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Beneath the Willow Boughs

The hands on his hips were larger than he remembered. They grasped him tightly about the waist, fingers digging into his skin, which still dripped wet from rain. Both of them were drenched in it and at least Kyle was shivering cold. But not Cartman. He was still as a statue, just staring deep into Kyle's green eyes as if he could fall into them. It had gone far beyond awkward into unsettling territory. Kyle writhed slightly in Cartman's grasp, mouth twisting with displeasure.

"How long are we going to stand here," he muttered, looking over his shoulder between the waving limbs of the willow tree growing on the cusp of Stark's Pond. All around them in a fresh veil of green the boughs of the willow danced heavily in the soaking rain. Beneath the leafy shelter the rain's familiar song was hushed, barely a whisper along the air that gently pressed them standing so close to one another.

"Shh." Drops of rain clung to the copper curls framing Kyle's pale face, his eyes so vivid and alive with their mirrored shade enclosing them. Almost without realizing it Cartman had moved his hand to Kyle's cheek, thumb running carefully along the silken line of generous lashes framing those encapsulating eyes. "Shh."

"Cartman," he whispered, under the same spell. He leaned slightly into the touch, Cartman's palm a confusing enchantment. Their swim trunks clung to their bodies, goosebumps raised across their flushed pink flesh. The heat from Cartman's body was drawing him closer, slowly. He gasped openly when he got close enough that part of Cartman touched him, frantically trying to jerk away when the bigger boy held him still; pressed against a rock hard erection currently nudging into his hip.

"You don't want me to let you go so that you can try and forget this," Cartman said, his voice pattering against Kyle's resolve like birds against a windowpane. "You want to stay here, Kahl." Barely a flicker of hesitance and fragility crossed his expression before he quickly smothered it.

His breath was hard to catch all of a sudden, the heat and hardness pressing him was stifling. What would happen here, beneath the willow boughs? He raised his gaze to meet Cartman's smoldering dark eyes, and he knew. He knew what would happen. Staring challengingly up into the bigger boy's face, Kyle said clearly, "If you can keep me here, Cartman."