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The woman looked to be in her forties, with a thin, tan face and delicate features. Her dark hair was pulled back into a bun, a few curly strands hanging loose. She wore a prim skirted suit, giving her the appearance of a high-end businesswoman. What really struck me, though, were her eyes. They were almost the exact same shade as Blaine's, though with a bit more green than his and not quite as beautiful.

The flood of emotions Blaine was feeling – confusion, nostalgia, longing, but mostly just a whole lot of heartbreak - overwhelmed me.

"Hi, honey," Ms. Anderson said quietly, clutching her handbag tight.

There was a long, awkward silence that followed this greeting, the woman shifting twitchily under the appalled look her son was giving her.

"You've, uh, gotten so big," Blaine's mother stammered, seeming lost for what else to say. She took a seat in the chair on the opposite side of the bed from me.

"What are you doing here?" Blaine asked, ignoring her. I almost missed the slight tremor in his voice.

"I'm still on your emergency contact list," she explained. "They called me as soon as you were checked in. I got here as quickly as I could, but I live in Columbus now."

She glanced around the room to avoid Blaine's penetrating gaze, her eyes settling on me.

"Who are you?" she asked, not unkindly.

I shot a glance at Blaine, silently asking if we were going to lie or not.

"Mom, this is Kurt," he said calmly, gingerly taking my hand in his injured one. "He's my soul mate."

This seemed to come as quite a shock for Ms. Anderson, who's eyes got almost as big as Ms. Pillsbury's. Her eyebrows shot up and her mouth fell open, her eyes darting between Blaine and I. I could feel Blaine getting more hurt and angry with each passing second.

"If you're not okay with that, feel free to leave now," he said sharply, making her jump.

"I'll second that," my dad said from his position near the door. I'd almost forgotten he was there, but he looked as irked as I felt. "I don't want another homophobe near any members of my family."

"N-no," Ms. Anderson said hastily, before I had a chance to react to my dad calling Blaine family. "I…it's just a bit surprising, that's all." She smiled somewhat warmly at me, and I honestly wanted to believe that Blaine had at least one kindhearted parent, but there was just something about this woman that made me wary. Perhaps it was the fact that she'd abandoned Blaine at age seven and hadn't made any attempt to contact him since.

Awkward silence fell again, Blaine's mom once more floundering for things to say.

"Where's you're father?" she eventually settled on asking, which was probably the worst possible thing she could've done.

Blaine took a long, deep breath, turning to me.

"Could you excuse us for a few minutes?" he asked me.

As much as I hated the idea of leaving Blaine alone with someone that had hurt him so much, especially after the events of earlier that day, I trusted his judgment.

I nodded and stood, touching his shoulder lightly before making my way around the bed to the door. I noticed my father wasn't following me and when I looked back, his arms were folded and he was eyeing Blaine's mother in disdain.

"Dad, come on," I muttered.

"How do I know she's not just as bad as his father?" he asked loudly, not looking away from a shocked Ms. Anderson. "Just because she's not homophobic doesn't mean she's got Blaine's best interest at heart."

"He'll be fine, Dad," I said pointedly. "Trust me. Just let them be."

He stood frozen for a few moments, then followed me out into the hall.


"I don't like this one bit," Dad said after we'd been standing out in the hall for about a minute. "Doesn't something about this strike you as odd? I thought Blaine's mom left when he was a baby."

"He was seven," I corrected, biting my nails, which I never did.

"How's he holding up?"

"He's alright. Nothing he can't handle."

Dad sighed heavily. "That kid's stronger than he gives himself credit for. I just hope his mom realizes how much she hurt her son."

He spat the word "mom", clearly not considering someone that hadn't spoken to her child in ten years a mother. I hummed in agreement, focusing on the emotions running rampant from Blaine to me.

I couldn't stop thinking about that haunting feeling of emptiness that had consumed me when Blaine shut our Connection. It was hard to believe that I had once functioned like that everyday, without someone else's constant presence in my mind to keep me going. Now I valued every ghost of emotion I felt emitting from Blaine, every shared feeling and tendril of essence Connecting us, the way we were meant to be.

"How did you stand it before you found Carole?" I asked my dad suddenly, unable to hold it in any longer. "How did you cope with that…that nothingness…"

I hadn't realized I was crying, but my voice was too choked up for it to go unnoticed.

I could feel Dad staring at me in shock, but I couldn't look at him. Instead I kept my eyes trained on my Dalton-issue dress shoes.

"It wasn't easy, let me tell you that," he said eventually, voice gentle. "Felt like I was…drowning in loneliness at first. But eventually things get easier, and when I met Carole I could feel her there. Not as much as I could feel Lizzie, but it was definitely better than before."

