Balto walked into town as found Saba at the vets. The vet was checking his daughter out, poking her belly and feeling for the pups.

A short while later the humans left for a moment and Balto went in to talk to his daughter

"Dad!" Saba sais shocked "Plesae. Let me expl..."

"Steele came to my home just now," Balto said "He said you went to him after I told you to stay away,"

"Dad it's...I love him...It was an acci..."

"You really love him?" Balto said

"You shouldv'e sen him dad," Saba said "He was so alone, so sad. I...I..."

Balto sighed, a look of disapointment on his face

"Well their's no turning back now," Balto said "And you pups need a father,"

"Dad...are you saying?" Saba said

"Yes," Balto said "You can be with Steele, he cares about you,"

"But my owners said they'd hurt whoever did this to me," Saba said

"Saba," Steele said "He had followed Balto to the vets

"Steele?" Saba said "What are you doing here?"

Just then her owners came in

"Huh!" they said "That's the dog who..."

Just then Balto got in the way of Steele, protecting him

The owners knew that Balto was Sabas father, and assumed that Steele must've been a friend of his or something

Weeks had passed, and Sabas stomach grew larger

As for Steele, well Sabas owners talked to Steeles owners. And long story short...

"I feel so embarresed," Steele said looking down at where his black beauties used to be

Yes Steele had gotten "fixed" now because of what he did to Saba. He didn't want Steele knocking up anymore dogs.

Yet even though he lost a part of himself, he was soon going to gain something greater.

Steele was visiting Saba, her belly as big as ever now, her owners were out at the moment.

These last few weeks had really been rough on Steele, what with having help to take care of Saba. She basically inhailed all the food she was fed. Plus when the mood swings set in, Saba became really confussing to understand.

"Saba I got you some more meat," Steele said one day

"Are you saying I'm fat!" Saba exploded

"No I..." Steele began

Saba began sobbing "I'm sorry Steele. It's these mood swings,"

Just then Saba was happy

"But if I'm having mood swings then my pregnacy must be going good right?"

"Uh..." Steele not knowing what to make of what just happened

Anyway back to Steele visiting Saba.

"Wow, they're so energetic," Steele said feeling the puppies kick around inside her

"They'll make good sled dogs I bet," Saba said "They'll have your skills, and my dads. They'll be amazing,"

"Ya," Steele said "I wish we could see they beautiful faces already though,"

Wish granted

Just then Sabas water broke

"Oh my gosh!" Steele said shocked

Saba lay on the ground in pain, her contrations were staring

"Don't worry," Steele said holding her paw "I'm here,"

Saba moaned in pain some more

"We praticed for this remember?" Steele said "Just breath, and...push!"

Saba did so and soon enough a black and white pup was born, a boy

"I have a son," Steele thought

Saba screamed in pain, another one was on the way

After about an hour Saba gave birth to six beautiful puppies. Three boys with black and white fur, and three girls with red and white. They all had blue eyes like their parents

A short while later Balto Jenna and Kodi came by to check up on Saba as well, only to discover they were now grandparents and a uncle.

"They're so beautiful," Jenna said

"Hi guys," Kodi said "I'm your unlce Kodi,"

"I'm a grandpa already Balto said "Man di I feel old,"

Eventually they all became sled dogs and even helped their uncle Kodi on mail runs

And they all lived happily ever after

The end