The beginning of this fic is taken from a scene in episode 13 of serious 8 (Bree's Intervention) I loved this scene and so I'm using it as the starting point but will then be taking it on a different path to the current series 8. Being a UK viewer I haven't seen as many episodes as you in the US so don't expect it to have all the up to date details of the series.

Also, as the fic continues I may bring back past characters that didn't survive in the actual show but I will assume that they did.

Disclaimer: I don't own Desperate Housewives and have simply included a few lines from a scene I am adapting, with no intention of conflicting copyright.

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"Okay fine, you're right. We did, we screwed up, we let this pull us apart but that's not going to happen again." Gabby stated honestly.

"Because no matter what you think, we love you Bree." Susan looked at her friend with genuine concern as she spoke.

"We just want things to be back the way they were" Lynette also spoke sincerely.

Now all three women waited tentatively in front of their friend who was so visibly hurting. As tears ran down her face they longed for her to run into their arms and bring them all back together, to be the united group that they once were. But as she shook her head, the words that none of them wanted to hear, were spoken.

"Well I don't" and with that Bree left her oldest friends standing in her living room.

As she went to her kitchen she staggered a little. The conversation had brought her crashing back into her awful reality but the excessive alcohol she had consumed that night evidently still had a hold on her. Now that the exciting evening she'd had planned was ruined she decided she may as well get ready to sleep alone and slowly moved towards the sink to get herself a glass of water to take up to bed with her.

Having not moved since Bree left the room, the three women looked at each other, not quite knowing what to say.

"We can't leave her like this." Lynette finally managed, "she's a mess and no matter what she says, she needs us right now."

"We all need each other." Susan added.

"What was that?" Gabby was distracted from the conversation as she heard a noise in the direction of the kitchen which she took a step closer to. "Oh Jesus." She added as she realised the sound was of Bree being sick.

Lynette and Susan followed Gabby into the kitchen where Bree could be seen with her head hanging over her kitchen sink.

"Oh, sweetie." Lynette moved towards Bree and placed a hand on her back to comfort her.

"Don't touch –" Bree attempted but as another wave of alcohol based sickness rushed over her she was too weak to even try and argue.

Lynette would have ignored the request anyway; she was moving Bree's curled red hair away from her face whilst gently soothing her back.

As the sickness subsided Bree felt weak, tired and emotionally drained. Having her friends there to help her was a relief that she couldn't bear to admit. As they helped her get changed into a nightgown and get her tucked into bed she felt like bursting into tears. Ever since they had turned against her she had told herself that they did not deserve her friendship and that she was better off without them. Yet, each time she'd seen one of them her heart would ache. The sight of them chatting and drinking coffee together earlier that morning had almost killed her because something had been missing – she had been missing.

"How are you feeling?" Susan asked interrupting Bree's private thoughts. Her, Gabby and Lynette had all perched themselves on the edge of Bree's bed now that she was comfortably inside it.

"Hmm, much better, thank you" Bree smiled but it was half-hearted, she couldn't simply shake the anger away at how her closest friends had turned against her after everything that she had tried to do for them.

"Bree, we're so sorry." Gabby spoke now, sensing that Bree still didn't want them to be there. "I know how much you risked for us, well, for me and I'm so sorry that I didn't appreciate everything you did. You're right you know, I needed someone to take over, to take control and that was you, just like it always is! But now let us help you Bree because, honey I don't think you're in control anymore." She wasn't trying to be mean or cruel, just honest and Bree knew that what she had said was right, which is why she broke down in the tears she had so desperately been trying to keep in.

"I just needed you." She sobbed.

"And we're here now Bree, we're not going anywhere." Susan held Bree in her arms as she was sat closest to her.

"We've all had a pretty rough time of it lately, but we have to stick together, now more than ever." Lynette spoke to all of them, to comfort herself as much as to comfort Bree.

The following morning Lynette quickly crossed over to Bree's house as she saw her make her way outside to collect her newspaper from the driveway.

"Hey! How are you feeling?" She called, causing Bree to look up and wince a little in the bright morning sunlight.

"Hmm, I've got a bit of a headache but apart from that I'm feeling much better thank you." She smiled despite her weariness, she was just so happy to be able to have a normal conversation with Lynette. She'd missed her company so much recently.

"I'm pretty sure a coffee and some asprin would help that out." Lynette smiled too, feeling as though life was finally returning to some sort of normality, "how about you pop over to mine when you're dressed, I'll invite Gabby and Susan."

"That would be nice." Bree agreed, before returning to her house to get ready.

"How are you feeling?" Susan asked Bree for about the fifth time since they had sat down at Lynette's house.

Bree couldn't help but laugh as she responded, "honestly Susan, I'm just as fine as I was five miniutes ago – when you asked me the same thing!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to keep anything bottled up, it didn't feel right when you wasn't around and I don't want that to happen again."

"It's not going to," Gabby stated, "Chuck's dead and as long as we stick together and carry on living our lives, nothing bad will happen. We just need to act normally, and Bree honey that means no more drinking. You weren't yourself and we don't need any extra attention put on any of us alright."

"And," Lynette purposefully added, "It's not good for you! You're an alcoholic Bree, it's a dark path to go down and we're not going to let it happen again."

"Don't worry, I had a period of, well, undignified relations shall we say, but that's over now and I won't be drowning my sorrows in a bottle, not when I have you girls to confide in." All four of them smiled at that, they were finally back together.

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