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Primal Instincts

Chapter 31

"She is bloody dead!"

Dumbledore looked down at her lifeless body. Who had he killed?

"It's a trap…I know this is a trap. Mr. Filch close the doors. We need to put up the wards. The army will come soon. Professors get the students to their common rooms. They are to stay there."

He reached down and touched Tonks' neck. No pulse. He couldn't see her chest moving. She wasn't breathing. She was dead. Granger had set him up. Ginerva Weasley was given false information and he just murdered a pregnant Auror in front of every student in the school. His career was destroyed. He would never be able to escape prosecution for this. He committed capital murder of a pregnant woman in front of hundreds of witnesses. No one would hide him; no country would give him sanctuary. He would get the kiss.

He didn't think she would sacrifice a pregnant woman to get him but she did. What kind of monster had she become?

"Fuck." He whispered.

"Merlin's balls! What the hell are you doing Albus?"

The hall stopped not expecting the tone or words to ever come out of Filius Flitwick's mouth. The diminutive Professor squared his shoulders and glared up at his employer.

"You need to get your Ravenclaws back to their dorms Filius."

"You kill the Head Auror, who happens to be bloody pregnant and then you tell me to get my students up to their dorms."

"Do it Filius, I won't ask again." Dumbledore said, his soft voice carrying a menacing tone.

Filius exchanged a look with the other professors. Most seemed to understand and agree with him as they suddenly started moving the students towards their houses. Neville Longbottom came up to the Headmaster.

"Sir, is my gran that they are after. I want to stay and fight."

Some of the other Gryffindor's started agreeing. Seamus and Dean flanked Neville in support.

"Those that want to stay and defend the school that are of age may do so. The rest go to their dorms. Horace, escort Auror Dawlish to the dungeons. Poppy take Nymphadora's body to the infirmary. GO!"

Harry and Ron were ready to protest and were backed by Ginny, Draco and most of Slytherin among others. Severus grabbed Harry's arm.

"I made a promise to Hermione to keep you safe. Come. All of you."

Draco made a face which earned him a sneer in return. He looked into his godfather's eyes and knew there was no fighting this. He sighed and let the professors lead them out. Once they left the hall Minerva and Severus pulled the students aside.

"Dungeons. Everyone to the dungeons. If Dumbledore wants to commit this folly you won't be caught in the crossfire. I don't want you fighting."

They ushered the students all down to the Slytherin common rooms regardless of house. If they weren't standing with Neville then they weren't a concern. Harry and a small group walked up to Minerva.

"Professor. They murdered Tonks! We need to fight."

Severus grabbed Harry by the shoulder and looked at the others. "I have no idea what they have up their sleeve but for now I need you lot to guard the others. Justin, you Pansy and Blaise watch the south entrance. Harry, Ron and Ginny guard the main entrance. Keep your eyes open. Taking on Aurors might not be what Neville and his friends have in mind. Stay here. We will come back as soon as we sort out what that daft old man has done.

He then leaned in and whispered in Draco's ear. "Watch the rest of the students down here, especially the ones you know were friendly with Longbottom, make sure no one confuses their loyalties and attacks within. Try and find out where they took Dawlish as well."

Draco nodded.

Snape and McGonagall ran back up to the Great Hall where Filius was trying to dissuade the remaining students from fighting. The numbers had been reduced significantly from what they expected. Killing Tonks had scared away many of the students that would have fought.

"Have you lost your mind Albus. You are bringing war to this school to protect those fools." he sneered and pointed to Molly and Augusta who had joined the Headmaster.

"War was inevitable Severus. I am trying to protect the wizarding world."

"By killing a pregnant woman? They were just trying to serve a warrant."

"The wards are up and I have already cast Piertotum Locomotor." Dumbledore motioned to the numerous statues and suits of armor that were ready for battle. "You cannot stop this."

"We can if we stop you." Snape said pulling his wand. Minerva, Septima, Filius and Hagrid stood next to him along with several of the other professors.

