A/N: I should probably note that this AU isn't like my others. This one actually has countries with similar names, but a very different setting. This is because I can't make up names for shit.

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England was a beautiful place. There may not have been many mountains to match the beauty of the lands in the east, but the thriving forests and lush fields drew many into the cities and towns nestled within them. People laughed and danced, animals were driven from pasture to pasture to graze, and the country was peaceful under their royal family.

Of course, the peace was simply a cover for the inevitable future of carnage and chaos of the coming years. The land of the Danes across the sea wasn't in poor condition. Their lands rivalled those of England, but they were a fighting people. They wanted to conquer and rule their way across the globe, and the people of England were unlucky enough for their shores to be within sight.

While the people of England were unaware of the threat across the shores, the royal family was already feeling the pressure. There were spies within their closest circles, and executions were performed in the strictest secrecy. The royal family was fighting their attackers, waging a silent war against the power of the Danes. The public was unaware of the turmoil within their upper echelons.

At least, they were until the youngest son and heir to the throne went missing. At first, it wasn't noticed. The castle had fallen silent, but the people simply took it as a sign that quiet preparations for the second eldest's birthday were under way. They hadn't noticed that the young Kirkland was not frequenting the town any more. If anything, they noticed that the town was slightly quieter, and the local pub had an excess of beer that had never been there before.

Then the cavalry had ridden out, and it became obvious who was missing. The combative youth was gone, and it became obvious that there was a tense, almost hostile cloud hovering over the villages and towns. The threat of the Danes loomed over them, and mothers ushered their children inside during the days, letting their husbands protect the home from the invasion that everyone felt was sure to come. Villages on the eastern coast were abandoned as their people moved inward, and knights swept through the land on a mission, while archers and other soldiers occupied the abandoned villages in preparation for an invasion.

Months passed, cavalries came and went, and the people were afraid.

When would the invasion begin?

And where was their prince?