Me and the Boss

Chapter 20

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Hayley had just left her brothers office she could never hate him no matter what. She was always kind of jealous: his success, his natural ability at academics, their parent's complete proudness of what he had achieved. She only realised now that even he made mistakes and didn't completely follow the rules he was only human after all. Love had no boundaries and you couldn't help who you loved no matter how wrong and deceitful it was. She just felt stuck that was her brother but Juliet was almost like a sister in the past few years she had built a really strong relationship with her stronger than the relationship she had ever had with him. She wasn't a bad person not those annoying wives who checked up on their husbands 24/7 that's why she couldn't get why he had done this he said he wasn't happy but why not be upfront and straight about it? Why pretend and hide the truth? He was practically living a lie.

30 minutes later

"What would you do if you knew something really bad and the person was urging you not to say anything because it needed to come from them" Hayley asked Alex as they were both at their desks marking off important appointment date in the calendar. Alex slightly moved in her chair knowing full well what this was about "Um I guess let the person deal with it themselves" she suggested writing slightly faster than before "I'm sorry I'm like lugging my drama on you" she apologised "No it's fine I do it a lot " she shrugged "It's just frustrating you know" "I totally get it secrets can tear people apart" she sighed whispering the last part "I just know when it comes down to it everyone involved will get hurt and I really don't want that" she said looking frightened. Alex hoped that by some miracle when this whole drama came out things wouldn't be so messy she seriously couldn't deal with too much chaos. Just then Alex's phone started vibrating on the desk "Alex Zen's planning on going to your apartment tonight" this whole drama with her sister was completely doing her head in "Um I'm supposed to be watching you guys tonight so I'll deal with it" she sighed.

1 hour later

Hayley had left the office at lunch to meet her boyfriend. Alex had a few things to catch up on and needed to talk to Justin about her sister she couldn't stand him freaking any longer. Zeke had given her the lunch rush meaning she had to go pick up Justin's usual from Starbucks.

She just lightly knocked on his door "It's open" She turned the handled and entered. He was on his Mac Book typing away his fingers barely left the keyboard it took him about 10 seconds to look up and acknowledge her presence. "Sorry I was just finishing this email" she put the brown paper bag on the table "It's fine here's your lunch" He didn't say anything he just stared at her in shock "Do I have something on my face" she asked him "No its just its definitely happening" he said motioning to her stomach "I've been trying so hard to cover it" she moaned hiding her face. Justin could tell the strain was getting to Alex a lot as reality was sinking in for both of them "Come over here" she moved to the other side of the desk towards him"It's fine it's been five months there's only so much covering you can do" He said resting her on his leg "Well what do you suppose I tell people when the start asking questions genius" "Tell them the truth" he said plainly She raised her eyebrows and frowned at him "Well not the whole truth of course I mean tell them yeah your pregnant" "And who's the father" "Just say he's always out of town in business then when I've sorted things out they'll know the full truth" "I'm tired of hiding Justin" "I know but we won't have to soon remember what we talked about" he said holding her hand " I'll be patient because I love you" she smiled giving him a quick kiss on his cheek "Justin there's something I need to tell you" She said "Ok I'm listening" "I know who that Game Player person is and there's not too much to worry about" she reassured him "Really who" he asked her "My sister" she said quickly "You're kidding me" He sighed slight relief washed over him. "No I'm being serious she's really smart and apparently sneaky" "But I don't understand how did she find out" he asked rubbing circles in her palm "My other sister overheard us a few months back and told her" "Why would your sister do that" "She thinks she's helping I don't know" she sighed "We'll I'm going to need your key so I can go over there and put an end to this" "Yeah course just call me let me know what's happening"

Later on that Night

Zendaya had here plan underway, tonight Alex was staying with her and Madison as it was their parents anniversary and there dad was taking there mum out to dinner. As far as everyone knew she was going to Bella's to study for some biology test coming up. "Alex I'm going" she said getting up from the living room couch and making her way to the front door Madison looked at Alex who was following her to the front door "Wouldn't you rather skip the studying and just stay here with me and Maddie and do that movie marathon thing we used to do" Alex said testing her to see if she'd change her mind "Your such a bad role model" she laughed "You better be back here by 10" She said sounding like Theresa "Yes mother" Zendaya replied rolling her eyes opening the front door and leaving the house. Once the door was shut Alex took out her phone "Are you outside" "Good just tell me when she's out of site and I'll come out"…

Zen looked at the address on the crumpled piece of paper then straight up at the penthouse, she honestly wouldn't mind living in a place like this. She opened the pocked of her cream gold studded purse and took out the key while walking towards the front door. She opened the door and quickly turned around shutting the door as quietly as possible. But when she turned around she got the biggest shock…

"What are you doing?" Alex asked her arms folded looking straight up at her little sister "I could ask you the same question" she responded "Really" Alex frowned moving closer "So now you're just going to tell mum" Zendaya said folding her arms to her chest " No that would mean telling her everything and I'm not ready for that but you do need to say sorry I mean he's been freaking" she explained " Fine I'll apologise to your little secret" she hissed under her breath "Ok you're a kid you don't understand this adult stuff" Alex yelled getting angry at her sisters little remarks "Yes cause it's so hard to understand that your sister is sleeping with a married guy and got pregnant and how he's promised this great future that I'm not convinced will happen since it's been like almost two years" "You need to watch our mouth since when did you become so... ""You" "Just go wait outside"" Whatever" she replied coldly slamming the door behind her causing Alex to jump.

Zen saying that made her think as much as Alex didn't want to believe it she knew it was true. Was that her future: excuses, lies and hurt? It painted a picture of the past and she didn't want history repeating itself, she couldn't deal with it she wouldn't if he wanted her and his baby like he said he did things needed to come out soon before she found herself leaving for good...