Neville and the remaining thirty or so students that chose to fight drew their wands and stood in front of the Headmaster and Molly and Augusta. They weren't needed as the statues and suits of armor turned their attention inward attacking the professors. Severus dodged an ax and began firing reductos as hundreds of statues and suits of armor began to attack.

The student army stayed clear of the carnage. A few cried out as Septima was run through with a sword. She went down. Severus ran to her side.

"I will be fine Severus, you know it will take more than that to kill me. Fight." she pulled herself into a corner and fired of spells while she tried to stem the bleeding with her free hand. A sword to the stomach wouldn't end her but an ax taking her head would. She focused on staying awake and keeping safe.

Hagrid moved near her and taking a large ax from one of the statues before breaking it to pieces with his fist. He cut through the onslaught. Even stone and metal was no match for the half giant's strength. Minerva and Snape were back to back and clouds of dust were flying as the sent out reducto after reducto.

The numbers were daunting and the professors were being backed up even with superior fire power. All of sudden statues started exploding around them. Severus looked over to see Harry, Ginny, Ron, Draco, Justin, Pansy and Blaise. He saw Dawlish with them. The Auror ran through the fighting and up the stairs towards the infirmary.

"What are you doing boy? I told you to stay put!"

"I am not a boy and the plans have changed. We need to get to Dumbledore. Dumbledore dies the wards go down." Harry yelled across the din of battle.

"Slughorn is now Deputy Head. They will revert to him." Snape yelled back while pulling away from a sword. It grazed his arm and he hissed in pain.

"Slughorn is now with Crabbe, Rosier and Goyle. He will do as he is told." Draco answered.

"We will have to go through the students. I was hoping to avoid this." Minerva yelled out while destroying the suit of armor that cut Severus.

"First we need to finish off these statues." Filius yelled. He was having a great deal of success. The slow moving statues were at a disadvantage. They had to try and swing down to hit him and he easily weaved through them carving a path made of rubble and shorn metal.


"You shouldn't be here." Poppy said pulling her wand on Dawlish.

"How can you stay loyal to him after all this time Poppy?"

"Don't take a familiar tone with me young man."

"Of course Madam Pomfrey. Now please get the fuck out of my way."

Dawlish's face started to mutate and Poppy gasped.

"He was right all along...it was polyjuice."

A minute later Hermione Granger was standing in Dawlish's place. She screamed out a spell before Poppy could recover from her shock.


Poppy Pomfrey was completely bound. Her wand fell to the floor and Hermione summoned it sliding into her pocket. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Tonks turn into Bellatrix Black.

"Why? She is dead. There is nothing you can do. Why the polyjuice?"

"Because Dumbledore had easily two hundred students to hide behind. Seeing him murder a pregnant woman...seeing who he was truly was enough to turn most of them away. Now he has an army of thirty. The statues won't be a match for the others and the students will fail."

"But she is dead. He said a killing curse wouldn't kill you but she is dead."

"This is one of my favorite potions because when I was a child it was one of my favorite stories. I had no idea it was based on a real potion…that it was a real story. I always dreamed of being Sleeping Beauty or Snow White awakened by my prince's kiss. I never expected that I would be the prince."

Hermione took a swig of a potion from a vial and held the vial under Poppy's nose so she could smell it.

"Wiggenweld potion? That's an antidote. She took the Draught of Living Death? I didn't see her even do it."

"She is just that good. We tipped him to the polyjuice by telling Ginny we were coming in that way. He had been monitoring her thoughts through legilimency. I needed him to think he had killed her. A dead Tonks made the illusion complete. He now thinks I set him up to murder a pregnant woman. Fitting as that is what got him here."

Hermione approached her lover. She smiled.

"As you know there is only one way to administer the antidote for the Draught of Living Death. This is my favorite part." Hermione kissed Bellatrix delivering the antidote and waking her mate.

"Hi kitten. What did I miss?"

"A battle. Want to go get some revenge?"

Bellatrix pulled her in for a deep kiss.

