um….Hermione….how is that going to work with you guys?" Ron asked. Harry elbowed him. "What mate? I want to know. That's crazy."

"I haven't a clue." She certainly was intrigued now though.


She was pacing her room thinking about the girl. She had smelled so good. Bellatrix hadn't had a problem controlling her libido since her mother walked in on her that day, even after leaving Azkaban and exploring her powers she had control. Five seconds near the girl she was as hard as a rock.

She felt like a fifteen year old boy, locking herself in her room wanking every chance she got.

Her thoughts wandered to the girl again. She closed her eyes and imagined being in her. She stroked herself while imagining the witch wrapped around her. She wondered what she felt like inside. What she would feel like encasing her, feel herself being squeezed between tight wet walls. She came hard. She still needed the witch.


"A hyena? Very creepy. You have strange tastes primal." Crookshanks stretched out on her pillow.

"I can't stop thinking about her…about it."

"I can smell. You should take one of your potions. You are clearly going into heat."

"I don't want the potion."

"That I understand. The drive to mate is hard to deny. Speaking of which, do you think you will behave yourself if I leave you for a bit?"

"Probably not. Don't tell me you are chasing after Mrs. Norris again?"

"What can I say…she is a looker, even with the weird eyes."

"I think I am completely scarred. I so don't want to know about what you do when I am not paying attention."

"You should have avoided the cliché…then you would still think I was off chasing mice. Oh look its Lav and one of the twins. Their prattling will make my ears bleed. Later."

Hermione laughed as Crooks ran off earning her a strange look from her dorm mates. As the two girls started to gossip, Hermione couldn't stop thinking about Bellatrix. She needed to get away from the noise for a while. She went to the prefect's bathroom to take a bath and was pleased to find it empty. She stripped down and slid in to the enormous pool.

She closed her eyes and relaxed. Her thoughts strayed to the dark witch. She could see those glowing eyes boring into her. Hermione thought about what she saw. She wondered what it looked like and then her mind drifted to thoughts of what it would feel like. It was her clit so it would be far more sensitive than any cock.

Her hand found its way to her center. She imagined Bellatrix inside her as she stroked herself. She wanted to know what she felt like and tasted like. She began to growl as her pace increased. She yowled as she came. As she settled down and enjoyed the aftershocks she realized she definitely had a problem. She needed more. She needed Bellatrix.


Hermione was tired and still horny after her bath. She couldn't get any peace and quiet though as Lavender droned on about Ron. He apparently didn't get his essay done. The two snogged instead. At the rate Lavender was yammering, Hermione wasn't getting any sleep for the night.

She sat near the window which was opened a crack to let some of the cool fresh air in. She was drifting off sitting on the window sill when she caught the scent. It was her. She could smell her. Hermione told the two girls she was going to sneak a snack and snuck out of the dorm.

The girls wouldn't notice or care how long she was gone. She would have a tough time with Filch though. She let her senses take over. She could hear footsteps down the hall and she picked up Filch's scent.

She jumped out an open window. She transformed and began to leap down the building using awnings, cornices, bartizans, gargoyles, balconies and any other outcrop and decoration in the old castle to keep traction. She silently thanked the Scots for their love of elaborate masonry as she leaped over the portcullis and on to the bridge.

She had fully transformed no longer caring if she was seen. She followed the scent. It was in the Forbidden Forrest. She came upon a small clearing and saw her. She was in her human form. Hermione changed back pointing her wand at the witch. Her eyes still carried the cat and she was channeling all of its senses.

"What are you doing here?"

Bellatrix eyes were glowing and she cackled, somehow Hermione knew it was sexual tension.

"I could ask you the same. What's a sweet little thing like you doing sneaking off campus to see the big bad Death Eater? What would Minerva say if she knew her favorite kitten was out and vulnerable to the nasty beasts in the forest?"

"I'm no kitten." She finished the sentence with a growl. Bellatrix's eyes glowed as she began to circle around Hermione. "Why are you here?"

