AN: Hello my dear readers, time for chapter two. I got interested when I realized that Jane and Alec were shunned as kids and I decided to elaborate on it.

The Volturi were at a meeting with the Cullens. The trees overhead seemed like umbrellas, to a human it would be considered freezing. Aro looked at the Cullens and to the his brothers, "Excuse me friends, me and my brother must discuss, Jane please keep them calm." He ordered the 13 year old girl.

Emmett lunged at Caius despite his family screaming. Jane has a childish smile on her cherub face as her eyes flickered and Emmet collapsed to the ground in pain shrieking.

"Anyone else wanna try my power," Jane asked innocently eyes blinking.

Emmett snarled, "YOU B***," He screamed, "NO WONDER YOUR PARENTS HATED YOU, HELL HAS A SPECIAL SPOT FOR YOU," He growled. Jane stood eyes widening everything was silent. Aro looked interested, Alec looked ready to stop his sister, Caius looked eager, Marcus looked bored. Jane stood straighter and crouched looking like she was about the lunge. Inside Jane something snapped, she did the last thing anyone would expect her to do. Jane sprinted away like a young child, Alec shocked ran after her.

~Jane's POV~

The nerve of that, of that fool! He dare insult me the most valued guard? How did he know what to say to hurt me, no one is allowed to hurt me anymore. I've gotten better. I saw the castle I jumped to the top of the stairs and went to my chambers,. I collapsed on my unused bed. I checked to make sure no one could see, I bit my lip as a venom tear slid down my cheek and every human memory that should've me blurry came to me as clear as water.

3rd Person

Jane saw a group of girls who were talking. Her father was a soldier who never seemed to be home, and her mother just pursed her lips at her, it wasn't her fault that bad things happen around her, right? Jane gulped as she approached, "C-can I talk with you," She as

One brunette looked at her, " No you witch, momma says you witch, you hurt people, go away right?" She said. The others nnodded behind her.

"Go away."

"You scary.:

Jane cried, she was such a crier when she was human. The girls shrieked as a dull pain went through them as they called their parents.

A father picked up her daughter looking at Jane scornfully, "You did this didn't you?"

"I-I didn't mean to I don't know what I do," Jane said.

"You are a witch and we all know that now," Another man said picking up Jane. Alec came out, "Leave her alone," He said.

"Ah the second witch," Another grabbed Alec and they walked.

Jane saw her mom, "MOM HELP DON'T LET THEM HURT ME"

"Just take her she caused so much pain," Her mother said as they went to a execution room. The were about to drop the guillotine until the guy who was about to deliver the last strike passed out drained of his blood. Jane sighed then screamed. Alec hugged her protectively. One by one each person fell until their mother fainted. The mysterious force slowed revealing Aro who looked at the kids, "Hello dears, wanna join a place where you fit," He gave a warm smile.

Alec looked at him, "Will we be safe?"

"Yes you will be safe but I must do something first," Aro said in a clipped tone and bit Jane's neck. Jane screamed, "IT BURNS WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Alec backed up, "Go away," He screamed at Aro who easily got to him and bit him. The two twins were screaming in pain.

Back in Present Time Still 3rd.

Jane saw something old under her bed and pulled out a teddy bear it was old and ruined. It was the only toy she ever had. She clutched the toy the her chest, for once she let the walls down and just made herself a regular 13 year old.

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