"Mayhem...my favorite. Let's go rack up a body count. What about her?"

"She will be needed to heal the wounded."

"Fine. Stupify!"

Poppy slumped to the floor still bound. The two witches ran down the stairs. Dumbledore was in the center of his miniature army of students. The professors were trying to knock the students out with stunners to get to him while he Molly and Augusta were throwing unforgivables and brutal hexes back.

"This really isn't fair." Bellatrix changed into a Horntail jumping off the stairs and beating her wings to get aloft. She headed towards Dumbledore causing half of the remaining student army to run for it and diverting his attention. He started fighting the dragon. His spells were strong and Bellatrix found herself knocked against a wall.

She got up and shot a jet of flames. Dumbledore jumped out of the way and managed to avoid them but Dean and Seamus were burnt to a crisp. Neville screamed out charging Bellatrix. He was taken down with a bolt of electricity.

He turned to see Hermione stalking towards him. Augusta and Molly both had evil grins on their faces as the stepped in front of Neville.

"It looks like we will finish what we started." Augusta smirked.

"It looks like it." Hermione grinned back.

Augusta started with an Avada. Hermione blocked it with her hand. She breathed fire at the women making them dive out of the way. They both threw hexes at her. She was brought back to her training. She dove through the two hexes spinning out and kicking Molly sending her to the ground.

Bellatrix had turned back to human form and was battling Dumbledore. He shouted in pain and grabbed his ankle. He looked around but didn't see who hexed him. He didn't have time to check his wound as Bellatrix was still coming. The two were dueling hard. Spells were flying everywhere. Despite her primal magic, Bellatrix was easily matched by the powerful wizard.

The professors had restrained the student army. The students who were still conscious were bound and watching the professors moved to help Bellatrix and Hermione.

"Don't get involved. This is our fight." Hermione yelled.

She sent a sectumsempra at Augusta who cast a protego deflecting the curse. She hadn't paid any attention to where she had sent it and the curse hit Neville.

"NOOOO!" she cried as she watched her curse slice through his body.

"Well what are you going to do now? You can save him or fight me. Greater good...necessary sacrifices isn't that right? What do you chose?" Hermione taunted.

"She will kill you as soon as you turn your back on her." Molly screamed.

"I will let you save him Augusta Longbottom, if you drop your wand and surrender afterwards. You will stand trial in front of the Wizengamot for your crimes. I give you my oath."

Augusta looked back and forth between the woman she hated and her grandson and last of her line. She dropped to her knees next to Neville and began to whisper 'vulnera sanentur' over and over sighing with relief as her grandson healed.

Molly and Hermione were fighting each other but Molly was no match. She was backed up against the wall and Hermione was pummeling her with hexes. Her shields were weakening. Augusta broke the promise and raised her wand sending a slicing hex at Hermione.

It caught her arm and she turned to the traitorous woman sending a stunner with all of her power behind it. The spell sent Augusta flying the full length of the room and into the farthest wall. The sound of her bones cracking could be heard as she landed with a thump.


The spell left Ginny's wand and flew past Hermione's ear. She turned and watched as it collided with Molly's chest stopping whatever curse the woman had planned to hit Hermione with. The woman slumped to the ground. Hermione nodded at Ginny gratefully and turned her attention to her mate.

Dumbledore was stumbling around and fell to the ground.

"What did you do to him baby?"

"Nothing. We were dueling and then he just...well you see."

All of a sudden Harry started laughing.

They looked at him confused. He held up Nachash. "He just reminded me if the thing he said to me the first time we met."

"What's that?"

"He is very poisonous and has really sharp fangs. The great Albus Dumbledore felled by my familiar."

Hermione watched as the Headmaster gasped his last breath. She turned to Nachash who was making himself comfortable around Harry's neck. She walked over to the Headmaster and looked at his bloodied ankle. There were two puncture points.

"OK better than a day planner." She hissed to the snake.

They could see the wards come down. Alecto came down with a large group of Aurors including the real Dawlish. Selwyn and Mulciber escorted Narcissa down as well. Voldemort stayed back. He knew not to make an appearance. He wanted things to remain official and above board...or at least appear that way.