"If you have to ask you aren't ready for the answer. Do you know what I am yet girl?"

"Hyena...spotted hyena."

"Then you understand." Hermione was overwhelmed with smell of the dark witch's pheromones. She was no longer able to answer Bellatrix's question she just purred in response. She should have taken the potion. The two circled around locked on each other until she finally got her wits about her.

"I am surprised he let you live knowing what you are. You are supposed to be a good little witch aren't you? Serving her husband, not chasing after muggleborns?"

"A witch has her place in proper society."

"And yet you are here."

"I was never much for being proper."

"But I am muggleborn."

"No…you are primal."

She lunged at Hermione who jumped out of the way. She scratched Bellatrix lightly on the back. She didn't want to hurt her, she just wanted to tease. She began to run further into the forest, sprinting through the woods, leaping obstacles as they appeared.

Bellatrix was close behind her. She could hear her laugh. She loved the sound as it echoed through the night; she wanted to develop enough to understand it. She growled in response. They both knew this chase was about Bellatrix proving her strength. Hermione could outrun her if she wanted but she kept a pace she knew the witch could match.

She suddenly realized she was no longer being followed. She stopped and looked around. She was happy for the full moon. Hyenas had excellent night vision whereas cheetahs had horrific sight at night.

She heard a noise to her right and turned. She saw the woman's shoe in front of her on the forest floor. Bellatrix pounced as soon as her back was exposed. Hermione was pushed to the ground. She couldn't believe she fell for such a simple ruse.

"You belong to me now." Bellatrix whispered in her ear. Hermione purred as she felt hands wrap around her waist. Bellatrix began to kiss at her neck. She lightly grazed her teeth on Hermione's shoulder. Hermione could tell her fangs were out.

"Your fangs are showing."

Bellatrix pushed into her body, "mmmmmmm those fangs aren't the only things that have made an appearance." Bellatrix pushed into her a little more. "You know what it is?"

"Yes. I can't stop thinking about it. Is it sensitive? What does it feel like?"

Bellatrix pulled up a little letting Hermione rollover underneath her.

"Have you really been thinking about it? About me?"

"When I touch myself I think about you on top of me. In me." Hermione was practically purring the sentence. Bellatrix had triggered estrous and all Hermione wanted was to be fucked by the woman on top of her.

Bellatrix wasn't doing any better.

She had lost control and come to Hogwarts. She needed the witch and now she was lying beneath her begging for it. She ground against Hermione eliciting a sound between a purr and growl.

Hermione reached her hand between them and began to stroke the bulge in Bellatrix's pants. She wanted to feel it. She rolled them over. Bellatrix's alpha nature wanted to object but when Hermione began to unbutton her pants her desire for pleasure left her speechless.

They heard footsteps approaching about half a kilometer away. Bellatrix pulled Hermione in for another kiss.

"You know we will have to choose. We can't stay on opposite walls forever."

"Fuck don't leave. I want you." Hermione begged.

"I have to go."

"I know. What is this? What are we?"

"I don't know, but we are connected. You belong with me. That is all I know. Two primal soul-mates is unheard of and I know you feel our connection. You are mine and I am yours. No one else touches you...promise me." She looked at the dark witch. She could feel the magic between them and knew it would be an easy promise to keep.

"I promise you."

They kissed again and Bellatrix changed and loped off. Hermione changed as well. She could smell Snape and Dumbledore. She walked towards their location. They saw her in her cat form and both men crossed their arms.

She changed back and let them escort her to the castle. She knew she was in trouble.


"So I heard you were catting around last night." Tonks laughed as she fired another hex at Hermione who rolled under it shooting a protego to block the curse McGonagall was also sending her way.

"Your puns are not appreciated here Nymphadora" McGonagall chided, "Hermione not only snuck out of the grounds to meet Bellatrix, she has refused to tell the Headmaster what happened."

