"Kim you need to follow your dreams and go to Florida."

"But Tommy than we would not be able to be together every day."

"We can talk on the phone, write letters, and visit each other."

"It will not feel the same, no I cannot go."

"I do not want you to give up on your dreams for me and I know you would not want me to do the same if the roles were reversed."

"No I would not but I do not think I can be without you for more than a few hours."

"Time will fly by and soon we will be at Reefside University together."

"That is a year from now."

"I know Beautiful but with us keeping in constant contact it will seem like only a few months."

"What about me being a power ranger than, you will need me in battle."

"We can always find someone who is half as good as you to take your place."

"Half as good?"

"Yea no one can replace you."

Kim kisses him and Tommy deepens the kiss.

"So if I do leave than nothing will change between us right?"

"Of course you are all I need."

"You will not go down to Florida and meet someone will you?"

"Hell no."

"Alright than we both can rest assured that we love each other and will be together forever, so you can follow your dreams than return home to me Beautiful."

"Alright I will go but promise me that you will never forget the way I love you."

"I will but you have to do the same for me alright."

She responds by kissing him again. Soon the two falls back and are on top of Tommy's bed. He is on top of her and breaks the kiss staring down at her. He begins to rub her cheek causing her to smile up at him.

"Tommy I want you and need you tonight."

"Kim are you sure?"

"We are going to be together forever right, so why wait."

"I do not want you to think you have to."

"Handsome I feel no pressure in fact I fill as though I am pressuring you."

Laughing he replies, "well I want my first time to be special."

"It will now just relax and focus on us.

The couple shares a laugh.

"Seriously I love you and will do anything you ask."

"In that case." She pulls him down on her. "Make love to me."

Tommy looked into her eyes one last time and had all the reassurance he needed and begin to kiss her with a passion. He breaks the kiss making Kim groan but he only gets on his knees and removes her shoes.

"If you do not move faster I will use my crane power and move faster than Superman to remove our clothes, got it."

He could not help but laugh again. "I got it!"

"Good." She switches places with him and removes his shoes but she takes off the shoes like they were attacking Tommy.

"Kim stop making me laugh our first time is supposed to be romantic."

"Then get a move on it Falcon." "Falcons are one of the fastest birds if not the fastest."

"I alright than so much for being romantic and a gentleman."

He lifts her up and places her on the bed and removes her dress in what seemed like one swift motion. "Is this fast enough?"

"Yes now continue." She reaches for his shirt and he allows her to take it off. Kim unbuttons his pants and helps Tommy shrug out of them.

Tommy begins to plant kisses from her lips to navel making Kim shiver. He is enjoying watching her face light up with pleasure. She massages his back and stares at his boy making him happy he worked out every day.

"Kim you are making me blush."

"I cannot help it you just look so good."

"You know your body is amazing and tastes amazing as well. He starts to lick the spot on her neck that drove her crazy whenever he touched it.

Moaning Kim puts her hands in his hair. "Don't ever cut your hair."

"I won't if let your hair grow longer."

"Deal." Was all Tommy could manage in barely a whisper as Km flipped Tommy over, pulled down his briefs, and gave him something he had only dream about.

"Kim that feels so go…" but he could not finish right at that moment he came. After taking a few moments he picks her up and puts her on the bed. "My turn now." He slides down her silky underwear and her silky bra and repays the favor.

"Tommy I want to be with you like this for… for…OH!"

He smiles up at her as he massages her breasts and he was going to ask her one last time was she sure but the look in her eyes was all he needed to see. Tommy kisses her with intensity as he opens his top drawer and removes a condom without breaking the passionate kiss.

As Tommy moves his mouth from her lips down to her navel again he moves back slightly and puts on the condom.

Kim watches and loves every moment of it. "Had I known you had that I would have made sure we had made love almost three years ago."

"Beautiful when did you become so naughty?"

"I have always been I just was for the right time to show you."

"Glad you let me see now." He positions himself on the bed so that his weight is not crushing her petite frame and enters her.

The couple makes love for a few hours before falling asleep in each other's arms. Tommy wakes up first and stares down at his Crane. He moves a few strands of hair from her face and marvels at her beauty before he kisses her on the lips.

"Yum I could get use to waking up this way every morning."

"I can make that happen."

"So how about another round before we have to meet everyone at the Command Center."

"You read my mind."

At the Command Center Kim is glowing and Tommy cannot remove a permanent smile that is plastered on his face. Aisha and Adam have an idea of what the two had done and cannot to ask about it.

"Kim since you have decided to leave we need to find a new pink ranger," Zordon says.

"I have someone in mind, Katherine." "She proved to be a hero and I think she should take my place as the new pink ranger."

The others nodded in agreement.

"Very well than, Alpha teleport Katherine here.

"Hey everyone, what's up?"

"I have chosen to go to Florida and I would want to know if you would take my spot on the team and become the next pink ranger."

"Really, but I almost killed you."

"You were able to overcome the spell and help save me."

"The spell was wearing off and almost gone by the time I saw you fall which was my fault plus I do not know martial arts."

"Kat whether or not the spell was wearing off you still sped up the process, the fall was not your fault you were under an evil spell, and the power will help you with the martial arts part plus Tommy and the others will help you."

"Yea Kat we will help you in any way we can, I have been practicing martial arts since I was two years old."

"Okay if you all think I should." "I want to take your place as the new pink ranger."

"Yes, that is awesome." "Here is my power coin and communicator." Kim said the last part with a strain in her voice.

Tommy holds Kim hand and gives her a reassuring look.

"Welcome to the team Katherine, I know you will make me proud."

"Thanks Zordon."

"Kim you can spend the last few hours with your friends before your plane is to deport."

"Thanks Zordon and I will miss seeing you and Alpha every day. She hugs Alpha.

"Ai ai aiya we will miss you too Kimberly." "Go before I cry and rust."

The rangers teleport out but this time Kat has the pink beam and Kim is white since she is teleporting out with Tommy. At the park the girls go in spot and the boys in the other.

"Kim spill."

"Aisha what are you…"

"Don't play dumb with me Kim."

"Okay we made love last night and this morning."

"Ooh details."

"Maybe a different time Aisha."


"A different time right now I just want the experience between me and my Handsome."

"Okay but I want the story sooner or later."


Kat just listened although the spell had worn off it did nothing to change the fact that she was still head over heels in love with Tommy who was now her leader.

At the other end of the park the boys sat on park benches.

"So Tommy is the first of us not to be a virgin anymore huh."

"Adam." But Tommy was stilling smiling that huge smile.