Rafe P.O.V

I sat at my desk as the Baron lectured me about my punctuality, or lack thereof. Tomorrow would be Choosing Day and I had yet to pick a child to mentor, like I was supposed to a week ago.

Sifting through the stack of papers that represented the children left to be chosen. I almost pitied them; anyone left un-picked would become a farm hand. Almost no one willingly became a farm hand. I came to rest on the paper of a girl, whose hair matched her name. Raven Nightshayde. I scanned the information provided and jumped from my chair with a girlish giggle escaping my mouth.

"She's perfect!"

The Baron stopped mid-sentence though I have no clue what he said in the first place.

"A girl? I'm sorry but you'll have to choose another, there can't be a girl Ranger!"

"Too bad, once I make up my mind it's mine~" I smiled down at the paper in my hands.

"But Rafe-"one dangerous look from me silenced him, though I'll leave my expression to your imagination.

Raven P.O.V

I saw our fief's Ranger squealing in the Baron Michael's quarters from the tree directly across from the Baron's window. I raised an eyebrow and slithered near the tip of the branch I was sitting on, using the swaying motion of the leaves in the wind to conceal me. When I situated myself, I observed silently.

"She's a girl, a letter to the King won't change that!" The Baron argued.

"It will if it's from me!" He said with flourish and a wave of a paper. I squinted, trying to see the paper better. He snapped his hands to his and I sighed harshly. Rafe's head whipped around and he looked straight into my eyes before passing me over; I remained unmoving.

I watched as he continued arguing with the Baron Michael, but his eyes always strayed back to my hiding place, to make sure no one was here probably. I didn't think he noticed me.

Rafe P.O.V

'She definitely has talent,' I think as my eyes flickered breifly back to the window. I hadn't noticed the girl in the tree until she let out a very un-lady-like sigh. I took the paper that was in my hands and folded it up before sticking it into one of my many pockets. Once again, the Baron rambled on.

"Baron?" i said calmly.

"Yes?" he paused his rampant babbling to reply. With a smile I answered.

"Shut up." With that, i went for the door, as I was closing it, I looked at the window one more time before clicking it shut. The tree had been empty.