Time and Magic.

Harry Potter/Doctor Who.


After defeating Davros and the Daleks and erasing Donna Nobles memories of him, the Doctor, feeling depressed and lonely, uses a Chameleon Arch to make him human. He also accidently de-ages himself into a baby. The Tardis lands on Earth in 1990 where the Doctor is adopted by James and Lily Potter who name him Harry James Potter

Before his 1st year at Hogwarts, Harry opens the old fob watch he'd always owned and becomes the Doctor once again.

But is he the Last?

Main pairings:

Doctor! Harry/Hermione


AU bits:

Major AU after 'Journeys' End'.

Character bashings:

Manipulative! Dumbledore



Harry is the Doctor Challenge:


MUST take place between Doomsday and before Waters' of Mars

MUST take place between Harrys 1st Year to the summer after 4th

Harry is the 10th doctor and must regenerate the same way.

MUST be H/Hr (Harry & Hermione)


CAN have at least 1 other Time Lord/Lady at Hogwarts. NOT THE MASTER!

CAN have a Weasley as Harrys friend

CAN have a DW companion as Hogwarts student

Voldemort can die anyway or any when but must be before regeneration

If it takes place before DW season 4 you can include Rose and have her return to travelling with the Doctor and Hermione in a threesome relationship.

Dumbledore is good or evil or manipulative


Harry and Ginny pairing

Hermione and Ron pairing

Chapter 1: 11 going on 10th.

No. 4 Privet Drive.

31st July 2002.

In the smallest bedroom of an ordinary house in an ordinary street an extraordinary young boy, called Harry Potter was sitting at the desk next to the window, reading his text books for the upcoming school year. What made Harry extraordinary you might ask? It was that 24 hours ago he'd been told by a giant of a man, called Hagrid, that he was a wizard and would be attending a school for magic called Hogwarts. He was also told that his parents, James and Lily, who were also a wizard and witch respectively, were murdered by a dark wizard called Voldemort who also tried to kill Harry but instead was vanquished while Harry only got the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead and was named the 'Boy-Who-Lived'.

While reading his new books, after finding the perfect name for his snow white owl, Hedwig, Harry realised he had forgotten something. He reached under his t-shirt and grasped the long silver chain and took it out. At the end of the chain there was a silver Fob Watch with odd patterns engraved on its cover. He'd always had this watch. He never asked the Dursleys about it in case they took it away from him and gave it to Dudley. What he'd forgotten was to ask Hagrid if it belonged to either of his parents. He'd ask when he saw the friendly giant at Hogwarts.

It was then that he noticed something that had never happened before. The watch was glowing with a golden light. The light appeared to be coming from within the watch itself and felt warm and comforting to him.

He placed his thumb on the clasp (something else he realised he'd never seen before strangely enough), said "Allonz-y" and pressed it. The gold light left the watch and entered Harry's body through his eyes, nose, mouth and ears, falling backwards off of his chair.

As the gold light filled his body Harrys mind filled with memories that weren't his. Travelling through Time and Space with many different people (mostly women), saving the universe countless times, dying and living as someone else again and again and fighting in a war that should never have happened and only ended with him committing double Genocide.

He now knew who he was. He was Theta of the House of Sigma, later known as the Doctor: the Oncoming Storm, the Last of the Time Lords.

He stood up and looked in the mirror. The first thing he noticed was that his scar was almost completely gone. It looked more like a 10 year old scar should. He then saw that his iris' had brown rings on the outside (the same colour as those of his previous self) with balls of golden light in the centre of the pupils.

"Brilliant!" he said with his trademark grin.

They didn't know why but all over Time and Space his enemies all felt a cold shiver down their spines (or backs or whatever).

The Doctor is back!

-Cue Doctor Who theme-

Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson

Matthew Lewis


Bonnie Wright.

Doctor Who

Harry Potter and the Time of Magic

Written by Spike Trap.