After a few seconds of silence passed; Professor Ketwich continued with the sorting. Eventually she announced a name that made a gloomy Scorpius look up. "Potter, Albus." Albus bit his lip and shaking, went up to the sorting stool.

Keep calm, Albus thought to himself. "Aha! Here's another Potter! I see a cunning mind, but very brave... Difficult choice really.. I think you belong somewhere different... You'd do well in Slytherin. My mind is made up," "SLYTHERIN!"

Albus looked mortified as he went down and joined the Slytherin Table. People exchanged glances. Albus looked at James, Fred II and Roxanne and Victorie who all looked dazed and were talking to each other. Albus looked away from his family, and remembering what his father said about brave Slytherins, he put a smile on his face.

Soon it was Rose's turn. Rose sat on the stool, less confident than she'd been before. "Another Weasley, eh? Well, like the others, you are very brave... You've got brains, incredibly loyal too, I see. Aha," "GRYFFINDOR!"

Rose let out a sigh of relief and sat near James on the Gryffindor table, grinning widely.

After the remaining students got sorted into their houses, the prefects lead all the first years to their dormitories.