This is my first story so please don't be harsh.


I am in a very dark room in the sewers; I found the rock Terra had placed right in front of her old house entrance. I keyed the code in, and sizzled the rock into dirt. I than proceeded to walk through the destroyed sensors. I continued to look through the house, and looked at the clock in the living room. I read 2:55, a few minutes to go.

I walked to the hallway and scene 3 doors one on the left, right, and straight. The door on the right is an old bed room. The bedroom looked about 25'14 in size, the walls red and cold. It also had a queen size bed in the room and a closet but that was it. I then stepped out of the bedroom and opened the door on the left. I turned on the light to see a small bathroom, but it had everything I need. A sink, a toilet and a shower/tub, the walls are a boring gray. I turned off the light then opened the last door to see a small office. A computer, a desk, a chair and a phone.

I walked back into the living room and read the clock once again. It has just hit 3 am, so I breathed on my new TV and wrote the numbers 666 on the screen.

There was a dark male figure on the screen.

"My child, I hope you like your soon to be new house, but if you want it than you need to defeat the teen titans. Starting with…"

Star Fire

I woke up, to hear someone screaming and then realized it was raven. My eyes were wide with fright for Raven.

"Robin, Wake up." I said to him but he was already awake.

I flew ready for battle if necessary, Robin a few steps ahead of me.

He stopped at the door, and I went in to make sure she was all right.

I flew over to her bed, she was there curled into a ball.

"Raven, it is all right… Did you have a nightmare?" I asked quietly leaning on her bed.

Her face was full of tears, eyes full of fright.

"I have to leave…" she whispered eyes still wide "but I can't."

"Raven what is going on?" I asked hoping she would reply.

"Please leave me alone…" she said in a serious tone, and rolled so her back was toward me.

"Raven, what's wrong?" Beast boy came in freaking out.

"Please leave me alone, I am alright… I just need to meditate" she said then disappeared to the roof.