"Ohhh, I see… this will be interesting." I huffed standing up after sitting for so long.

I decided to visit raven figuring that the last bit of information was within her.

I turned in to the recovery room to see Raven laying on the twin sized bed with a white blanket on top of her.

"Hey Raven, I think I figured out most of the prophecy I just need to know one thing." I whispered to Raven.

I took my right hand and touched Raven's forehead.

"Who is the Beast I am looking for?" I whispered.

A green unfamiliar face appeared, but kind of looked like beast boy.

"Is it Garfield?" the face disappeared as I said Garfield.

I then moved my hand away from her face at the same time moving a strand of her out of her eyes.

Beast Boy

'I hope Jinx's found something…' I thought to myself. I start walking through the halls to Ravens room.

"Hey, Beasts boy I need your help… I think I found out how to bring her back." Jinx said breathlessly as she caught up to me.

"You need to run more often…" I said quietly my eyebrows raised.

"Hey be nice, besides I need you…" she said finally catching her breath. "I found out that the prophecy basically states the beast needs to bring back the black bird. Which I am sure you are the beast and raven is the black bird."

"So what do I have to do?" I asked her frustrated.

"The answer is deep within yourself and the beast… that's all I know. Just go somewhere and try to, I don't know talk to it." She said avoiding eye contact knowing that I was probably furious.

"Ok" I said not wanting to hurt her I transformed into a cheetah and ran out to the roof. I looked at the perfect sunset, and could only wish that the beast would help me.

I took a deep breath, and jumped off the roof but before I hit the rocks, I transformed in to my favorite bird a raven.

I transformed back into my original form, I walked towards the water and looked at the reflection. I huffed, my breath moving my bangs up.

I look into the water and my reflection turned into the beast.

"You've been asleep for quite a while" I said to the beast

"Tell me what's going on, I was having a wonderful dream about our mate…" the beast growled at me images flashing in my mind of me with my raven.

The room was dark with a few candles lit, to help with the mood. Her soft arms held wrapped around my neck; my tongue caressed her sweet lips begging for entrance. Hopping she would allow me to kiss her deep with passion.

My raven let me in, our tongues battled for dominance. Her soft smooth fingers holding the ends of my hair. She taste sweet like sugar, her body pressed close to me. I pushed her up against the wall, her soft legs wrapped around my hips. She kept moving her hips against mine the friction almost unbearable.

My fingers slipped up her shirt, touching the skin I had so desperately wanted over the years. Her fingers slipped down the top of my shirt. Every place she touched burned.

That's when he snapped back to the beast.

"I know it sucks waking up doesn't it?" Beast growled.

"You mean you've been asleep this whole time? You don't know about Rae," I asked the Beasts.

"Well, you did tell me you hated me and wished I would go to sleep and never wake up… I may be a beast, but I still have feelings." He said looking away.

Through the years the beasts form had slowly turned to look more human. I have always known he had feelings, just not the softer ones. Lust, Anger, Courage, Pride, Frustration, Cruelty, Hate, Annoyance, Disgust, Irritation, Possessive, Irritability, Rage, and Torment. That's basically all I thought he knew, but I guess I was wrong.

I proceeded to tell him all that happened with Raven, and he wasn't happy.

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