Six weeks later, Dr. Kurogumo was being held at a research facility where scientists were trying to reverse the mutations. He was lucky he was compatible with all the DNA samples he injected himself with.

All the Mews were now working at Café Mew Mew alongside Tasuku. Masaya would pop in every few days after club practice to see Ichigo. Anzu and Momo were working there, too, and things were going well between them.

"I'm so glad they're getting along now," Berry said to Ichigo.

"Now if people would stop getting them mixed up," Ichigo said with a giggle as one of Momo's tables flagged down Anzu for something.

Momo came over and served the table and Anzu went back to what she was doing.

Tasuku came up behind Berry and put his arm around her shoulders. "Well, things are looking up."

"Yes, they are," said Berry. "We stopped a mad scientist and made some new friends. And what's better, the new friends are learning to get along with each other."

"Amazing what six weeks can do," said Ichigo.

Anzu said something to Momo and Momo said something back. Anzu frowned and an argument broke out between the twins.

Berry sighed, Ichigo face-palmed, and Tasuku said, "Guess some things don't change so quickly."