Both she and Tonks fired hexes at the same time. Hermione jumped out, her body parallel with the floor as the spells shot over and under her body. She finished spinning out catching Tonks with a roundhouse kick as she uprighted herself.

"Nice move! So what did happen?" Tonks asked from the floor.

Hermione deflected another curse from McGonagall. The witch was powerful and the force of her spells on Hermione's shield knocked her down. She rolled out of the way of the next curse and sprung up onto a table.

"I told the Headmaster, between him and Snape pouring bottles of potion down my throat, what was said between us…well mostly….and that we got to know each other better." She bounced off the wall dodging a purple flash but was hit with some of the rubble and found herself on the ground next to Tonks.

"You are keeping quiet."

"You need to be honest and you need to focus on your training if this is going to work Miss Granger."

"OK so which one of you wants to be the one to tell the Headmaster I was ready to shag Bellatrix in the middle of the woods when they seriously coitus interrupted? I have no control with her."

"Miss Granger!"


McGonagall glared at Tonks.

"I can see your concern. I…I will relay to Albus you were ready to be intimate. Do we know what she is? How she is male?" McGonagall unbound Tonks and transfigured chairs for them.

"He knows. He did make drink several vials of my anti-heat potion. It isn't working well. Bellatrix isn't a male. She is a spotted hyena…it is something the females of the species have."

"Hermione, I understand that you don't want to talk to Albus and Severus about this…but we do need to know what is happening. I will act as a go between but you do need to talk to me."

"Thank you Professor. I appreciate it."

Minerva left the two women to gossip and headed up to speak to Albus.


"Let me see your memories!" The Dark Lord went through her mind seeing what happened between the two women. Bellatrix was able to mask her feelings but he saw the rest.

"So she is a cat. A big one. How clichéd. Gryffindors! Do you know what kind?"

"No My Lord but she is fast."

"She is the fastest animal on land. She is a cheetah My Lord." Severus stated as Lucius escorted him in. "And I can confirm that Dumbledore now knows what she is and has started to train her.

"Thank you Severus. To think they got so close and know so little about each other." He continued looking through her memories. He saw her leaning against a tree at the Manor before she came in. She was trying to relieve herself so she wouldn't show when she walked in past the Death Eaters. He saw her come and stare at her now covered hand in shock. That had never happened before.

"Bellatrix, have you tested yourself, are you fertile. Can you father a child with her?"

There were gasps throughout the room. Only Narcissa, Severus and Voldemort were aware of Bellatrix's more unique qualities and even Severus and Narcissa didn't know that one.

"Not yet My Lord. That was the first time…kissing her changed me."

"Think about your little kitten." Voldemort waived his wand about and finally it began to glow.

"Very good. Does the bookworm have any idea yet?"

Bellatrix shook her head no.

"I want that witch pregnant."

"My Lord? I am married. The child will be marked a bastard." The idea of impregnating Hermione appealed to Bellatrix. There was something very base in her that was pleased with the change of events.

"Good point. Rod you are about to grant your wife a divorce." Rodolphus Lestrange looked as though he had just swallowed a bug. He didn't want to give up the hefty dowry that came with marrying a Black. Once the divorce went through he would be a pauper.

"My Lord…If I may…." He begged.

"No…you may not. Avada Kedavra. You are now a widow Bella. Feel free to have a bonding ceremony with the witch before the baby is born if you wanted to make it proper. Rabastan, stop glaring at Bella and deal with your brother's body before you join him."

The Dark Lord stepped over the body and walked up to Bellatrix whispering in her ear.

"Bring me the girl and Lucius will get the plot next to him. I can't protect Narcissa yet. With both of you at my side I will be able to protect Narcissa and Draco. You know what you need to do. You want her…make her yours."


So the Buffy episode that made me want to use a hyena for something was called The Pack. It was the first episode I ever watched and I was instantly hooked on the show. As soon as I saw Helena Bonham Carter in Order of the Phoenix I knew I wanted to make her a hyena at some point. Once I learned about hyenas I knew I had to write something with them.

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