They came into the castle to find only three people dead. Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomas and Albus Dumbledore. Augusta was being tended to by Poppy and Molly was bound and gagged. Ginny had apparently added the gag after Molly had woken up with some choice words for her daughter.

When they arrived in the castle the rest of the students and professors were present and milling about waiting to see what was going to happen.

Narcissa hugged Draco and then ran up to Harry grabbing his shirt and pulled him in for a scorching kiss.

"I am fine Cissy thanks for asking." Bellatrix quipped while wiping the blood from her mates lip.

"Draco...your mum is snogging Harry." Ron whispered.

"I know mate. I am trying not to look." Draco sighed and wrapped his arm around Ginny to comfort her as she watched her mum be picked up by the Aurors."

"Alecto. Please take Molly, Augusta and Neville to Azkaban where they will stand trial for their crimes. I know it is not my department's jurisdiction but I ask as a personal favor that the rest of the students be remanded into Hogwarts' custody until the nature of their involvement can be determined."

"Who is the Headmaster now? Without Dumbledore..." Alecto asked.

"I am." Slughorn said grunting as Goyle elbowed him in the ribs, "I am however ceding my position to Minerva McGonagall."

"Alright then. Take those three. Give me a list of the others. Clean up the bodies" Alecto ordered.

"What happened to Auror Tonks?" Susan Bones asked.

"She is in her office. We knew Dumbledore would attack her but you didn't. You needed to see who Dumbledore really was. Only two students lost their life today. It would have been worse if more of you fought. We took polyjuice potion." Hermione responded.

"And for once she did something without turning into a cat." Snape said snidely.

"How...how did you survive the killing curse? You deflected it with your hand...and she was hit in the chest."

"It is complicated but we are unique." Hermione quietly answered.

The afternoon was spent cleaning up the rubble and dealing with the students. Alecto did her job and the Aurors left. Minerva was left with the clean-up and a promotion.

"Minerva...are my old quarters..."

The Headmistress rolled her eyes. "You two are incorrigible. Yes. Please be discrete."

Hermione promised and dragged Bellatrix off. So far none of the students had worked through their shock and had registered that one of the most dangerous and feared witches in history had just fought alongside the Golden Trio.

Hermione smiled as she saw Narcissa leading Harry off to the dungeons. He was about to become the boy who lived to finally get shagged.

"My sister is a very naughty witch" Bellatrix whispered in her ear.

"So are you." Hermione laughed pulling her lover towards her old room.



-Rita Skeeter

Augusta Longbottom and Molly Weasley plead guilty today to avoid a trial. The two witches were given life sentences in exchange for the guilty pleas. As part of the deal, Neville Longbottom, grandson to Augusta Longbottom, was given five years community service and the other students involved in the Hogwarts fiasco were pardoned.

The two witches gave no comment but sources inside the Ministry revealed that they took the deals because they did not want the extent of their crimes revealed to the public at large. The witches were transferred to Azkaban where they will spend the rest of their days.

The search continues for the notorious Sirius Black, now number one on the Ministry's most wanted list. Head Auror Nymphadora Lupin has promised to leave no stone unturned in the search for the dangerous criminal. As Auror Lupin has shown in the past, she will not let family ties get in the way of justice. There is no doubt Sirius Black's days are numbered.



-Rita Skeeter

The sisters of the Noble House of Black were married in a shared ceremony last night. Narcissa Potter nee Black wed none other than the boy who lived to be the best seeker in Chudley Cannons history. Her sister, recently pardoned Bellatrix Black, married Head of the Department of Muggle Regulations Hermione Granger. Ms. Granger has taken the Black name.

