Me and the Boss

I have decided to use JenA's idea it was great thank you. I'll probably do the teacher student thing another time but for now please enjoy the first chapter

Alex Santiago took in a deep breath and lightly knocked on the intimidating polished oak door. She had to stay in control of her emotions and thoughts; she took a deep breath and waited for a response. Upon hearing the command by the boss Alex opened the door and eyed the married couple.

Their ruffled clothes and Mrs Russo's attempt to fix her hair gave away their recent activities. Alex gave a knowing smile and walked toward her boss, Justin Russo's desk, her eyes only on him.

"Justin, the car's downstairs waiting for us, remember the appointment with Chic Magazine you dont want to be late for your meeting". Alex looked toward the angry blonde who seemed upset by the interruption. She gave the woman a stretched smile, "Sorry for the interruption Mrs Russo, but if you don't mind I have to go through a few of these papers with Justin before we leave."

Juliet's blood was boiling at being dismissed by her husband's intern. She had an instant dislike for the young brunette since their first meeting a few months back. She wasn't oblivious to the 20 year old's crush on her husband, she wasn't at all shy about showing it.

(Justin knew Juliet was angry. "Sweetie..." Justin whispered grabbing his wife's left hand and kissing her wedding ring. He knew exactly how she felt about Alex, she would always complain about her and telling him to be careful.

Juliet smiled at her husband trying to hide her anger. She locked eyes with Alex who smiled innocently, but her eyes scheming. Juliet bent over her Justin to leave an exaggerated goodbye kiss.

"I'll see you later. I have a surprise for you, so don't come home late." She winked and with that, sashayed out the room, ignoring the evil look Alex gave her.

Alex turned back to Justin.

"Are those the Chic documents?" He asking going back into business mode; after all he was the CEO of MADE magazine, the top fashion Magazine in New York.

Alex frowned and nodded , throwing the paperwork on the desk, Alex stalked around the desk and pulled back Justin's chair.

"Jealous," he asked placing his hands on her waist.

Alex scoffed "No!" She denied before pulling her boss into a kiss.

Justin never meant for this to happen, but he had fallen in love with this sassy, beautiful, petite brunette intern. Nine months to be exact she came into this office and turned his world upside down. It just had started with her doing an amazing job, then the little harmless flirting.

Then one night changed everything.

It was a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MADE magazine celebrating his father Jerry Russo's retirement and his new position as CEO. It had got a little late so he offered her a ride home and she humbly accepted, she invited him in he wasn't sure because he knew about her crush as she would always discretely button her shirt down and kneel infront of him but she started questioning him and laughing so he gave in and agreed . They were talking and he realised they actually had a few things in common, she started brushing on his leg and he rubbed her arm, she moved closer to him and then they were kissing and before he knew it they were in bed and it was amazing. Afterward's he felt guilty of course he was a married man and it was never in his plan to do such a thing but he did and it had been happening ever since.

She on the other hand had a big crush on her tall handsome blue-grey eyed boss . The first time they met on her interview , she took a liking, she admired the way he carried himself and loved a guy who could take charge. When she found out he was married she took a slight step back but still did her occasional flirting and a little teasing like touching him a bit . But when he took her home that night and they started talking, that whole taking a step back thing completely left her mind. Alex took a chance when she kissed him, but was surprised when he didn't push her away and tell ask her what the hell she was doing. That night they made love, and with him taking her innocence, with that she knew she was in love.) She didn't mean to be a home wrecker but it was what it was.

"You know it's a shame Juliet wants you back early," he Alex stated while settling on his lap.

He raised his eyebrow. He knew he didnt have a meeting today but he wanted to know what she was up to.

"I had surprise myself" she said innocently while lightly tugging at his tie

"And what would that be?", He was so weak when it came to her.

"Maybe you could come to my place and we can have our own private meeting" she said while smirking and pulled him for another kiss "That sounds like a plan" he replied and they both got up and quietly left.

They entered her apartment and she led him to her bedroom "Just wait here I'll be fifteen minutes, the most" she kissed him quickly and he sat on the bed looking around the room where it all began. The sexy lingerie thing wasn't her thing but it was for him so it didn't matter.

He took his jacket off and set his briefcase down on the side of the bed, he was clueless to what this surprise was but he knew it would probably be amazing It was Alex after all how could it not be.

"You know Mr Russo you look extra hot today." She stood by the bathroom door wearing a red silky robe. She walked close to him and pushed him down on the bed. "Well are you going to take this robe off or are you just going to stare at me all night?"

She guided his hand to the sash and he slowly untied it.

His eyes widened, tracing over her body. "Wow," he whispered.

"You know you look really sexy when your surprised." She giggled slightly and started taking off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, leaving butterfly kissed on his bare skin.

Suddenly his phone began to ring. he fumbly picked it up Alex could tell by the look on his face who it was.

"Hey sweetie," he said trying trying to sound casual Alex rolled her eyes and continued to kiss his bare chest "No the meeting ran really long I'm sorry" yeah I'll be home as soon as I can bye and I love you too" as soon as the call ended she threw his phone and started playing with his belt.

"You're so amazing you have no idea" Justin said while playing with her hair.

She didn't want him to just tell her that she wanted him to prove that by leaving his wife and comitting to her this wasn't just a fling it was so much more than that. "I can't be that great or I'd be Mrs Russo" Alex said while rolling her eyes

Justin pulled her close from under the sheets "Hey you will be I've said that before I just need time ok I've been with her since I was 16, ten years. I need to find the right time. You know I only really love you" and that was the honest truth, he did have intentions of leaving Juliet but not now it wasn't the right time.

She looked at him and saw the honesty in his eyes "But it's almost been a year how much more time do you need?" she moaned

"Just a few months I swear I'll tell her everything please be patient with me" he pleaded with her she sighed and kissed him.

"Ok I guess a few months longer wouldn't kill me" she mumbled.

"That's my girl" he smiled at her and pulled her into another kiss.

Juliet had dinner and everything arranged for him, but as always work came first. People think being married to a rich person is easy, but they're wrong. In fact it's worse, they are not home as much, and you don't get quality time together. It wasn't always like this only about 5 years ago, when Justin started working for his father at MADE he became a bit more distant. Recently it had become worse, she hardly ever saw him. It was as if they weren't in a relationship anymore, they just lived under the same roof. They had only been intimate about three times in the past year and that's only because she had gone to his office and basically demanded love and affection.

That little intern of his was always interrupting their moments, and she knew she did it on purpose. Just a few weeks ago she had asked about starting a family but he had said it was too early; but they were twenty-six for goodness sakes, even his Mother said it was about time.

She was running out of ideas of how to bring that spark back she just felt as if there time together was ticking and that scared her. The door slammed and Justin walked in and kissed her on the cheek "I'm so sorry Juliet the meeting went on forever I'll make it up to you I swear" He said she nodded but for some reason she didn't believe him.

It was night and he heard his phone vibrate on the dresser he picked it up a text from Alex Thinking about you xxx he smiled and typed back, Me too love you loads xxx.