I took a deep, shaky breath, trying to imagine it. I supposed as time passed, I would grow accustomed to not being Connected like I was before I met Blaine, but never seeing Blaine again was a crushing prospect. He was so much a part of my life now, interwoven with every aspect, that if he were suddenly ripped from it I would crumble. I was sure I would pull through – many people who lost their soul mates were able to move on and lead happy lives – but I knew it would take me a very long time to rebuild my life, and I was certain I would never completely recover from losing someone so precious to me.

"It just sickens me, you know?" Dad said suddenly after a minute of anxious silence. "I mean, this woman left her son without a backwards glance, and suddenly she hears he's in the hospital, takes her sweet time getting over here, and thinks she has the right to just come in and meddle with Blaine's life again?"

"Takes her sweet time?" I repeated skeptically.

"Columbus is two hours away – you kids have been out for three and a half," he said bitterly. "Probably wanted to finish up her damn business meeting because it was more important than her hospitalized son."

Somehow it didn't surprise me. Ms. Anderson struck me as the kind of person who knew more about how her company was run than how a family was.

"I just don't want her hurting him," I whispered. "Clearly she doesn't deem him important enough to fight for his custody, and…I just hate that someone who cares so little about Blaine's feelings has the power to break his heart."

I could feel Dad's searching gaze on me, and then he took me into his arms. I leaned into the hug, breathing in the smell of car oil and home. He didn't say anything, but the embrace was everything I needed.

It was a few minutes before the door to Blaine's room opened, revealing a tearful Ms. Anderson. I pulled away from Dad and we both watched as she carefully closed the door behind her. She looked up suddenly, noticing us staring at her, and twitched her gaze back and forth between us before settling on me.

Her big, watery eyes stared into mine for a long time, seemingly lost for words.

"Take care of him," she muttered eventually, her voice trembling.

"You have my word," I answered confusedly. She nodded, biting her lip, then walked past me, her heels clicking as she went.

"I'll hang back out here, you go in and talk to him," Dad said once she was gone. "Maybe I'll go see if Carole's on her break."


Blaine was laying as I'd left him, facing away from me and staring listlessly out the window. I slowly made my way over to his bedside and sat down, patiently taking his hand.

His head finally turned so I could see his face. Unshed tears were welled up in his eyes, but he wasn't full-on crying.

"She wanted me to come live with her," he mumbled, gaze fixated on our hands. "I haven't seen her since I was seven, and she wants me to come live wither, just like that…she's remarried now, too. Connected with some schmuck at the produce market."

My eyes widened in shock.

"Your parents were never Connected?" I asked gently. Blaine shook his head.

"News to me, too," he muttered shakily.

We were silent for a long time, my thumb automatically brushing over Blaine's knuckles repeatedly in an attempt to comfort him. He took a deep, trembling sigh.

"How could she just leave me with him?" he asked quietly, voice cracking on the word "leave". "Didn't she love me at all? Didn't she want to see me?"

Blaine's words effectively broke my heart, tugging me to my feet so I could gingerly wrap my arms around him, mindful of his injuries. He turned and buried his face in my neck, sniffling. I held him in the most loving way I knew how, trying to convey that while his mother didn't care how her actions affected him, I cared intensely.

"I don't know the answer to that, Blaine," I murmured, kissing his hair. "I just…don't think she really sees how much you're worth fighting for."

I could feel hot, wet tears on my neck and clutched him tighter, wishing it was possible to kiss someone's hurt away. There were very few things I wouldn't give to make sure Blaine never had to feel this way again.

"I just want to go home," he whispered brokenly.

I bit my lip to stop a sob from escaping my throat.

"Where's home, Blaine?" I managed to ask.

"In Lima, with you and our family."

That one sentence brought so much indescribable joy to me. To have Blaine refer to himself as part of our family really showed me how far we'd come from ignoring and snapping at each other when we'd first Connected. He was no longer that boy I detested, the one who had walls built around his heart to keep from getting hurt even more than he already was, who trusted no one, and who was taught everyday that love would only result in heartbreak. A smile split across my face.

"I think I might still love her…a little," Blaine continued. "But it doesn't matter, because…"

He hesitated, pulling back so he could look me in the eye. I saw and felt his nervousness, his beautiful eyes wide and full of sincerity.

"It doesn't matter, because I know I love you," he murmured.

I had to close my eyes and compose myself for a moment before I was able to answer.

"I love you too," I choked out. "I love you so much Blaine, so much-"

Blaine cut me off with a kiss – a warm, soft, passionate kiss that was slow but intense. Both of our spirits were soaring despite all the shit that had happened today, proving exactly what we had been taught as kids – that love conquers all.

So much had happened since Blaine and I had met, and while a lot of it had been rather horrible, so much of it had been amazing beyond compare. There would certainly be more obstacles along the road, and it would take time and love for Blaine to be completely okay after what had happened, but we had no shortage of either of those things. No matter what hit us, we would come out stronger on the other side.



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