Me and the Boss

Chapter 21

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"Well what are you standing there for" Alex asked her shutting the front door "I am not going in that car with you two" Zendaya said staring at the car with Justin looking straight ahead in the driver's seat "I'll drag you in that car if I have to do you really want to make a scene?" Alex hissed at this point almost losing it "You're not mum plus your pregnant, not a good idea" she smiled pointing to her stomach "Your right I'm not but you really don't want to piss me off plus you're not much of a struggler" Alex shrugged Zendaya folded her arms and rolled her eyes, Maybe Zen was right she was a lot like her when she was that age. She made her way to the car with Alex following closely behind her. Only now did Alex understand the stress she had put her mum through and it was a horrible feeling to say the least.

The drive was quiet and for the majority of the journey Zen just stared down at her phone texting and ever so often glancing up and giving nasty glances at Justin through the rare view mirror. Once he pulled up outside the house Alex discreetly turned back at her and she knew what she meant and sighed "I'm sorry Mr Russo" she said mumbling quickly under her breath before quickly exiting the vehicle and slamming the door "I'm sorry about her" she apologized "It's fine your her sister she was looking out for you I can't blame her" he sighed "It was a bit over the top but I know her heart was in the right place" there was a moment of silence "Well I better get in there" "Course I'll um call you later"…

1 hour later

Alex hesitated before opening the door to her sisters room, this had to be done she needed to understand more. When Alex she was on her bed flipping through a 'Seventeen' magazine while her headphones were so loud Alex was able to clearly hear she was listening to 'Fine China' she was 'Team Breezy' while Madison was and ultimate 'Belieber'. She walked towards the bed Zendaya too focused to even realise she had entered her. Alex lightly tapped on her shoulder causing her to look up and remove her headphones "Can we talk Zen" Alex asked her sitting beside her " About what you got me I won't get involved if you get hurt its your problem" she said coldly sitting up next to her "Look I understand you were looking out for me but that's my job not yours I'm the big sister remember "I know it's just I remember when you were 16 and you and mum had that massive blow out and you ran away?" she asked "I remember"…


"You always want to control everything in my life" She yelled "I'm your mum" "You know what I hate you with feeling you drove my father away and you just continue to ruin my life" "He's 19 years old Alex you're a child" "I'm 16 and you can't constantly keep telling me what to do" she yelled before running up the staircase. Theresa couldn't cope with Alex day in day out this constant fighting it just got worse and she tried to get through to her but she only pushed her away. She sat on the couch and only a few seconds later the front door slammed and Dwayne was standing in front of her "Theresa what's going on" he asked comfortingly sitting beside her "Alex she's seeing a 19 year old boy I'm just very concerned I don't know what I'm going to do about her Dwayne" "Talk some sense into her Theresa you're the mum she's the child and she has to understand that".

4 hours later

"Mum where's Alex?" Zendaya asked her mum as she set the table "She's in her room sweetie but I don't think it's a good idea to be bothering her she's not in the mood at the moment" Theresa responded "Mum she's not in there I checked her window was wide open though" Theresa didn't think twice before running past Zen up the staircase "Mum!" she yelled not really understand what was the whole panic. "The person you are trying to call isn't available" this was the 20th time she tried her phone she'd called Harper and a few other friends from school but noting. It was now 3am when Theresa phoned the police "I can't believe she'd do this" she cried "Well find her we will she couldn't have got that far

"Babe you should go home" Riley said holding her closer on the couch "I know it's been two days I just really can't stand her" she moaned "Maybe this will take your mind of if" he smiled sneaking his hand up her shirt making her feel a little uncomfortable "I'm not ready" she said a little scared "Come on it won't hurt" he whined kissing her neck "Riley stop" but he didn't it was as if he couldn't hear her properly " Riley" she begged trying to get away from his grasp as he pinned her further down "That's all you want isn't it" she asked causing him to sit up slightly alerted by her statement "No of course not" he said shaking his head taking his weight off of her "Screw you Dean" she yelled running to the door and slamming it behind her "Alex! Come on wait up". Her mum was kind of right but she'd never tell her that ever her and Riley had nothing in common it was all just a physical thing and he just wanted sex quite frankly.

She walked into the house normally as if nothing happened. Theresa ran to the door her eyes red from the amount of no sleep and crying "Alex where were you? Are you ok? "Theresa asked trying to hug Alex but failing miserably "I'm fine" she responded pulling away "If you ever do that again..." Theresa warned "whatever can I go to my room now?" Alex asked "I don't think you realise how worried how scared we've all been Alex your my child and I love you if anything happens to you" she cried "I'm not a baby I can look after myself you don't need to worry about me" she stated "Alex" she turned around and saw Zen by the staircase she looked scared, frightened, upset "I'm sorry" she apologized and walked towards her giving her a hug…

"I am so sorry for what I did to you even when you were little I mean you shouldn't have grown up seeing that stuff me yelling and running away" "I know what your dad did to you Alex and I don't want someone else to do the same especially not someone you love that's why I did it I don't want Mr Russo to hurt you so bad you'll run again" she explained "He won't hurt me I know he won't and I'm not going anywhere I can't lose you guys" she smiled at her older sister "I'm sorry I've been so rude and your right its adult stuff but I'm not a kid I really wish people would stop saying that" just then the halfway door opened "Mum and Dad are back" "Ok we'll be down in a second" "Are you guys crying?" she asked "Its allergies" Zendaya smiled…