The event, considered one of the most notable galas of the season, was held last night and everyone who is someone was in attendance including the Minister and all of the Department Heads, the Weird Sisters, numerous quidditch stars including the entire Chuddley Cannons and Holyhead Harpies teams and the Ministers if Magic of numerous allied countries

Among the wedding party were Auror Draco Black and Harpies chaser Ginny Weasley who announced their own engagement last month, Ronald Weasley attending with Lavender Brown, Headmistress of Hogwarts Minerva McGonagall, and Deputy Head of Hogwarts and Potion's professor Severus Snape, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Nymphadora Lupin and her Husband and DADA professor Remus Lupin, and Head of the Department of Magical Creatures William Weasley and accompanied by his wife Fleur.

We at the Prophet wish the sisters and their new spouses well.


Hermione grunted with each thrust.

"Fuck baby I never get tired of the way you fuck me."

"Good because I never get tired of fucking you."

Hermione was on her side with Bellatrix behind her. Her stomach limited their choices in positions. She loved the way Bellatrix always cupped and rubbed her stomach when she was near, especially when they were making love. Hermione purred and moved her leg up giving Bellatrix the ability to move deeper inside her.

"I love you kitten." Bellatrix panted as she moved her hands up to Hermione's breasts. Hermione arched into her touch, electricity shooting through her body as Bellatrix tweaked her nipple.

"I love you too baby." Hermione replied reaching back and running her hand along whatever flesh she could touch.

Bellatrix kept a steady rhythm, grinding against Hermione with every stroke. Her hand travelled back to her stomach rubbing the protrusion. In two months they would have a daughter...a cousin to Phineas, Narcissa and Harry's son.

Bellatrix groaned as she felt Hermione's walls tighten around her. She was close but she wanted her mate to come first. She lowered her hand to Hermione's clit, rubbing it in time with her strokes. She felt Hermione quiver around her.

"Come for me wife."

Hermione cried out her pleasure and Bellatrix quickly followed shuddering as she reached her release. She pulled Hermione closer as she drifted off.

Hermione waited until her lover's breathing steadied out. She couldn't sleep much now days. Between the discomfort from the pregnancy and the nightmares she rarely got more than a few hours. The nightmares were the worst. It was what had fueled the passionate lovemaking that night.

She had woken crying, thinking she had lost her child again. Bellatrix knew and kissed away her tears. Hermione loved her wife and loved being with her in every way but only one thing kept the nightmares away. She got out of bed and headed downstairs.

Bellatrix opened her eyes. She knew where her lover was going but she also knew she needed to be alone. She would be back in an hour or two and would then sleep soundly for the rest of the night.

Hermione reached the bottom and lit a torch to see the occupants of the cells. Moody was mumbling to himself and Arthur just curled into a corner and wept. Andromeda had stopped talking months before and now just sat mutely. None of them brought her to the dungeons. She summoned a chair and put it in front of the last two cells.

The women were both chained to the wall. Hermione levitated the potions bottles into the cells and forced the two women to drink it. She smiled as she watched them twitch and cry in pain.

"Too bad that Seltan is now in charge of all prisoners including Azkaban. Maybe someone else would have cared or noticed when you two disappeared. I said you would get a trial in front of the Wizengamot and you were given that chance. I never said you would serve your sentences in Azkaban." She put her hand to he stomach. "You can always hope that when I have her the nightmares will stop and I will grow bored with you. Until then you two are mine."


"Augusta he is being a good little boy. He shacked up with Hannah Abbot and they are running the Cauldron. He still sends you letters. He thinks you two are still there. They all do. I think Bill has an idea where you really are Molly but he doesn't want to know. Not really. You disowned him for loving a woman because of her blood. It could have been his child you murdered and he never forgets that. The rest of your children don't ask. You turned your backs on them...they have put you out of their minds."

Both women wept as their bodies twitched from the potion. Hermione knew she shouldn't take pleasure in such things but she did.

"So now I understand your smiles...when you stood over me you smiled...I understand that joy now. I get that love of someone else's suffering. Thank you. You tried to kill me because you thought I was a monster but I wasn't, I was a naïve little witch filled with hope. Thank you for making me the monster I needed to be for me, for my wife and for my family. Now scream for me...Crucio!"


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